Windows Vista Freezes At Logon

Info: i have a dell inspiron 530 desktop, and i have had it for almost 3 years now. I have had internet for almost a year now, too. And it's a windows vista home premium

Problem: one day, i clicked on word, and an "error" came up saying something like, "word.exe has been executed because it has a virus. Do you want to block this?" Something very similar to that. Anyway, so since i couldn't open word, i decided to open something else. The exact same "notification" on my toolbar where the "start" is came up again. So that told me that nothing was opening. So i decided to restart the computer. It started up, and it was at the logon screen. So i (tried) to move the mouse pointer onto my logon screen name, but as i did, i noticed that the pointer wasn't moving, but the light on the mouse was going brighter as it always does when i move it. So i tried to use the keyboard arrows to go to my name. That didn't work. Also, the num lock light wasn't on, as it always is. So, the keyboard and mouse was plugged in but the computer wasn't detecting it apparently. The mouse was working, just not on the computer. The keyboard wasn't really working cuz i couldn't press ctl. Alt. Del. For it to do anything. So it literally freezes at the logon screen. Because of that, i can't shut it down properly. So i just switch the light switch to off, which turnes the whole machine, everything, off. I waited for about 10 minutes, then pressed the power button on the cpu. It went to this screen: and since i can't use the keyboard, it just starts windows normally. Now i can press f13 or f2 for startup options and all that, except, i just don't know if that's gonna fix anything. So basically my questions are:

1) do i have a virus? (I don't have antivirus. If i did/do, it was a trial that was already on there)

2) what can i do to fix it?

3) i haven't backed it up, or restored to a previous time. Will i lose information if it gets fixed?

If you have any good information about this, please please let me know by commenting/answering. P. S. I am at a library asking this question since my computer isn't working.

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Windows Vista Wont Install And Freezes

When trying to install windows vista the system will load the setup but once its done it gets to this screen and just wont go any further. I have no idea what could be causing this. I have tried one ram stick but still no luck? Is there anything i need to change in the bios?

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Disable Windows Xp Pro Logon Screen

This is probably a really easy problem to get around but im unsure how to do it. I want to disable the windows xp pro logon screen, as theres only one user it can possibly logon to (me the "admin"). I just want to turn on my pc and it to just load straight onto the desktop without me having to click my name on the stupid logon screen, which by the way dosent even have a password. If someone could tell me how to fix this annoying problem i would greatly appreciate it.

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Keyboard Works In Windows Xp Pro But Not In Windows Vista

After cleaning up my hard drive yesterday, my keyboard would not work in vista ultimate 64bit. I tried 2 other keyboards. Neither of which would work either. 2 were ps2 keyboards and one was usb. Now, each keyboard was identified at post and would work in the bios. Now here is the really weird part. I decided i would go ahead and do a fresh intall of vista, as i was about due for it anyway. Just in case. I also cleared cmos just in case i somehow change something in the bios that was causing this (though i doubt it since the keyboard worked in bios). So, i reinstalled vista, and was able to use the keyboard to put in the activation key. So, i thought i was all set. However, once windows fully booted, none of the keyboards would work again. How is it possible that this problem carried over to a fresh install?

At this point, i became very frustrated. I decided to try installing windows xp pro. The xp installed, and now all of the keyboards work perfectly in windows. This would be fine, but i've got use to vista now, and would prefer to use it. Anyone have any idea what this might be? Could it have anything to do with installing vista too many times, so it started to disable functions.

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Keyboard Stops Working After Win Xp Logon Screen Appears

Ok i got a brand new pc, everything is straight out of the box. Its a celeron 2. 8 on an asus p4r800 motherboard. I install winxp pro and load some standard programs(winzip, msn, norton etc). It was all good for a while but now when i boot up my ps/2 keyboard doesnt work. It boots up and i can get into bios and caps is on etc but once that logon screen appears it just dies. If i restart the pc the keyboard starts working again on next login, but then when i restart its back to playing up until i restart again!. I have tried different keyboards but same result. Its just a standard keyboard, no extra buttons.

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Windows Freezes During Setup

What does this sound like – hardware issue? Software issue? Here are my system (laptop) specs. It's an msi 1039, and i purchased this less than one month ago. When i try to reinstall windows from my (legitimate) windows xp pro, it gets to "setup is starting windows, " and then it just sits there. I cannot press ctrl+alt+delete to restart at this point. I let it sit there for 20 minutes, and it still does nothing. I disabled every setting in the bios i could find, which was only amd powernow and legacy usb support. There was not option to disable anything else, like plug and play. However, the strange things is that if i press f5 when the windows setup starts (booting off the cd), i can install windows just fine using the i486 c-step setup. But i do not want to do this because then i have to configure everything manually. I thought it may be a ram issue, so i ran memtest from grub which was included with ubuntu 6. 06. I let memtest make two passes through the ram, and it found no errors. Maybe i need to run it more than twice?

I then booted into the windows xp recovery console from cd (isungin the i486 setup), and then i ran chkdsk /r, and it said it found some bad sectors. I then proceeded to run hdd regenerator (demo version) to double check this, but strangely that program found no bad sectors. Maybe windows repaired the bad sectors, or maybe it remapped them. Another strange thing is that i can boot into ubuntu (which is on another partition) with no problems. But, if i try to boot into knoppix 4, it simply freezes – every time – it tries to run autodetection on eth0. I've even tried removing the wlan card, and i also tried swapping the ram stick to the other slot. So i have tried everything, but nothing has fixed the problem of booting into the (normal) windows setup. I would just use linux, but unfortunately i have to be able to run windows for school and work. Let me add that when i first got the computer, i was able to install windows from (the same) cd just fine. Although, the black and gray cables were attached incorrectly to the wireless card. I've also tried resetting the bios to its optimal settings.

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Random Windows Xp Freezes

For the last two or three weeks, windows xp would randomly freeze for 5-10 seconds at a time. It would not crash the computer, but during network games everyone gets connection problms. When using the computer for work, it is just annoying since no input is processed and the output laaags, you know playing the last 0. 1 seconds of the mp3 over and over and over for the 5-10 seconds. Any recommendations?

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Pc Starts To Boot And Freezes Before Windows

I turned on the pc and the "intel desktop boards" screen appears. And that is it! Usually that would flash and the next screen would be detecting my ide card and recognizing the hard drives but it doesnt even get there. The screen that it is stuck on shows the processor speed, how much ram, and that the keyboard, mouse, and the usb legacy is enabled. The bottom says hit f2 to run set up and f12 if you want to boot from network. I can not get into the bios. The most i made it do was get it to say "entering setup" by hitting f2 as soon as the page came up. But it never goes anywhere after that. Frozen! Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I am not a computer wiz, just a long time tinkerer. I have built 2 or 3 in my lifetime and have just basic knowledge.

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Computer Freezes At Windows Logo

My computer is freezing a bunch when starting up at the windows logo it just stays there i left it on for a good 30 minutes. Anybody else that had this problem mind telling me how to fix this?

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Pc Freezes After The Windows Loading Screen

I put all the hardware together and installed windows vista into it. The computer boots to cd fine and it is able to install windows into the computer. The computer goes through the initial installation, restarts once to finish installing, restarts again to load windows and do the final steps of the installation, but it freezes after the windows loading screen (the black screen with a small bar showing progress on the bottom) after about 10 seconds of loading, the screen turns black. An artifacted white line appears at the top for 1 second, then turns black again. The computer freezes as this point as ctrl+alt+delete does nothing and pressing numlock/caps does not turn the lights on/off on the keyboard. This is what i have tried before running out of ideas:

-Tested the video card on a separate computer and it worked fine
-Removed the ram and attempted to boot the computer 1 stick at a time. It still frooze on the same screen. -Re-installed windows twice, the second time i re-installed i used a different version of the install (without sp1). Every time i re-installed, it failed at the same spot. So what else could i do? If my test were accurate, then this should point towards the motherboard/processor. I have no idea how to check if these are working correctly. I don't have another computer that fits the same cpu, or enough parts or an extra processor to fit on the computer.

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Windows Xp Freezes While Playing 3d Games

My system freezes up whenever i play a 3d game, mainly everquest. It used to do it rarely, than it became more and more common. Now i can't go a few minutes without it locking up. At first i thought it might be heat, so i cleaned out every bit of dust from my system, took off side panel and had a fan blowing on the case, it didn't help (than i monitored the system temp, i idol at about 40*c, and when it froze i was at about 44*c). I tried switching the slot of my ram, didnt fix it. I tried upgrading my sound/video drives, didnt fix it. I took out my soundcard, didnt fix it. I formatted and installed my os again, didnt fix it. I reinstalled the game, didnt fix it. I tried underclocking my fsb, didnt fix it. I disabled my sound drivers, didnt fix it. The only other thing i could think about doing is getting a better power supply, but i don't want to waste my money if i'm not guarenteed its gonna fix it. I have an athlon xp 1800+, windows xp professional, 30gig hd, geforce 2 mx400 vid. Card, soundblaster live! 5. 1 soundcard, k7t266 pro motherboard from msi (got it around october), and 256 mb of ddr crucial ram. I am very frustrated at this point, and i am very close to taking a hammer to my computer. I recently downloaded 3dmark to check if the freezing was sucluded to eq, but 3dmark also froze on me.

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Windows Vista Hangs Sometimes

From time to time, and this doesn't happen every time, i would play a movie and the file would chug, the audio and video would stop, but the computer is still running fine for everything else, the audio would start up and the video would play catch up to the audio. After that the video would continue playing. This happens from time to time, but never in the same place twice. I turned off the indexing option, anti-virus is off, reinstalled the codec pack and even tried other codecs to the same result. Does anyone else have any sort of similar experience to this?

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How To Get Windows 7 Free On Vista ?

Answer:- do you want to know how to legally do it? If so, you can go to school that utilizes the the msdn academic alliance. A url for more info has been posted under sources. Additionally, you can become a registered microsoft partner. You have to pay for the partnership, but you get access to a plethora of free softwares and training. So, technically you're still getting windows 7 for free, but paying for the partnership. I will also submit a link under sources for the partnership. There was one other option that manufacturers were giving for vista systems purchased within a certain time frame, however manufacturers are no longer giving free windows 7 to people who made the purchase within the time frame because the final date was, as i recall, january 21st ish. Your last way to get it free is to obtain it illegally and i wouldn't recommend doing that. I also provided a link detailing software piracy and the law with which it is associated.

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Computer Freezes On The Windows Loading Screen

I went to use my computer today and noticed that there was no sound. I checked all of the physical connections which seem fine and then rebooted. After rebooting the sound came back for a while but then gradually increased in static before failing again completely. I reinstalled the ac 97 drivers (it's an onboard soundcard for the asus a8n-sli mobo) to no avail. I also had the entire computer lock up twice and reboot itself while trying to fix the sound. A few reboots later the operating system would run normally for about 2 seconds before completely locking for 2 and repeating this pattern. Task manager showed me that the cpu was alternating between ~ 5% usage to 100% when it would lock and back and forth in the 2 second pattern. I completely shut down the computer and when i attempted to boot back into windows, my computer now freezes on the windows loading screen. The bar will move across roughly 10 or so times before freezing completely! If i try a reset, it will not even detect the drive that windows is installed on! It will only reappear if i power the machine off and back on again!

I am able to boot into windows in safe mode, and i tried using system restore and msconfig to turn off all of the startup services and programs but i am still unable to do a normal boot into windows. I also tried doing a repair install of xp and the repair installation will get to the installing drivers step of the installation before abrubtly rebooting and attempting to continue the setup in an endless loop. I am currently running chkdsk /r in the windows recovery console but i'm somewhat doubting this will fix the problem.

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Computer Will Post, But Freezes On Windows Install

After installing some new hardware, i went to install an os, and it fails on starting the install. The weird thing is, it actually posts and i get partway through the initial loading of the setup before it freezes. The first thing i tried to do is install winxp 64. I put the cd in, and it loads all of the drivers, but as soon as it gets to the "starting windows" part, it freezes. I don't even get as far as being able to choose which hard drive to install on. (The first time i tried to install, it froze- the second time i tried it, it would reboot every time it got this far. Now, it freezes every time. )

I then tried to install winxp 32bit, and was able to load the sata drivers from a floppy, but after the drivers were loaded, i had the same problem: it froze when it got to "starting windows", before being able to choose a partition. I'm wondering if maybe i set something wrong in the bios, or maybe a jumper? Or am i drawing too much power? Or do you folks have any other suggestions? I haven't had a hardware problem with any of the other components before installing these new processors.configurations:-
Motherboard: msi k8t master2-far (supports 2 cpus, but not dual-core cpus)
Ram: 1 gb (2x512) corsair pc3200 (cmx512re-3200llpt)
Power supply: 400w silverstone strider (sst-st40f)
Hard drives: sata western digital caviar se (wd1600jd), seagate barracuda ide ultra ata100 (st3120026a)
Video card: ati x850 pro, agp 8x
I was replacing my processor (amd opteron 242) with two amd opteron 248s.

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Windows Vista Driver Signing

I want to install rivatuner, but vista driver signing is stopping me from doing so. Is there any way to bypass this in vista 64 bit sp1?

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Play Windows 95 Game On Vista

It there any way i can get my theme park game for windows 95 working on my laptop that is windows vista? I love this game, and want to play on it again but when i click on the file to start the game it says this system does not support full screen mode. Is there anything i can do?

Answer:- a lot of programs from 95/98 won't work, even with compatibility for the relevant os enabled. In those cases pretty much the only answer is to use a program called dosbox, dos box emulates a dos environment, its a free open source program. It's guaranteed to work for any game or program that will no longer work on nt based windows and above:

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Windows Vista Inf Problem

My pc is running on windows vista and i recently bought an epson sx115 printer/scanner/copier, when i came to install it like the booklet said it would get to the scanner driver part of the setup and a message would pop up ''epson scan setup - an error occurred during setup, restart your pc then run the setup again'' which i have done about 5 times. So then i tried to install the scanner through the device manager, it finds the drivers and starts to install them when another message pops up ''windows encountered a problem installing the software for your computer - the required section was not found in the inf''

The printer and copier work fine, its just the scanner!

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, different cables, different software and i have even took the printer back saying it was faulty. And still nothing!

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Windows Vista Startup Problem

In the past couple of days it seems that every night when i go to turn off my computer. It does its normal stuff. It installs the updates then turns off. The problem is that around 7 o clock in the morning when i turn it on it just keeps loading the windows vista bar at the bottom. Usually it only does 2 passes then it starts up but it will do this for up to an hour! Well, anyway i built the computer and everything. I will give you some specs. Intel pentium dual core e 5200 @ 2. 8ghz

2gb corsair ddr2 800 xms2

Gtx 260 graphics

80 gb hitatchi deskstar 80gb ide hd

Coolermaster 310 elite case. Msi g31 p21 board

Coolmax 600watt powersupply

Windows vista (red) ultimate 64 bit

When i had windows xp installed this was never the problem. However it took quite some time to boot all of the time. Then, it seems as if i wiggle around the molex connector (4 pin) going into the hard drive, and wiggle the ide cord the computer will boot up. I do not know that the problem is here. I would rather get new cables than a new hard drive.

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Keyboard Error: ( Code 39 ) On Windows Vista

I just popped vista back onto my computer (32-bit) to use, having heard of improved support for it. However, my keyboard shows up as "standard 101/102-key or microsoft natural ps/2 keyboard", and has "windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)" in the status box. Location states it as "plugged into keyboard port". The funny thing is, it worked fine the first few boot-ups, and now the keyboard does nothing in windows but works fine all the way up to the loading-bar splash screen when windows begins to load (after post and all that). I'm convinced this is some sort of driver issue or conflict, but i've tried reinstalling the default driver and enabling/disabling the keyboard, without any result. Does anyone know what to do? I don't want to just reinstall vista again, because this could easily recur since i have no idea what even caused it .

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Installing Windows Vista Via Flash Drive

No tweaking, no fking around, no program installs - put the dvd in the drive, put the flash drive in the usb port and run the command. Thats it. The rest of this post is purely there because people always try and do something differently, or dont bother reading the instructions properly!

This does not work with xp, so dont ask.command for copying vista (or 7) dvd to flash drive

Open a run command - use the "windows key + r" trick to open a run menu, if its not enabled in your start menu

Xcopy x:*. * /S/e/f y:

X: being source (dvd / iso image on virtual drive)
Y: being destination drive (flash drive)

A dos prompt will open and show the files copying - it may appear to have stopped on a file (install. Wim i think), but dont worry - thats a large file so it takes a while. You can use this to install vista off a flash drive, no longer needing a dvd. Above this line is all you need to make a bootable flash drive!

As simple as this is, people always ask a bazillion questions.common ones are answered below. The drive letters x: and y: need to be substituted with whatever letters your system uses. Its obvious, but some people still miss that. I've done this with ntfs and fat32 flash drives heaps of times - havent burned a dvd for an os in years. Your motherboard is going to need to boot from usb for this to install. Many motherboards have a "quick boot" method by pressing escape or f8 while the bios post screen is still loading. Dont always assume it will show as a usb device, often it shows under the hdd menus. Obviously, you're going to need a dvd in the drive, or mount the iso via some virtual drive software, like deamon tools or virtual clone drive. If your flash drive is full, the dos prompt will just close without copying the last files. Make sure you have enough free space to fit the contents of the iso (a 4gb flash drive is not exactly 4gb - mine is 3. 83gb after formatting, and too small for a vista sp2 install). I suggest formatting and starting with a blank flash drive - you can always add your other files back afterwards. You can do this from any windows os - xcopy hasnt changed in a looooong time, so it should even work in os's as old as win95. Since this has to be clarified, i mean you can make the vista/7 bootable usb disk in older os's. That is not the same as making bootable copies of them!

And a picture guide, for those who cant live without them. 1.command line

2. Format flash drive to ntfs (16gb drive)

3. Files copying

4. Open your boot menu in the bios, or change the boot order. My media pc allows me to hit f12 and get this:

(If i had my flash drive plugged in for this photo, it would read as "usb-hdd imation nano" in the '+hard disk' menu)

5. Run the vista/7 installer as normal

Out of niceness, i quote pyeti and naelex's alternate method. This one is rather noob friendly, but requires a third party program. This method works for xp!


Plug in your usb key. Right click on the ultraiso shortcut, and click on run as administrator. Click on file (menu bar) and open. Navigate to your windows 7 iso file and select it and click on the open button. In the bottom local pane, select your usb flash key drive. Click on bootable (menu bar) and wite disk image. Make sure the locations are correct, and check the verify box and click on the write button. Click on yes to confirm writing to the usb drive. When it's done, click on the close button. You now have a windows 7 installation usb flash key.

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I7 Setup Reboots During Windows 7 / Vista Installation

I recently built the system xp 32 bit runs perfectly with no issues what-so-ever. If i try to install windows 7 64bit rc1 and/or vista premium 64 bit, the machine reboots. This is right after the "loading windows system files" screen. I have reseated ram, cards, cables. I've updated to the most recent bios, tried to install at stock settings, dummy oc on and off, broken down my system to bare-bones, ran memtest 86 for 6 hours. Temps on cpu during idle are around 30-32 degrees and under load don't get above 54 degrees. Ram timings are irrelevant as these are xmp sticks. (I've set them manually with no change). I installed vista on an old hard drive back in early april and it showed the age of the drive. I had a ton of issues. When i did install vista back then i did it with one stick on ram populated in the farthest dim from the cpu. This is the one thing i have not tried yet as i just got the dummy over-clock running stable, (8 hours running prime 95 with no issues). I just don't understand why i'd have to run this board with just one stick to get an os installed when the xp installation was so flawless. I've had a lot of issues and it may be due to this evga board. However i lack the time to properly trouble-shoot it with tech support. Any thoughts? Experiences? Ideas?

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Dvd Drive For Vista 64-bit And Windows 7

I don't need anything fancy or expensive. I primarily use my dvd drive to install/play games and occasionally burn something to a dvd. It should be compatible with vista 64-bit and windows 7. Any recommendations?

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Video Lag In Windows Vista X64

I just installed windows vista ultimate x64 on my pc and i've started experiencing lag from time to time in videos i try to watch. (By closing and reopening the video in vlc, it sometime plays normally (10% of the time)). Also, the sound of the videos seems to be ok, only the images lags behind at a less-than expected framerate. If i reboot my computer and the first thing i do in windows is open the video i want to watch, it plays fine 100% of the time. This didn't occur by using the 32-bit version of vista. I have a quadro fx 3400 graphic card and 4gigs of ram in a hp pavilion a6245n (quad-core 2. 4 ghz). Videos, in my opinion, shouldn't lag based on the computer i have. Do any of you have any idea what's wrong with my computer? I also want to point out that i have installed the latest driver for my graphic card and it didn't change a thing. Also, the sound of the videos seems to be ok, only the images lags behind at a less-than expected framerate.

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Shrink Disk Drive In Windows Vista

I would like to know the details regarding the outcome after doing the 'shrink volume' feature in windows vista. 1. If i shrink my 'c' drive with 120 gb space, what will be the free (unallocated) space if the shrink utility shows the following:
A. Total size before shrinking : 115591 mb
B. Size of available shrink space in mb : 21929 mb
C. Enter the amount of space to shrink : 21929 mb
D. Total size after shrink in mb : 93662 mb

Of the last three options (b, c, d) which will be the unallocated, free space after shrinking ?

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Hp Officejet 6500 Compatibility For Windows Vista

I have the hp officejet 6500, and i was wondering if there is any way possible that i could do something to somehow make it compatible with windows vista (urgh), without having to buy windows 7?

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Computer Freezes On Boot - Long Time To Load Windows

I was having issues with a game of mine hard locking my pc. The only way to get out of it was to hold down the power button and force the pc to power down, then boot back up. Trying to trouble shoot the game, this happened several times. Then, it started freezing on the memory test. It's not really freezing, though - if i leave it sit for a very long time ( 5 to ten minutes ), it will eventually boot into windows. Any ideas?

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Can't Install Raid Driver - Windows Xp Setup Freezes

I decided to format my computer because it had some problems. I have a a8r32 mvp deluxe motherboard, and had raid 1 setup in the raid bios before. Now when i try to enter raid bios to check it i can't. Don't know why i can't anymore, but i will assume it's still raid 1 setup. When i install windowsxp i hit f6 to install my raid driver, and when i get to the windows setup where i have to press 'enter' to install windows it freezes. When i try installing windows without using the raid driver it doesn't freeze, but i want to install my raid driver. Trying to use sata 32bit on my floppy from the motherboard cd driver. Also have sata mode in bios settings.comp spec:
A8r32 mvp deluxe
Amd fx-60
Ati x1900xtx w/ crossfire
2gb 400mhz dual chan memory
2 x 150gb western digital raptor
850w ocz psu

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Error Code 0xc004f063 When Activate Windows Vista

Error code 0xc004f063

This is totally bs out of nowhere my vista home basic expired. It's a legit version. The thing is that i don't have my legit window disk with me right now, will get it first thing tomorrow. In the mean time i want to ask

If i can still use the old key that i bought before to reactivate?

If i install another os, like xp, will i be able to transfer all files and program (i don't mind losing my all stuff but i real need endnote x2 to work perfectly-it has all my mom's phd works. )

Also anyone have any temporary solution so that i can transfer files to another computer? Tried the c: thing in browser but that only gain me access but can't use anything.

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Windows Vista Router Disconnects Wifi Connection

When using asus laptop it can connect wireless router (sky adsl) without issue, if the desktop which uses the same router disconnects it disconnects the wireless function from the laptop. Even rebooting both router and laptop fails to correct the problem. I suspect this is an ip address issue.

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