Stop The Beeping

Ok. When i hold backspace, or del when there is nothing in the text input line, the computer emits this horrible sound kind of akin to a dying bird. It is the system speaker taking instructions from xchat to beep the pc speaker. Why do you still force the computer to output to the pc speaker on windows machines? You know there is such thing as a sound-card, and i can bet that about 95% of computers have it. Please fix this problem, give me a setting to change, or do something to correct this, as it is very annoying and because of this, i have stopped using xchat for windows.

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Stop Xp Computer Beeping

I have found the easiest way to turn off the annoying system beep in windows xp when
Adjusting the volume. By following the following steps, you can turn off the beep without having to reboot. The steps are;
1. Right-click on my computer
2. On the hardware tab, click on [device manager]
3. On the "view" menu, select "show hidden devices"
4. Under "non-plug and play drivers", right-click "beep"
5. Click "disable"
6. Answer [yes] when asked if you really want to disable it
7. Answer [no] when asked if you want to reboot
8. Right-click "beep" again. 9. Click "properties"
10. On the "driver" tab, set the startup type to disabled
11. Click [stop]
12. Click [ok]
13. Answer [no] when asked if you want to reboot

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Beeping And Freezing

I have had my pc for a long time however over the years it has been upgraded, more ram, new mother board, new graphics card etc. It has had it's fair share of problems, but this year everything has been going fine. No problems to report. That was until this morning. Woke up thsi morning to find my brother on the computer, i kicked him off and logged on to have him tell me that the computer seems to be freezing and beeping. I thought nothing of it and continued by turning the internet on, opening msn, checking emails etc. Then the freezing and beeping started. At first it just froze. I thought nothing of it. I had to many windows open so it was going slow. That must be the problem. So i shut everything down other than one ff window. But it continued. This time happening alot more often and now with a beeping sound coming from inside the computer itself. Just like the sound you hear when you boot your pc up. So i ran avg for virus's and spybot to see if i had any nasty things running around my system. Both came back fine. Nothing bad to report. I defragmented my hard drive. That went ok other than i found i only have just over 5gb of hard drive space left. I tryed everything i could think of. Finally the amount of times it kept on freezing and beeping died down. I thought i had killed it and everything was sorted. How wrong was i. After 5 mins it had all started again. So i decided to run a little experiment. I have now noticed that it doesn't beep everytime it freeze up. When i was on the desktop i just kept my mouse moving around the screen and i noticed that after a while it seemed to freeze for a second, and then continue working as normal, however there wasn't a beeping sound. I continued doing this "experiment" and found that the beeping sound happens occasionally, but not as often as the computer freezing. I have also noticed that when it does beep, it freezes for a much longer period of time.

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My Computer Keeps Beeping

My computer is making insistent beeping noises! Even when i turn the speakers down i can hear it coming from the tower. Its beeping all the time "beep beep beep". So if you can tell me what i can do to fix it, i will love you forever! Its driving me crazy!

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Computer Is Beeping Endlessly

I have an hp media center pc m7360n. It is beeping whenever i turn on the computer. The beeping pattern is an endless loop of 4 seconds beep and 2 seconds pause. I've contacted hp and they suggested that the problem could be coming from the motherboard and that it needs to be replaced. The bios brand is a phoenix. I already tried removing everything except the cpu and it is still beeping. What i'm afraid of is that if it is not the motherboard problem then i have to pay for sending the motherboard back (assuming the retailer will refund) and then purchase the cpu, which at this piont i still don't know how much it will cost me. This computer is fairly new. The warranty just expired this january. Can anyone help me diagnoze this problem? What are my options? Should i toss it or fix it?

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Pc Beeping Screen Blank

Why is my pc beeping and not able to connect to my monitor. ? So, my computer froze and i shut it down via the power button and when i tried rebooting the computer starts up but then it repeatedly beeps twice every 1-3 sec, and my screen shows no activity, it just remains blank/off.

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Beeping And Freezing - Pc Beeps Then Freeze

My pc just started beeping, and the screen froze and i had to reboot. Then after that even when im doing nothing on the pc just on webpages its beeping and freezing for a split second, even when i boot up the pc it beeps, and takes its time rebooting. Then just before i was on the pc, on a webpage, and a blue screen appeared for a second cant remmember what it said, and then the pc restarted. But last night i was on css for 2 hours streight and there was no beeping or restarts?

But even before this incident, my pc has been randomly restarting while playing games only, so i therefore put a house fan at the side of my pc case, with all the sides off, and this seemed to work. But now with this beeping even when i put the fan at the side its makeing no difference at all. Can anyone help. (Don't say try other ram or another processor or another graphics card to see if thats the problem, because the fact is i don't have any spare parts for my pc, and i don't wish to buy any parts for my pc to see if thats corects the problem. Also when its beeping i restart my pc and go into the bios to check temps and my cpu temp was on 49c and my mb temp was on 28c. Also i have downloaded this program called motherboard monitor, and in the corner it says 35 37 specifications:

Amd 3200+
1. 5 gig of them 512x3
Radeon 9800 pro 128mb
400 watt power supply.

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Black Screen / Beeping Sound

A pii 400mhz came in the workshop with a problem that's got me scratching my head. It posts ok, reads memory, etc, but just before the operating system loads, you hear a beeping sound and the monitor goes black. No signal is sent to the monitor. The video card is agp, i tried another card, also tried a pci card. I've tried fiddling around in the bios, such as disabling power management, but no luck. You can hear the os loading, but can't see anything.

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Pc Beeping On Startup, Ram Problem

Im sorry if this has been brought up before, but i was just trying to upgrade my pcs ram. I ordered some new 512k ram from ebay and when i plugged it in and restarted my computer, i got continuous beeps and nothing comes up on monitor. I tried removing the new ram and plugging in my old ram (which previously worked), but same problem. Ive tried using all of the 3 slots but no use. I tried using my old ram in a different pc and it works. I did some research and the beeps i get are 1 beep immediately after start, and then 3 continuous short beeps. I read on another forum that it means "beeps 1-3-3-3 2a clear 512k base ram!"

After some investigation i found out that the ram i got from ebay is ddr2 ram while the ram i previously had was ddr. So maybe by plugging in wrong ram in wrong dimm has caused this, and messed my system up. Have i messed up my ram slots ?

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Gigabyte Ga-965p-s3 Beeping Error

I finally got the last big of my computer in today, and after installing, plugged the power in and turned it on. However, a high whistling "beep" sounded even though everything seemed to be running fine. The fans on the cpu/gfx/psu/case all started up just fine, but no signal went to the monitor or keyboard. According to my manual for the gigabyte ga-965p-s3 (don't know if it's 1. 0 or 3. 3, but i just bought it not even two weeks ago), a long steady beep means a ram problem. My ram is, ocz ddr2 2gb (2x1gb) pc2-6400 800mhz dual channel kit - ocz2p8002gk. From what i can tell, there shouldn't be any problem. This is my first custom comp, but i have several friends who helped me pick out my setup and approve it before i bought it. I've tried putting the ram in in every possibly imaginable way, both red, one red/one yellow, both yellow, just one stick in each, beeps every time. I've reconnected pretty much every wire and piece of hardware, i know it's not a connection issue. And i have all wires connected that need to be. I just can't figure this out.

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Computer Starting But No Posting / Beeping / Booting

I was having trouble with my keyboard dying during the middle of using it, so i got frustrated and pulled the power cord while the computer was on. I probably did this 2-4 times because it kept dying. Eventually, the computer wouldn't even boot. It won't boot into bios or anything. All of the lights turn on in the case, fans spin, but no beeps/noise from mobo and all of the usb ports don't get power(for example, usb mouse doesn't get power). I have done the following:

Re-seat ram
Re-seat sound card
Re-seat video card
Re-seat cpu/heatsink
Remove cmos/power, let sit for a few minutes
Remove all unneeded devices/items(all usb stuff, etc. )
Let computer sit overnight

No avail. What in the *** is the problem?

Amd 64 4000+
Nvidia geforce 7900gtx
2gb corsair xms
Seagate 320gb sata2 7200rpm x2
Creative x-fi xtreme sound card
Special heatsink
Antec 550w psu
Gigabyte 3d aurora case

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Bios Beeping, A Long Beep Followed By Two Short Beeps

I am receiving the bios beeping of a long beep followed by two short beeps. According to every source that i have consulted about this code, it means that there is a problem with the video card. I have been using this card for a year now and it has functioned just fine up to this point. Nevertheless, i have reseated it several times to no avail. Next, i tried using a brand new video card and received the same error. I can therefore speculate that my issue isn't with the card, but with another component. I am not sure how to tell whether it is the motherboard or the power supply. I am therefore seeking advice on how to tell. At the time the problem began, i was playing stepmania, a dance dance revolution computer emulation program. The game itself can be played on very low-end systems with little or no problem, so i would not expect that it would have over-heated anything. During my gameplay, the computer crashed and restarted itself. After the computer restarted itself, it began booting windows. At the black windows xp screen with the bar that goes across the screen multiple times until going to the user accounts screen, the computer froze and i was forced to reboot the computer manually. From this point forward, the bios began giving the beeps and would not allow the computer to turn on again. I am currently using an enermax 600w psu sli power supply. It has never given me an issue since the day i bought it, nor given me a reason to believe that it was failing. I have connected the video card to the two power connectors with the provided power splitting cable. I have also plugged in the extra sli video card power cable on the motherboard even though i am not using sli. Because of these things, i would certainly hope that the power supply is not causing the issue. I am using an asus a8n-sli nforce4 ultra, pcie socket 939 motherboard. When powered up, the power supply led indicator shines green. All fans turn on, including that of the video card. All pieces of my computer, with the exception of the hard drives and cd drives, were purchased at the same time. I tested the video problem with a brand new bfg geforce 7950 gt 512mb pcie w/dual dvi/hdtv card as well. I am not sure if this is related, but i was having some trouble with my cd drives recognizing some media prior to the problem. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what could be the issue behind this system failure? Also i have tried resetting the bios cmos as well. In case there is use in this information, here is a list of all the parts:-

Computer specifications:

Asus a8n-sli nforce4 ultra, pcie socket 939 motherboard
Ocz 2048mb pc3200 ddr 400mhz el platinum (2 x 1024)
Amd athlon 64 x2 4200+ socket 939 (manchester)
Enermax 600w psu sli / server ready, pfc
Evga geforce 7900 gtx 512mb pcie w/dual dvi

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Hp Pavilion Dv9000 Makes Beeping Sound On Startup

My hp pavilion dv9000 makes a beeping sound (one long and two short ones) on startup (screen is black) help? It has been happening for almost 2 weeks now. At first i was able to turn it back on (after a certain amount of time) and it would work perfectly. Now it doesn't turn on at all, just those 3 beeps and a black screen. So i figured that i would have to reinstall windows 7 (completely wiping out everything out of my laptop and reinstalling the program). During the installation i had to restart. So i did and the 3 beeps kept continuing. So it took me 2 hours to turn it back on after that (while the computer was off) i switched the 2 rams around nothing happened. Has my computer finally crapped out on me? Would i have to take it to hp for them to repair it?

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Error: Stop: 0x0000008e

My computer suddenly restarts, usually when the cpu usage goes to 100%. Upon bootup, if i: 1) load xp, i get the old serious error recovery message, which takes me to saying that my video card might need new drivers or i need to tone the acceleration down. (Both of which i've done, to no avail). 2) try loading safe mode, it crashes. 3) sometimes, the bios screen shows up saying that my computer "hung for an improper cpu speed setting". I turned automatic restart off and got the bsod saying (in short): "a problem has been detected/check for adequate disk space/check for driver updates/check with vendor for bios updates/disable memory options/safe mode etc" stop: 0x0000008e (0xc00000005, 0x78e80574, 0xbabc43c, 0x00000000).

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Xp Error: Stop: 0x000000050

When trying to instal windows xp professional this message appears. *** Stop: 0x000000050 (0xfffffffc, 0xf7552a64, 0x00000000)

*** Scsiport.sys - address f7552a64 base at f7552000, datestamp 3b7d83e4

I have installed xp before with no problems however this time i keep ending up with this error message on a blue screen please can anyone help me get passed this?

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7b Stop Error Bsod

Ok, i wanted to reinstall my graphics drivers. So using the ati install manager i express uninstalled everything. Rebooted, and now i'm stuck with a 7b stop error bsod on every boot. Safe mode or normal boot, doesn't matter, same error. I've done some googling and it seems to relate to the boot devices. I can only assume that the ati install manager stupidly uninstalled my raid driver. Unfortunately, all the information i can find relates to installs and upgrades, and to ahci and i can't find anything to tell me how to fix this.

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Windows 7 Stop: 0x00000007e

I just finished installing the hardware to my new computer. It seems to post fine and the bios recognizes the hardware. When i went to install windows 7 i got errors and it would hang for 3min and then continue the install and hang again and then continue. One of the errors was a blue screen with various addresses "stop: 0x00000007e(0xfffffff. "

"Ntfs.sys address. " It also said to make sure i have enough disk space and that i have the latest bios verion. I thought i messed up the bios settings so i reset them to the defaults and now it says "bootmgr is missing" and won't boot at all. Asus rampage ii extreme
12gig ram
Blue ray burner
Intell sd

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Stop Pc Speaker Beep

I found that even modifying the sound scheme didn't affect the command window's response to a ctrl-g (bel) character in the output. No matter what sound settings i made (muting the speakers, changing the volume) i would still get this beep at a heart-attack inducing volume level. Eventually i found that in windows xp's "advanced" options on the "volume control" applet (double-click the speaker in your system tray to bring this up) there is finally a "pc spk mute" checkbox that will shut the bloody thing up. If someone knows how to replace that horrible noise with a sensible sound i'd like to know.

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Bsod With Stop 0x9c

Just thought i might get some ideas here, just got an amd 64 3000+ and chaintek mobo vnf3-250. I used my other existing parts, 120 gig hdd, 330w psu, pny 6800gt, 1 gig of pny gamer ram. So, system was running fine until this morn i get a bsod with stop 0x9c. And, i know this one is generally not a good thing. So, i think it may be lack of power as my gpu requires a 300w by itself. Doubt it's the mobo. Dunno, just wanted your guys' input.

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How To Stop Hp Advisor Popping ?

How do i get the hp advisor to stop popping up every time i start windows 7? It gets really annoying after a while.

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Keyboard And Mouse Stop Working

My mouse and keyboard started to be non responsive. I would be in the middle of writing a sentence, but all of a sudden my keyboard and mouse would stop working, then about 10 seconds later start up again. It wasn't a total system freeze, because chat messages would still appear on msn, and everything would still move about on screen when i was playing a game. This happened on and off for about 1 hour, until i couldn't get the keyboard or mouse to work at all. I booted my pc this morning, but my keyboard and mouse still failed to work. It would boot into vista and xp fine (im dual booting), but they still wouldn't work - even before i could get into windows. I reset cmos, i tried switching out the ram but nothing seems to work, and the problem seems to be getting worse. About 5 mins ago, i tried to boot into xp, but my whole system froze, and my motherboard let out a faint single beep. When i boot up, i get a single beep telling me that all (should be) fine. Anyone ever had this problem? Or anyone know how to fix it? I have tried different keyboards and mice, and i've tried plugging the usb ones in different sockets, but it didn't make a difference.

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Cd Writer Stop Working Randomly

I've upgraded two computers from windows 98 second edition to windows xp professional. Ever since the upgrade, the computers' cd writers haven't been functioning properly. Randomly, they will stop working, and the cd-rw drive, along with any other cd drives, will disappear from 'my computer' as though they never existed. I also notice that when this problem happens, the cd drives will show a red light, as if they're trying to burn something.

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Error: Machine_check_exception - Stop: 0x00000009c

I built a new computer last week, and it was working great for the first couple of days, but every time i turned it on it loaded slower and slower until windows would no longer load. I've tried installing windows 3 times now, and every time i get the same problem after a few bootups. The last time i turned it on i got the following error message:

Stop: 0x00000009c ( 0x00000004, 0x8054d5fo, 0x8b2000000, 0x00070f0f)


I've tried googling it, but haven't gotten anything satisfactory. Please help, i'm getting frustrated and feeling like tossing this thing out the window.

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Bsod Error Stop: 0x000000d1

I have a friend who is getting a bsod with the following error message:

Stop: 0x000000d1 (0xba29a8dc, 0x00000002, 0x00000001, 0xeb7e42aa)
Address eb7e42aa base at eb7e0000, date stamp 3d5842b4-rndismpk.sys
Beginning dump of physical memory

Haven't been able to determine if it is connected with running any particular application yet or not. Was getting it a few weeks ago, then stopped for a while. Back now. Any ideas where to start?

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How To Stop An Auto Connecting Router?

So we have a router. Once you typed the password u can use the internet every time u log in. So i want to disable the auto connect. Cause when u changed the pass of the router my pc is still connecting and not asking for password. I want to disable because some people are already connected to our router and everytime they come over our house. They're abusing it and download anything. I don't want to turn it off when they're here because im using the internet. Pls give me some website that can help me or videos on youtube. So i want it when everytime i use it i need to type the password.

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Keyboard And Mouse Randomly Stop Working

I recently put together a computer(my first build) and i had no problems with it until now. It's been working for a couple months just fine so i'm wondering if it's just something going bad. My keyboard and mouse randomly stop working, and most of the time it's while i'm playing world of warcraft. The keyboard stops working except i can still ctrl-alt-delete to get task manager, and the windows key brings up the start menu. The cursor still moves when you move the mouse, but clicking does nothing.

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Stop Error / Blue Screen / Pc Restarting

Whenever i try and open (or even point with the cursor) at a particular folder my pc restarts. Then i get the blue screen with this error message:

A problem has been detected and windows have been shutdown to prevent damage to your computer. If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

Check to be sure you have adequate disk space. If a driver is identified in the stop message, disable the driver or check with the manufacturer for driver updates. Try changing video adaptors. Check with your hardware vendor for any bios updates. Disable bios memory options such as caching or shadowing. If you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press f8 to select advanced startup options, and then select safe mode. Technical information:

*** Stop: 0x0000008e (0xc0000005, 0xf8a26459, 0xbaf47b58, 0x00000000)

*** Vdmt16.sys - address f8a26459 base at f8a26000, datestop 425f9c4a

Beginning dump of physical memory
Physical memory dump complete

Contact your system administrator or technical support group for further assistance can anyone help?

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Laptop Keyboard Keys Stop Working

Has any one come across a problem with laptop leyboards were 4 or 5 keys on different rows just stop working? The laptop in question is a samsung vm8000 series.

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Windows Xp Installation Stop: 0x0000007b Error

I installed the mobo and every thing boots up great, i installed ich9 (desktop) and then i get the error. Any ideas?

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Hardware Stop Code In Xp Install, But Not Vista?

I'm putting a new computer together and i'm having a problem. I'm dual-booting with xp pro and vista ultimate (both are legit, fwiw ). When i install in xp, i always get a stop code error (can't remember the exact one right now. I know i got a 0x0000007a and 7b at one point). I have two sticks of 1 gb in this comp, so i took one out and tried. Still got the error. Took that one out, put the other one in. Still got the error. Not the memory. Then i decided to try vista first instead of xp, and it installed without a hitch!

So what i'm thinking at this point is that it could be the sata raid drivers i was using. So i've downloaded the latest from intel, and still am getting a stop code. Does anyone have any ideas? I've got to have xp because i use this computer for recording, mixing, mastering, etc. , And my programs aren't vista compatible yet.

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