Good Optical Mouse Pad

Would people like to share their views on some very good optical mouse pads?

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Suggestions On A Mouse, Keyboard, And A Mouse Pad

I have around $110 to spend on a mouse, keyboard, and a mousepad. Its for gaming so please, if you suggest something, make sure it is good for gaming. My friend has dual opticals on his mouse. He says its great. Also what mousepad should i get? Nothing too fancy please. I kind of want to go wireless btw but some people say it isn't as good for gaming?

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Ratpadz Xt Mouse Pad For Logitech G9 Mouse

I have the g9 mouse which is awesome but my current mouse pad seems to not work sometimes. It acts like a ball mouse does when you don't clean it for a long time. It skips and doesn't seem to track till i mess with it. It is rare when it happens but it does happen. The mouse pad i use is just a cheap cloth one i got from fry's for 3 bucks. I was looking into getting a new mouse pad. Specifically the ratpadz xt because i can send it back if i don't like it or it doesn't work the way i am expecting it to. Does anyone have a g9 mouse and a ratpadz xt pad? How does it work? Do you have something else you prefer over the ratpadz xt? I want to get a pad that doesn't skip.

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Ergonomic Mouse And Mouse Pad

I need something for my right wrist, which was shot all to *** last year by a temp job that required massive amounts of 10-key data entry and an obscene amount of clicking and dragging of the mouse. I probably have carpal tunnel in the damn thing right now, or at least i am dangerously close. I bought some sort of beanbag to go under my wrist for $10 last year. It hurt my wrist bad, which was the opposite of what it said it would do. I bought a gel mousepad with a gel resting pad for my wrist for $20 last year. It hurt my wrist bad, which was the opposite of what it said it would do. So, obviously i can't search for myself because i always end up buying crap that only makes things worse.

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Is It Bad To Use A Mouse Without A Mouse Pad ?

Is it bad to use a mouse without a mouse pad? I have logitech g5 mouse, and i was using it without a mouse pad but i figured out that my computer table has a smooth surface and more space to work with. The g5 glides well too as it has polytetrafluoroethylene feet as well, so it's smooth. So is it ok without a mouse pad?

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Mouse Pad Under $15

What's the best mouse pad under $15, from newegg?

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Mouse Pad

I'm in love with my new mouse pad. It's from a company called cs hyde

The pad i bought is the c4 ngen 04. It's paper thin and has a rubbing backing that prevents it from sliding at all. The surface is made of some kind of teflon-ish material. It's smooth as glass and works great with every mouse i've tried. Maybe the best thing are the prices. My 16" x 16" pad cost just $18 shipped.

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Mouse Pad For Logitech G5

I'm ordering a logitech g5 and was wondering if i really need a mouse pad for it? I could care less if the mouse pad gives me that slight edge. Will it work ok on my desk (wood)? The reason i don't want a new mouse pad is because i have a very small area for my mouse and i couldn't fit a mouse pad really without cutting it.

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Make My Own Mouse Pad

I am considering making my own mouse pad, what would be the best material to use?

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Recommendations Mouse Pad

Any recommendations and pictures of some mouse-pads. Since owning my new machine ive noticed that a regular mouse pad seems to move as well be to small when fps'ing if i speed up the dpi for fast movement its hard to aim. If i slow it down i run out of pad. Throw me some goodies if you would?

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Mouse Pad For Photoshop

I am using a logitech mx1100 mouse for photoshop work (yes, i realize i should be using a tablet) and am wondering which mouse-pad is recommended for ps work. Thoughts/opinions ?

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Can You Wash A Mouse Pad ?

So, i've had my cloth mouse-pad for a couple years now. And, it's one of those huge ones i use for gaming. Can i toss it in the washing machine to clean it and let it air-dry? It looks filthy.

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Durable Mouse Pad - Recommendations

My first highend pad was the razer exact mat that had both speed and control surfaces, paired that pad with a g7 and less than years usage the control surface was smoothed out, giving it a very high friction when moving the mouse in the middle area so i decided to use the speed surface and it didnt last any longer than the control surface. Now im currently using a logitech g9 with a razer goliathus (med size ) control edition and the very same thing is happening, the middle area where i move my mouse around the most has smoothed out the weaving this giving so much friction, im looking at the steel series mousepad, are the made of better or just the very same quality? I would want something that will last atleast 3-4years, now im back to a using a yellow paper.

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Best Method Of Cleaning Mouse Mat / Pad

I have had this steelseries gaming mouse pad / mat for a while now and its got rather dirty and i want to clean it but the thing is i don't know whats the best method of cleaning it. I have checked on the packaging and info that i got with the mat when i ordered it but no indications on how to clean it. I want to do it the proper way and not destroy the mat surface because i do a lot of gaming on it.

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Hp Netbook Finger Pad Mouse Issue

It preemptively activates the left click button on the first thing i hover the cursor over?

What kind of function is that? What if i hover it briefly over an advert or whatever?

There seems to be no way of turning it off

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Does Logitech G5 Will Not Work On Black Colored Mouse Pad ?

Has anyone here heard of the rumors that this mouse will not work on a black colored mousepad? If this is true, logitech really f'ed up and made a big mistake. A friend is looking to buy the g5 and had heard that it will not work on a black surface. There are even claims that logitech has confirmed this and is simply telling people to go out and buy a blue mousepad.

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Mouse Pad Bad Surface - Pointer Darts And Jiggles

My mouse is a logitech mx500 connected via usb with unmodified bandwidth. I'd like to know what everyone is using as a surface, because maybe that's why my optical sensor senses darting, miniscule movement when there is none. I've tried everything from the original foam-and-cloth pad to the smooth plastic with grainy background to a polished wood surface to heavy drawing paper with no luck. That's why i figured it was the sensor itself. Does anybody who really knows optical sensors know what the best surface, color- and texture-wise, as well as whether a uniform or vastly differing pattern is best?

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Does Gaming Mouse Pad Make Difference In Playing Games?

I was thinking about getting a gaming mouse mat. I didn't know how many of you guys on here use them, and i wonder what you thought of them. I really want the wrist pad: does it make a lot of difference in playing games? I never seem to be that great at headshots. And i see this one has a control side, which would be great for my cad work.

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Optical Mouse Behave Erratically

I had a normal optical mouse, it started to behave erratically, and as i didn't had other mouse i decided to buy a creative wireless optical 3000. Before i used ps/2 port, but with the new mouse now i use usb, but it still behaves erratically, and sometimes the mouse stops responding, for short periods of time.

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Difference Between Optical And Laser Mouse

I was looking at a specs page of 2 different mice. An optical mouse and a laser mouse. What's the difference between those two?

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Notebook Optical Mouse Problem

I just bought a new toshiba laptop satellite s207 with 2. 66ghz and 3 usb ports (usb 2. 0) i also bought a memorex optical mouse along with it. The problem is, the mouse does not work if it is plugged in before turning on the laptop. If i unplug and re-plug it while the laptop is on, it starts working. I tried this with a microsoft optical mouse and one other named 'belkin', the problem persists. When i turn on the laptop, the mouse turns on, you can see the laser glowing. It stays on until windows startup. As windows xp startup screen changes to the blue welcome screen, the mice stop functioning. I also installed the drivers for the mouse but nothing changes. This does not seem like a hardware problem because the mouse does function eventually when you re-plug it at windows xp. I tried the mouse with another laptop, it works fine. I tried turning off the touch pad, nothing changes. I tried changing the usb slots, no change. One detail: when you go to the mouse section in control panel, in the hardware tab it shows ps/2 compatible mouse plugged into ps2 port. But i don't have anything like this. There's definitely a problem with windows, can anyone help?

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Do I Need A Good Mouse For Rts ?

I was looking at some sites and i've seen some good mouses for decent prices. Now i only play rts games is it worth getting one. As they are made for fps games yes? My current is a 1000dpi logitech mouse.

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Suggestions On A Wired, Optical, Usb Mouse

Does anyone have any suggestions on a wired, optical, usb mouse which is sturdy and will last a long time? I want to get one as a present for my roommate, but he has a tendency to slam either his keyboard or mouse when he gets owned in call of duty. His current mouse already clicks quite badly and it's also a wireless which means it eats a ton of batteries, which he doesn't like. So it has to be optical and wired and usb (his ps/2 port for mouse seems to not work), and as damage-resistant as possible! Oh yeah, also something not really expensive. Any ideas?

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Ms Optical Mouse Left Button Is Not Working

I have an ms optical mouse. The left mouse button is not working, (even with driver primary buttons switched). Can anyone tell me what to look for inside the mouse to get it fixed (yes, i am cheap. I know i can replace it for a few bucks).

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Driver For Gateway Wireless Optical Mouse

I picked up a gateway wireless optical mouse, model # mr-0350t, with a receiver model # rr-0403u, at a computer show. When i connected the receiver to my usb port, my computer began the new hardware recognition process. I realized i did not have 2 aa batteries for the mouse and aborted the installation process. After i picked up and installed the batteries and reconnected to receiver to the usb port, the new hardware process did not automatically commence. The light on the mouse is lit. However, i cannot get the mouse to function. I do not see it in device manager, and have not been able to find a way to install it. I tried dicsonnecting the receiver, rebooting and reconnecting the receiver, without success. Apparently, i must obtain the specific driver for this mouse in order for it to function. The gateway site does not have a driver for this mouse. Does anyone know who manufactures this mouse for gateway, and where i can get the driver? My os is xp professional.

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Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0 Arrow Not Move

I have an wireless optical mouse 2. 0 and it has worked fine untill a few days ago when it starts to not move (the arrow: have to circle the mouse to get it to move when this happens) and the left button doesn't always work which is annoying the *** out of me. I don't understand what's wrong since both battery and signal strength seem ok.

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After Continuous Use, The Usb Optical Mouse Stops Responding

I have a microsoft cordless optical mouse (usb device). Since a few days a problem occurs that after 10-15 min of continuous use the mouse stops responding at all. When the mouse is not responding the light below keeps flickering. The mouse starts operating again if i dont move it or click for some time. The original problem occurs again after 2-3 min. Anybody can help me?

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Logitech Optical Mouse Pointer Hesitates Or Goes Ballistic

If i move it slowly enough it performs properly but any rapid movement and it acts pretty much the same way a roller mouse would act if the rollers and/or ball needed to be cleaned, the pointer hesitates or goes ballistic. Iíve checked the optics and the surface on which it is used to make sure they are clean but it has no effect. Has anyone else experienced this or know how to fix it?

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Optical Mouse Won't Move Vertically

I just got a targus wireless optical mouse (model pawm20u) for my laptop. I'm running xp pro so the drivers were already installed. I plugged in the receiver, reset the mouse, and started using it. The mouse buttons work, and it can move horizontally, but not vertically. I tried plugging it into my desktop, but had the same problem. Anyone know why this is?

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Good Mouse For Left Handed People

Anyone heard about good mices for lefties (left handed people) such as myself? I can use right handed intellimouse but when ya get some fancy new-fangled mouse like the mx700, its just a no-go. Logitech / ms / razor etc, take notice: make a great leftie mouse and you will corner this nice lil market.

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