Whs - Loading The Disk Configuration Information

I just added 2 wd black 1tb drives and a promise tx4 sata300 controller to my whs. I ran out of room. I already had an identical card in the server so it was detected by the bios and whs and both drives showed up during the bios boot and in device manager. I can access the shared folders via the shortcuts on my other computers but the connection software indicates i am not connected. Accessing the computer directly, everything looks okay but when trying to open the disk management folder in the admin tools, i only get the message that it is "loading the disk configuration information. Since these are brand new drives is it automatically doing a full format? I have been stuck here for a couple of hours. I know from installing a 640gb drive that a full format will take about 2 hours. Is that what is going on now?

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Whs Insufficient Disk Space Error

Yesterday i noticed my latest shares weren't being included in a whs search but were there if i explored the shared music folder. After investigating indexing a little more i received the message on the "indexing options" pop-up "insufficient disk space to continue indexing. Search results might not be complete"

Seems i have 145, 224 items indexed and that's the limit? 98% of the indexed items are @ 4000 mp3 and flac album folders. I removed the other folders from the indexing options and turned off duplication for the music share folder but it made no change to the indexing error. The os is on a 74gb raptor but i don't believe the os partition "grows as needed" so that shouldn't be the problem. I suppose i could tell it to not index the text and pics or maybe move the folder? Is there anyway to increase the size of the index folder or another way around this?

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System Drive For Whs - Largest Disk

Does anyone follow the rule of having your system disk the largest disk installed on the server? So even if you could install the os on a 150gb drive, it is still recommended to install it on a 500-1tb drive because it will be partitioned and the d: drive will be used for backups? If so, what type of backups will the d: drive use? I'm looking to install whs on an old 150gb raptor drive. Tell me why this is a bad idea.

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Moving From Whs On Dedicated Hardware To A Whs Vm

I am in the process of moving from 2 norco 4u cases to just a 4220, and am interested in how to go about transferring my whs install from dedicated hardware to a hyper-v install. Essentially everything underlined will be removed and the remainder put in the norco 4220. I am adding an areca 1300ix to take over for the super-micro cards. Is there any easy way to migrate the 10xwdeads/1xwd2. 5 drives directly into hyper-v and maintain the install? How would you go about it? I am considering just buying a few 2tb drives to assist in the transfer if i have to, but prefer not racking up the credit card for extra space i don't really need yet. I know a few of you have rebuilt/visualized/moved whs before. To compound everything, all of the drives are near full, and just about everything is duplicated in whs. Any ideas?

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Locating Hardware Information In Pc

I was just wondering where to look to find out exactly what motherboard and what type of memory my computer is using. I looked under device manager, but it doesn't have an specific names or specs. I didn't see any "memory" or "motherboard" catagory either. There is mention under system devices, but the only thing thats listed is driver details, etc nothing of any relevance. Do i have to literally open the case and read the label to see? Or is there some place else to look?

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Delete / Remove All Information From Computer

I want to sell my hp but want all the information ive put on it removed. How? I got an hp pavillion desktop about 6 months ago and rarely use it. I'd like to sell it but how do i delete/remove all my personal information (pictures, documents, etc. )? I want to restore this computer back to "brand new" if that's possible. Can anyone tell me the best way to make this happen?

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Usb Not Working, No Information In Windows Me Device Manager

My usb port has stopped working. When i tried to transfer pics from my camera to my computer, i could not get any connection. I have transferred pics from the camera to the desktop several times without any trouble. When i looked in the device manager, no usb information was listed. When i looked in the rom pci/isa bios () cmos setup utility, the only place i could find usb information was in the pnp & pci setup and the usb irq was enabled. I am on a desktop computer running windows me. I just changed running my dsl from the usb port to the ethernet port so i could run a wireless lan. This is the first time i have tried the dsl port since i installed the ethernet card and changed the dsl from usb to ethernet. Any suggestions?

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Will Restoring Sony Vaio Vgn-nr260e C: Drive Delete Information ?

Will restoring the c: drive on my sony vai vgn-nr260e delete my information? When i turn it on it gives me the black screen of death with a cursor. I managed to get to the vaio recovery center. Will restoring c: drive delete my info?

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Disk Boot Failure. Insert System Disk And Press Enter

Just built my first pc and configured the bios etc and get the following message:

Boot from atapi cd-rom
Disk boot failure. Insert system disk and press enter. I think this means that i have to insert a boot disk for the cd-rom drive into the floppy disk drive, to install the drivers for it. Can someone confirm this? Also my cd drive is a philips 52x32x52 cd-rw which came with no floppy disks for installation at all, so i am not sure how i can setup the cd drive without an operating system etc.

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Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk And Press Enter

I'm just usng my computer as a normal computer user would use one's computer. Surfing the web, instant messaging programs and the like, then my main harddrive makes a low click sound, then a slightly higher click sound after about half a second, then windows stops responding, then less than a second after my system achieves full lockup. So i'm like, ok, that's weird, and i reboot. I boot into bios and make sure it's not set to turn off the harddrives for any reason, and when i see that it isn't and there are no other wonky settings, i boot windows (xp pro sp2 .net) into safemode and just to make sure, start a virus scan, while that's working i look and make sure drive indexing is turned off (it isnf't on the main drive, so i turn it off) and that power save things are set to always on, and that's all ok, so while i'm waiting for the virus scan to finish, it does the click thing again, locks up, so i'm like *** and i reboot again, this time it gets to the ascii loading bar before the animated startup screen before the login prompt, and it does the click thing and stops, so i reboot again, and this time it gets to "verifying dmi pool data. " After detecting the drives and whatnot, does the click thing and stops right there, then after a minute or so i see "disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter". So i sit there getting madder by the second and press enter, then it gives me a blank screen and that message again, and that's where it sits right now as i type this (but once i post i'll turn it off)

So i was running a virus scan, avg free edition, and it scanned the registry and the mbr for viruses and didn't find any, so i dunno, this either is a virus that i don't have a definition for, or some random progressive hardware failure, or my computer decided to crap out on me randomly.

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Insert System Disk And Press Enter, Disk Boot Failure

Looking for suggestions for what to do next. I've built my first from scratch computer using:

Gigabyte ga-8i915p duo-a motherboard
P4 630 3ghz 800mhz fsb 2mb l2 cache processor
Maxtor 200gb eide ultra ata/133 hard drive
2x crucial 1gb ddrii 533 memory sticks

From my old system
Dvd rom

It seems to post ok, but i then get the message

"Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter"

I've tried the new copy of windows xp bought for this build, and also the disks that came with the board and the hard drive. Each time the same message comes up. I've searched through all the documentation that came with everything, the net, and some books, nothing i try works. Can anybody help please?

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Raid Configuration

I'm in the process of picking out parts for a home lan file server. I was thinking of getting cost effective basic parts (unix file server btw) and going out on the drives. I want like 150~200gb of storage, but i was considering a raid config to escape a drive failure catastrophe. Possibilities i was just pondering. 1. 2 raid 1's: 4 80gb drives, where two main drives are mirrored independently. 2. Raid 1: (2) 160gb drives, 1 main and 1 mirror. 3. Raid 1+0 -aka- raid 10 ? Is it me or do the mobo's at newegg not have these?

Also, if i go raid, sata raid or pata raid? Opinions wanted. Any other information involving storage/raid would be appreciated.

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Windows Reboots During Loading

I took the sata hdd out of my parents pc and attached it to mine (i wanted to see the boot time difference between xp and vista). Started my pc with my parents hdd as priority. It got to the xp loading bar and then after afew complete bars it came up with an error window asking me to activate xp. My mouse and keyboard were turned off so i just switched the pc off by the on button. This kinda scared me and i wanted to check if it worked at all. So i put i back in my parents pc and booted. Now it gets part way through the loading bar and just restarts. It keeps doing this. Anyone got any ideas why?

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Dell All-in-one Center Keeps Loading

The dell all-in-one center for my dell 922 printer keeps loading and it doesn't work. How can i make it open? I've seem some solutions such as downloading a patch that removes the printer from your computer then having to download the printer software again, but i don't trust it?

Answer:- you need to disconnect the printer. Download and run the patch(printer cleanup utility) until it prompts you to restart your computer. Restart your computer. Make sure the printer is removed:

Then download and install the proper drivers. The download for the patch and the printer drivers as well as installing the drivers can be found at:

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Hp Solution Center Is Not Loading

I have a hp deskjet f4104. I deleted some programs a while back and hp solution center is not loading. What can i install or do to get it up and running. The hour glass shows for a split second when i double click on the program and nothing else. I am really frustrated. I have to copy some documents and pictures and can't get the program to load.

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Optimal Ide Configuration

I have 1 hdd and 3 cd/dvd drives. I'm trying to set them up for best burning. Here is my current config. Ide1:
Master: 40gb hdd
Slave: aopen dvd-rw

Master: nec dvd-rw
Slave: plextor cd-rw

I'm concerned about burning dvd's from one dvd burner to the other. And also writing images of dvd to hdd and burning them from the image. The nec dvd-rw is what i use to actually burn the dvd's, the other dvd-rw just reads most of time. I have heard that certain ways you setup your drives and where they are positioned on the ide cable makes a difference. Any suggestions on optimal setup?

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Locked Boot Configuration

I have been given a dell latitude cpx h450gt. It has windows nt 4 installed, and is password protected. Normally i would run my password unlocker on it, but as i cannot change the boot sequence, because it is locked, i cannot do this. How can i unlock the section of the configuration?

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Router / Switch Configuration

I am using a 4 port (linksys wrt54g2) router, and i need to add more ports. I'm considering purchasing a 5 port switch (d-link des-1105). I'll have the switch plugged into the router, and the router plugged into the cable modem. This leaves me with the following:

3 open ports on the linksys router
4 open ports on the d-link switch

I'm wondering how i should connect my devices. I have the following:

3 computers (wired, not wireless)
3 voip phones (wired, not wireless)

Does it make a difference which devices i plug into the switch and router? Will i have less bandwidth on the devices connected to the switch, compared to those connected directly to the router?

*As a side note: according to the instructions, my voip phones need to plugged into a router. They will not work, for example, if plugged directly into the cable modem. I'm not sure if this is relevant, but i thought i'd mention it.

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Slow Webpage Loading With Roadrunner

At work and at home i have almost identical 2. 92 ghz machines (windows xp). Home is 512 mb ram, work is 1024 mb. Home internet (roadrunner) speed is 1012 kbps download, 332 kbps upload. Work is 1412 kbps download, 1397 kbps upload. It takes approximately 5 seconds to load the average webpage at work and approximately 1 minute or more at home.could the difference in ram make that much difference?

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Pc Freezes After The Windows Loading Screen

I put all the hardware together and installed windows vista into it. The computer boots to cd fine and it is able to install windows into the computer. The computer goes through the initial installation, restarts once to finish installing, restarts again to load windows and do the final steps of the installation, but it freezes after the windows loading screen (the black screen with a small bar showing progress on the bottom) after about 10 seconds of loading, the screen turns black. An artifacted white line appears at the top for 1 second, then turns black again. The computer freezes as this point as ctrl+alt+delete does nothing and pressing numlock/caps does not turn the lights on/off on the keyboard. This is what i have tried before running out of ideas:

-Tested the video card on a separate computer and it worked fine
-Removed the ram and attempted to boot the computer 1 stick at a time. It still frooze on the same screen. -Re-installed windows twice, the second time i re-installed i used a different version of the install (without sp1). Every time i re-installed, it failed at the same spot. So what else could i do? If my test were accurate, then this should point towards the motherboard/processor. I have no idea how to check if these are working correctly. I don't have another computer that fits the same cpu, or enough parts or an extra processor to fit on the computer.

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Error Loading Operating System

I have been trying for the last 6 hours to get this to work. The board is a dfi nfii ultra and an athlon xp-m 2500+ (not overclocked yet). Trying to install windows xp will give me this error, it copies the files and then retarts and one of these two errors come. I changed the hard drive, still no luck. Changed the ide channel of the hd and still gives me those errors when it goes to boot. Tried fdisk /mbr and fixmbr from the repair console.

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Error Loading P17.dll

This is the message i get when i startup. "Error loading p17.dll
The module could not be found"

Now it occurs to me that this happened when i uninstalled my creative sound card. I unistalled it correctly, and didn't just delete anything. Anyone know how to fix this? Googling it just brings up an answer "it said it was broken and i reinstalled creative and it worked!"

Which i really don't want to do. Maybe i should try putting my sound card back in.

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Computer Froze On Hp Screen And Not Loading

Why is my computer froze on the hp screen and not loading? I plugged all plugs in it says to push esc i did and it will not go all the plugs are in even the keyboard it did not do this the other day it worked fine so what is the matter with the computer?

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Error Loading Calc.dll

I have an older dell laptop and it's been a little while since i've used it so when i went to start up the laptop recently an error message pops up saying the application or dll globalrootsystem32skynetttpuwsww.dll is not a valid windows image please check against diskette. Pops up and once i close the message it pops up every few seconds and i have to keep closing it, eventually it boots up and then a message saying error loading c: windowssystem32calc.dll the specific module could not be found pops up once then when i close it down everything seems fine and the desktop icons appear. And i attempt to go online with my laptop and the page always says internet explorer cannot display the webpage and asks if i wanna try to diagnose connection problems or get more information, i have tried troubleshooting the connection problems step by step, and i even followed all of the directions under the more information section but i am still not able to get anything done as far as getting online!

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4 Sata Drive Raid Configuration

Ok i just bought some drives and have played around with the setup and wanted to get some feedback on configuration. I have 4 750gb sata drives all 7200rpm
Samsung spinpoint f1
Wd caviar black
2x wd caviar blue

I had the samsung and the wd black drive in a raid 0 initially and when i got the blue drives i put those in a raid 0 and was just backing up the first raid 0 to the second once a week. Now i've configured them in a raid 5. Is this the best solution for performance. I'm not terribly concerned with redundantcy i just want to be able to have some sort of protection. I was fine with the once a week back of the raid 0.

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Hard Drive Configuration For Gaming Pc

I'm building a new gaming rig and am trying to figure out what i want to do as far as the hard drives go. Creating a storage server so don't need much of a storage space. Three ideas that i have are:

1) two 500gb wd black in a raid 0
2) one drive as os, second as install/storage
3) cheap small drive as os , second for install, and third for data (mostly iso's for the games, i hate trying to locate the cd)

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Eyefinity Configuration - One Card For Each Monitor

With crossfire and eyefinity having a hard time coexisting, would it be possible to use a single card to drive a single monitor? This would mean, if i want to do a 3x1 monitor config, i would simply buy 3x 5870's and not put them in tri-crossfire. Just have one card drive each monitor. Perhaps someone here (brent?, Kyle?, Anyone?) Could clarify if this is possible. Imo, if it is not an option, i think amd/ati would do well to think about implementing it. This kind of configuration would have better performance than a normal tri-fire config, what with multi-card scaling not being 1:1 with a single card. I figure if you could hand each card it's own 1920x1200 chunk of the pie, each card would perform awesomely. Someone else already provided me a link to this website:-

Which shows 4 cards in non-cf mode running a flight sim. There are 4 instances of the game program running on the linux box, and the driver used was an in-house linux driver. If you pay close attention, you'll see that the four quadrants of the display move at different times as the camera pans. So there is some sync issue with the kind of demo setup they had there. I don't think running multiple instances of games is a viable solution for end users.

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6 Screen Ati Eyefinity Configuration

We're just doing a bit of testing here in the lab today, and wanted give you all a glimpse of what was on the test bench. We have already given you glimpses of amd's ati eyefinity technology running on more than three screens on a few occasions in the past, but we haven't had the ability to do any hands-on with the technology up to this point because the radeon hd 5870 eyefinity 6 edition and the requisite software wasn't quite ready yet. Well, it's here now. And we'll be able to give you the full scoop very soon.

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Router Traffic Monitoring And Configuration

I have a router and i have three devices connected to it. I need to monitor the traffic each device uses and more importantly reserve an amount of bandwidth for one one the devices. One of the devices is a digital satellite receiver so i need the bandwidth to be reserved for it while other 2 pc's are powered off. I guess in this case software would not be an option because the pc's will be off. Is there a setting in the router that i can set to achieve this ( i haven't found so far). The router is trendnet tw 100-s4w1ca

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Samsung Syncmaster 940bw Configuration

I just got a new monitor at my office. It's a syncmaster 940bw from samsung. It is 19" and the native configuration is 1440 x 900. When i use this configuration, everything is fine but i feel that things are quite small. So i tried another configuration but the other configurations that are offered when i go to the configuration panel on windows are the following :

1280 x 768
1280 x 720
1280 x 600
1152 x 864
1024 x 768
800 x 600

I tried the 1280 x 768 but i would really need is 1280 x 800. The 1280 x 768 configuration stretches everything. Is there anything i can do to be able to us 1280 x 800 ?

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