Dell Optiplex Gx620 Video Card Upgrade

I have a dell optiplex gx620 desktop model. Windows xp pro (2002), pentium d cpu 3. 00ghz 2. 99 ghz and 2gb ram. I want to start playing moderately demanding games on it such as starcraft 2 and company of heroes. I've only been using the onboard chipset which has been surprisingly good but it's time for an upgrade. Unfortunately, the piece of crap power supply i have is only 250 watts (it might be 280 watts). Now, dell is a ***** because they their power supply's aren't the standard atx power supply :( but i heard that if you have a computer with pentium 4 processor or newer, the case will fit standard psu's just fine. Is this true? Feel free to suggest some video cards for me as well (but only if you want to :d). But seriously, i need help getting a new power supply and video card.

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Graphic Card For Dell Optiplex Gx620

When i bought my computer i wasn't thinking about a video card so it is very obsolete for what i want to do. I want to connect my computer to my plasma screen so that i can play hd videos and such. The problem now is that i only have a vga output so the quality isn't very good. I'm looking for a card that has an hdmi output that will make hd movies look good on my plasma. I don't do much gaming but some. I'm looking for a very cheap one, i'm hoping under $50. Also my computer is a dell optiplex gx620 if that helps.

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Dell Optiplex Gs 110 Video Card Upgrade

Dell optiplex gs 110, pentium iii 733mhz, 512mg ram with ati radeon 7000 pci 64meg. I am looking for some good old pci video card to improve games performance. Nothing more than $100. Any suggestion?

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Will Evga Gts 250 Fit In Dell Optiplex Gx620 ?

I have a dell optiplex gx620 with coolermaster extreme, psu 460 watt now is the hardest part can i fit evga gts 250 card in my dell case its seem to have the space but i m not sure of it.

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Dell Optiplex 320 Graphics Card Upgrade

I have a dell optiplex 320 and want to know if it could take a 1gb graphics card, and if not, what would i need to get it to work, if possible. Specs:
1. 5gb ram
Intel celeron d 3. 06ghz processor
305w power supply
80gb hard drive

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Video Card For Dell Optiplex Gx520

Whats a good video card that works with a dell optiplex gx520 that doesn't have a pci-e slot?

Answer:- oh you have the mini gx520 i take it. Well as long as the standard pci slot is unused there are a few cards available on new egg and tiger direct:

http://bit. Ly/70d5jr
http://bit. Ly/apfemu

None of them are going to break any speed records being limited by the pci slot bus speed but will help for hd viewing and older game titles. P. S. Your looking for a low profile card as well if this is the mini.

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Dell E310 Video Card Upgrade

Would the best video card for my dell e310 be the ati radeon x1300? Cuz my comp has only got pci slots.

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Dell 8400 Video Card Upgrade

How do i find out what kind of updated graphic/video card i need for my dell 8400 pc?

According to the specifications from the service manual, the dimension 8400 has one pci-express x16 slot so you can install a pci-express video card into your computer. The only problem you are going to run into is the fact that the 8400 only has a 350 watt power supply, which will limit your video card options.

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Dell Inspiron 531 Video Card Upgrade

I am here with questions on what video card i should get. I am looking for a better video card that can actually play some decent games, such as orange box or counter strike source. Dell inspiron 531, model 0ry206
Amd athlon 64 x2 dual core processor 3800+ (2. 0ghz)
958mb ram
Nvidia geforce 6150se nforce430 281 mb video card
1680x1050 display (32 bit) (60hz)
2009. 4 mhz

My budget is under 100 dollars. I'm not a *** gamer, but i would like to at least play something good on this computer. I was looking at these, but i am not sure if they're compatible with my computer. Evga e-geforce 6200 256mb ddr pci graphics card-256-p1-n399-lx

Msi nx8500gt-td256e geforce 8500 gt 256mb 128-bit gddr2 pci express x16 sli supported video card

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Dell Dimension 4500 Video Card Upgrade

What kind of video card is supported by dell dimension 4500? Im looking to upgrade my dell dimension 4500 video card i want to buy the best video card my dell can handle but not an expensive one.

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Dell Dimension 4600c Video Card Upgrade

I currently run a dell dimenson 4600c (the mini-tower). This means that the profile for my video card is smaller than average. I'm looking to upgrade from the stock card that came with it (geforce 440 mx) and was looking for suggestions. I'd prefer to spend under $100. So far, i've ran into the geforce 6200 agp as being a viable option. However, i have a few questions i need to get sorted out. First: the geforce 6200 seems to be listed as requiring 300+ watts of power supply for the computer as a system requirement. The 4600c only has 160 watts, is this going to be a problem?

Second: some of the reviews list the card as not coming with a low-profile faceplate. Does my system (4600c) require a different faceplate? If so, are they relatively easy to come by and replace?

Specifically, i'm looking at the following card -

And finally: is there a better performing card that can fit my 4600c that is slightly higher in price?

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Dell Dimension 8200 Video Card & Ram Upgrade

I want to upgrade the ram and video card and will be very soon upgrading to 768mb ram. I bought a 256mb radeon 9600xt which arrived today and when i set it up and turned on the pc, the fan on the card would spin, pc would appear to boot up but no signal on the monitor and i don't think the pc was even loading windows. I've been told it's most likely a power issue, so maybe the card is hogging it and preventing the pc from booting. Can anyone recommend a good video card either 128mb or 256mb that will run on my 250w psu? I know i should upgrade the psu but apparently the dell ones are weird and others may not fit in the case. I also can't be bothered to be honest particularly as i only want to upgrade the vid card and ram so that i can play games up to about a year old pretty well (eg. Rollercoaster tycoon 3, rome: total war and such) and later on i will just buy a whole new more upgrade friendly pc. So basically i just want to upgrade the dell to keep me going until the end of the year or so. My specs:

Dell dimension 8200
P4 2. 25ghz
256mb ram
Geforce 2 mx 64mb
Win xp
250w psu

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Dell Optiplex 755 Mt Processor Upgrade Issue

I have a dell optiplex 755 mt that was purchased as a barebones w/o a processor, memory or hd. I upgrade and added 250 gb hard drive 2gb memory and a e8400 dual core processor. When i start it up i get the dell screen and able to select f2 setup and get into the bios setting (have a04 bios) the processor shows all the correct info and the drives are also listed. When i try to boot up and install os i get "system does not support installed processor"

I also tried making a bootable cd with dos and adding the newest bios a11. Start up and selected f12 selected boot from cd and just goes to the same message processor not supported. I have seen other 755's listed in the dell outlet that show the e8400 cpu being used. Will this cpu work or will i have to get a different one?

Read that the e6850 was used in the 755. What is the difference in these two cpu's

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Dell Optiplex 745 Power Supply Upgrade

I need to upgrade the measly 280w powr supply of the dell optiplex 745 desktop(not tower). Do i have any options. Dell has special power supplies.

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Graphics Card For Dell Optiplex 360

What graphics cards are compatible with a dell optiplex 360? I think it had an integrated intel graphics media accelerator 3100. I would also accept a driver for this card.

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Graphic Card For Dell Optiplex 745 Desktop

I need a good gaming graphic card for my dell optiplex 745 desktop. I want to play starcraft 2 and recommended is ati radeon hd 3870 but that doesn't come in low profile. My power supply is 280 psu and i'm limited to low profile. Ddr2 memory

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Upgrade - Video Card Or Cpu

I have a 6800nu 128mb along with a amd 64 3000+ 754 cpu. Which would be better to upgrade? I could get a 3700+ cpu or should i get a better video card? Which would i benefit from the most?

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Hp A6130n Video Card Upgrade

I need a new video card for my hp a6130n i want the most power for gaming and under 250 i will be playing counter strike source and garys mod ext. What is the preferred manufacturer and hopefully give me a link to a specific card.

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Hp 8710p Video Card Upgrade

Whats the fastest ram and video card you can install in a hp 8710p? Just wondering because the ram in this one is pretty slow, and id like to upgrade the card eventually.

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Ram Or Video Card Upgrade?

I have an old computer that i use to play world of warcraft. It works great. Except, i lag in some areas where i do not on my other systems. This computer is old, might need junked by modern standards. But, it plays wow like a champ, except for lag. I am running vista on it and have 1 gig of ram. The video card is on the mother board: nvidia geforce 6150 le

I want to upgrade both. 2 gig of ram and to a pci 256 mb video card. Total will be around $50 + tax. However, i only have $25 cash right now. I know vista is a serious memory hog and 1gb ram is the bottom of the barrel. The video card is also seriously outdated. But, again the graphics on it are perfect. I can not see much of a difference with a 512mb video card i have on my primary system if i look back and forth real quick. Obviously there is a difference. My question:

Which would decrease the 'lag' the most? Which component ram or video card should i purchase first? Why? I was leaning towards ram as the graphics are great, no complaint there - it just seems sluggish/laggy. But, i need to hear what you have to say.

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Hp G60-530us Video Card Upgrade

So for christmas i was given this. G60-530us (laptop)

2. 10ghz intel® pentium processor t4300 (dual core)

Memory (ram)
3gb ddr2

15. 6" diagonal high-definition hp brightview display (1366 x 768)

Hard drive
320gb (7200rpm) sata

Optical drive
Lightscribe supermulti 8x dvd±r/rw with double layer support

Graphics card
Intel graphics media accelerator 4500m (shared) with up to 1309mb total available graphics memory

I really like it, but the video card sucks. But i dont know what types of cards would be compatible. Can someone tell me a good one that would run on this? (Less then 100$)

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Hp Pavillion 525c Video Card Upgrade

I have an hp pavillion 525c desktop computer with a integrated nvidia geforce4 mx graphics with up to 64 mb allocated video memory card. I want to upgrade the card to one better suited to play wow on. I don't know anything about the video cards, how they are compatible with what etc. So if anyone can tell me what the best video card is for what i need that will work in my computer i would be ever so grateful!

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Ibm T40 Video Card Upgrade

First, is it possible to upgrade the ibm t40 laptop's video card w/o upgrade motherboard? Basically, i just need to know what i'd be getting into if i wanted to upgrade my video card and what video card is suggested (i was thinking about the ati mobility radeon 9600).

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Hp Pavillion Dv2000 Video Card Upgrade

I really want to upgrade the video card on my hp pavillion dv2000 because its only 64 mb but everything else on the pc is good like the ram and hard drive i just need to upgrade the video card to 256mb to play better games i really don't want to have to buy a new motherboard. Any suggestions? Is there a external graphics card expansion option?

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Hp Pavillion 7935 Video Card Upgrade

Can't find video card that will work or i'm trying to install to big of a card? Tryed radeon 9250 128mb and nothing worked then tried ati radeon 7000 64mb and it installed, shows up as working fine in the device manager, but has an error that says ati control panel not found or driver not installed or driver not working? Any help would be great. I don't even know if this card is compatible with my system, please tell me if i'm wasting my time. Hp pavillion 7935
Windows xp
384 ram
40 gb hard drive
Only pci slots

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Upgrade Video Card Of Hp Dv8t Laptop

Can i upgrade the video card of a hp dv8t laptop from a geforce gt 230m to a geforce gtx 470? I am considering purchasing a hp dv8t laptop (modified for improved performance) although the video card is still the factory model. One of the main reasons i am considering buying that laptop is to play resource demanding video games (crysis with graphics level on high or ultra for example) and i know the fps i would be getting from a geforce 230m would be. Well. (Too many horrible things just crossed my mind so lets leave it at that). So what i want to know is if its technically possible to take off the gt 230m (feed it to my dog) and replace it with the gtx 470 for example. By the way, i am not too familiar with the hardware or how does it connect inside a laptop so that is why i am asking. I just don't want to buy the laptop, buy the gtx 470, remove the crappy video card and try to fit in the gtx 470 just to find out i can't and i just wasted a few hundred bucks in more dog food.

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Upgrade Ati Radeon X800-xt Pe Video Card

I currently have an ati radeon x800-xt platinum edition. It worked awesome for the past few years, but now ive been having some trouble on my computer and assume i need a new card. For one, i cannot play 720p videos i download on my computer, as it makes the image jumpy and the audio sync goes out of whack. I have tried every possible codec for this, so i have to assume its my video card (i also have 3gigs ram and a brand new yummy audio card so it shouldn't be those i dont think). Also, as far as i can tell, the damn thing in all its awesomeness has only shader version 2. 0, which means that newer pc games cant really be played on it. I am already in the process of building a new computer, so the question is, if i need to upgrade my graphics card, what card should i be looking into that will allow me to play newer pc games on pretty high settings, and if you dont think that the 720p video ability is due to my graphics card, what is?

And i do want to specify that if i do upgrade, i am not a 'fanboy' of amd / ati / nvidia and dont really care which to go with, just whatever will be best for the best deal. I will be buying a new mb to go with whatever graphics card i may upgrade to.configurations:-
Windows xp
2. 67 gigahertz intel pentium 4
Asustek computer inc. P4s800d-x rev 1. Xx motherboard
3gb of system memory (it was very cheap 2 years ago, probably not the best)
Razer barracuda ac-1 gaming audio card

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Upgrade From An Nvidia 256mb 7900 Gs Video Card

I would like to upgrade from an nvidia 256mb 7900 gs to something better, i have a dell xps 410 but i don't know anything about powr supplies so i was wondering if someone could help me out there.

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Gateway Ds Profile 4mx Video Card Upgrade

I ended up getting a gateway ds profile 4mx (2. 6ghz dual core, 512 mb ram) anyway it had a geforce4 mx 440 agp 8x video card. I just wanna know if its at all possible to upgrade this or is the mx 440 a built in card. Also in the bios there is a function to increase the video ram from 32mb all the way to 256mb. I dont know if this actually does anything. But when i get me the extra 1/2 gig of ram, would my fps or what not increase or what. Also the pc has a pcmcia video card, is there anyway of getting a pcmcia accelerator? Or am i just running on too little sleep.

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Amd Sempron 2600+ Video Card Upgrade

Most problems i have had are from my video card. Well i don't know much about computers but. Current video card is. Integrated s3 graphics unichrome(tm) 2d/3d

Amd sempron(tm) 2600+
1. 83ghz
240mb of ram
Agp 8x universal slot available

If you guys could give me some advice on which card to buy or any advice on the future about my vid card or computer that would be great.

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