Sony Vaio Laptop Won't Boot After New Hdd

I have a 3 year old vaio vgn a115b laptop. I needed more storage than 40 gb so i bought a new 100gb hdd at dabs. I undid all the screws on the base, removed the keyboard, undid the two screws under that and then took the chassis apart. I then swapped the hdd with the new one and re-assembled. When i power it on now i hear the cpu fan start up and after about a second a click and then the whole thing shots down. Then, after 2 seconds the fan comes on again but nothing else happens. I know this is a long shot but can anyone sugest what i may have done wrong?

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Sony Vaio Pcg-c1f Boot Issue

Sony vaio pcg-c1f boot issue, doesn't boot from cd-roms, firstly, i have just joined this forum so let me say a hello to everyone. I have been struggling with this problem for some time and would love some help if anyone has any to offer. I was recently given a very old sony vaio pcg-c1f laptop computer. This had a copy of winxp pro installed on it but the hardware is basically too slow to run it at a sensible speed. Hence i would like to install an older copy of linux or perhaps win98 on it. The trouble is that the laptop doesn't recognize any optical (cd or dvd) devices until os drivers are loaded. So i can't perform a clean installation of a new os. I have tried several (>8) different drives, both pcmcia and usb 1 + 2 (it has v1. 1 ports). None of them are recognized at boot time and all of them are recognized once the os is loaded. There are no options (that i can find) in the bios that pertain to cd drives or usb settings. It will recognize my usb floppy drive at boot time and i can boot into dos or anything else from the floppy drive. Can anybody offer any advice as to how to get a different, older os on there, or maybe point out any site that might have any bios updates (i have tried the official sony site but the bios update they provide specifically for this model of laptop doesn't work!)

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Sony Vaio Vpcy2190x Laptop

How good is the sony vaio vpcy2190x laptop? Any problems you've encountered with it? Any reason you wish you'd gotten a different laptop? I'm a student looking for a decently-priced, good-sized laptop that is also nice to look at.

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Sony Vaio Laptop Keep Shutting Down

I don't know why it's shutting down, it's just sitting on the desk it's not over heating. And it doesn't go down all the way, i push the power button and it comes back on but it keeps blacking out. I'm worried this problem will persist and i can't have this happen once school starts. What could the problem be?
Who could fix it?
And how much would it cost?

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Clean Surface Of Sony Vaio Laptop

How to clean the surface of my sony vaio laptop? My sony vaio laptop (model: vgn s255d) has a grainy type surface that surrounds the keyboard and the screen. It's silver but there are these black marks on it where my palm sits when i type. How can get rid of these black stains? I've tried using dish soap, laundry detergent, windex, drastic measures, is this permanent? Is it because the color faded?

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Sony Vaio Laptop Clicking Sound

Ok i was on my laptop the other day and i spilled some water in it, im guessing the speaker part. And now all my laptop does is makes this annoying clicking sound over and over and over. I have to go into my computer and disable the audio component for it to stop. Is there any way i can fix it so i can have sound again instead of just an awful clicking noise. I feel awful for spilling water in a new 900 dollar laptop.

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Vga Cable For Sony Vaio Laptop

Where can i get a good vga cable for a sony vaio z laptop? I'm thinking of getting a vaio z laptop for portability. But when i'm at home i prefer a larger screen thus will purchase an hp 21 inch full hd antiglare screen with a logitech keyboard/mouse. I can't find the vga port i need online. The monitors that include an hdmi option are too big for me to want to use.

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How To Replace Hard Drive In A Sony Vaio Laptop ?

I need to replace the hard drive on a sony vaio laptop. I am unsure how to get to it. Once i get there i will have no problem.

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How To Restore Sony Vaio Laptop Factory Settings ?

How do i restore my sony vaio laptop to its factory settings?


Vista factory reset

This will not work if you haven't a pre installed os held in a partition. So, you have nothing to lose give it a go. I assume vista as you don't mention what your os is

Switch off your pc completely and clear the working area. You're ready to go: - on switching on, from a completely off situation, immediately and repeatedly¯ hit f10 (can be manufacture dependant) as it runs up, it'll show/allow you the options, for example repair your computer¯ select this. Answer a couple other obvious questions but, you're looking for their top option e.g. Full destructive recovery¯ this is what you're after. Don't be shy, it will ask many more times, do you really want to do this¯ just keep clicking yes please. 1. This course of action will take about ten minutes and if you haven't saved any files that you might like to have kept its now too late. Remember this will take it back to the day you purchased. So, you can install any subsequent software, printer drivers for example, at a much later date. 2. Sit back and watch while it does its thing¦then bing its back and talking to you, to help you set up your new purchased pc. I suggest you install your (for you i suggest norton 3 user from tescos £24, that's 8 quid each, fit and forget. ) Or some such anti virus now. You'll need to update your system; this can be lengthy, boring and defiantly time consuming. Might i suggest you leave it on, connected, to your modem while you're in bed asleep while these updates arrive?

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Connect Sony Vaio Laptop To Samsung Lcd Tv

How do i connect my sony vaio laptop to my 40" samsung lcd tv. I want to use the lcd tv screen with my pc. ?


Either your tv or your laptop would've came with a cable that one side you plug into your tv, and another into your laptop. I have an acer aspire, and it said it was compatible with doing that, but it didn't give me a cable. If neither one has come with a double-sided cable, then buy one manually. Here's one that should work:

Plug the vga side into your laptop, and the s-video port. Make sure to match up the colors on your tv, and the colors on the cable or else this will not work. Usually, the s-video is on the back of the tv, but i hadn't seen a samsung lcd in ages.

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Sony Vaio Laptop Dvd Player Region

What's the region on the dvd player on a sony vaio laptop? I'm planning on buying a concert dvd online and it says its dvd region 3 and to make sure that my dvd player is region 3. What's the dvd region on a sony vaio laptop? Will the dvd play on my laptop?

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Reset Sony Vaio Laptop To Factory Settings

How do i reset my sony vaio laptop to factory settings? Basically it is the vgn fz18l with vista. I want to reset it to factory settings but do not want to delete or change anything to do with the drivers just the files/programs etc.

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Sony Vaio Laptop System Restore / Factory Settings

How to do system restore/factory settings/factory image of my sony vaio laptop vgn-fs215m model? As soon as i bought my laptop i took the system recovery from my laptop into dvds. Now i want to do system restore/factory settings/factory image of my sony vaio laptop vgn-fs215m model

But i have issues with dvd drive, meaning, my laptop is not recognizing the dvds which i inserted into dvd drive! Let me know how to do system restore/factory settings/factory image of my sony vaio laptop vgn-fs215m model?

I have done my hp laptop system recovery by pressing f11 immediately after powered-on the laptop. Pls let me know abt sony vaio laptop vgn-fs215m model?

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Removing Windows Antivirus Pro Solution From Sony Vaio Laptop

How do i remove windows anti virus pro solution from my sony vaio laptop? Ok, so i was out of town this weekend and my mom told me when i got home that she scanned and cleaned the computer, and i asked what happened for her to have it scanned this is what she said (paraphrasing)

"That i was trying to send an email to my instructor and a pop up said that the computer was under attack and i clicked the link and paid 50 bucks for it" and i said "are you sure it isn't a scam, that has happened to me before but i knew it was just a trick why didn't you call if it when this occurred" and she said that she got scared. So this morning i looked up to find that it actually was a scam and now we are stuck with this crap on our computer, she knows not to do anything security wise on the computer, i have never heard of this program and i want it off now! Can someone please help me find a way to get it off of my computer, and where are places where i can take my laptop to get cleaned of the viruses.

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Replacing Dell Laptop Monitor With Sony Vaio Monitor

Can replace my dell laptop monitor with my spare sony viao monitor? My viao mother board is broken so wanted to use the monitor to replace the rather dull blurry one that came with my dell inspiron. Both monitors are 15" so it will fit no problem. But will it run properly and will i also need to replace the graphics card?

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Cheap Sony Vaio E

Where could i buy the new sony vaio e cheap? I tried buying it off ebay but i didn't find what i wanted.

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Toshiba Or Sony Vaio ?

I'm choosing between the sony vaio y series with an intel core i5-430um (1. 20ghz) processor, 320gb hd at 5400 rpms, and 4gb of ram and a toshiba satellite m640-bt2n22 with similar specs. The prices are pretty much the same, but the sony is nicer aesthetically. The sony also lacks an optical drive, but i'm willing to deal with an external if i get it. Which computer would last me longer and work better?

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Macbook Or Sony Vaio

What would be better to get. "Macbook" or a "sony vaio for $950"? So i have a choice of getting a macbook which will cost 950 after student discounts or another kind of laptop for 950. I was thinking about getting a sony vaio and i figured id get more out of my money if i went with the sony. Heres a little about me: i love to play pc games (vaio). But i like to make movies and make music (macbook). And im a high school student and i also really don't care about weight as long as i don't have to lug around a 100 pound laptop. I also don't care about whats more user friendly. i.e mac. So what should i get. And if u don't mind can u add a pros and cons to whatever u suggest.

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Sony Vaio E Keyboard Skin

Where can i buy a sony vaio e keyboard skin? I want to buy a keyboard skin for my sony vaio ea. I live in ontario, canada, i know sony style canada sells them for $29. 99. I find it to expensive since sony style usa only sells it for $19. 99. But i can't buy it, i have to buy it from sony style canada. I know ebay sells one. Here's the link, http://bit. Ly/c6y8jb

Do you guys think the seller's pretty reliable? I'm kinda worried about buying from ebay. Do you know any other sites that sell authentic sony vaio keyboard skins ?

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Hp Touchsmart, Sony Vaio, Imac

Which computer should i get? Hp touchsmart, sony vaio, or imac? I'm looking for a touchscreen computer. Features i would want are:

-Large screen, slim all in one computer. -Blu-ray compatible . -Web cam, windows home&&student. -Great entertainment features, i'd like to also use the computer i get as an hdtv. I want to know which is more reliable. Which computer is better by far, and if you could provide links, that would be much appreciated.computers that i need to choose between are:
Hp touchsmart 600-1120
Sony vaio l
Imac (not as interested, but i hear its a good competitor)

Which computer is better over all? I'm a high schooler so i need a good student computer, & a great entertainment center. I'm planning on getting a game system later on.

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Sony Vaio Webcam Program

What is the webcam program that comes on a sony vaio? Ok so, i had a bad hard drive and had to go get it fixed. I ended up just getting a new hard drive and i had nothing on it. I was wondering what computer program came on it. I cant remember the name but i could record things, take pictures, and add effects. I wanted to re-download it.

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Battery For Sony Vaio Ea24fm/w

Can i get a better battery for the sony vaio ea24fm/w? I am having trouble with choosing a new laptop and for me it is between this sony vaio and possibly the hp pavillion dm4, my biggest qualm is that the battery life hp=5hrs or so, sony=3hrs or so. If i could get a longer lasting battery for the vaio at a reasonable price, i would probably go with that. Any advice?

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Sony Vaio Or Hp Touchsmart Tm2t

Which is better sony vaio or hp touchsmart tm2t? I need to compare the two. I am leaning more towards the hp? Any advice

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Sony Vaio Extended Warranty

So i currently have a vgn - cs320, and so far the only problem i've had with it is the fan. My 1 year warranty ends in about two weeks. I was just wondering if anyone had any problems with a sony vaio laptop after this one year period and if its worth it to purchase an extended warranty?

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Sony Vaio Or Apple Macbook

You see, i have been wanting a white macbook for a while now, and i really want to try a mac, but i recently discovered the white sony vaio and now i don't know if i should still get the macbook! I would be playing sims 2 and 3, browsing the internet, and creating movies. Which one do you think is better for me?

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Hp Pavillion Or Sony Vaio E Series

What is best laptop between hp pavillion and sony vaio e series? I want to buy a laptop which have intel 2010 processor(i5 or i7), so i select these above brands. I want a laptop between 45000 to 59000 inr range and laptop must be a good durability. I a mca student , i use it for dot-net project and sometimes for gaming(not so hifi games). I want a 15 inch display and good battery-life laptop. So please help me and suggest me some model from the above brands.

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Sony Vaio Cursor Problem

Whats wrong with the cursor on my sony vaio? My cursor is acting strange on my sony vaio model number pcg-7t1m, it keeps wobbling when i try to move it and takes along time to get it to go to where i need it too and then it seems to jerk a bit away from where i leave it! Also does anyone no where i can buy a genuine replacement charger for the same model, already tried ebay which was described as genuine but was a fake!

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Sony Vaio Cs16g Upgrade

Want to upgrade my sony vaio cs-16g but i don't know what replace or change. Care to recommend? I've had it since 2007 and i'm planning to replace my memory for a larger one, but if i'm going to upgrade, i also want to change the others, like the graphics (if that can be upgraded), the video card, i definitely want to change my os. I have vista but i want win 7.

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Sony Vaio Screen Unreadable

Okay, my family recently obtained a sony vaio computer (no tower, everything's inside the monitor. ) And ever since we got it, it's had this strange texture on the screen. At first we thought it was just the background (which was neat at the time. ) But now it's just obnoxious as it interferes with our games and the text on the screen (especially if it's super light, it's practically unreadable unless you highlight it). I've looked all over the internet to try and figure out what's wrong, and the only thing we can think of, is that maybe it's something to do with the speakers (since *everything* is inside the monitor. )

If it's not though, it would be appreciated if anybody knew how to fix this! It gets obnoxious having to keep resetting the brightness/contrast every time somebody gets done playing a game, or writing in word. <3

(I'm posting links to see some of the pictures i've taken to show what the screen looks like. Also, i'm not sure what kind of computer it is, but if somebody tells me how to find that out, i'd be more than happy to oblige. )

http://sphotos. Ak. Snc3/26852_1344634330408_1067746976_31012137_6572355_n.jpg (black screen)

http://hphotos-snc3. Snc3/26852_1344634450411_1067746976_31012140_1874868_n.jpg (loading screen)

http://sphotos. Ak. Snc3/26852_1344634490412_1067746976_31012141_1593428_n.jpg

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Sony Vaio Fw-270j Or Macbook Pro

Im getting a new computer, my parents let me choose which one, im thinking about a mac book pro 15 or 17 inch, but i just searched up the sony vaio fw-270j and i thought it was amazing, i like the design and all that, but i heard that it works on vista? And i don't want that, but everything else made it sound like the perfect computer, also with its 16:9 inch screen but other than that, i dunno anything about computers, and i dunno which one is better, that or the macbook pro 15inch or 17inch.

Im starting high school very soon and i need a new laptop cause the one im using is really really old, and before the laptops in middle school were all dell, including the ones in the computer rooms, but when you get to high school, everything changes to a mac, all the art studios, laptops, and i dunno how to use one yet, so my dad thinks its better to get a mac so i can get use to it, can you tell me some pros and cons for both and which one you think is better?

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