Sound Card For Jvc Ha-rx900 - Av-40

I'm planning to get the following audio setup this summer and need help deciding the sound-card. 2. 1 speaker setup: m-audio av40 + tsc asw-8 sub
Headphones: jvc ha-rx900
Soundcard: asus xonar stx / dx / prelude / forte / striker or something else?

Usage will be ~40% gaming / ~40% blu-ray or dvd movies / ~20% lossy music- trance/house mp3 or youtube. The pricey stx seems to be one of the best cards available, but would i really notice a difference compared to the other cards with my intended use? My budget is $150, but willing to go higher if the stx can significantly improve game/movie sounds. I sometimes listen to music but never lossless. Also, in the long run i am interested in piecing together a 5. 1 system (primarily for movies), i'm not sure if the stx is the best choice for it. It seems brilliant for music though.

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Sound Card Or Onboard Sound

Do you have a a sound card or do you just use onboard? I have had issues with both and i can't figure out if i want to buy one or just use onboard. Some people claim onboard slows down the processor, is that true and if it is will you really notice it? I always hear about issues with sound cards not working with certain games and i had my own issues so i've stayed away from them. Any other pc gamers out there use a sound card?

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Jvc Full Size Headphones

Now that all the dust has settled and these headphones are available again i thought i would share my feelings since the newness has worn off. I no longer think these sound like audio technicas so much as jvcs . I have tried many headphones since last year and have a few higher end cans now. On the jvcs i have tried:

1. Harx700. I was 1st to buy these and i unfortunately sold mine! I just got another set and i missed them. I still believe nothing else comes close for the price. Heres a tidbit- the harx700 can be said to sound a lot like a denon ahd2000. The 230$ denon still beats it but not by 200$ worth. Philips has a few headphones that sound decent in this price range but feel like junk in comparison. 2. Harx900. I bashed these when i finally got some. Bass heavy, not lively in the mids and highs like the 700. Great earpads and soundstage though. I have now gotten used to the sound but still prefer the 700. 3. Hag770. Sound almost identical to the harx700, i'm positive they use the same drivers. The hag770 is not as comfy or nice looking. 4. Hadx1. I love this one. It just blows the others away. Very balanced sound, can handle anything you throw at it, nice detail. More of an audiophiles headphone compared to the harx700 being a fun headphone. I have right now all but the hag770 which i sold off. Soon i will buy the higher end hadx3!

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Headphone - Sony Mdr-xb500 Or Jvc Ha Rx700

Ok budget is about 45-50 max

Here are two im looking at

Sony mdr-xb500
Jvc ha rx700

Im leaning towards the jvc cause the cheaper price. Uses:

Music/music editing

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5.1 Sound Card With Optical Out

I built a computer earlier this year and it has an m-audio delta 66 sound card for pro tools. It runs windows 7 x64. I will be upgrading my home theater in january, and so i'm wanting to use my old 5. 1 dolby digital/dts receiver and old speakers for my computer setup. My receiver does not have hdmi audio, only video pass-through. It does however have optical in and that is what i currently use for my ps3 for movies and games. I need a sound card that has optical out. I will use it as a secondary sound card that i will switch on when playing games. And possibly watching movies if i ever get a bd drive. I'm hoping to spend less than $200 if possible. Suggestions?

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Usb Sound Card

I've decided i can't live with the line noise coming from integrated sound cards anymore. Looking for something that works on both my macbook pro (osx and 64bit windows 7 beta) and my 64bit vista desktop, preferably with a nice dac and 5. 1 sound. Preferably $100 or below. I've been looking at the x-fi 5. 1 surround:-


But a couple of reviews said that it lags, which is a big red flag for me. Just wondering if anyone else out there has a comparable solution.

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Scratchy Sound Card

I'm using windows xp, but recently (i'm not sure how long) the sound card works when i'm in windows, such as playing movies, or mp3s, however when playing games, the sound card gets all scratchy and impossible to hear anything. I tried reformatting the pc in hopes that this would fix it, but i have had no luck. My thought is that the sound card is dying as it is a few years old. Does any one have any thoughts on this?

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Sound Card + Usb Headset

I have usb headset, my old plantronics gamecom pro1 which i believe has it's own onboard sound processing. I'm using p35 mobo's realtek audio right now, and i was thinking about getting nice sound card for gaming. Would my headset's onboard processing interfere with sound card/ does it make sense for me to get sound card at all with this headset?

Don't know much about audio/sound cards.

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Can A Sound Card Cause A Computer To Overheat ?

I installed an xfi xtreme gamer sound card in my 4 month old core i7 920 tonight, replacing the onboard sound. My gpu is an msi gtx 275, which occupies two slots on my asus p6t deluxe motherboard. I installed the sound card directly beneath the gpu so that it's almost touching it. The msi gpu has two fans, and one of those fans is now completely blocked. I left my computer on to go have some dinner (it was just displaying the desktop) and after about an hour i came back, only to find that my monitor had switched off, and that the central power-on switch for the computer was blinking red. It scared the living daylights out of me, since in the 4 months that i've owned this computer i've never seen that before. I re-booted the computer by depressing the power-on button for 10 seconds. Now i'm completely freaked out. I can only assume that this is going to happen again?

My preference would've been to have installed the sound card in the slot below the slot in which it's presently installed in - but it wouldn't have reached the end of the case, since that slot is depressed into the case by about a half an inch too far. Any thoughts or suggestions? Could the red light have been caused by something else? The computer is on right now, and i'm just waiting. I'm a bit panicked here.

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Amp Vs Sound Card For Headphones

I just bought a pair of hd650s and bithead and i can't believe what i've been missing all these years. I feel stupid!

Anyways, of course now i only want to get even better sound!

So whats the best way to upgrade. Should i swap my bithead for a better amp or should i get a sound card to plug the headphones in?

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5.1 Headphone Ability Sound Card

I was reading views about the sennheiser hd555 and saw someone mention to get either a 5. 1 converter or a sound card that supports 5. 1 for headphones. I never heard of this and frankly i'm interested, i'm assuming on-board sound cards don't support this yet, and if i am right, what is the least expensive sound cards that do?

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Need A New Sound Card, Headphones, Mic

So i decided it is probably about time to retire my hd485's that are falling apart, my pos on-board sound card is pretty lame, and my microphone just decided to stop working. Budget is about $300usd. Microphone doesn't need to be anything special, preferably something that i can clip-on to my headphones, as long as it doesn't sound too terrible i could care less. I like listening to bass-heavy music and playing fps games, so headphones with a good 3d layout would be ideal. I notice with my hd485's it's pretty hard to tell which direction shots are coming from, much easier with my half-broken steel-series 5h. Too bad those don't work at all anymore, piece of advice: never buy steel-series anything, it's just overpriced garbage. I have been told the beyerdynamic dt770's are pretty good, but they cost a bit more than i want to pay, unless someone can find me a deal on them (i recall seeing them on amazon a while ago for $110 ish)

Sound cards i have no clue. I've only owned an audigy 2 and audigy 2 zs, and have been sticking it out with my on-board for a while.

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Sound Card With Dual Output

I built a computer for the club i work at. The dj's are using it to play the music. The problem i am having is that there is only one output on the computer. They need two outs. One to go to the board and one to go to the head set to listen to que'd up music. I can't seem to find a sound card that has this kind of set up, but i think there is one because the program i/we use is tracktor and it give you the option for multiple outputs. If someone knows where to get a sound card that has multiple out please let me know.

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5.1 Sound Card Freezes Computer

I just bought myself this sweex 5. 1 soundcard to replace my onboard realtek soundcard (since that one doesn't support 5. 1). Allright, so i disable the old soundcard (realtek ac97), let windows install his version of the driver for my new card. Totally screwed up. Can't get in "configuration->system" anymore, it just hangs, and when i reboot the computer hangs during startup. So i restore last configuration and install from the disk that comes with the card. That worked better. No visual problems. However, now when i use the card (play a movie or mp3, any player) it plays for a few seconds and then stops and my computer hangs. ("Few seconds" differs from time to time, sometimes it even hangs when playing the welcome tune when i log on to windows)

This led me to believe that there is a resource problem. So i checked out my irq ports. Striking, it's on 11 but along with a lot of other things. Note that the old card also uses 11. I tried to change this for the new card but that seems not to be allowed by xp. I tried removing the acpi driver and replacing it for a "standard pc" one, but this led to a complete mess, and i was still not able to change irq's.

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Help Deleting Sound Card Driver

I'm using duraband speakers and they suck. All i'm getting is static. So i looked online and one person said:

"Same problem for me. I just uninstalled my current sound card thru device manager and turned the speakers on and back off and then told device manager to rescan and it reinstalled my sound card. And then i turned the speakers back on. ! Voila sound!"

So i tried going o device manger -> sound, video and game controllers

But the only thing under there is:

Audio codecs -(properties lead to)- genral, drivers, details

Audio codecs -(properties lead to)-genral , properties, details

Audio codecs-(properties lead to)-genral, drivers, details

Legacy audio drivers-(propeties lead to)- genral, propeties, details

Legacy video capture devices-(propeties lead to)- genral, propeties, details

Media control devices-(propeties lead to)- genral, propeties, details

Video codecs-(propeties lead to)-genral, propeties, details

Which one should i delete? And if it helps i'm using windows xp i know its not that great but whatever. Also this compute wont let me delete when i go to the drivers tab and says i can't update or rollback. And i trie troubleshooting but it dosn't work. And for some reason this computer doesn't have a mixer.

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Supreme Fx Ii - Vs - Steelseries Usb Sound Card

I had the steelseries usb sound card on my old computer and i just built a new computer and my mobo (asus p5e) came with the supreme fx ii sound card? I know both the soundcards aren't all that good, but i just wanted to know which would give me the better sound? I am not in the market for a better soundcard yet so i will make due with what i have now.

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Difference Between Onboard Audio And Sound Card

Okay i've recently gotten back into computer gaming after a somewhat long hiatus (my last machine had a geforce 256 and before that i had 2 voodoo 2s in sli ). My question is about sound cards and their benefits. I had a soundblaster live! Back in the day but i never really noticed a difference back then between it and onboard audio. Right now i'm using onboard audio but should i get a sound card instead? What are the performance benefits? Is the audio really that much clearer? Which mid-range cards should i look at?

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Logitech Z-5500 And Creative Sb X-fi Sound Card

Well i have the logitech z-5500 as i want to scare the neighbors! The only problem is that it only comes with a direct style connection (not sure of the exact terminology) and my brand spanking new creative sound blaster x-fi sound card has a digital in/out on it. (It has an optical option)

Now when i used the direct color coded cables that came with the speakers, i can get a 6 channel direct sound mode that is not all the bad. However, i was the best i can get with my setup. I have an optical cable, but when i connect the optical cable into the speaker system and my pc, nothing happens and it does not recognize a digital connection. What am i doing wrong? Does anyone else have a logitech z-5500 that is hooked up with a digital connection? I am so frustrated and confused with technology right now it is ridiculous!

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Usb Sound Card For Laptop Under $250

I want to eventually get a receiver and some bookshelf speakers. I would like to know the best usb sound card that i can use for my laptop which is my main computer. I really would like to keep it under $250 is possible.

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Creative X-fi Usb Sound Card Windows 7

I've had this for about a year now and its worked great. I bought it originally as a way to pass through optical from my computer to my receiver. Now my previous setup is long gone and i still use this external card with my krk rp 5 g2's. Its worked great but i never once installed the creative software. Today i was browsing creative website and i noticed an updated driver for windows 7 for this device updated sep 2nd. I decided to give it a shot and download it. First thing i noticed was the crystallizer and cmss 3d. Both add some "flavor" to the music which i actually enjoy. Second thing i noticed was hey! I can use the knob on my sound-card after a year of having it to control the sound but alas, theres now one huge annoying issue. Snap, crackle, and pop! Every so often at random during music playback (windows media player, pandora one, etc) i would hear this. Is there any available fix or unofficial drivers to alleviate this? I want to be able to use this damn knob. But not at the cost of annoying cracking.

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Does A Sound Card Always Hardware Acceleration Audio ?

Ive been reading on-line some things and i keep seeing that hardware acceleration, especially in games is dying. But my thought is is that if you have a good dedicated sound card (in my case a x-fi platinum) then even if something like a pc game doesn't actually have the option for hardware sound, aren't you still getting hardware accelerated sound due to the audio being processed by the sound card and not the cpu?

Its not like if theres no option for hardware audio that the cpu processes the sound then its just passed through the sound card. The card is still doing its job, no? So does not having the option for hardware sound really effect anything?

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Pci-e Sound Card To Decode Dd / Dts

So i'm hooking up my ps3 to my pc so i can take advantage of my speaker setup/headset, and to be able to use vent at the same time as play ps3 games with friends because the voice codecs in consoles are terrible. I went out and purchased an x-fi titanium because i needed optical-in, to get ps3 sound. What they don't tell you and what i've wasted 3 hours of my life trying to get working is that the titanium doesn't decode dd/dts over spdif (optical). It's 2009 and i know the card is capable of doing it, but creative is so jewish they didn't want to shell out the $2 per card to get licensing from dolby labs. So instead i'm going to return this card and buy a different one, but i'm having trouble tracking down a card that can do it.

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Gaming Sound Card For Ad700 Headphones

Need a new sound card to complement my audio technica ad700 headphones. Primary use would be gaming. Would like to pay $100 but if everything at this price point won't really bring out the ad700's potential then don't mind paying more.

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Using Creative I/o Panels With X-fi Xtrememusic Sound Card

Can someone tell me if the i/o panel from an audigy 2zs platinum will work with an x-fi extreme music sound card the two units look very similar but there is a world of difference in the price. I require the i/o panel to get front audio port connectivity for my centurion 532 case. This would be ideal if it were possible and a lot less mess than re-wiring sockets etc. Also would there be any conflicts software driver wise if they were compatible. I have the installation cd for the x-fi extreme music but no drivers for the x-fi platinum are these available from creative site? The i/o drive would not be required to have any other function other than the front audio port connection facility. If other options were available with this set-up it would be classed as a bonus.

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Sound Card Output Distorted And Silent

I accidentally plugged output of my integrated sound card to output( instead of auxiliary in) of my stereo. Sound is gone. On full volume i can hear sound, but it is very distorted and silent. Is it possible to fix it?

Sound card is sigmatel audio

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M-audio 192 Sound Card Problem

I'm using windows xp and it had a "on board soundcard" i disabled it in windows and tried to disable in "bios"(was not sure how to do that). Anyway, i had my new soundcard up and running(m-audio 192) but if i restart my computer it gets hung up in the windows screen. I reset and load from "last good boot" reinstall the software for the soundcard and it's all good. Re boot my computer, same thing.

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Is Pc Sound Card Compatible With Wireless Transmitter ?

Is a pc sound card (asus or sound blaster) compatible with a wireless transmitter? I have an rca wireless transmitter that receives audio from the pc with a usb cable, then transmits it wireless to a stereo. Is there a sound card that will plug a usb cable into the already present usb output on the computer's chassis? I have looked at most external sound cards and they don't have this feature. Mainly an internal sound card is the type of hardware that will go into the computer.

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Setting Irqs, Cannot Change The Irq For Sound Card

I'm having a problem with my soundcard, and i believe it's because it's on irq 18 - this is a virtual irq as well as a shared irq (with a usb controller). If i go to the properites of the sound card in device manager, i cannot set my irq manually. The option is disabled. I turned off automatic irq assignment in bios, restarted xp pro in safe mode, and still cannot change the irq, but it changed to irq 5. Restarting in normal mode, it's back to 18. If only i could make it stick at that irq 5 - or 7 - i have a feeling my sound would be fixed.

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Dumping Data From Memory - Problem With Sound Card

I have recently upgraded my system and im having a problem with my sound card, and when i finally found the right driver for it installing the driver will make a hardware error with the blue screan that says -dumping data from memory- so plz if anyone know the solution for this problem help me resolve it.

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Forte 7.1 Auzentech Sound Card Issue With Headphones

I can't get the zalman microphone to work in windows 7. I'm not sure i have it hooked up correctly. I have the senheisser headphones hooked to the special connector on the back of the sound-card and the mic hanging off the octopus connector on the sound-card. Any help would be greatly appreciated. These 3 devices 1

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