Connect Two Laptops With Ethernet Cable

Connecting two laptops via ethernet cable is troublesome. I tried creating homegroup, it got connected in laptop with win7(ultimate) but in win7(home basic), it asks for enabling ipv6 protocol ( but when i go for enabling it, it is not happening). When should i do? Can i connect them via bluetooth and transfer my data through?

Answer:- more then likely you will use to computer requires a crossover cable to connect the two. Not the more common straight through. I would user a network router. Or if you already have one then look into a switch (home routers should have switches built it).

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Connect Ps3 To Computer Using Ethernet Cable

How do i connect my ps3 to my computer using an ethernet cable so i can play online? When i try to connect my ps3 to the playstation network it says i have to go to settings then network settings. I did that but it still doesn't work. If i have to use ics (internet connection sharing) then, how do i get there?

I have windows 7 ultimate

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Connect To Internet Via Ethernet Cable On 2 Computers

I have a laptop that has a wireless internet connection. My desktop does not have internet. I was wondering if it is possible to connect my desktop to my laptop via an ethernet cable to have internet on my desktop.

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Connect Ethernet Cable To Wireless Router

Can i connect an ethernet cable from my dorm to a wireless router to get wireless? In my dorm, there is only one ethernet cable (which i'm guessing relocates back to a modem somewhere in the building, which i don't have access to) that my roommate and i have to share.could i connect the cable to the router so we can have wireless in our room?

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Connecting 2 Computers With 1 Ethernet To Ethernet Cable

How to connect 2 computers with 1 ethernet to ethernet cable to transfer files? So, i just got a new desktop computer, and i want to transfer my files from my laptop to this computer. How can i connect them and share files using one ethernet to ethernet cable like this?

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Phone Cable To Ethernet

A few months ago i went to my friends house and he got a xbox 360. He got a phone jack and his room so he got this cable that he put in the jack and to the back of his xbox. And we got on xbox live. It couldn't be dial up cause xbox live doesn't have dail up jack on the back of it. And it looked like a cat 5 cable cause it was thick yellow cable. I just want to know what was it cause i got a phone jack in my room and i don't want to buy a new adsl modem cause i don't have the money. Cause my internet provider doesn't give new modems they give used ones that drop connection all the time. I know it is the modem cause i called them to my house like 10 times. But that is not what i am asking. I just want to know what was he using and can i get one. I know he doesn't know cause cause he is 12 years old and i am 13 years old. So asking him is out of the question. Also it cant be dial up cause we kept really good connection. And the phone be ringing and we didn't loose connection.

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Internet Connection Using Ethernet Cable

I have one laptop (running win xp) and one desktop (running win xp) and another laptop (running win 7). The first laptop (win xp) is connected to the internet through a modem. The other laptop is wireless and i have the access to the internet as well, but the problem is that i cannot access to the internet on my desktop. My desktop is connected to my win 7 laptop with ethernet cable. What should i do to connect my desktop to the computer.

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Connecting Ethernet Cable To Laptop

I have a vista 64 bit laptop that i would like to connect to the internet via an ethernet cable from my router, instead of using wireless. I have a toshiba satellite a100, trying to connect to the router i have set up(linksys). Im connected to cable modem via local service provider. Ive set up broadband connection twice both don't work. Seems im only able to hook up with wireless. Ps there are no errors in the device manager and all drivers are updated.

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Router Or Ethernet Cable Problem?

Just got an asus rt-n13u wireless n router. It's been great so far, however, except on this problem i found. Here is the situation: i connected two pc's on lan port 1 and 2. Pc1 @lan port 1 - uses the ethernet cable that came with the package - about 1m of length (does anyone know if its a cat5, cat5e, or cat6?). Pc2 @lan port 2 - uses a 5m cat5e patch cord. The problem is when i turn on pc2, it never connects thru the router - no lights at all, no internet access either - but the wireless, other ports are working. I have to replug/reconnect it again so it will work. I really find it very strange since it perfectly works with lan port 1 and 4 without hiccups. To make the story much more complicated, i tried using the ethernet cable that came with the package @ pc2 - to my surprise, all ports worked. Is the router faulty? Or is it ethernet cable? Ip conflict? What type of cable should i use (cat5, cat5e, cat6)? I'm leaning towards the idea that the ethernet cable is faulty but want to hear from experts prior to sending it back.

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Connecting Windows 7 Laptop To Xp Using Ethernet Cable

How do i connect my windows 7 laptop to my windows xp laptop using an ethernet cable? I have a sony vaio vgn nw225f and an old ibm thinkpad that originally had windows 98 on it. I upgraded to xp and this computer does not have wireless capabilities. Can i take an ethernet cable from my laptop and plug them into the other one to get an internet connection on my ibm?

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Xbox Live, Ethernet Cable Would Work?

Xbox question help? Im planning to buy the xbox live and the problem is that my xbox 360 is in the living room and the router is in my room(apartment) so i don't feel like wasting 100 dollars on the wireless adapter for the 360 . Now, i looked at my ethernet cables and the one included with the package is not enough to connect them. The one that could work is if i buy the 25-50 ft long ones for around 20 dollars or so. Now my question is if any kind of ethernet cable would work?

These are some of the cables i looked at :

http://www.Tigerdirect. Ca/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?Edpno=1162583&catid=435

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Hook Xbox To Wireless Laptop Via A Ethernet Cable

Is it possible to hook my xbox to my wireless laptop via a ethernet cable and access xbox live via my wireless internet connection on my laptop?

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Lag Switch With Ps3 - Ethernet Cable Is Not Connected

When i use a lag switch with my ps3 why does it say a ethernet cable is not connected with i close the circuit. I have the orange reddish wire attached to the light switch, please help and i don't care what people think about me using a lag switch i just need some help and i have reset my modem and router and it still does not work.

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Adaptor For Ethernet Cable Router To Rj11 Modem

My friend found an old laptop in his attic, and wants to learn about computers by using using it. I ran a ethernet cable from the router that his family's computer is hooked to, to his office. When i went to plug it in, i found out that it don't have an ethernet jack. It does have an rj-11 modem jack. Is there some kind of adapter, or how can he get online using this machine? It's a toshiba tecra 8000. Answer:- yes there is:
1. Pcmci card bus with ethernet. 2. Usb to ethernet. 3. Use the wireless lan adapter and forget about the lan cable. You can get one for that laptop for some $10. 00

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Dell Dimension Ethernet Cable Unplugged Error

I keep getting the error code "cable unplugged" for the internet connection from the ethernet connection, can someone help?

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Linksys Wrt120n - Error 321 - Ethernet Cable Not Connected

I just got my new linksys wrt120n router yesterday and i decided to set it up as soon as i could. I followed all their instructions, plugged in the things in the way they showed; and then, after the last step, they can't configure my router or my network. It says that my ethernet cable does not appear to be connected properly. But it is, i've checked it every time, and it is connected. If anyone has any advice or solutions/answers to this problem, then please tell me. I really don't want to buy a router just for it not to work at all.

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Can't Obtain Ip Address When Setup Ps3 Connection With Ethernet Cable

I can't get a ip address when trying to get a connection on my ps3 with an either net cable. What am i doing wrong? Also i have cricket wireless modem as my isp and running the cable directly from my pc could the reason be either one of them?

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Connecting Sis 900 Fast Ethernet Adapter Cable To Dell Laptop

How do you connect an sis 900 fast ethernet adapter cable to an old dell laptop? I have tried and tried but it will not work! I need your help to give me info on how to connect the cable to the bt home hub.

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Chord To Connect Two Laptops

What chord do i need to connect two laptops? I am looking to connect the screens of two laptops, so i can just work from one of them and drag over stuff from one screen to the other. How can i do this?

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Connect Two Laptops To One Printer

How can i connect two laptops to one printer?

Answer:- set up the printer on one laptop. You will need to connect the printer to the laptop and follow all required installation steps to get the printer working on the first laptop before you can continue. Share the printer on the laptop. This is often done by right-clicking on the printer after you have installed it and selecting "properties. " Depending on your computer, printer and operating system, the location of the sharing option will differ. Inside the properties of the printer, there should be a checkbox that will allow you to share the printer. Plug in the network hub. You do not need a complex network hub; a simple, inexpensive four-port hub will work. Plug the two laptops into the network hub. Be sure that you do not use the "uplink" or "internet" jack on the hub-use any other two ports on the hub. The other end of the cables will need to be plugged into the laptop computers. On the second laptop, add a network printer. Unless your laptop has already been configured to be on a different network, the laptops will use the hub to communicate. When you attempt to install a network printer on the second laptop, it will scan the network and will find the printer that you shared. Now you will then be able to use the printer from either laptop.

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Connect Two Laptops To One Monitor

My ibm t43 lcd is broken. I have another t61p laptop but i don't have any monitor. What i want to do is to be able to connect my ibm t43 with the lcd of t61p. The best setup would be to connect them like in a kvm switch and just use some key combination on t61p to switch screens(remember, using the same lcd screen on t61p) is it possible?

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Cable Connector To Connect Ps3 Av Cable To Pc Monitor

Can i use this cable connector to connect my ps3 av cable to my pc monitor? (More info)? So i wanna play my ps3 on my pc monitor since we have an extra one and no one is using it because my sisters keep hogging the tv so i cant play my ps3. So i was wondering if i could use this box thing to play my ps3 on my monitor, its like a converter from the vga or something to the ps3 av cable, here is link

http://amzn. To/asq4my

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My Laptop Cannot Connect To Network But Other Laptops Can

My laptop can't connect to my home network but other laptops in the house can. What can i do to fix this? All the other laptops in my house can connect to the internet just fine but mine can't. My wireless is on and i can view other networks but not my family's. I've tried downloading a new driver for my wireless card but it didn't help. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Connect Computer Directly To Ethernet In Vista

How do you connect a computer with vista directly to ethernet? So ive been using windows xp forever, and my cousin gave me a computer with vista on it. How do i connect it directly to ethernet, when i go to network and sharing center, i click on set up a connection or network. I get 5 different options, connect to the internet which has two sub categories, connect to a wireless network or dialup, the next option is set up a wireless router or access point. The next is manually connect to a wireless network, the next is set up a wireless ad hoc, and the last is set up a dial up connection. None of these when clicked on lead me to believe i can set up a direct ethernet hook up from the modem to the computer. Anyone know how to do this on vista?

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Device That Can Connect 2 Ethernet Cables Into 1 Modem

Is there a device that can connect 2 ethernet cables into 1 modem that isnt a network switch or a router?

Answer:- yes its called a hub, basically its an old fashioned switch but has no intelligence so both pc's get half the band width.

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Usb Ethernet Adaptor Unable To Connect To Internet

I have connected this a new usb-ethernet adaptor to my laptop which is running w2000 and loaded the driver but i am unable to connect to the connections shows the device is working correctly. If i replace the device with a wireless dongle then i can connect to the internet so it is not a firewall or broadband problem. My laptop only has one usb port so i am switching between wired and wireless internet connection, the wireless works and the wired doesn't.

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Connect Local Area Network ( Ethernet ) With Wan

Can we connect a local area network (ethernet) with wan? Suppose we want to connect a local area network (ethernet) with a wide area network, the question arises is, can we connect a local area network with wide area network?

If we directly connect the lan segment to the packet switch of the wide area network, then obviously every signal on the segment will be forwarded to the switch, to prevent this, can be use a bridge to connect this segment to the network switch (because bridge will only forward the packets if necessary)?

Another question arises is, every wan technology uses a specified frame format, suppose the wan is using a frame format that is different from ethernet frame format then what we will do?

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Connect To Xbox Live - Laptop Only Has One Ethernet Port

Ok how do i connect to xbox live i have no wireless internet and my laptop only has one ethernet port which i am using to get internet and the modem has only one ethernet port is there ne thing i can do

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Connect Pc To Tv Using Vga Cable

How do i connect my pc to a tv using a vga cable ?

There are vga to tv converters (svga cables(*) are only usable if ur computer has a svga-out (*), and i believe (only 90 percent sure) they don't carry high def video) but they are rather expensive:

Try aiming for hdmi when u buy a new device. Hdmi is a great connective system, it carries both hd-video and sound and is easily switchable by using a hdmi-switch. Hdmi is also used in all types of modern home-entertainment appliances and also in computers and monitors so it's the best (wired) connectivity system available today.correction: svga is a video-standard, not a connectivity standard. Sometimes svga is confused with s-video. S-video is a connectivity standard (cable) that only carries normal density video just like for instance scart:


The only high definition connectors a comp can have for as far as i know are:
- Vga-out
- Dvi-out

This might be a cool solution if u have a hd-tv with hdmi in, see the video:

Although u would need to find a way to keep using ur monitor, if u would want to do that, like a vga splitter or something. Or just buy a new monitor because those converters and cables and stuff are quite costly. Or upgrade ur graphical card to have 2 dvi outputs (there are cheaper dvi to hdmi adapters) (*) should be s-video.

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Which Cable To Connect Printer To Computer ?

Which cable is needed to connect the printer to the computer? Need to know the name of the cable which links the printer to the computer.

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