On Click Mouse Highlight / Select Everything On A Page

I seriously have no idea what's been going on. My mouse seems to have become possessed today as it's doing some funky things. I have the mx duo keyboard and mouse combo and have owned them for less than a year. Problems that i are having with it are primarily with its responses. Sometimes when i click on certain links the poitner turns into a "wrong or no sign" (basically a circle with a line through it). Other times when i click only once on a page or on desktop and try to scroll down it begins to highlight everything. It's as though the mouse is lagging. I don't think it's any of my applications. The only thing i have recently changed about my setup is my monitor, but everything else has been fine up until now. Does anyone know if gel padded mouse pads can wear enough to the point that the mouse doesn't read correctly? Anyone have any suggestions?

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Mouse Single Click Does Double Click

I used different mice (one with rubber ball and another optical) and both give me the same problems. The rubber ball mouse was connected via ps2 and the optical is usb. When i click-drag, two different situations happen. It's either i'm not able to drag at all (as if the mouse button was let go before i drag, but i'm sure my finger's pressed down on the left mouse button), or i get an incomplete click-drag (aka, the mouse acts like i released the left mouse button while dragging. )

Sometimes, the partial click-drag happens, and without letting go of the left mouse button, another area is click-dragged (along the mouse pointer path). It doesn't matter what application i'm using - word, photoshop, programming language editors, even trying to highlight text on ie's address bar is a gamble. I checked all my hardware configurations in control panel | system and windows doesn't show any irq conflicts or corrupt drivers. It says "this device is working properly" for my mouse and all usb ports. There are times that when i single click, the mouse "quantum-jumps" to a different location on the screen. Then i can drag the mouse from there. This doesn't happen very frequently but it's frequent enough to slow me down in the things i need to do. The interrupted drag happens probably around 90% of the time i try to perform the task. Then there's that "evil single click" that acts as a double click. If i were in ie, clicking the back button once will take me two pages back. This evil single click is probably the cause of why i'm unable to click-drag effectively.

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Mouse Does Not Select Text To Copy And Paste

I was using dreamweaver and started to have issues selecting text to copy and paste to another window in dreamweaver but it would not let me do this, so i tested text selection in notepad and word, still the same. Does anyone know a solution or know what is causing it?

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I Can Move The Mouse But Not Click On Anything

Problem i have is with my mouse. The last time it was in use i was having some minor issues with it cutting in and out on my laptop but i figured that may have been the laptop. My problem comes when i boot the system and load in i can move the mouse but not click on anything, i got the drivers installed but still nothing. I then uninstalled the drivers this morning and after a few minutes of still not being able to click i can now. Mouse: razer diamonback (not the 3g), os: vista ultimate 64bit. I have attempted to put the mouse in a couple different usb spots and they all have the same problem on boot up and not being able to click on anything.

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Ps2 Mouse Right Click Does Not Work

I am using win xp with service pack 2. Recently i got this problem right mouse click did not work. I checked my virus guard updated it, scanned nothing doing. Changed my mouse to serial same problem exist. Reinstalled the win xp, problem didn't go, but some times it works unable to say when, can some one help me out with this?

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Mouse Cursor Click Triggering

For no obvious reason my laptop has developed a fault where if you move it slightly it triggers the mouse click and starts triggering actions (depending on where the cursor is pointing). Anybody experienced this before?

For example if you are sitting with it on your lap surfing the web then adjust your sitting position you end up navigating to different web pages - any thoughts?

It is a fujitsu siemens amillo laptop.

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Mouse Can Move But Doesn't Recognize Any Click

I have a gigabyte 7v-axp motherboard using a ps/2 mouse. Yesterday some water was spilt on my keyboard and mouse (not by me), anyway keyboard and mouse did not work a new keyboard and mouse. Keyboard works fine but mouse does not. The mouse will move but will not recognize any kind of click. The left mouse button occasionally responds and the right never does. When the left mouse button does work it does not work properly. I have tried using the mouse in a usb port and still does not work. Updated the driver from microsoft but i have ruled out it being a driver problem since i dual boot with linux and the mouse does not work in linux. So now im leaning on being a motherboard problem, but it is odd that the mouse can move fine without a problem and does light up when windows starts, etc. The only thing i could thing of is the bus that the clicks go through on the motherboard maybe shorted out?

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Make Mouse Auto Click With Out Using A Macro Program

Is there a way that i can make my mouse auto click with out using a macro program or what ever like i want to do it with hardware i want the mouse to click like after every 7 sec if this is possible.

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Hp L7580 Printer Copy Page Get Two Black Lines Down Page

I have a hp l7580 all in one printer. When ever i copy a page i get two black lines down the page. Why? Can't seem to get rid of the problem. I calibrated the line feed and cleaned the print head to no avail.

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How To Select Which Monitor To Be Primary ?

I have nvidia quadro fx 4400 card with a dual monitor. I alwas have this problem. Everything and then the primary monitor, which is my left monitor, gets switched. No matter what i do in the nvideo driver control panel, i could not get the left monitor to be my primary monitor unless i physical switch the cable that connects to my computer. I want the window has the windows launch bar or start menu on the left and not the right. Now, some i am able to get the left to have the windows start menu launch bar on the left monitor as i wanted, the problem is, i have to mouse my mouse clockwise, or to the left, to get to the right monitor, and i do not want to do that. I want to be able to move my mouse to the right and gets to the right monitor. It's all messed up.nvidia's support site sucks so that's why i'm asking this question in there. Hopefully someone here will be able to help me.

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Select Good Dvd Writer

How to select a good dvd writer? I would like to buy a dvd writer. I have not many ideas how to pick a dvd writer. When selecting a dvd writer, what aspects/specifications do i need to focus on?
Do you have any criteria when selecting your dvd writer?

By the way, this is my temporary criteria:

- Support dvd+/-r, dvd+/-rw; dvd+/-r (dl), dvd+/-rw (dl)
- Stable (or longer warranty period)
- Can read most discs correctly, even the lower-quality discs (eg data burnt on poor-quality discs, or discs burnt by poor cd/dvd writers)
- The noise factor is unimportant (unless it is too loud)

2) which brand or model will you suggest me buying? And **most importantly**, why?

3) about dvd write types and writing speed:

A) for the write types, as far as i know, there are cav, clv, zclv, pcav [any more?]. Are these factors important when choosing a dvd writer? Which one should i prefer?

B) for writing speed, i'm not sure if speed is important. Even if they support very high speed, is it unwise to burn at that high speed since it also increase the chance to spoil the dvd? If so, what's the point of getting a very-high-speed dvd writer? I'd just use the lower speed to burn a safe dvd. What do you think?

4) maybe it's a stupid question. But is it true all dvd-writers can read cd and vcd (video cd)? And is it true all dvd-writers support at least:

- Cd-r
- Cd-rw
- Dvd+/-r
- Dvd+/-rw

5) better dvd media. Apart from dual-layer dvd, is there any better dvd media in the market now?
If so, what are they? How good are they? Should i buy a dvd writer which support these dvd media too? Why?

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Message: Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device

I just installed a new antec 80mm blue ledfan and hooked up another fan that was aleady in there, but had never been hooked up for some reason. I thought everything was going fine, until i started up the computer and i got the message: "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key". Im not sure what is wrong, because i did not change anything else in the computer.

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Dell Studio 1747 Touchscreen Select Item

Is there a way to increase the size or circumference of my touch on the dell studio 1747 touch screen? This would make it easier for me to select items on the screen or in internet explorer because currently the touch size is a small dot, which is quite small. If this is possible, could you please describe the steps necessary to do this. For example, go into control panel and click on whatever and then click on whatever, etc.

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Error - Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device

I had a few problems getting pc to run (namely, i somehow lost the jumper for the bios pins on the motherboard. Because i had no jumper, it kept running in recovery mode. Took me a while to figure out, too). I don't know if it matters, but i popped out the battery as some instructions stated. I waited ten minutes and then placed the battery back, positive side up, which is what i remembered it being before i removed it. I only did that because i was at a loss at what else could be done to get the system running. Now, the system boots up fine and recognizes all devices, except. The problem is that after the post, an error pops up. "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device"

I had made a floppy that had the upgraded bios on it and had stuck it in the system before powering it up. I know the floppy works, because it worked on another system. I tried installing windows xp without the upgraded bios to see if it would work, and it did. I suppose that means that the cd drive works, but i have no way to tell if the floppy drive does. From what i can see in the [f2] bios setup utility, it is recognized. I don't see why the floppy drive wouldn't work. After all, it's just a floppy drive, with power & connection to mobo. The boot order is floppy, hard drive, cd-rom. And no matter what i do, the computer keeps throwing the error at me.

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Memory Difference Corsair Value Select And Xms High Performance

What's the difference between, for example, corsair's "value select" memory and their various "xms high performance" types of memory?

In practical terms, what difference will this make when i am running my applications? (Esp. Gaming applications. )

Also, while i understand that a "heat spreader" is a way to cool off the memory, i am wondering what difference this makes in practical terms as regards application performance, as well.

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Right Click On Menu Does Not Pop Up Smoothly

Whenever i right click in windows xp or click on a drop down menu the menu doesnt pop up smoothly, it kind of judders. At exactly the same time there is a weird sound that comes from the computer, althougth i havent been able to determine exactly what component is making it. I have also been having problems with the system totaly freezing in all games. This must be linked right? Has anyone experienced this before? How do i stop it?

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Computer Hang After Click Restart

I just got finished reassembling my computer after doing an overhaul and it is doing some weird stuff. I thought it might be the fact that i have 8gb of memory installed and i am still running 32bit vista ultimate (i am about to install windows 7 64bit ultimate)

The computer would hang after i clicked restart. The computer would go to the shutdown screen and then it would go blank, but the computer would not reboot. The odd thing is that it would shutdown just fine, but it would not restart. I just installed an update that it wanted to do at shutdown and it seems to be restarting now. However, now it is giving me a cpu freq. Of 1. 33ghz and fsb of 1333. I have not changed any cpu settings in the bios and intel speed step is disabled. It should be at 2. 66ghz for a q9450, which is what it was when it would not restart on its own. Any ideas?

Overhaul of asus rampage formula motherboard x48
1) installed intel x-25m 160gb g2 drive (secondary drive right now & empty)
2) installed 4gb of ram (brings total to 8gb installed)
3) installed heatsink backplate for ocz vendetta 2
4) unmounted and remounted processor
5) installed new psu corsair hx750 professional series

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Keep Hearing Click Sound From Hard Drive

First of all i have a problem with my new pc lets see i have a seagate 7000. 9 250gb st3250824as

1. I keep hearing it click every now and again since i bought it, thats okay as i can actually use the pc. 2. When i go to play a game it after a while goes blue screen and restarts especially in civ 4 but it also does this in supereme commander and age of empires 3 i think its all games really. 3. Its failed the seatools for windows short and long self drive tests but passes generic tests (it used to pass all the tests). I use windows vista and it runs fine only when i go to play a game it goes blue screen and crashes lets see it also stops on fire fox sometimes and other progras but it always lets me use my os fine. Ive defraged the hard drive and also i have done chkdsk scanned for a virus and reset the ram repositioned the hard drive and checked all the connections new sata cables hmmn also tried using ubuntu live disk that worked fine i didnt format it tho as it was already formated at first use.

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What Are Right / Left Click Buttons On Laptop Touchpad ?

What are the right click /left click buttons on a laptop touchpad called?

Answer:- it's called a left and right touchpad button or touchpad buttons because you can click or let's say press it.

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Hard Drive Error After Using Chkdsk - Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device

Pentium 4 3. 0 ghz
512mb ram
80 gig hitachi hdd
Windows xp home

I get this error- reboot and select proper boot device
Or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key. Last night i was working on this other error where it told me something went wrong run chk disc. So i was doing that last night and i thought i let it finish over night since i was tired but when i woke i got this error and have no clue on what to do. Also i tried to just put the xp cd and i says no hdd found!

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Usb Flash Drive Error When Double Click To Open

I have a kingston usb flash drive and formatted it to ntfs on vista. Now my question is related to xp. Every time i plug it into a xp machine it will run the auto-play but whenever i go into my computer and try to double click it, it gives me an error saying windows cannot find g:m.exe. But if i right click and select open it will open up. I am wondering why it would be giving me an error with the double click method and not with the other one. I don't even know why it would be looking for an executable file on a usb flash drive. If anyone can give some insight please let me know.

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Message: Reboot & Select Boot Device Or Insert Boot Media

I built my first computer about 2 weeks ago but have noticed a problem. When i turn the computer on it shows the motherboard screen and stays there for approx 15-20 seconds. Then it goes into a black screen stating that i need to "reboot & select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key. "

I am a bit confused on what this means. If i restart the computer while it shows the message it starts up with no problems. What can i do to have this message no appear as i power on my computer? Also during the shift from one screen to another, the screen blinks in green and other colors. What can this be? Can it be that i have my lcd tv connected to my computer with a dvi to hdmi cable?Besides these issues, everything seems to run great, no overheating at all.

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Hp Printer Prints Last Page First

My hp printer prints the last page first. How can i print the first page first instead?

Answer:- check your printer options for "collate". It may be set to print in reverse page order

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Invalid Page Fault ( Windows 98 )

Earlier this week, one of my customers called me up, complaining about their modem not working properly. From what i was told, the computer was on and running when there was a blackout. They didn't think to unplug it before the power came back on, but it was plugged into a surge protector. What i'm thinking is that the modem got hit by a brownout or something of the sorts, but i'm not for certain. All i know is that it is toast and will not even detect a carrier. I reccomended replacing the modem, which was agreed on by the customer, and all was well. While i was working on the computer, i noticed i kept getting a lot of the good ol' "invalid page fault" errors. I just attributed them to the fact that the computer was running on the same windows 98 install that it had last year, so i ignored it and reccomended a total format and reinstall. The customer asked if they could get by without it, and i told them they would be able to for a while, but they would start seeing a lot more of these errors as time went on. They opted to pass on the format/reinstall, so i collected my payment and left. The following day, the customer called me up and was complaining about a lot more of these errors, and i just reminded them of what i told them the previous day. They asked if i could go ahead and do the reinstall, and i told them "yes". I got the computer from them, got it home, and backed up all of their data. I then swapped their hard drive with one of mine, just to be certain that i didn't lose anything, and i reinstalled windows 98 for them.

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Page File On A Flash Card

Would running my page file on an sd card be better than running it on my hd?

However if i move it to my sd card the max page file can be is 2gb, not only that but that would mean no readyboost when i'm in vista. I'm confused as it may help or hurt me.

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Officejet Printer Only Prints One Page

My officejet printer only prints one page then says that printer disconnected. ? After says disconnected it prints a part print in large font . The only way to be able to use printer again is to turn pc off .

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Hp 5150 Keeps Printing A Test Page

My hp 5150 keeps printing a test page every time i print. ? For example, i'll print a 3 page report, then a 4th page will come out being the test page. I tried reinstalling drivers, same thing, how do i remedy this?

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Kernel Stack Page Error

Kernel stack page error on dell vista. So i have a laptop windows dell inspiron 1525, and ten minutes after i log in to my user, a blue screen comes up with kernel_stack_page_error + restarts? Whats the easiest way to solve this problem?

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Using 'middle Click' Option On Compaq Presario Laptop

How do i use the 'middle click' option on my compaq presario cq60 laptop? I'm downloading a game on my computer and it says that the middle click option will be needed. Does anyone know how to activate it? Or is it already on my computer? If not, please tell me how to make it like that.

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History, Tools, Bookmarks Are Gone From Internet Page

I open my internet page and i realize that the file, history, tools, bookmarks, etc. Are gone. How do i get them? Its like on top of the www.Something my sister said she was playing around and it disappear, so how do i get it back.

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