No Signal To Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, No Beeps

My computer isn't very old, no more than a year, it's been working fine. No new software or hardware. I haven't moved it. This morning it wouldn't boot up properly. After clicking the button, it gave 1 long beep and 2 short ones. No signal to monitor. I didn't check keyboard or mouse. All fans appear to be working. I replugged everything to make sure nothing was loose, and turned it back on. No more beeps, still no signal to monitor. Keyboard and mouse aren't lighting up. I tried unplugging the power cord and pressing the button to clear the power. Still no beeps, no signal. All fans are still working. Any suggestions please?

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Pc Beeps But Get No Signal To Monitor

Pc is an hp pavilion a705w running xp sp2 when i turn it on it beeps but i get no signal to monitor i was wondering if this could be that the onboard video card is bad and if so how can i resolve the problem. Any help will be appreciated.

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No Signal, No Mouse, No Keyboard

When i turn on my computer, the lights go on and the fans go on, but nothing else. The monitor light is orange, theres no light on the keyboard, and my optical mouse is not lit. What's going on? I've got an amd athlon 2800+ barton, 512mb ddr, 160gb hdd, radeon 9800 pro.

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Usb Problem - Pc Beeps Fast And Disconnects Mouse, Keyboard

When i plug in datacable for my w700 phone into any of the ports the computer starts to beep really fast and disconnects the mouse and keyboard, but the computer itself isn't frozen because i can still see the cursor changing shape. Restarting with the cable inside will result in freeze during dos (before getting into windows). I tried the cable on another computer and it worked fine, and my computer has already been using various usb components(camera, wireless adapter, webcam etc) without a problem. I've searched the internet for hours but can't seem to find the solution, has anyone ever encountered this problem or know what beeping and freezing mean when plugging a usb cord into the computer?

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Wireless Keyboard / Mouse With Good Signal

Right now i have a microsoft wireless comfort keyboard and mouse set. Its comfy and works well overall, except for the fact that the rf signal sucks. Unless the receiver and keyboard or mouse are in the same plane as each other on a table etc. Typing gets weird and the mouse pointer will move but i cant click. Even so much as a cup or remote control sitting between the receiver and mouse throws it off. I had a similar but older mouse from microsoft that i got for free that was crappy too, but dismissed it as being used and old. I'm convinced that perhaps microsoft rf desktop sets just don't cut it. So, unless someone has a solution or advice for the above problem - i'd actually like some suggestions for good wireless keyboards, mice, or sets.

I really only ever sit at most 6 ft (2m) from my computer, so i don't need something amazing and expensive, just better than what i have. Shortcut and media keys aren't a big deal, but would be nice. Battery life is also not a big deal, i have plenty of rechargeable batteries. In any case, can anyone chime in and tell me what they are using and what it performs like? What kind of distance can u get? Where do you have your receiver? What kind of possible interference are you dealing with? ( I have wifi, bluetooth and florescent lights that could be having an effect on the signal)

I also have a question about bluetooth sets. Can you use them in the bios or in the os without bluetooth software? Or do you have to wait till the os boots up fully?

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Bios Beeps But No Video Signal

Computer worked fine for about 6 months. Then one day playing gta3 the monitor went blank came back again for a split second and then the computer crashed. When i re-booted i got no signal to the monitor (and therefore no bios post message) i just got 2 beeps followed quickly by another 8 beeps (10 beeps in all) and 10 or 15 seconds after the first 10 beeps i got another 2 beeps quickly followed by 1 more beep (3 beeps in all) then i got nothing else. I have tried lots of things to fix this. Firstly i booted up with only the video card and the ram attached but i still got the same beeps. When i removed the ram i got no beeps but i thought this was perhaps because ami bios is unable to boot without any ram present. Even if i booted without the video card and just the ram attached i got the same beeps. I tried using an old pci video card and i still got the no signal message on the monitor but the strange thing was when i turned the power off the monitor flashed black for a second and then returned to the no signal screen. Sometimes the monitor switches itself off completely after i turn the computer power off even though it says it is getting no signal. This was also the same for the agp card after i re-checked with it. Next thing i did was replace the 250w psu with a new 400w psu just in case there was not enough power for the p4 system but i still got the beeps. I couldn°¶t find any information on bios beeps sequence that has a 2 -8 beeps then a 10 second pause followed by 2-1 beeps, except that such strange beeps meant that the board was damaged. I tried to contact msi support but 3 weeks later they still have not replied to my email to explain what the beeps might mean °k grrrrr! Éļ so, i replaced the motherboard with a new msi 845pe max2. And yes you have guessed it, it still gave these same feckin beeps. However, i didn°¶t give up. I had earlier found some information on bios beeps but ignored it because it didn°¶t refer exactly to the beeps i was getting but it said that 2 beeps followed by any other sequence of beeps means that the ram is defective. So i went out and spent more of my hard-earned cash on 256mb of 333mhz ddr ram. I booted up the system and again all i got was these beeps with no video signal. I also tried booting with the motherboard outside of the case to see if any of the mounting screws was causing a problem. Also, the monitor works fine when connected to my laptop. I know the last thing to do is to test my cpu but i don°¶t know anyone with a p4 system that i can try my cpu on to see if it is working correctly. I have already spent nearly $200 on this problem and don°¶t want to spend more money on a new processor if it is not necessary. Does anyone out there have any other suggestions as to what i can try?

Do you recognize the bios beeps i have described or can you tell something from the other information i have given?

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No Video Signal And No Post Beeps At Start

I started out with a perfectly good working computer (with 2 hard drives in it), that i made myself and had no problems for 2 years. I decided to take on of the hds out and put it in another system. One of the hds had win xp on it and the other had win 2k on it. After taking out both hds and then putting back in the hd with win 2k, the computer wouldn't recognize it. It said bad disk. I switched the both drives a number of times, with the same results: the hd with xp worked fine and the one with win 2k wasn't recognized by the system. Then after a number of tries, when the hd with win 2k looked like it was finally working, all of the sudden the screen broke up into a colored rectangular pattern and went black. Since then i can't get any video signal or posting beep codes. I put both of the hds in another system and they work fine. The monitor also works fine with the other computer. So i am guessing that the order of components to swap is first the video card, then the ram, then the power supply, and last the mb. I have an iwill kk266 mb and other components that are about 2 years old. I think i might have damaged the mb a little when i was taking out the hds. I wasn't as careful as i could have been. Any other ideas?

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Monitor, Keyboard, And Mouse Not Responding

I'm usually pretty good at trouble-shooting, and maybe i'm just hoping the motherboard isn't fried, but this happened in a pretty unusual way. My husband just started working for a taxi business and they gave him a nextel walkie-talkie/gps unit. At about 3 in the morning last night, the speakers attached to the computer started emitting a very high-pitched, static-y noise and we turned them (the speakers) off. My husband said that earlier when he was using the nextel near the computer, something similar happened. Anyway, we woke up this morning and the monitor, usb keyboard and usb mouse will not respond to the computer. When i plug in the optical mouse to any of the 6 usb ports, it flashes red for just a second, and then nothing. This is extremely perplexing to me. We have a dell inspiron 530 running xp.

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Kvm To Hook Keyboard / Monitor / Mouse Up To 2 Pc's

I know that a 2-port kvm can hook up a keyboard, monitor, and mouse to two computer, but what about audio? Here's what i want connected to my 2 computers:

1. Logitech mx700 usb mouse
2. Usb keyboard with onboard 2-port usb hub (a working usb hub not required)
3. One regular crt monitor
4. Klipsch 5. 1 promedia sound system

- A. (Connected from klipsch subwoofer to the klipsch digital decoder and from that to the audigy drive via optical cable when playing dvd's only for true dd/dts)
- B. (Connected from klipsch subwoofer to the audigy sound card via 3 cables when not playing dvd's)

Now i need the kvm to not only connect the first 3 things (which most/all kvm's do with no trouble anyways) but also connect my sound system via at least the 3 cables that connect to the sound card. I've seen one that will do regular 2. 0 speakers but not 5. 1. Anyone know how this would work? Btw, it needs to be pc and mac compatable.

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Monitor, Keyboard And Mouse Does Not Work On Amd Athlon Xp

I am building a computer using an amd athlon xp 2700 cpu. I have been working on this for about a month now, and i am still getting the same result. The monitor does not come on. The lcd light is suppose to be green, it stays yellow. The keyboard doesn't work, along with the mouse. Also i receive no beeps from the motherboard what can be the problem. At first i thought it was the motherboard, so i ended up buying a new motherboard and i have the same problem. What is the problem?

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Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard Doesn't Work

Everything was working last night, and right after i connected my phone into the usb , my desk top screen went black and the mouse, keyboard, and even the dvd player stop working. The fans and the light is on and running but nothing else work. I've tried and clean the memory and video card, also bought a new power supply but still doesn't solve the problem. Btw it's an asus m2n-2 motherboard.configuration: windows xp firefox 2. 0. 0. 17

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Microsoft Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Cause Monitor Stopped Turning Off

I just got a free microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse. Ever since i installed them my monitors have stopped turning off. I tried setting the screen saver and it also doesn't work (i don't normally use one). Also tried rebooting a few times since sometimes a program (like an emulator that disables this feature and forgets to turn it back on when your done) will stop them from turning off. Nothing else has changed. Any ideas? Using windows 7

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When Using Mouse Computer Beeps And Cursor Freezes

Its nothing to do with any program but like when im using my mouse i just get some beeps from the computer like 1beep, 2beeps, 1beep then my mouse will freeze and i either get movement back and its all ok or the cursor freezes but everything else is ok, i will give 2 examples

1. I was on the desktop, msn messenger was dl'ing and i just finished updating direct x. The folder with everything i extracted i highlighted and tried to move then i got those beeps and the cursor froze, but msn continued dl'ing and then completed! I reset and installed it, wasnt even corrupt or owt. 2. As i was filling out system specs in user cp now, i went to click on the privacy thing if i want others to see my specs and as i clicked i got the beeps but i got movement back, then a few mins later as i tried to scroll down same thing but im still going. Now as im writing this im running blend test on orthos and 50 mins so far. Also i have speedfan running. - Ram? Maybe a possiblity but surely orthos would have shown that by now?
- Cpu overheating? But idle im 25 degrees and right now under 100% load im 40 degrees
- Psu? Not enough power or something? But i aint got a powerhouse rig really. Any help is appreciated! And the beep happend again now! Also, i checked the manual if the beeps meant anything and nothing, but any beeps you get is when post, not in windows.

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Computer Not Booting, Monitor Blank, No Beeps

I having trouble booting my computer, when i turn on my computer there no beeps, the monitor is blank, all the fans are running at full power, the power and hdd led are both on, my dvd-rw has power but my dvd-rom does not (the dvd-rom is new got it two days ago), optical mouse light up, no light on the keyboard, all the hardware looks fine, i took every thing out of the motherboard blow out dust then put the cpu, memory and video card back on and try booting it and the same thing happens no beeps and blank screen. I then reconnect every but did not connect the ide cable to the dvd-rom and try booting it and the same thing happens but this time the dvd-rom has power. Iím not sure if itís the motherboard, the power supply, the cpu or the memory.

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No Monitor Signal

A month ago i put together a new computer, asus a8v delux, amd athlon64 3200+, 1gb kingston ddr400(dual channel), ati radeon x800pro(agp) with a 21" dell p1130. This worked beautifully. It worked beautifully after i packed the whole thing up and went to my parents for two weeks over christmas. It didn't work when i packed it up, and came back to my place. The computer powers up and beeps once. The monitor works on another computer. No other monitor works on this computer. I have: reseated the agp graphics card, reset the system bios. The cpu and ram both feel secure, though i have not removed and reseated them yet. The sata harddrive seems fine. I don't know what else to do, and i'm very tired, so i hope one of you has an answer.

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No Signal On Monitor

My monitor says no signal when i turn on my brand new comp. The reason i made a new one was my old one outa noware said no signal now im useing a a8v deluxe mobo *brand new* a radeon 9550 *brand new* 1 90 gig seatgate 2 60 gig maxtors and 1 20 gig maxtor *older* kingwin mutant x case and stock power sulply with 420 watts power. A 512 pc3200 ram stick brand new. I have tryed everything i took it outa the case put it on a phone book and pluged in only the board and stuff needed to pwer up. I checked the monitor works fine on other comps. Vid card works fine on other comps mem and everything else worksfine in my in my parents comps but i have no idea whats wrong ive tryed evrything i can think of. Resetting the cmos. Tryed diferent vid cars still nothing tryed dif monitors still nothin i just spent over 300 dollors to fix this stupid problem and nothing i try is working.

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No Signal To Monitor

New pc, happily loading my software, started to set up monitor (sharp ll-t17a3 with geforce fx 256mb 9600 card) and next time i look, screen is blank. Maybe i changed a setting, but how on earth do i get in to reset it. Or is the card the problem and needs replacing? Any advise would be helpful and hope just being idiot. Have tried another monitor - same.connections all fine.

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No Signal To Monitor Digital

Well what a headache this has been today, i went to reboot my system. During the post boot the monitor went into standby and displayed the message: (no signal - digital). The monitor is connected to my video card through a dvi to dvi cable and has been working for a number of months. I switched cables to a vga to vga-dvi adaptor resulting in vga to dvi. The monitor detected the signal and flashed up with "analog" in the top right of the screen.system then booted into windows. I can see in my monitor's options there is an "input" option where i can select either digital or analog. However if i select digital the screen turns black and then immediately switches back to analog (i assume because the analog signal is the only active one).could my dvi-dvi cable of died or am i missing something really simple here. How do i get my monitor back onto a dvi signal?


Monitor : viewsonic vx2255wm series
Video card: nvidia geforce 285
Any help or advice would be greatly received! Thank you!

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Cannot Get Hd4870 To Send Signal To Monitor

I just got a vx550w corsair power supply and xfx hd4870 in the mail, i tried installing both but i cant get the card to send a signal to the monitor. I have both pcie connectors connected to the card and i made sure the card is mounted properly several times. When i turn on the computer i dont get a signal to the monitor and there is 3 red lights that appear on the card. I dont think the psu is the problem because it should be powerful enough to run the card. I got frustrated trying to get thing to work, so i tried plugging back in my old video card and connecting it to my old power supply, but now it wont work either! I tried unplugging all the hard drives and cd drives but still cant even get the motherboard boot screen to show.

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No Monitor Signal With New Vid Card

I bought parts for a new system and it all installed and turned on, but no signal from monitor. Ram, hd, and video card from a old build and they worked. Have tried new vid card and new mobo and nothing. All fans start spinning and and hear system noise but no monitor signal.

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Computer Not Sending Signal To Monitor

My computer suddenly stoped sending a signal to the monitor when you turn it on. It sounds like it's working but the monitor only says no signal imput and then turns off. The computer itself remains on. Any idea what may be causing this or how to fix it?

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Screen Went Blue And No Signal On Monitor

I recently purchased an hdmi cable to use for my computer. As soon as i connected one end to my video card and the other end to my monitor, i went into the built in monitor settings (the dvi cable was still plugged in as well so i could do this) and switched my display to hdmi. After that, my screen went blue and i got a no signal message on the monitor. Now the problem is, i can't even revert back to my original display settings, so i can't even get anything to show on display anymore (i am using my netbook atm). I tried restarting, as well as disconnecting the hdmi cable on both ends and reconnecting dvi. Nothing. The screen stays blue and tells me theres no signal. Keep in mind that i didn't even save any settings. I simple selected hdmi and that was it. Can't see desktop, and i can't even see the bootup sequence. I am very baffled here does anybody know what i can do? The video card is a geforce gtx 295, and the monitor is a benq 2200hd.

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Monitor Won't Get Signal

Some days ago, i received a new computer:

Mb: asus p4c800-e
Cpu: intel p4 3ghz
Ram: 1024mb ddr
Psu: 550w
Gfx: ati x800xt pe (sapphire)

And my problem is as follows:

When i try to power up my computer, i hear the fans start, and after like 2 sec, i can hear the hdd's getting power as well. At this point my monitor should get some signal the return from the standby mode, and show the processes before and after entering the bios. However, the monitor never gets this signal, and stays at standby mode (with the orange light on, instead of the green). I got a friend to stop by, to check if my cables were connected properly, and there were no problems concerning this. So my question is simply, what is wrong with my computer? Okay, ive tried the suggestions sofar, and none seemed to work. However i found out that if i turn on the computer, and leave it for 2 minutes, then turn it off, for 2 sec, then turning it on, makes me start the computer. However i have to setup my bios all the time. Sounds like my computer have to warm up, before i can proceed. But that sounds ridiculous. Right?

Another question regarding this :

Could hyper threating have any influence on my problem. Atm its set to ht, so if i go to bios, and adjust the power settings, (eg more power to the cpu/gfx/hdd. Whatever) should it work then?

Else if i disable ht, and reinstall winxp, would this perhaps do the trick?

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Dell Monitor No Signal Problem

Okay so turn on the computer and the monitor said "no signal" and after ready some stuff, i decided to unplug the dvd/cd drive, and then the computer work, so this takes me to the the question, does this means that i need to replace the dvd/cd drive? If so can i do this myself?

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No Complete Boot, No Beep, Or Monitor Signal

The symptoms for my pc are as follows:

1. Pc receives power (as indicated by fan and powersupply light)
2. Pc does not output signal to monitor (verified functioning monitor and cable). 3. Analog, laser-mouse does not receive power consistently from pc. Laser-light turns on for a fraction of a second upon connecting the mouse to the pc, but then remains off after the mouse is firmly fixed into analog mouse-port. 4. Usb, laser-mouse does receive power from pc when plugged into usb port. 5. Pc does not make any beeping sounds whatsoever upon attempted boot. My request: please advise as to what troubleshooting methods i could use. Do these clues provide any insight into what may be wrong with the pc already?

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Replaced Power Supply Now Monitor Not Getting Signal

I first looked at it and determined that the power supply was bad so i replaced it. I see the fan above the processor has started and it sounds as if the computer has started but my test monitor will not get the signal. Along with my monitor not getting the signal, it appears as if the keyboard and mouse are not getting power as well because the mouse has a light on it which comes on when it gets power. I also attached a thumb drive to the pc and it too does not get power to it. I am thinking that the board was damaged when the power supply went out but if anyone has any suggestions as to what else i should look at i would like to hear it. Btw the computer is a e-machines c2280 and not too sure what the other specs are since the computer was broken when it was brought to me.

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Ati Radeon 9600 No Signal To Monitor

I've had this computer for 3 years now and haven't had a single problem with it yet. It was built by ibuypower. It came with the ati radeon 9600 already installed and worked for three solid years. I ran this computer and another computer on a kvm switch which allowed me to use one monitor keyboard and mouse for 2 computers. This also worked for quite some time before i stopped using the switch. Today, after my computer with the ati card updated windows xp, it restarted and now i can't even get it to show anything on the monitor. Everything still runs on the computer, all the leds inside the case still work, all the connections are tight, there just isn't a display on the monitor. What i've tried: i've tried rebooting into safe mode (don't understand how that could have worked because i can't see anything from the time i turn my computer on up to the time i try to reboot it) but no luck. I've tried removing the video card and cleaning the fan (fan still runs when it is in and computer is on) i've hooked up the monitor to a different computer and it worked fine, so it's not the monitor having problems. I've tried multiple restarts.

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Monitor Displays Signal Cable Disconnected

My monitor displays signal cable disconnected what shall i do?

Have you tried plugging in your monitor to a different system unit? If by doing this solves your problem, then i would assume a graphics card problem, or maybe a contact problem of it to the main board. Then, you can try cleaning the graphic card contact. If this didn't work, you probably have a faulty card. Or you may try plugging in a known good monitor to your system unit? If after doing so resolves the problem, then the problem is on the monitor. Signal cables of monitors are the common cause of it, you may try moving the cable while connected to your pc. Replace the cable if possible.

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Lg Flatron Monitor Check Signal Cable

I have an lg flatron w2043t monitor, only a few months old, and i'm getting this error. What does this mean and how can i fix it?

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Pc Monitor Without A Video Signal - Black Screen Bios

Upon starting my computer, it doesn't always start, it just sits with a black screen not loading the bios and the monitor claims there's no video signal. It's been like this for less than a week now consistantly. So, i'll reboot and everything is suddenly fine and the bios loads up and windows is good to go. Last week i added a gigabyte wireless card to my pc which i believe might have caused some some problems. I took the card out yesterday and i haven't seen the problem comeback so far. I'm really baffled as to why something like this would happen whether it's just the card or if something relating to my motherboard is bad, like the pci slot. The wireless card worked fine and everything. What should my next step be to figuring this out, should i put the wireless card back in? Any tests i can run to see if a component is going bad?

Computer specifications:

Msi k8ngm-v board
Athlon 64 3000+
Xfx 6600gt
2 512mb gskillz ram sticks
Audigy se soundcard
Gigabyte gn-wp01gs wireless card
Seasonic 330watt psu
80gig seagate hd

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