Mouse Unplug Causing Problems

If a ps/2 mouse is unplugged or plugged into a machine while the machine is on, can that cause the machine itself to malfunction besides not being able to use the unplugged item? Is this for keyboards as well?

The reason i ask is because i'm having trouble with a mouse hooked up to a kvm and i want to do some testing to find out what the problem is, but i don't want to be causing problems for the machines hooked up to the kvm.

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Keyboard And Mouse Freeze - Must Unplug Computer

Nearly everyday my iq504 will suddenly just freeze up. The mouse and keyboard are completely unresponsive as well as the touchscreen. Ctrl-alt-del does nothing. The only choice i have is to unplug the computer (basically crashing eveything i may have had open at the time) and then restarting it up. Sometimes this happens while i am in the middle of using internet explorer, sometimes using microsoft money, sometimes using ms-outlook, etc. I have also had instances where everything was fine, i get up to get a soda, come back and i am frozen up. I wasn't even touching the computer and only left it for a couple minutes and this happens. Is this happening to me uniquely or do others here experience this as well. If so, has anyone found a solution? I've already downloaded the latest drivers from the hp website. I don't know what else to try at this point.

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Usb Traffic Causing Mouse Lag

I just recently purchased a 1tb wd my book essential ed. Ext. Hd and have it hooked up to a usb 2. 0 port on my pc. I also have a usb 2 logitech g5 mouse and g15 keyboard as well as a usb 2 mic all hooked up to usb 2. 0. Ports. It feels like my mouse isn't as responsive as before i installed the hd, and i'm wondering if it could be because the mouse data transfers are getting slowed down by other usb transfers from the hd. I have the latest logitech drivers installed and i increased the polling rate to 1000hz and i have my mobo updated with the latest chipset drivers and bios version too if that even matters. In the bios i have the usb host controller set to hi speed. I was transferring a bunch of media files over to my new hd and noticed the transfer rate was only about 25-30 mbps, im wondering if all my usb devices are taking up too many resources, or if theres a way i can monitor usb traffic. Is there any way i can set my mouse to a higher priority as far as usb resources goes. The pc im using is in my sig and my vista is fully updated.

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Pc Freeze, When Unplug Usb 2.0 Devices

I just bought a usb2. 0 pci card because i only had usb1. 0 in my pc. My mother board fully supports usb 2. 0 as i check on the manual! I installed the card in the pci slot and the drivers but as i unplug my pen drive the pc freezed !

I rebooted , all is fine until i hook up another usb device this time my blue tooth dongle. Tried a differrent pendrive and the same thing happened! I tried removing the card and drivers and reinstalling but the same thing happened! Im running windows xp pro sp2 with all the latest updates!

The strange thing is here! Im running another version of windows xp pro sp2 on the same machine. I booted on this version, installed the card and drivers and it worked fine! All the devices i plugged where found automatically and worked fine!

Whats can be wrong with my xp version that the usb 2. 0 is not working with ?

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Unplug Cpu From Motherboard To Clean But Now Pc Wont Boot

I unsnapped my cpu from the motherboard to clean it then reconnected it but now it wont boot up? It power on the cd trays green light comes on but the blue light won't.

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What Could Be Causing System Lockups ?

My system has been locking up once in a while, usually only if i get up and leave it for several hours. But it can do it while i'm still siting there, though it's rare. Basically, the entire system would freeze. I wouldn't even be able to move the mouse. And the hard drive light would just be on. Not blinking. Not off. Just on, like the power led. Once i press the reset button, it just restarts just fine, like nothing happened. The most recent hardware changes were a new processor (athlon xp thoroughbred 2600+) and a new hard drive (120gb seagate). Windows xp was also recently reinstalled.

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Headphones Causing Nausea

Recently i bought noise canceling headphones philisp shn9500 (frequency range 20-22000hz) and i have no problem with them at all. But then i also tried two hi-end consumer headphones from sony - noise canceling mdr-nc500d (5–24000hz) and bass heavy mdr-xb700 (3-28000hz). Both made me feel slightly nausea-tic within minutes and cause headache.could it be, that it is caused by low frequency sounds? I read in a medical article that motion sickness (kinetosis) can be caused by low frequencies ~10hz being transmitted inside the head by vibrations and i'm quite prone to the kinetosis (but not in trains). Maybe the same effect has the transmitting of low frequency sounds via headphones?

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Usb Hub Causing Pc Crash

I recently bought a berklin in desk usb hub, but when i have it connected to my pc and i reboot or power up my pc my asus p5k-premium board says oc failed hit f1 to change settings. Why is this i wonder, my oc is 100% stable and i have the latest mobo bios. I asked btarunr considering he'd prob have a good scoop on what is gong on off the top of his head, this is what he said:

"Usb hubs tend to load a single usb post beyond 500ma and brings in instability. Usb power is at the expense of the mobo's power phase. It's possible that it affects oc. Set usb as hispeed, disable any power mgmt feature in the bios for starters. " Well here are some of the auto settings that i do not know what values are safe to put in. My usb hub uses a wall outlet for some of its power, ive tried with it unplugged and it didnt fix the problem. I know my oc is orthos stable though @ 2. 8ghz 400fsb x7.

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Raid Card Causing Reboots

Let me start with this disclaimer:

Yes, i am well aware of the fact that windows 7 is a beta operating system at this point and that expecting perfection is a pipe dream. Now, with that out of the way my friend has a copy of windows 7 and accompanying key that was downloaded whenever ms gave out those downloads and keys a few months back. Running the 64 bit version on a q9550, 4gb of ram, and a gigabyte p35-ds3l mobo, we seem to be encountering random reboots. Xp was installed on the same system and it seems that the only uncommon hardware between the two is the highpoint rocket raid 2300 (sw raid card specs here) which is running a raid 0 of 2 wd3200jd hdds which holds the w7 os. The xp is on another drive and runs fine. My question is, i have already flashed the bios of the raid card with the newest version and am still having trouble. How best can i determine if this is caused by the card or the drives, and even then what is the best course of action. How can i better diagnose the problem? The reason i ask is because i sold him the 2300 and hdds and while he does not hold me accountable, i would like to help him. Thank you all for any and all help you can provide, i really do appreciate it. Ps the raid card was implemented because the ds3l only has 4 sata ports, and with 4 hdds and a sata optical, there is not enough space to run all at once.

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Overclocking Ram Causing Artifacts

So i have encountered a problem. Everytime i try to overclock my ram, my video card starts getting lots of artifacts. To the point where i cannot play more than 30s of any game. Anyone know why this could be happening. My overclocks are stable using memtest86. My system is as follows:

Ga-ud3p p45
8800 gts 640 mb
2x1 gb of transcend axeram (1200)
X-fi xtremegamer

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Usb Causing Computer To Freeze

I want to start off saying that i feel really dumb about posting this question. I have worked on and off in the it field for the last 14 years and this one is stumping me. I guess you could say that my skills have started to rot away. I have a slack data analyst position and have turned a screw driver on a computer is like a year. Mmmm brain beginning to mush. Here is my dilemma and i have googled it to no result. My neighbor has a home built machine that she has been having problems with since it was built last year. I didn't build it, but being a nice enough neighbor i thought i would lend her a helping hand. The computer has an asus m2n68-vm mainboard. This specific version does not have the dvi or hdmi built in. Surprising how all google searches point directly to that board. The person who built it installed a x64 5000+, a 7300 gs video card, 4gb ram, 80gb hard drive, and a cheap lite-on dvd drive. If i remember right, she paid 1k for it may-ish 2009. Ha ha, but i digress. So here is the problem. The neighbor claims that since november, the computer randomly freezes up when inserting a flash drive or when connecting her easyshare camera to the front usb ports on the front of this custom tower. She claims that she hasn't had the problem before that. So i take a look at the computer. It is not just the front ports. It is all ports. When the computer freezes it locks the keyboard and mouse. Explorer seems to be frozen completely. Its not every time a device is plugged in. Anyone have any ideas?

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Printed Text Causing Smudges Upon Highlighting

I have had this canon multipass f20 inkjet printer for ahile now and the problem is that when i print a text no matter how long i wait till it goes dry, when i use a highlighter it leaves smudges. So i'm not sure if the problem is with the ink or the paper, and whether that's a problem with all the inkjet printers as opposed to laster printers.

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What Can Be Causing Hard Drive Data Corruption ?

Ok, i know my question could have a thousand possible answers (searching the forums, it appears so), but iím really stumped here. My hard drive keeps getting "data corruption errors" where it has "one or more unrecoverable problems" according to chkdsk /r. I donít know why my wd 160gb 1600js sata hard drive gets this problem. I am unable to properly boot into windows, and if i am able, programs open really slowly. Any ideas what could be the problem? It happened a few weeks ago, and i reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled everything (with the help of another hard drive with windows on it). Now, it happened again. The data corrupt issues started when i bought the ocz stealth xstream psu to replace a high-pitch whine antec psu. But according to the bios, the rail readings appear to be ok and nothing is overclocked, its just an office-use machine. One more thing, i didnít install the nvidia ide drivers (i still remember the horrors from when i had the nf2).

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Belkin F5d8055 Causing Computer To Buzz

I just bought a belkin f5d8055 today and it is working fine, however it is causes my computer to make a buzzing sound, like there is some sort of electromagnetic interference. There isn't a speaker in my case so i'm not sure what is actually making the noise. It is coming from inside of the case, and not from the usb device itself, but it stops when i unplug it and it starts back the moment i plug it back in. It is an electrical buzzing sound, and my dad's computer speakers make the exact same noise constantly. It gets louder when data is being transferred on the net. My power is running through a ups. Any ideas what is wrong and how to fix it?

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External Hdd Causing Reboot Loop

I had to reformat my computer from a corrupted file causing windows to not be able to boot. So i wiped both of my internal hdd's (two seagate 500gb 7200. 12 drives) and reinstalled windows xp sp2. After the reformat it would start to post and get to (or apparently slightly beyond) memory testing when it would restart the boot and get to the same point, etc. At first i thought it was a memory problem since it would get to memory testing so after a few days of trying different memory combinations i tried unplugging devices and low and behold once my external hdd (a wd my book essential 320gb) was unplugged the computer would boot just fine. I have found that after the computer is booted if i plug in the external then plug it into power my computer will recognize it. This is not a huge problem but it can be a little bit of a pain because i now have to do this every time i restart my computer since i use the drive to back up my files. Is there any way i can get this drive to be recognized at boot to avoid plugging it in every time? Or what is going on when it will not allow the computer to post?

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Seagate 1.5tb Sd1b Causing Bsod

I update the firmware on my seagate 1. 5tb to sd1b and that went off without a problem. I cloned an older, fuller drive to the new seagate and used it as my primary bootup drive. After a couple of days of use it seemed to be working without a problem, but when i went to an install of a fairly big program i got a bsod. It doesn't do it at any other time except whenever i try to install this larger program. It get's stuck at 3% and bsod's. So what i did was switch back to the original drive and installed this program and it did it without a problem or a bsod. My question is, is it possible for a hard drive of this size to bsod a system and has anyone else had this problem?

I'm running a p5q deluxe with a q6600 g0, 8800 ultra, 8gig of g. Skill ddr2 800 pi. Any ideas would be helpful.

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New Video Card Is Causing Computer Not To Post

I just got a gt 240 to replace my 8800 gts 320mb for my htpc. However, the computer isn't posting now. Nothing appears on the screen. Any ideas on what is wrong?

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Video Card Or Ram Causing Bsod ?

Ok so i have had my computer setup for a while and i am trying to figure out what the heck is causing my bsods. So i sent in the video card about a year ago for service and they sent me a new one. The old one would give me bsods and artifacting. I have always had a problem (it seems) with artifacting with this setup. I tried doing ram tests and even running it with another stick but the bsods are so random its hard to test. The ram tests said the ram was fine after running it for a few hours. I guess my best bet would be to buy new ram and test it for a while and see if its the ram. I have a feeling its the video card though, i just dont trust xfx that much. Not sure if they have got better. Btw, i always use a anti static wrist strap and time i touch anything inside of my computer. My specs are:

Core 2 duo 6550
Intel dg33bu motherboard
2gb ocz pc6400 memory
Xfx 8800gt alpha dog edition
Antec earthwatts 550w

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Wd Green 2tb Causing System Freezes

Just got a new 2tb wd green drive and installed in my system (win 7 pro, asus m2n32-sli wireless dlx, 940 be, 6gb ram, gtx 260 and 3 other wd black 1tb drives). Had to go into admin tools and data storage(?) To see and format the drive the first time. Did a quick format, and moved over a couple hundred gig to it. Within a few days of being up 24/7, i opened up my computer to see i was missing a couple other drives. Didn't see them in the control panel either. I will admit that i have an old install of win 7 rc on one of my other data drives i didn't get rid of but let my new windows install on another drive take over booting when i installed retail win 7. I have disconnected all drives but boot drive, and when i connect the 2tb drive, it actually doesn't let me see it in my computer or in control panel tools, but my whole computer seems to hang for 10-15 secs a couple of times a minute. You know, mouse pointer becomes immovable, etc. Suggestions for troubleshooting?

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Monitor Is Causing Hum In Microphone Recordings

I've recently bought a dynamic microphone and mixer and connected it to the line-in of my sound card. When i'm playing back what i've recorded, i can hear an annoying hum. So i tried to track the problem and it seems the hum is gone when i turn off my monitor. I don't have grounded wall sockets in this room, so i connected everything with an extension cable to the grounded socket in the bathroom. Sadly, the hum wasn't gone, and i gained another hum in my speakers when it's grounded. Has anyone here maybe some ideas on how to fix this? Would a "ground loop isolator" between mixer and sound card help? Or some of those ferrite clamps on cables?

Here's some more info. Microphone (shure pg48) is connected to mixer (behringer xenyx 802) and the mixer goes to the line-in of my sound card, and from my sound card output an amp with a pair of speakers. Monitor is a sgi gdm-fw9011 24" crt

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Slave Hard Drive Causing Crash

After i disconnect my slave drive to hook up another one to get some files off it, and reconnected my old slave drive. Windows started to crash when it gets to the loading screen. I get a quick blue screen and it restarts. However after i disconnect the slave drive it boots fine. Anyone have any idea what's up?

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Usb Peripherals Causing Boot Problems

I'm an hp repair tech (contract dude to god knows how many providers, something like 20 at last count). I've been finding a fairly common thread amongst some of the systems i work on. For instance, the last job i did had two d220m desktop workstations. Both were in separate locations on the site, both had the same exact problem - they would not post. After a system board, memory, and cpu replacement, the systems would boot just fine, provided the lexmark z22 usb printer that each had was not connected. If the printer was connected, the system would stall on the hp splash screen, and nothing would work (no keyboard, no post, nothing). Upon unplugging the printer from the system, and power-cycling, the system would perform normally. The problem occurred regardless of which usb port the printer was attached to. I saw a similar issue on another hp desktop (different model, i believe), with a lexmark printer (although i'm not sure if it was the same model, i do remember it was usb), a while ago. Does anyone have any experience with any usb peripherals causing post faults in hp systems? How about lexmark usb printers causing post/boot faults in any systems?

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Pci Usb2.0 Card Causing Problems

I recently purchased the above mentioned component and upon installation of all drivers i inserted the card. When my pc was next turned on i encountered an issue, it appears the installation of the card prevents my system recognizing any other hardware in my computer, (harddrive, video card, graphics card etc etc)

This obviously causes a boot issue and the computer asks for system disk to boot, however even this will not get the system started it simply refuses to use the disk. The pci card works fine in another pc however without an problems at all. Anyone have any ideas as to the problem? And/or how to solve it?

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Psu Frying Causing Hardware Damage

Psu broke, now my computer lags doing simple tasks. Lags typically occur when switching programs/opening programs and last up to 6 seconds. Games lags much more when i'm doing something, but runs relatively smooth when i'm not moving (even though there are other npc's moving around). I have a new much better psu and i'm pretty sure thats not the problem. I have updated bios/cmos etc. I've installed windows under another hdd and i think lags a bit for a fresh install so i think hdd isn't the problem. So i'm guessing cpu, mobo, or ram. Anyway to check performance of these things and hopefully find out what the problem is?

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Windows Update Causing Computer Crash

I have an hp pavilion dv6000 laptop with vista premium, about two years old. I recently reformatted my hard drive, so one of the first things i did was reinstall all the windows updates. It said there were around 70 updates so i left them to install for awhile and it said it was finished. After this i tried to install a game, but the installer made my computer crash and restart. I went back to windows update, thinking i may have missed some kind of video card update and tried to install the single update it had apparently missed. This immediately caused my computer to crash in the same way as the game installer. After this i tried doing a system restore to a point before i installed the updates. After entering the program, it crashed again. When it crashes there is no blue screen or anything out of the ordinary, it just looks like someone popped the battery out and it lost power or something (but it's plugged in right now, so that couldn't be it. ) There shouldn't be any viruses after the reformatting (not to mention the first thing i installed was an anti virus program), and the game worked fine before the reformatting, so what could the issue be? Is my video card broken? Did the updates cause it? Would reformatting again fix it? Anything you could tell me would be great. I sent this info to microsoft support already, so don't just tell me to go there, i want some other opinions.

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Sata Dvd Burner Causing Game Freeze

Does anyone here know if sata dvd burner cause game freeze, specially bf2142? I knew there was a problem w/ sata and 680 shipset but never heard of something like this.

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Bsod - Torrent Client Is Causing A Memory Error

So i picked up a q9400 a little over a week ago. It's running great. But last week, i noticed i kept getting bsods. I narrowed it down to the fact that it was occurring when i was using azureus/vuze. Through my research on the topic, i narrowed it down to one of two things: 1. Hard drive issue 2. Memory issue. I double checked all plugs on motherboard and hard drives. I ran disk check and error repair on all disks. The bsodís came back. Then i found someone stating that it may be that the bit torrent client is causing a memory error when it is caching. So, i removed two of the 1gb sticks i had in there, and i didn't seem to get a bsod overnight at all (or this morning) when i was using the pc w/ azureus/vuze running. So, i am wondering if since i just switched my cpu, flashed my bios to accommodate that cpu, and the fsb is now changed, should i not be using ddr2-800 ram? Iíd like to go back to 2x2gb or 4x1gb (and never had this issue before upgrading from an e2200 to the q9400).

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Asus A8n-e Fan Slow Causing Pc To Crash

I have a amd athlon 64" bit processor and an asus a8n-e mobo. And everytime i boot up i get a msg saying my chip fan is too slow and yes, it is. The chipfan more than 80% of the time is still, doesn spin at all. Now could this be the reason that my pc suddenly crashes / shuts down on its own (as if the electricity / power just went off?

It is very annoying as i sent my motherboard off to my retailer also and they took more than 25 days to send it back. But the problem still continues. Why is the chip fan so slow, or not working until i flick it with my fingers (still it only works for a while, then slows down after about 10 mins then stops. What should i do? I cant afford to wait another 25 days, and now i am not under warranty as well. Any advice?

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Hot Swap Sata Bay Reliability / Causing Errors

I am looking to see if anyone has had similar experiences as i have with hot-swap sata bay/enclosures. At work we had an array with a pair of kingwin kf-4000-bk 3. 5" internal hot swap rack raid-4 bay thingies

Drives would mysteriously drop from the array, when they were plugged directly into the sata cable they would just as mysteriously work fine again. We figured they were just crap and put them all directly wired. So at home i purchased some norco ss-500's

Since everyone seems to have their giant arrays in a norco i figured i would be safe. Well, after a month or two it started doing the same thing, randomly dropping drives from certain ports, replacing them with a known good drive would yield the same results (instability, claiming the drive had failed etc). Again, when directly attached, the drive was ok

So looking for alternitives i remembed supermicro, we use tons of their cases in our datacenter, they all have hot-swap sata bays, so surely their standalone ones should be ok right?

So i found the supermicro cse-m35t on newegg

And the reviews are complaining about the exact same thing as the norco and kingwin!

Whats going on here?

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Xbox 360 Controller (connected To Pc) Causing Usb Headset Distortion

Well basically i just connected my xbox 360 controller (well, the guitar that comes with guitar hero 2, to be specific) to my pc, and while vista recognized the device and installed drivers and such without a problem, and the device seems to be functioning, for as long as it's connected (and until i reboot with the controller disconnected) the sound going through my headset (usb plantronics dsp 550) sounds completely distorted.

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