Using Notebook Lcd With Desktop / Pc

I have an old acer notebook lcd monitor, well is any way i can used this lcd monitor with my other pc/desktop. Can any of u guys point me to guide or tutorial about this matter.

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Using A Notebook As A Desktop

Is it safe to use an hp pavilion dv9700t as a desktop computer? Like getting a 24" display and an external keyboard and mouse? Is there anyway i can run dual external monitors off of it?

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Using A Desktop Monitor For My Notebook

Recently, my notebooks monitor has blow out (either the light or inverter, i have yet to fix it because im just buying a new notebook) but regardless, i hooked my notebook up to a regular desktop monitor and have been trying to play wow (world of warcraft). I get an error every time i try loading the game, and ive had the error before which was just to update the video driver(s). My only problem now is that im not entirely sure on what to update for a driver while using a desktop monitor for my notebook.

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Ssd For Desktop And Notebook

I'm thinking about moving to ssd for 2 use cases :

1) my toshiba notebook (m800), for which 60gb drive would be enough (windows 7, eclipse, openoffice and other basic stuff)

2) my main desktop, which would probably require 120gb drive (windows 7, eclipse, openoffice, steam with many games, other basic stuff), which would also have wd1001fals as data drive. Use case for both ssd drives include usage for java projects with hundreds or thousands small files. Now, i'm looking at my options, which are (prices are without vat):kintson x25-m 80gb - 243. 40

Ocz vertex 60gb - 218. 83
Ocz summit 60gb - i don't know the price yet
Ocz vertex 120gb - 361. 09
Ocz summit 120gb - 377

There are also lots of jmicron based ssd's (a-data xpg is the one with best price - 236. 26 for 128gb, but also have big write problems). No samsung or corsair ssd drives available here. Which one would you recommend and why ?

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Raid 0 With A Desktop And Notebook Hard Drives

Can i set up raid 0 with a desktop hard drive and a notebook hard drive? I've gotten varied responses on this question in the past. Both are 320gb, sata-300, 16mb, 7200rpm drives. Desktop: seagate 7200. 10
Notebook: seagate momentus 7200. 3

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Connect Mac Lcd Monitor With Pc Desktop

Is it possible to buy a mac lcd monitor and connect it to a pc desktop (dell or hp?)?

Answer:- the 30-inch apple hd cinema display, yes, if the dell or hp computer has a dual-link dvi output. (That monitor will only work with dual-link dvi. )

The 24-inch apple led cinema display, no. That monitor requires a computer that has a minidisplayport output, which neither dells nor hps have.

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Desktop Does Not Fit In Screen - Scrolling Desktop

I just bought a new laptop and i am changing everything to what i like - which includes the size of the resolution of my screen. Whenever i go to change the resolution from 800 x 600 to make it look bigger (example: 1024 x 768) my laptop has no problems doing that but instead of making the whole desktop fit into my laptop screen, it makes it so i can sorta of like scroll up, down, left, right to see the rest of the screen (but there aren't any scroll bars, they are like invisible if u know what i mean). How do i change the setting so that the whole screen resolution will fit into my laptop screen instead of this scrolling method?

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Notebook Speakers Around 20

I'm looking at picking up a pair of speakers for my mp3 player (not ipod). I'm looking to spend around 20, and think my best bet is a pair of 2. 0 speakers from a decent manufacturer like creative etc. Does anyone know if travel speakers are made, with interchangeable plugs on the end for use abroad? If not which do you think is best buying a set out there and dumping them after, or getting an english pair and using a travel adapter.

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Ultraportable Notebook

I am looking to buy a ultra-thin /light, notebook with long battery life. I already have a big desktop and 10" netbook, but netbook screen is too small and keyboard too small and it's heavy. Please give me some idea of which model of notebook to buy, i definitely don't want cd drive. But it must be light, thin and long batt life, preferable 13" screen but 11-12 inch will do too. I don't want anything with high end graphics, just a very light thin notebook that i can put in a ssd and run long battery for school and work.

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Notebook For A Web Developer

My four year old dell inspiron 8600 is coming to the end of its road. Good timing too. I've just recently begun working 25+ hrs a week from home as a freelancer. I do a lot of apache/php/mysql, perl work. I also do some design via photoshop, css, xhtml. I've been a windows man my whole adult life. I have to admit though, the macbook pro is looking pretty good. I got tax return that will cover just about anything. If you were going to by a laptop to use primarily for web development, what would you purchase?

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What Is The Difference Between A Laptop And A Notebook

Please, could you tell me what are the diferences between a laptop and a note book. For example a stilistic srt502x what is it? Notebook or laptop, it is nice to become to this community.

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Notebook With A Glossy Screen

To all of you who have used a notebook with a glossy screen (hp brightview, acer crystalbright, sony x-black and so on): generally, what do you think of the new glossy screens?

Do they reflect much of the background when you are working with the computer indoor (not in an office enviroment)? Do you think that the blank/glossy screens are annoying when you work with a computer with a such screen?

Would you recomend anyone to buy a notebook with a glossy screen? (I'm thinking of buying a sony vaio with an x-black glossy screen).

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Need Enclosed Notebook Drive

I had a laptop that got ****ed up, but i have information and stuff i need from my old notebook, but since my laptop was password protected, i cant access my files. Is there some sort of program or backdoor way of accessing my files? I do have the password, but i havent seen where i can enter it.

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Sound Blaster For Notebook

It seems during my last cpu upgrade on my 7811fx i blew out the right channel on my motherboards onboard sound. I suspected there was something wrong with the sound circuitry on this laptop as it has always made a buzzing sound on headphones. I'm now looking at other options to attach my headphone to. Creative has a couple solutions, either expresscard or usb. Which would be my best choice?

I want something that is portable (i.e. I can leave attached to my laptop) and that doesn't reduce fps in games. I also loathe creative, but they seem the only company with laptop soundcards.

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Installing A Ssd Into Notebook

I'm looking into installing a ssd into my notebook soon, and i'm a bit confused:

- Will i need to align my partition on w7? Is it ssd manufacturer dependent?

- I've seen reports that cloning my hd onto my ssd can be tricky, does anyone have a definitive guide/answers on how to do it properly?

- I have recovery discs for my os, is this probably the most painless way to get my os/drivers up and running?

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How To Output Audio From Notebook ?

Most notebooks do not have an un-amplified line-out. If i connect the headphone-out to my av amp line-in, will this blow my av amp or will i get awful noise? What about those usb-audio adapters i have seen on sale - will they provide a line-out? Appreciate any help - thanks.

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Amd Turion For Notebook

My friend is thinking of getting a notebook . I understand amd has problems with overheating esp when the machine is one for long in a room without air-conditioning. Is amd turion 64 mobile technology ml-30 (1. 6ghz) any good ?

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Notebook Memory Upgrade

My mum bought a notebook pc the other day and wants to upgrade the ram fair enough. She wants 2 512's, now brands and so forth i'm fine at selecting but heres the problem. Her pc currently has ddr 256 pc2700 in it (factory part). What i want to know is this. 1) can i up the ram to pc3200?
2) does the ram have to stay ddr or can i up it to ddr2?
3) notebook geil 512mb pc3200/dragon 400 memory - if yes to q1 is this ddr ram?/Is it any good?

(All my questions are just referring to sticking in a new ram without upgrading anything else)

If there are limits on sticking to pc**** and ddr etc. Can anyone explain to me why, and how i can figure out what the limit is.

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Processor For Hp Dv6000 Notebook

What is the best and most compatible processor for my hp dv6000 notebook pc? I want to upgrade my hp pavilion dv6000 notebook's processor, which one should i get, how much will it cost, and where do i get it? Mine currently is 1. 80 ghz but i want it to be around 2. 2 ghz.

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Notebook Randomly Restarts

My hp pavilion tx2500cl notebook with vista has been having some really weird problems. The computer is a lil over a year old so it's not too bad. I always use a fan thing under it to prevent it from overheating. I use advanced system care and superantispyware to clean it. Problem: it'll randomly restart for no reason. No matter if i'm on the internet or on word or whatever else. Another thing is that the integrated webcam doesn't work anymore. Whenever i attempt to use it, it freezes up my whole computer and then my computer won't shut down. That's another thing, sometimes it just doesn't shut down even when i click on shut down or type in the command for it. Sometimes it chooses not to start. I have no idea what it could be. I really don't know alot about computers so please help me out! :) I don't play games or anything on it. I just use it for internet, word and music. I have like 4000 songs, 10 videos (5 min vids and 2 movies) and like 1000 pictures, could that be the problem? Could it be a virus? Also, i download torrents using and utorrent software, could that be the problem?

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Laptop And Notebook Difference

Answer:- laptops are fully functional portable pc's, smaller notebooks (also known as netbooks) are designed primarily for surfing the internet. Notebooks perform most of the tasks laptops are capable of but are slower, often with less processing power and old operating systems. Most notebooks do not have a cd / dvd drives, relying on external flash drives, sd cards or the internet to import external data. Most notebooks do not have high spec graphics cards so will not be able to play current gen video games, they often multi-task at a much slower rate too. Typically notebooks feature more usb ports to hook up external equipment. Notebooks are better practically for portable use with less power hungry features, the batteries retain power for longer. I've seen a lot of laptops labeled as notebook because sizes have reduced, but its really a case of manufacturers leeching off a currently popular market . They are not the same, laptops have many more features.

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Difference Between Laptop And Notebook

Answer:- a standard notebook has the following features:

1. Ultralight. Less weight is better. 2. 4 - 5 hour battery life. 3. No internal floppy drive. 4. Minimal graphics subsystem. 5. No internal dvd or cd system. 6. 12" - 14" tft screen. 7. Low profile (thin). 8. Integrated modem and network connection. 9. Smallest possible keyboard that retains functionality. 10. Low power consumption celeron/centrino or sempron style processor. In essence a notebook computer is designed to provide mobile computing that won't break your back yet still offer all the power the mobile users requires for work and some leisure pursuits. This portability normally comes at a price. The level of miniaturization involved comes at a cost and high end notebooks can prove to be quite expensive. The laptop computer
Now for the laptop computer. Again look at the name. A laptop is designed to sit on your lap and you can therefore expect it to be quite large and loaded down with features and power. The standard laptop computer would have some , if not all, of the following features:

1. 14" - 17" (widescreen) tft screen. 2.nvidia geforce or ati radeon graphics subsystem. 3. Internal dvd-rom or dvd-rw drive
4. Large full featured keyboard. 5. 3 hour (+/-) battery life. 6. Upgradeable. 7. Integrated modem, network, bluetooth and wi-fi capabilities. 8. High quality integrate audio and speaker system. 9. Low power consumption, high performance intel centrino style processor. From reading the above information you'll see that the notebook is the exact opposite of the laptop. Notebooks offer reasonable power and extreme portability. Laptops are designed to be capable of replacing an entire desktop pc if necessary whilst still offering desktop performance in a mobile platform. Hopefully this article has helped clear up the differences between both classes of portable computers. As time and technology moves on the line between laptop and notebook will continue to blur but for right now it's still clearly defined and driven by the demands of the portable computer market.

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Difference Between Notebook And Netbook

Answer:- there is no difference between and laptop and a notebook. Different names for the same thing. Or perhaps you are asking what is the difference between a laptop and netbook?

Laptops/notebooks are a full-featured computer; often times capable of replacing a desktop pc. They have large, hi-resolution screens (15-17" are most common), cd/dvd/blu-ray disc drives, full-power intel / amd processors, and large amounts of memory.netbooks are miniaturized laptops. They are meant to be extremely portable, with no optical (cd/dvd/blu-ray) drive, and less memory and processing power as their larger counterparts. They have small (10"/common) screens, and are made to use very little power (since the batteries can also be small). Most net-books include wi-fi, and often-times, 3g chips, as to allow for anytime internet access, which is what most net (get it, internet) books are used for.

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How To Disable Speedstep On An Intel Notebook ?

I just got a new dell inspiron 1720 with a t7300 2ghz cpu. I disabled speedsted and some other intel speed option in the bios. In windows, i have the notebook running as "high performance", however, when i run cpu-z, it shows a speed of 1200mhz with a 6 x (multiplier), coretemp shows 800+ and someties 480+ .

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Notebook Optical Mouse Problem

I just bought a new toshiba laptop satellite s207 with 2. 66ghz and 3 usb ports (usb 2. 0) i also bought a memorex optical mouse along with it. The problem is, the mouse does not work if it is plugged in before turning on the laptop. If i unplug and re-plug it while the laptop is on, it starts working. I tried this with a microsoft optical mouse and one other named 'belkin', the problem persists. When i turn on the laptop, the mouse turns on, you can see the laser glowing. It stays on until windows startup. As windows xp startup screen changes to the blue welcome screen, the mice stop functioning. I also installed the drivers for the mouse but nothing changes. This does not seem like a hardware problem because the mouse does function eventually when you re-plug it at windows xp. I tried the mouse with another laptop, it works fine. I tried turning off the touch pad, nothing changes. I tried changing the usb slots, no change. One detail: when you go to the mouse section in control panel, in the hardware tab it shows ps/2 compatible mouse plugged into ps2 port. But i don't have anything like this. There's definitely a problem with windows, can anyone help?

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Hp Pavilion Tx1215nr Notebook Drivers For Xp

Have a hp pavilion tx1215nr notebook pc that came with vista on it, put xp on it to speed it up a bit and now cant find any drivers for it. There all for vista not xp on the hp website.

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Problem With Gateway Mx6027 Notebook

I hope somebody can help me, i have a notebook gateway mx6027, i had to reinstall the winxp sp2, i loose the restore cd's, i completelly install the system with drivers from the support page , but the modem don't function, i downloaded ac 97 drivers from the web, but still don't work , i wrote the name of the modem before reinstall, an ac97 data fax but i can't find this. Some drivers can be installed but don't function.

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Mx6027 Notebook Gateway Issues

Customer was running win2000 and upgraded to xp. Now the screen is dim and the fn keys do not respond. Cable problem or driver?

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Using Bluray Laptop On Notebook For Display On Pc

Is it possible to cable one's laptop to one's desktop computer so you can watch bluray movies from your laptop on your desk-top's monitor? I don't have a usb to vga adapter for my laptop and my laptop doesn't have a powerful graphics card. If it is possible would i need a regular ethernet cable or a crossover cable?

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X-fi Notebook Card Noise Problem

I'm getting noise/static through my headphone jack on my asus w90. It's barely audible for the most part, but an annoyance; seems to come and go as i switch through different graphics (probably from my gpus). Would a x-fi expresscard eliminate this noise?

I know the x-fi expresscards are a waste (no hardware acceleration, not much better than onboard, one more piece of crap on your notebook etc. ), But if it solves my noise problem it would be worth it for me.

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