Usb Port Speed Identifying Program

My asus p5q should have usb 2. 0 ports, at least all of the 6 on the rear panel, but using some with my linksys wusb54g makes winxp give me *** about not being 2. 0 ports and how i should check the list to use another. However it's not east to tell which ports are which. It would be cool if there was a program which presented usb ports and devices in a hierarchy, visually and showed you what was where. Or at the very least, i need something that spells out very clearly which ports are 1. 1 and which are 2. 0 just seeing an "enhanced" controller isn't helping.

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Usb Message: Hi-speed Device Plugged Into A Not Hi-speed Port

I'm rebuilding my system, and have two pci cards with firewire and usb ports. I remember before the rebuild i plugged them in and they worked. That was nice. Now, i installed them one at a time. The first one prompted no notifications, but when i plugged a device into it it warned me that it was a hi-speed device plugged into a not hi-speed port. I installed the second one, and it prompted the new hardware wizard, asking for drivers, but said it couldn't find them although i had dsl connected. The cards did not come with any disks and there was no problem getting them to work before.

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Device Can Perform Faster If Connected To Hi Speed Usb 2.0 Port

Every day, a bubble that says the following pops up "this device can perform faster. This usb device can perform faster if you connect it to a hi-speed usb 2. 0 port. For a list of available ports, click here. " It pops up even when there are no usbs in my computer. It happens close to 50 times a day and is bugging me. If i click on it there is a check box that says "notify if device can perform faster" and i uncheck it and click close and then a few seconds later it pops up again. It is very annoying because every time it pops up it makes this "boop boop" noise and when i try to listen to music or watch a video the sounds disrupts it. I have an hp pavillion dx6000 laptop running windows vista. Please, if anyone knows how to solve this, let me know.

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Usb - High Speed Device Is Operating At Slower Speed

My motherbaord has usb 2 ports on it, and i can swear my case usb port is also however whenever i plug something in it tells me that a high speed device is operating at slower speeds(aka a usb2. 0 device is connected to a usb1. 1 port). But the thing is, it shouldn't be saying that. Whats up with it?

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Connect Parallel Port Of Scanner To Usb Port

Can i connect parallel port of a hp scanner to a usb port? Is there a parallel port ti usb adaptor around?

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High Speed Device Is Attached To Non High Speed Usb Adapter

I have a usb port that i use for reading my digital camera xd card. It was working ok. Then, i installed a cable modem with a usb connection (to a different usb port). Now, whenever i plug in the xd card reader, i get a popup screen message that says something like "your high-speed device is attached to a non-high speed usb adapter". I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the usb driver, but with no results.

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Dell I9200 Laptop Usb Ports Are All Normal Speed Not Usb 2.0

I purchased a refurbished dell ( inspiron ) i9200 laptop a few months ago, haven't used any 2. 0 devices until last week, when i plug it in it says my ports are all normal speed, however i know they're supposed to be 2. 0. I can't seem to find drivers or anything that will make them 2. 0. And dell won't talk to me because i didn't buy it new from them i bought it from a certified reseller. Any ideas on what to do?

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Usb Speed - Same Transfer Rate From Usb 2.0 And Usb 1.1

I have a usb2 1gb thumbdrive. I have 4 usb2. 0 ports on the back of my computer and 2 usb1. 1 ports on the front of my computer. When i plug my thumbdrive into the front or back i get the same transfer rate. Now i'm sure that's not suppose to happen. In my device manager i have, under universal serial bus controllers, intel(r) 82801eb usb universal host controller, have 4 of those, then i have one of, intel(r) 82801eb usb2 enchanced host controller. Any suggestions? I have xppro sp2.

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External Usb Drive Message Says, It Can Perform Faster On A Usb 2.0 Port

When i hook it up, it recognizes, then says it can perform faster on a usb 2. 0 port then goes away, and repeats this process over and over. I can never actually access it or see it in my computer. I also constantly hear the noise of a usb device being turned on and off.

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Add Usb Port To An Older Motherboard - Ide To Usb Connector

Have an older motherboard with no usb connectors. Need to add usb port to install newer multi function printer. No pci slots open, have 1 isa slot open, also 1 ide port available. Any prouducts out there that will allow me to add a usb port with above listed available ports.

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Identifying Ram From An Empty Slot

I have just been given a chinese laptop, brand: tcl model: c610. It is a pentium 4 1. 6ghz. It is only has 256mb of ram installed and i am wanting to upgrade but i can't find any specs on the net to tell me what type of ram i need to buy or any ram sellers that have tcl as a listed brand. I ran a crucial memory scan and was only given the below results. * Maximum memory capacity: 524288 mb
* Currently installed memory: 256 mb
* Available memory slots: 3
* Number of banks: 4
* Dual channel support: n. A. * Cpu manufacturer: genuineintel
* Cpu family: mobile intel(r) celeron(r) cpu 1. 60ghz model 2, stepping 7
* Cpu speed: 1593 mhz

System manufacturer: elitegroup co.system model: g550
Motherboard manufacturer: tcl123
Motherboard model: ref. No:g550-040326-tc-01-00-ff-ff$

Is there any other way of finding out which memory i need to buy or if i take a pic of an empty memory slot will someone be able to identify it? You might ask the question- "why not just remove the stick currently installed and check?" The installed stick is a *** to get to, i saw it in there when i changed the power supply connections and should have checked then but didn't :-( from what i remember i'll have to nearly dismantle the laptop again to get to it, which brings me to my next question? Can i just put a 1gig stick on the easy to get to slot and forget about the 256 stick in there or will i have to remove it?

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Identifying Unknown Network On Vista

Okay, so i'm trying to connect to a network on my laptop, which is running vista. Every time i plug my ethernet cable in, it just says "identifying. Unknown network" and won't connect. I've never had it do this before, and i've tried everything i can think of, and nothing seems to work!

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Convert Usb Ports To Usb 2.0 Port Without Replacing Them

Can some one tell if i can convert my usb ports to usb2 port without having to replace them.

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Usb Converters To Plug Cardbus Into A Usb Port

I bought a pcmia 802. 11a cardbus adapter. Unfortunately my laptop does not take cardbus adapters! Is it possible to either convert the laptop somehow or does anyone know where to find a 802. 11a usb adapter?

Or. Are there any usb convertors that allow you to plug cardbus into a usb port?

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Does Usb Hub Slowing Down The Usb Port ?

Say if i install usb key (errr. , For vista's ready boost) via usb hub, does it make that port slower than if i install without usb hub. I know, i can put it on empty slot behind my pc, but i like to see it blinking when data access happen on the usb key.

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Usb Touch Sensor For Input Into A Program

I am building this project for my freshman engineering class and it involves a touch sensor. Does anyone know of a touch sensor thing that is like a physical button that you push and then it can be registered in a program? Sort of like a mouse; when you push the left click on a mouse, it registers it on a program. Specifically, what i am thinking of is like a one button wireless "keyboard" that someone can push and it will send a signal to the computer; whatever it might be. I was thinking of taking 2 wireless mice and hook up one touch pad to the left click and the other touch pad to the right click. So then whenever someone wants to activate the switch, they just touch the pad, which will then activate the mouse clicks, which will then register in the program. Also, i am looking for a motion detector that will do the same thing; send a signal to a program.

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Making A Bootable Usb Using Winimage Program / Software

I've been using the program / software winimage to write bootable floppy images to a usb drive. The program works great when the floppys are exactly the same size as the image (64 mb i think) but when i try to burn onto a larger usb disk, winimage says it needs to resize the image. It then brings up a progress bar which moves to 3% and then dissapears. The usbs resulting from this action have all the correct files on them, but give an io read error when i try to boot from them. Any suggestions on how to work around this problem? Maybe you know another program i can use to burn the image to a usb. It's a .img image file.

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How Do I Get Hi Speed Usb Ports ?

How do i get high speed usb ports? I'm using a sony vaio laptop with 2 usb ports and it says i don't have the hi-speed usb ports installed. Are they something that i can download, or is it something that i buy and plug into my laptop and it'll work, or what?

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Mouse Opens Program's Properties Instead Of The Program

I've had my computer for about 9 months with no real issues. Yesterday the keys on the keyboard as well as the mouse got messed up. This issue is very hard to explain. When i click using the mouse i get an entirely different option, when i try to open a program it opens as properties instead of the program. I have to right click on the mouse to get the option "open" in order to open a program. When i select a photo to open, it selects several photos even though i only selected one. When i clicked the keys on the keyboard instead of just the letter k being typed i would get ki/. When i clicked a key instead of one letter typing, several would. If i typed the letter p, i would get pjk. Recently though no letters will type on the keyboard, although if i click the letter g then control panel would open, if i click another letter my browser will close. I cant seem to have any control over my computer. I had to type this on my other computer in my room. I've uninstalled the mouse as well as the keyboard drivers, i've unplugged the mouse and keyboard with the same issue. I've plugged in a spare mouse and keyboard with the same issue. Is there some way to reset the keyboard and mouse settings? Could this be a virus or spyware, my computer has always worked fine until yesterday.

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Hdd Transfer Speed Over Usb

I keep on wondering how come my hard drives have such a low transfer speed with usb. I have a mybook and a usb docking station. Both of them cannot transfer past than 20mbs. When i switch back to sata, i get at least 3 times the transfer speed (more for my faster drives). Sata is faster than usb, i can understand that. But usb 2. 0's rated transfer rate is 60mbs, what exactly is throttling the speed?

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Usb Port Replicator

I'm wondering if anyone sells an actual port replicator, vs a hub (eg 4 female ports on the device and 4 male plugs to connect to the back of the pc). I know mono-price sells male a to female a cables, but i'd rather have a single medium size cable instead of one extra thick 'cable' made by braiding/heat shrink tubing 4 separate cables together.

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Are There Limitations To Using Usb Port On A Pc ?

In a nutshell i'm wondering if i'm simply over-loading my usb hub or maybe the quality of the extension cable is causing interference. I have apprx. 5m & 3m usb extension cables coupled together that runs from the back of my pc to where i'm sitting. A usb powered small hub is attached to the end of this. On the hub, i connect a wireless dongle for my keyboard, bluetooth dongle that connects to a mobile phone, headset and mouse (sometimes), wireless dongle for a mouse, charger for my headset, data cable for my mobile phone and any storage device that i'd like access to such as a micro flash card reader. Are there limitations to using one usb port on a pc or a certain extension cable length?

The reason for thinking that it maybe because of the quality of the cable is that when i plug in a wired headset to one of the ports, there's a load of interference coming through the earphones - i do not know if this is because there's too much traffic on the cable or the signal gets weak because of the cable length or the lack of any quality. Can the problem be solved if i attach the optional power inlet to the mains?

I hope someone can help please because i rely entirely on this!

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How Can I Tell If My Usb Ports Are Regular Or High Speed ?

How can i tell if my usb ports are regular or high speed? I have 4 ports off the mobo, 2 ports off the mobo in the front of my case and an add on pci card of 4 more usbs. Os is xp pro with sp2. When i look in device manager i see a lot of usb ports/hubs. I hooked up an ipod the other day and it told me i didn't have any usb high speed ports. I reinstalled the drivers for the belkin pci card and that seemed to make the pci card's ports happy with 2. 0, do these drivers work on the mobo's usb ports too? I thought xp would take care of the mobo's ports and make them 2. 0.

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Usb Flash Drive Speed Is Very Slow

I need a larger usb flash drive and was wondering what people would suggest. I have a 4gb drive now, but need something bigger. I have noticed that the transfer rate to my drive is very slow and was wondering if that has to do with the usb technology or because of my drive. I'd like one that transfers as fast as possible, but if they all transfer at the same speed, then so be it.

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Usb Isn't Running At 2.0 Speed

I'm currently running an athlon x2 6000+, msi k9a2 platinum ver 1 mobo, raptor, 3gb ddr2-800, vista 64 and i know my usb isn't running at 2. 0 speeds. I've uninstalled and reinstalled drivers, checked cables, even went it and saw it said usb enhanced, but that's only in one part. When i plug in devices that are usb 2. 0 capable, it says plug into a usb port with 2. 0 for faster speeds. I'm so lost. I'm tired of uploading 2gb of photos or updating my iphone, only to wait up to 30 minutes for transfers. I have read and searched so many websites for help, but i can't find a way to fix it.

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Alocate An Usb Port As Com1

I am tryng to alocate an usb port to work as com1. How can i do it?

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Usb Keyboard To Ps/2 Port Adapter

Anyone know if there is such a thing as a usb keyboard to ps/2 adapter? I have plenty of the usb mouse to ps2 plugs but they don't work on my store sent me a new keyboard but my kvm switch only has ps/2 plugs on it. I see some on the net but they look just like the ps/2 mouse ones i already have.

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7 Port Powered Usb Hub

I've been trying to find a good powered usb 2. 0 7 port hub. Everything i find either has some strange shape that looks, for lack of a better word, stupid or has all the ports on the front of the hub. All i'm looking for is a normal shaped hub (square box) with all ports (including power) on the back. The only thing i want on the front are indicator lights or nothing. Years ago i used to see them all the time but now they all have some or all ports on the front or are some funky shape. I need it to be powered since i'll be plugging a few items into it that obtain their power from the usb port (g15, g9, n52te, etc. ). I also have a usb mic but its usb 1. 1 and would need a hub where having a 1. 1 device plugged in won't affect the high speed of the 2. 0 devices (if they even make such a hub). I have a few other items but they are just data or have their own external power source (ups link to the pc etc. ).

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Moving Device To Different Usb Port

Is anyone else having this problem? I have 6 usb 2. 0 ports and a 4x hub plugged into one of them, and if move any device from one usb port to another, windows thinks i'm plugging in a new device, and needs to go through the whole process of installing both the drivers and the software (in correct order yada yada) each time this is done. I have 4 cables plugged into the 4 main usb ports, and everytime i unplug them all to open the case, i never know which ones went in which one so i whack them all back in, boot up, and have to go through settings them all up again!

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Ps2 Keyboard For Usb Port

I have a laptop that has a keyboard that no longer functions. I wish to hook up my ps2 keyboard to my laptop, but there's no ps2 ports, only usb. Where can i buy a converter on-line?

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