Connecting Bluetooth Headphones To Laptop Using Usb Adapter

How do i connect my bluetooth headphones to my laptop using a bluetooth usb adapter?

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Bluetooth V1.2 Compatible Headset And Usb Adapter

I don't know too much about bluetooth. I'd like to get the logitech bluetooth mobile pro headset for talking on skype. I don't know which usb bluetooth adapter to get for it. I'm using windows xp but, it would be nice to get one that's linux compatible too. I'm guessing that the adapter should be bluetooth v1. 2 compatible. What's the diff between v1. 1 and v1. 2?

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Connecting Multiple Bluetooth Devices To Laptop

How to connect multiple bluetooth devices to laptop using bluetooth usb adapter? Is it possible to connect two bluetooth devices to my laptop using a usb bluetooth adapter and use them both at once?

At the moment i use a usb bluetooth adapter and "toshiba bluetooth stack for windows" software to stream music wirelessly to my speakers from my laptop via a "belkin tunestage" and would like to connect a wireless bluetooth mouse to the laptop to use as well. Is this possible? If so how would i do it?

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Connecting Sis 900 Fast Ethernet Adapter Cable To Dell Laptop

How do you connect an sis 900 fast ethernet adapter cable to an old dell laptop? I have tried and tried but it will not work! I need your help to give me info on how to connect the cable to the bt home hub.

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Looking For Good Set Of Bluetooth, Rechargeable Stereo Headphones / Headset

I want:
- Wireless stereo headphones (with mic would be better)
- Good sound quality (not audiophile, but enough to prove that 192kbps sounds better than 128kbps). - Rechargeable (base to place them on or can use rechargeable batteries)
- Bluetooth connectivity so i don't need a goddam dongle. Does such a thing exist?

I/my clumsy friends/pets have ruined computers and stereos of mine with casual walking and inattentiveness. If i could use this for a home stereo and a computer, that would be better, but computer is priority.

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Laptop Drive To Usb Adapter

I bought a usb adapter that can go from ide/sata and laptop ide to usb. Everything works great. Except when i hook up the laptop ide drive. It can read/write for about 5 minutes (more like 2), then it shuts down. I'm not sure if it is a power saving feature or what, but it is annoying. I have changed the setting in device manager to "allow the os to shut off device to save power" to disabled with no results. Anyone have a similar experience or solution. Yes, i've googled it many times under different queries with no decent results. I don't think buying a new one would help, as it does work, it's just the power to the hdd stops after a few minutes.

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Usb Bluetooth Message: Usb Not Recognised

I recently added a usb bluetooth device to my pc and after removing it from the usb port i get a annoying bubble pop up saying " usb not recognised" od thing is nothing is plugged in! Ive tried disabling the usb port, system restore, removing all the software and even plugging items into the offending usb port but this message bubble still pops up all the time to much annoyance! Any suggestions?

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Adapter For Connecting Ps3 To Monitor

Which adapter should i buy for connecting my ps3 to my monitor? Ok so i want to connect my ps3 to my monitor as stated above now im not sure on which adapter i should buy i see i have two options and they are

Method 1

Hdmi (male) to dvi-d (female) this would mean using the dvi-d cord for the connection

Method 2 hdmi (female) to dvi-d (male) that would mean using the hdmi cord for the connection

Im not sure on which would give the better picture or if it would be the same.

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Connecting Ps3 To Computer Using Hdmi To Dvi Adapter

If i connect my ps3 to my computer screen using an hdmi to dvi adapter, would it display in hd or dvi quality? Also which quality is better, hdmi or dvi?

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Universal Bluetooth Usb Connector

Is there a universal bluetooth usb connector? I lost the usb that came with my logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. Do i have to replace it with another logitech bluetooth usb or is there another bluetooth wireless usb that will work. If so, where do i get this?

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Connect Cell To Pc Without Bluetooth Dongle Or Usb

I don't have a bluetooth dongle, can i still connect my cell to my pc. I don't have a usb either. Answer:-
I don't believe you can, you will either need a cable or a bluetooth dongle.

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Connecting Belkin 54g Router With Tp-link Wn422g Wireless Adapter

Basically, i'm trying to connect to a belkin 54g router with my tp-link wn422g wireless adapter using windows xp. I have the latest drivers (downloaded this morning) for the tp-link. I can see the belkin router but whenever i try to connect it just says "waiting for network) for a couple of minutes and then disappears . I have tries using wep, wpa, wpa2 and finally disabling all security, all to no avail. Mac address filtering is off, dhcp is enabled. I just don't get it, i've been struggling with this for nearly a week, all to no avail. I can access the net fine from the machine that's plugged in by ethernet, but the wireless just wont have it on my machine upstairs. Please someone help me before i go totally insane!

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Usb Will Not Recognise An Mp3 Player Or Bluetooth Dongle

Can anyone tell me why my usb will not recognise an mp3 player or bluetooth dongle. I have tried using all my usb's but it won't work. I've tried reloading the software and still it does'nt recognise either of them.

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Connecting Desktop To Laptop So That Laptop Act As Monitor

Is there any way to connect my desktop to my laptop, so i can my laptop can act as a monitor? I have a desktop computer but with no monitor, is there any way i can connect it to my laptop to view the desktop?

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Connecting Laptop With Broken Screen To Another Laptop

How do i connect a laptop with a broken screen to another laptop? I need to connect a laptop with a broken screen to a laptop without a broken screen so i can see what's on the broken-screen laptop, is that possible/how would i do that?

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Usb Headphones With Mic

Since i started playing games that require voice chat recently i need a new usb headset, since i cant be bothered to switch between speakers and headphones while playing (and my old headphones are pretty greasy after nearly 9 years )

Are headphones without a mic + a clip on mic the better alternative right now or will the sound quality suffer if i use a clip on microphone. I'm pretty much open to any idea. Price range would be 100$-150$.

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Mic To Usb Converter Headphones

I recently bought a sennheiser 350 which has a mic, unfortunately for my sound card, it only has a digital line in/mic jack which is shared. I am already using the digital line in jack so there is no room for my mic to be plugged in. Enabling the mobo sound-card causing some weird sound issues to make the mic work. So i am wondering if any of you know a good mic to usb converter or some sort of y adapter to share the two. Thanks in advance!

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Getting Internet By Connecting Laptop To Another Laptop

Getting internet by connecting my laptop to another laptop? Okay, so when i go to my friend's house and bring my laptop, i can connect to the network but i don't get internet. I have the same problem at another friend's house, but i can get internet if i plug it in with an ethernet cable. At friend a's house, however, the router is in his dad's office, his friends aren't allowed in there. Now, my friend's laptop connects to the internet there wirelessly just fine, so would i be able to get on the internet by plugging my laptop into his laptop via ethernet cable?

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Laptop Dvd Drive W/ Adapter

Was wondering if anyone could help me with a zotac 9300 d-e wifi board and optical drive problem i had. I just got an ide-sata adapter for a slim optical dvd drive i pulled from an hp laptop to install in my htpc but when everything is hooked up it didn't recognize the dvd drive at first. After messing with it a bit, removing the hard drive and having that as the only connected drive etc i decided to hook it all up and try again. Windows recognized the drive but couldn't install the drivers for it (which i thought was weird because windows usually has the generic drivers for cd/dvd drives. ) On subsequent restarts the device found message does not appear and it is not listed in device manager (except for that one time. )

I wasn't sure if i needed to change any of the bios settings because i was using an adapter but messing with a few of the settings proved fruitless anyways. Sata mode is set to ide though. Any help would be appreciated. Here is a link to the adapter i bought.

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Laptop Power Adapter Got Cut Off

I accidentally ripped of part of my hp pavilion dv2000 power adapter from the skinny part. Like the part where you insert it into the computer. The base part has some small silver cords coming out, and the part that came of doesn't have anything coming out of it. Do i have to replace it or can i fix it by myself? I thought maybe if i cut a part of the ripped off cord i could attach the wires from there to the ones coming out of the adapter box. Is that possible?

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External Wireless Adapter For Laptop

I have an hp touchsmart laptop (which i've recently learned is infamous for wifi problems) and the wifi constantly turns itself on and off. The wifi light above the keyboard switches from blue when it's on to red when it's off. It never stays on for more than an hour and usually goes back and forth every 2-5 minutes or so. It looks like a christmas light show. It's not my network card that is broken, i guess it's a hardware problem with the switch. If i plug in an ethernet cable everything runs fine!

Anyway, this started (of course) about a week after my warranty expired! Hp is wanting to charge me a little over $100 to fix it. I figured buying an external wireless adapter would be better (and cheaper). Like the netgear usb dongles. But i have just a couple questions about them, probably dumb questions so i apologize. 1. Do they work good? I use my laptop for gaming when i want to lounge on the couch or play at friends houses. If it is going to run slower than my internal adapter, it won't be worth it to me. 2. My current internal network adapter is not n, so if i get an n dongle will it actually run at n speed?

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Usb To Serial Adapter

I bought this adapter, usb to serial, now the program i was using gives me an option of ports com1 thru com4. But using the usb port it will not recognize a com port. Is there a way to direct the usb port to act as a com port and assign it to 1 thru 4?

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Adapter For Hdd And Usb

Is there any adapter to go from my 1. 8 hdd i got from my toshiba gigabeat to usb? The model number is mk2004gal if that helps you find out what type of adapter you need.

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Scsi To Usb Adapter

A few times now i've been stuck wishing that i had a scsi to usb adapter so i could image or pull data from a scsi drive. Currently, i just throw an old hba in my pc and hook up the drive that way. The drives are always 68 or 80 brings up a few hits and it looks like these were popular years ago, but even then they were very slow and most of the time only had 50 pin connections on them. They seemed to be often used with the old iomega zip and jazz drives and only supported usb 1. 1. I'd like to add one to my recovery kit if possible, but i can't find much info. Thoughts?

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Usb Charger Adapter

While in my local staples, pilfering the clearance bin, i found an interesting cell phone /wire connector set which had an adapter cable that looked like it might just fit in my kindle. After buying it for a rip-off price of 50 cents, it turned out to be a perfect fit, and it doubled as a usb -> mini-usb connector too. Basically it is an: usb -> miniusb + power adapter that fits into kindle power adapter slot. The reason why usb -> power adapter is better then charging from usb -> mini-usb is that you don't have to goto usb drive mode (which prevents you from reading), when connecting with mini-usb connector alone. This means you can keep reading while charging your kindle next to your laptop via usb port!

As a bonus, it seems this wire is both plentiful and cheap on ebay (or if you're too lazy you can find it in most office-supply/ electronics stores)


But you can buy them on ebay if you search specifically for:

"Palm zire usb cable". Tons to be had for $4-5 dollars shipped. Make sure you get the zire 72 or tungsten type and not the wrong type of palm cable. Note: though i already scored the belkin version of this cable, i managed to find on ebay a better retractable version for $4. 50:

(Note: still waiting for this one to arrive, but it should fit, and i will update thread if it doesn't fit)

With a retractable version, that means i can charge my kindle anywhere i want, bring a spare charge cable in my pocket to plug into usb, and transfer stuff onto kindle if necessary. This is the specific product i bought for 50 cents (if you want to scrounge around your local staples clearance bins).

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Usb Headphones Produce Poor Quality Sound

My headphones have been working fine till just recently where i have rewired my room. It's definitely not the headphones as i have tested it on other computers. I have tried reinstalling the driver, jacking it into other ports and updating drivers; but no cigar. Do you guys have a clue on what to do? Btw, the headphones produce a really poor quality sound with static being heard. Same goes for the microphone.

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Laptop Battery Dead - Ac Adapter Not Working

My laptop battery is dead so there is no way i can do a backup or anything, and it wont charge because something is either wrong with the ac adapter, or the laptop itself, and i think its the latter. Basically im wondering and hoping if there is any possible way for me to get all the files off of my laptop. I have a 3 year accidental coverage warranty from best buy so im thinking they might just send it in, get the ac adapter fixed and send it back, resulting in no data loss ( ) but then also since when i got the laptop the case was a bit messed up and a part is broken, they might send me a new one, which would be a good thing, but then again, all data would be lost.

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Laptop Adapter Keeps Making Ringing Noise

I have a toshiba laptop, satellite a205-s5855, something is wrong with the power cord? Sometimes when i plug the cord into my computer, it will charge, but lately it hasn't been working. & The adapter keeps making a ringing noise. What should i do? Should i try to replace it, or is it better to just get a new computer?

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Power Supply Adapter To Use Asus Laptop In Uk

What do i need to buy so i can use my asus laptop in the uk? I am a uk citizen visiting my finance in the usa, we bought an asus ul50v laptop whilst here as i intend on moving here permanently. I have to go back to the uk for a little while and i wish to take my laptop with me, what can i use to convert the wattage or what power supply adapter can i buy?

I previously asked this question here and it has remained unanswered for 3 days so by power adapter is it the 'entire assembly including the ac adapter', or just the cord leading up to the ac adapter with the correct end?

If i need to buy a whole new assembly would this work with my laptop: http://amzn. To/f6gwht

If not where would i find somewhere that does sell what i need?

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Connecting A Laptop To Tv

I am interested in connecting my laptop to my television. My tv has a 4 pin s-video input, but my laptop only has a vga input. I am looking into getting a vga to s-video adapter, but i don't know if it will work. My tv does not have hdmi, so that is out of the question. All of the websites i have looked on say i need to make sure my vga card will support tv out. So my questions are: will this vga to s-video adapter work? Should i just order it on e-bay? And how do i check that my vga card supports video out. *My tv is a toshiba and my laptop is an hp , it has windows 7 if that makes any difference

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