Put Cell Phone Next To Computer, Is It Good Or Bad ?

I heard from a lot of peeps u should not put ur cell phone next to ur computer, any ideas on that?
I do know when my phone rings i hear static threw my speakers, but i want other opions.

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Connect Cell Phone Screen To Computer

Is there any way to connect a cell phone screen to a computer screen? I have a samsung rant and i just wanted to know if there was anyway to be able to see my phone screen on a computer screen. I know that you can extend a computer screen to a tv screen so i was just wondering if there was the same thing for phones.

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Cell Phone Car Charger Into Usb Power

So i have a usb cable for my cellphone and psp, and i have a car charger for my cellphone. What i'm wondering is, since my car adapter supplies 5v at 1a, which is good for the cellphone and good for the psp, can i modify it so i can, instead of plugging my cellphone directly into it, plus my two usb devices in?

With that said, if i can manage to do it, would it be unsafe to plug in other usb devices, such as leds, fans, or other non-driver requiring gadgets? Or would the twice then normal amperage (usb supplies 500 ma, this one would supply a full amp) fry anything else that i plug into it?

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3g Wifi Hotspot Via Cell Phone Connection Problem

I have a 3g wifi hotspot via my cell phone. My computer shows it connecting, but not to internet explorer? I get the error message 'internet explorer cannot open'.

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Dell Refurbished Good Or Bad ?

Are dell refurbished good or bad? Just wondering if it's worth buying a refurbished laptop and getting 250 pounds off. Still comes with warranty and they ship faster so it sounds good?

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Computer Disconnects From Internet When Put On Standby

My computer sometimes disconnects from the internet when i put it on standby. Okay, when it comes back on, sometimes my internet has simply stopped working. The network connections page will tell me it's still working though. It says it can't renew the ip address when i try to make it repair itself, unplugging and replugging the internet cord has no effect, and if i try to disable and then enable it, it doesn't register that i've disabled it unless i shut it down and start it up again. Which is also the only thing that gets the internet working again. Does anybody have any idea what might be causing this, and what i can do to stop it?

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Phone Popup In Mac When Plug It In Computer

Where does a samsung phone pop up in mac when you plug it in the computer? I have the phone samsung impression and i want to transfer music onto it from my mac computer. I know that in a pc it pops up in the my computer part but i want to know where it would be in a mac computer. I need to transfer music to my phone.

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Download Pics Onto Computer With Samsung Phone

Is it possible to download pics onto the computer with my samsung smooth phone? I know i need a cable but what cable? Does it have to be specifically for my phone?

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Connect Keyboard To Computer Using Phone / Output Plug

What is the kind of plug that you use to connect your keyboard to the computer using the phone/output plug? I want to plug my keyboard to my computer using the phone/output plug and the microphone plug so i can use some music software. I want to know what type of plug to use. A link would be really helpful.

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Bad Drive Or Bad Controller ?

I have a dell poweredge server that is running 5 drives in raid 5. This morning i get an error message and the wording isn't too clear. Perc 4/di controller 0, array disk 0:4 failed
Perc 4/di controller 0, virtual disk (virtual disk 0) degraded

So i look at my array manager and sure enough the 5th drive has failed. My question is, based on the error message, does this mean the controller itself is also having problems or was the drive the only problem?

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Do Larger Cell Laptop Battery Last Longer ?

I have a x205 toshiba that came with a 6-cell battery. On the ballanced (which i modified slightly to have it save a tad more power) it lasts about 2 hours. Toshiba's website offers a 9-cell battery, but the single review on it says it didnt give him any more life than the 6-cell. Not sure what the conditions were or if he used the exact same power settings, or was running the same programs (i would assume hed be smart enough to atleast do that)

But i was under the impression that more cell = longer life. Would this be correct? And based off the 6-cell, anyone venture to guess how much more life a 9 cell would give? (My guess would be maybe an extra hour?)

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Connect Cell To Pc Without Bluetooth Dongle Or Usb

I don't have a bluetooth dongle, can i still connect my cell to my pc. I don't have a usb either. Answer:-
I don't believe you can, you will either need a cable or a bluetooth dongle.

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Nokia 7210 Cell Keeps Getting Disconnected While File Exchange

My nokia 7210 cell keeps getting disconnected while file exchange via bluetooth with my dell inspiron laptop? What should i do? It never happened before. I tried removing n reconnecting the devices.

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How Much Data Can You Put On A Drive ?

Is there a limit on how much data can be placed on a 20gb, 80 gb, 120 gb, etc. Drive. In other words do you need to have a certain amount of space (say 5 gb or percentage) available. Also does this apply to both a drive that contains an operating system and a drive that only contains data?

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Cannot Put Laptop To Sleep

I asked this question already and looked through previously posted questions, but i still have a problem. I can shut down my laptop just fine, but when i click sleep or close the lid, it goes into sleep for only a second then comes on like it was turned off completely, meaning i get the main boot-up screen and it says "windows encountered a problem when shutting down. "

I have the option to start with safe mode, safe mode with networking, and normal start. I got this problem originally when i updated my trend micro internet security, but i uninstall ed it and replaced it with the free version of avast! I suspected trend micro was the source of the problem, as it began after updating the program, but since the problem is still here, it must be something else. Unless the trend micro left something on my computer, or maybe i have a virus that is not being detected?

I have "sleep" as the functions when i press the sleep button and close the lid, but it still comes back on. Any advice or tips are appreciated. My computer is a dell ins iron 1525, running windows vista, 32-bit, if that helps. Also where is the sleep button on my laptop? Is it the house button near the power button?

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Put Laptop Ram Into Desktop

I have a laptop that has a broken screen and its too dear to buy a new one so i was wondering if i can put the ram etc into my desktop to upgrade it? Its a compaq laptop and a dell 4600 dimension desktop.

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Put Hard Drive On Speaker

Okay to put an external hard drive on top of a mini stereo speaker? How good is magnetic shielding these days?

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How Many Hard Drives Can You Put On A Raid 0 ?

How many hard drives can you put on a raid 0 ? I was thinking on buying 4 drives and make a raid 0!

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Overclocking - Put Cpu To Different Motherboard

In my computer i cant overclock because my motherboard is an intel one. But my brother has the same socket as me and he can overclock cause he has a foxconn motherboard. So what i am trying to say is that can i put my cpu (socket 478 3. 0 ghz) in his motherboard and overclock it to lets say 3. 4 and put it back in mine. Will mine still be 3. 0 ghz or will it turn to 3. 4?

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Put Dell Pc Components Into Another Case

Will you be able to put components from dell pc into a new case or not because of it's special one fan cooling? I, personally think yes, but some feedback would be appreciated.

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Put Hp Ink In Epson Printer

Can i put hp (or other ink) in my epson printer? So my epson stylus nx110 all-in-one-printer is out of black ink. I've checked 4 different stores around here, and none of them carry epson ink. However, they do all have hp ink, as well as another brand (canon, i think). So my question is, can i put hp ink or canon ink into my printer? Will the cartridge fit? Will the ink be ok? My mom thinks it will be fine, but i'm a little skeptical. Since ink is so expensive, i don't want to buy a cartridge that won't fit, or worse, buy one that does fit but that messes up my printer. So does anyone know if this would work? If so, how do i know which kind of ink to get (it seems like there are so many kinds, even within the hp brand)?

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How To Put Ink Cartridge In Hp Printer ?

How do u put ink cartridge in a hp printer?

That depends upon which hp printer you have - i will need more details before advising. Normally you open the cartridge door or lid and wait for the cartridge to slide over. Undo the clip holding the cartridges in (may flip up, may be spring loaded and need to be pushed down) slide cartridge out, replace and close lid.

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Put Ddr And Sdram On A Single Motherboard

Is it possible to put on two different types of ram like ddr and sdram on a single motherboard ?

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Cd Drive Turns Off When Ide Cable Is Put In

I have an old p2 system i wanted to use just for surfing, but when i plug the cable into the cd drive, the drive turns off. Any idea why?

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Security - Put A Password On Folder - Win Xp

Im using windows xp professional, i have only 1 computer but were 5 users who use this computer, i just want to know, how i can put a password on my own folder, so noone can access it.

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Put More Ram Or Another Hdd To Increase Speed

Ok i am not really sure what else to do to decrease load time for my computer in the future and present. I heard that if you have two hard drives its usually better because you could use one for just your os and everything you download and save it goes to the other and install every application on your other hard drive making your current hd faster is that true?


Do i need more ram?

Current built
Amd p 2 x2 550 3. 8ghz
Gskill 1066 ram ddr2 4gb
Wd 1tb hdd sata. I am thinking maybe i need another hdd.

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Put Amd Motherboard Into Intel Case

Can i put an amd mother board in to a intel case? I have a hp pavilion dv9500, currently an intel motherboard can i replace it with an amd motherboard , and will everything on the hdd still work, ie music files etc etc.

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Dell N4010 Cannot Put Sim Card

I have dell n4010 inspiron laptop but i can't put the sim card on it because of the sim card holder is large? I have dell n4010 laptop there are a option to put a sim card in laptop for using internet, but when i tried to put sim card on that laptop sim slot size is very large, in india no other sim card found for use laptop sim facility, dell not provided any sim card holder or other company not manufacture this. How can i use this facility for laptop, i have tried many time but still report zero, dell says you just ask you service provider if they give you that type of card so it is working in dell n4010 laptop.

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Put Windows On Mac Using Dell Desktop Installation Cd

Can you use dell desktop installation cd to put windows on a mac? I have a dell desktop with vista. There a restore/installation dvd that says operating system. Will i be able to use that to put vista on my mac?

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Put A Separate Ati Or Nvidea Graphics Video Card Into Laptop

I built my first pc not long ago (in no small part to many of you and your posts). I am fully converted and would never purchase a pre-built one again. Now i am on to laptops. There i am not sure what options i have. Not long ago i purchase one that has an intel graphics media accelerator x3100 but i wanted to put a separate ati or nvidea graphics card into it. Are laptops as simple as desktops. Meaning can i just pop in open and plug a graphics card in or am i stuck with what i have?

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