Pc Is Suddenly Laggy

This problem started suddenly. My pc seems to boot fine, and all the programs run as usual except starting any program is really slow now. The pointer jumps around, and the system is generally laggy while any program is starting (browser, im client, word processor, media player). I can still play video and mp3 files, but video files are slightly choppy - still watchable. No viruses or ad-software has been detected, nothing strange seems to be running. I don't have a lot of processor usage. Only lags when starting programs. I have about 11gigs free space. I have defragged, run norton systemworks, memtest86. I haven't been able to do a full chkdsk, because it was going so slowly - it would take about 48 hours straight to run to completion.

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Games Suddenly Laggy

I've got a p4 3. 06ghz, 786mb ddr-i ram, 845e max( old mobo), in my old rig. This setup used to run hl-2 , doom3, gta san andreas, swat4. At 1024x768(low-med settings), getting 20-60 fps in all. Problem started when i uninstalled these games when i wasnt playing them for some time, but since re-installing, games have become laggy and unplayble at even 640x480 rez, at lowest setting. I checked my cpu temp which was 62c- 66c at idle, i dont know if this could be a problem since i think p4 temps are usually around these, or am i wrong? I've googled around but coudnt find any answer to this kind of problem.

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Xbox 360 Connection Laggy

I have a wireless connection from my xbox to my router. The router and modem both work fine, because they're pretty new, and all other computers in the house work fine on the internet. However, my xbox connection is extremely laggy. I can connect to xbox live when i turn my xbox on, after waiting about 10 seconds. When i test my xbl connection, its says xbox live is up and running. When i play games, i have a one bar connection, (even though when i test my connection, i have full bars) and move around in 40 foot increments (basically, i lag extremely hard). When i try a wired connection, it seems to fix the problem, but i want to be able to have a wireless connection, so i don't have to feed an ethernet cable through the house. When i bring my xbox and my adapter to friends houses, it works fine. At my house, i have the proper xbox ports open, and nat is open. There is usually only one other computer in the house online when i'm online with the xbox, but when i get on by myself, it still doesn't work. Also, most times when i turn my xbox on, my xbox doesn't recognize that my adapter is plugged in, so i have to replug it in. If you are somehow able to answer my problem, i am not only impressed, but you will get best answer, if it is a solution. Oh, also, i have tried restarting my modem and router. Doesn't help at all.

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Asus Lifeframe Virtual Camera Laggy

So i bought an asus g73jh. Whenever i load up lifeframe and watch through the camera, every thing's extremely laggy. It has a low frame rate and is a few seconds behind what's actually happening. Anyone know what's wrong with it? I tried updating, reinstalling it, etc.

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Laggy Fps With Ati Radeon 9600xt 256mb And Asus Motherboard

I tried to use the drivers from catalyst on the ati webpage but when i try to play counterstrike i cant get more than 45 fps and it jumps around alot and its not smooth at all. Its a brand new 9600xt and also brand new asus motherboard. The vid card is using 8x agp. I have tried some custom display drivers without any luck. The first time i tried to install the drivers for the vid card i had just reformated my computer bc i just got my new motherboard. The motherboard is a p4v8x-x.could i be missing certain drivers?

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Joystick Suddenly Switch Off

I have a strange "problem" with my thrustmaster topgun afterburner 2 joystick. The problem is when i for an example play h. A. W. X. It suddenly switches off the assistance mode, or fires the missiles by itself. It even switches targets randomly. I have tried everything so far, from updating the mobo drivers and directx. Don't ask me why it started to behave like this, it just started one day. I haven't tested it with dcx9 yet (no fly zone mission) or any other game. However, it responds normaly (no jerky motions or similar).

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Pc Suddenly Froze Up And Hang

Well i was using my pc last night when suddenly it froze up and hang. I pressed ctrl alt del to reset it but it doesnt work so i turned the main switch off so the whole pc will turn off. After i turned it on again the the fan rotates lights turned on like it was restarting and all are all green and ready to go. It even made a sound that windows was succesfully loaded because of the sound but one thing i noticed is that the monitor is not showing it (it only shoes a black screen) even though it has a power (i can tell coz it has green light in the power ledbut it turned oranged after a while) so i tried to turn it off again i press the windows button in the keyboard and press up then enter twice to shut it done and woot it shuts down. I remove the video card and tried another video card. But again the same thing happen windows loaded but i cant see it in my screen. So i went here and hope that someone can help me.

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Mouse Suddenly Freeze

It's been almost a week that i'm having this weird problem. All of a sudden, i can't get *any* mouse to work. It seems to work fine when i boot up, but it's just a matter of time till it stops responding!

The first time the problem showed up with my regular ps2 mouse. I was browsing some site and the mouse suddenly froze. After a while it comes back, the cursor goes berserk for a few seconds, and from then on no response. It just wouldn't work. The whole system seemed to work fine though. I restarted, and the mouse was dead right from the start. Luckily enough, i remembered i had another one somewhere, a newer usb optical mouse. (Ms intellimouse optical with a cable) so, i swap mice using usb this time, boot up, the mouse works fine for a couple of minutes and suddenly "dies on me" too! The red light under the mouse disappears too. If i restart, sometimes it will work (but -again- only for a minute or two) but usually it doesn't even flash its light as it's supposed to do when it's being initialized. If i shut down and switch on, it always works in the start, but it's just a matter of time till it stops responding again. The problem is very weird because it happens with 2 different mice on two different kinds of ports (ps2 and usb), so this leaves no room for the chance that either one of the ports, or any of the mice, is broken! Other devices work great on the very same usb ports where the mouse hangs!

Sometimes when it stops working i get a notification from windows that a usb device has malfunctioned and is no more recognisable. No matter what, the mouse disappears from the hardware list. Of course i've tried uninstalling the mouse and let the windows reinstall it, and updated the drivers but it's no good. The problem persists. I've also noticed that it stops working only if you're moving it around. If you don't touch it at all, it seems ok. The red light works, it will point, it will click. But after a short while it dies again - as if some buffer overruns or something. Furthermore, if you were holding down one of its buttons when it hangs, windows is tricked into believing it's still down, and won't even allow certain keyboard keys to work too! I hate this when it happens!

I wrote a dos-based program that calls the actual hardware interrupt to access the mouse directly, it seems to initialize successfully, displays the pointer but it's dead again as usual. However it's not in real dos environment, (it's only xp's console mode dos) so i don't know if this is actually mapped to the windows driver instead. Sorry if this was long, but i'm really frustrated; i can hardly use my computer. I've tried virtually *everything*. I want to avoid a format because the problem looks so weird, that i'm not quite sure if it's going to help. I found a few threads describing similar problems, but no solution was found in any of them. My hardware is an intel p4 at 2. 4ghz on an asus p4pe m/b, running xp pro sp2, 512mb ddr in one bank. I've never had any hardware conflicts whatsoever and i haven't installed any new hardware lately. Doublechecked for viruses/spyware etc, nothing suspicious. All i can think of is my power supply box (350w, got it a month ago) but mice generally require minimum power, i don't see how it could be an issue. I also downloaded a freeware program that monitors voltages/temperatures and stuff, and it all looks perfectly regular. No weird spikes in the graphs when the mouse hangs or anything. Anyone got any idea?

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Computer Monitor Suddenly Went Blank

I was working on my computer when the monitor suddenly went black. Nothing seemed to be different in the tower; there were no sound changes, no light changes. The monitor's power light stayed on. I recently acquired another computer and monitor from a friend and decided to hook both monitors to both towers to troubleshoot. Both monitors work fine when hooked up to the second computer, and both monitors stay blank when connected to the first computer. So, the problem has to be in the tower. What sort of problem does it sound like i have? What should my next step be? The only spec i have for the machine, since i can't access the hard drive, is that it's running xp.

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Computer Suddenly And Unexpectedly Shut Down

A friend of mine was using her computer, browsing the internet, when it suddenly and unexpectedly shut down. There was no error message - it just powered off. Now, when i attempt to reboot it, nothing happens. And when i say nothing, i mean nothing. I press the power button, and there is absolutely no change whatsoever in the behavior of the computer. No black screen, blinking lights, beeping noises, fan noises, hard drive spinning, etc. Imaging you tried to power up a computer that is not plugged in to the wall - that is what happens. I thought it had to be the power supply. So i replaced it. Still no change. Then i thought maybe the on/off switch was bad. So i checked it with a meter - its not. Also, there is 3. 3v across the wires heading to the power button. Any suggestions on what i should check next?

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Laptop Restarts Suddenly When Tapped

Iv got a toshiba l10-273 laptop and quite recently have found that when the laptop is tapped or knocked slightly mainly on the bottom left section (next to the touchpad) the computer restarts or the screen goes all funny and it becomes unable to use and needs restarting. Can anyone help?

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Computer Shut Down Suddenly, Now Not Booting

Does this sound like a blown power supply? How do i test for sure, barring swapping to a new ps immediately, since i don't have one lying around? I was just playing a game of left 4 dead and bam, complete shut off, and now when i try and power back on, absolutely nothing happens, no post, no fans, no leds. It sounds like a power issue, but i want to be sure.

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Pc Suddenly Died While In Sleep Mode

My pc suddenly died last night and won't ever start up again! I was wondering if any expert could identify the problem. I don't get it, is the problem my hard-drive or motherboard? For 8 months this rig worked, and then last night after going into energy conversation mode (you know, when pcs are quasi-sleeping), it just never woke up!

Since then, i've never been able to boot up the computer. Obviously in bios, there is no harddrive recognized. But here's the weird thing: usually when a hard-drive fails in my experience, the pc at least still boots up. It's just that the drive won't be recognized. But in my case, it just puts a wrench into the whole thing (can't get past the sata detection stage in boot up, and freezes). I've tried to test if its the hard-drive or the motherboard. I plugged my sata harddrive into my brother's computer. Thing is, after this, i cant even enter bios! It also freezes, but to an -even worse- state. Once again confused; once we unplugged the hard-drive my brother's computer continued to boot. It's almost like, anything with my hard-drive plugged into it will fail. But i thought pcs would -at least- continue to boot. Does this mean it's my hard-drive's fault then? Does this situation sound familiar to anyone?

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Asus Laptop Suddenly Shut Down

I was using my laptop yesterday and it just suddenly shut down. We all thought it was overheating or because the battery is flat. However, after like 2 hours, when we switched it on again, it wouldn't start up. I mean the system would start running for 5 s and then dead again.could someone tell me what's the problem with it. The more i try to start the computer, the shorter the system will try to run.

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Green Drives Suddenly Disappear From System

I have 2 wd green drives and they both seem to have the same issue. After the computer is on for a while they suddenly dissappear from the system. Sometimes they come back and vista says they need to be formatted. I have 2 1tb segate drives that have been working flawless and a wd raptor that just keeps running. I like the cooler running drives for archiving, but i'm tempted to get more segate drives since they seem to be much more reliable. I want to get a replacement drive, restore from my whs server and then rma these drives back to wd, or thats the plan. But i'm a bit out of the loop on what i should look at buying. I always go for the deals!

Oh yea and wd diagnostics never detect a problem with these drives, they just simply stop working out of the blue and require a computer restart.

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Memory Stick Suddenly Stopped Working

My memory stick suddenly stopped working. It is a usb memory stick and it has stuff in it, but now when i try to access it the computer asks whether i want to format the drive then. I have now way of getting to my work.

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Laptop Just Suddenly Turns Off When Playing Games

My laptop does this, i originally thought it was a problem with the cable and the wall socket and that it might run well on the battery, i dont get this. I have a gericom 3. 06ghz pentium 4 processor and 512mb of ram, ive only had it for like 4months and i play a game online called "americas army" this takes up approx 250mb of ram a big game yes, i never used to have this problem, i could play americas army anytime i wanted without turning off or anything and now all of a sudden i go to play it and the laptop turns off off, the same with a chat website i go on called "lycos chat" now you may think an internet chat? Why does that shut down?

Well when you run it the chat takes up 50mb of ram and yes you have guessed it even that shuts the computer down, i went on the chat today with only the battery in(not the cable) and it worked fine no problems and im on it now wioth the cable plugged in. If i went to play americas army now it would turn my laptop off, i can play other games perfectly ok its just internet games like that, it did it with some games within half life 2 as well(the ones which i tried out). I like 1st person shooters but if thats all what happens then whats the point in me having them, ive tried to reinstall the software and nothing happens i get same problem. I thought it might of been something to do with an error or a virus or something but other day i reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled windows and still happens. Both fans are working because i can feel air coming out, the laptop is very hot and now when i go to run something that takes up abit of memory the fans just kick in straight away even on little tasks(e.g over 10-20mb of ram needed to perform)

The fans never used to do this like kick in so much only once needed. I have downloaded the following software and here are my results from a few tests:

Mobile meter: frequency 3. 10ghz, temperature 75 degrees c, change rate 0. 00w, hdd#0 55 degrees c

Rightmark cpu clock utility: cpu core clock and throttle:1600, cpu load and os load: 8%

Cpu frequency id and voltage id(fid and vid): 23. 0

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Internet Disconnects Suddenly And During A Phone Call

My internet always disconnects suddenly and during a phone call. Have 2wire modem from at&t? Everday, my modem suddenly disconnects from the internet and i'd have to wait a few minutes for it to connect again. Sometimes, it would suddenly shut off and turn back on, which i'd have to wait even longer for it to connect back to the internet again. Also, when i use the phone, the modem disconnects and has to reconnect to the internet. Same thing happens when i end a phone call. This is really annoying especially when i'm downloading something or watching videos on the internet. What's wrong with the modem? Could the problem be with the phone line? Maybe the phone line is old? It's been doing this ever since i got it, which was probably 2 years ago.

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Itouch Screen Suddenly Stayed Black

My itouch is about two to three years old, i can't exactly recall. It worked relatively fine up until this morning. I went to watch a youtube video and the screen suddenly went very dull. I figured it was the brightness level so i went to fix that, the level was half way up. Then i figured i should turn it off. After i did that the screen stayed black. It would be on because i could hear the clicking noise of my password but it was totally black. Then i plugged it into my computer to restore it and the screen turned bright white. I did restore it, but it won't go back to normal. What is causing this and how should i fix it?

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Mouse Suddenly Stops Working On Win Xp Machine

A ps/2 port mouse suddenly stopped working on a family member's winxp machine, tried using a new usb mouse that i know works on other machines but it won't work on this machine, any ideas?

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Dell Inspiron 8600 Suddenly Has A Blank Screen

My problem is that my dell inspiron 8600, which has work for over 3 years suddenly has a blank screen. For the last month or so when ever the laptop goes into standby / monitor turns off and then turns on again there was always a brief period where the screen is red. Just yestarday the scren would not even turn on. The system was still running, but no screen. Then last night the screen started to work again for about 2 hrs. Then it automatically started to turn the screen off. I lower the screen for a few seconds and then lift it again the screen comes back on. Afterwards if i am inactive for only ~10 seconds the screen turns back off, its not the screen saver. Now when i try lowering and lifting it again this morning the screen flickers on for just a second with a red screen and turns off. Anyone have any idea what might be wrong.

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Computer Suddenly Died, Doesn't Even Post

My computer was running normally, then i shut it down for the night. The following morning it wouldn't boot. When i press the power button, i can see the power and disk leds light up, fans start spinning and drives spin up too - and that's all that happens - the monitor doesn't even come up. I got a pc speaker out of an old computer and connected it to this one, but there is not a single beep when i start the thing. It simply just sits there hanging with no visible or audible error message. I opened the case and took everything out to get rid of dust. Then i plugged the cpu and one memory stick into the motherboard, connected my monitor into the on-motherboard vga port, but still the same. Resetting the cmos didn't help and neither did changing the battery. I tried with a different psu, but to no avail. I also tried putting different ram sticks into different slots when trying to get post in the stripped-down configuration.

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Dvd Rewriter Suddenly Not Recognized In Windows - Code 39

I have a tsst corp cd/dvd ts-h552u dvd rewiter and it had been working fine all day and i was unistalling some software which needed to reeboot my system and when i went to put in a my cd to install new anti virus software (norton 05) i realised windows was not seeing it?

In device manager i get windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39).

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Lexmark X6170 Printer Stopped Printing Suddenly

Lexmark x6170 all in one is suddenly not printing at all. The printer stopped printing suddenly. I put in new ink cartridge and after attempting to print the alignment page it gives message to take the tape off the ink cartridge which i have already done of course. Any ideas as to what may be wrong with it?

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Computer Suddenly Won't Detect Hard Drives

Ok, so i was installing a new dvd-rw drive i got and it was going good, windows xp recognized it, i was burning stuff. Then nero gives the error "connection interrupted". The drive was stuck and nero froze. So i open my case, make sure all connections are good and reboot. Only this time right after it checks the cd drives to see if it should boot from them, it suddenly starts showing weird symbols scrolling down the screen (like a matrix effect) i have disconnected everything, reconnected, reset cmos, but it still wont detect the hard drives!

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Pc Suddenly Stopped Working And Freeze Before Windows Login Screen

My pc suddenly stopped working and would freeze before the windows login screen. (Xp pro sp3) the hard drive light indicates activity but i hear a weird clicking sound and seems like its struggling to power on. (I see the windows bar keep moving though) the fans however are not affected so i don't think its a voltage problem. Safe mode doesn't work. I get this blue screen:

What is the prob?

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Suddenly Usb Port Stop Working, Haven't Changed Any Settings

I plugged my mp3 player into my usb port the other day and it worked no problem. Then suddenly, neither of my usb ports work. Can anyone shed any light on this please. I haven't changed any settings and my bios says that my usb ports are specifications:

Winxp (sp1 installed)
Ecs k7vza m/board
Athlon 1. 4g

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Dell D420 Laptop's Usb Ports Suddenly Stopped Working

I have a dell d420 laptop and the two usb ports suddenly stopped working. The system was powered down lat night and when i started it this morning they were both dead. I've tried re-starting and that doesn't help. Anyone have a suggestion as to where i might start to find a solution?

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