Put Windows On Mac Using Dell Desktop Installation Cd

Can you use dell desktop installation cd to put windows on a mac? I have a dell desktop with vista. There a restore/installation dvd that says operating system. Will i be able to use that to put vista on my mac?

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Run Mac Os On Dell Desktop

Is it possible to run a mac os on a dell desktop?

Answer:- not legally. Apple manufactures their own motherboards, which are different from those found in standard pcs. Apple motherboards don't have a bios, and they have a security chip. If the os doesn't find that chip, it won't install or run. There is no legal way around this. Emulation won't work - all legit makers of virtual machine technology, vmware included, have signed legal agreements with apple stating that they will not attempt apple hardware emulation. Apple's legal team is pretty good. You can buy a mac mini. They're pretty cheap, can run windows as well as mac os, and you can use your existing monitor, mouse and keyboard with it.

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Put Laptop Ram Into Desktop

I have a laptop that has a broken screen and its too dear to buy a new one so i was wondering if i can put the ram etc into my desktop to upgrade it? Its a compaq laptop and a dell 4600 dimension desktop.

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Restore Windows Xp To Factory Settings On Dell Desktop

Restoring windows xp to factory settings on a dell desktop. My family's desktop computer is riddled with viruses, so need to restore it to factory settings. All data backed up. With my old laptop i did the restoring thing a couple of times - in start up mode you press f11 i believe? But that was a sony, does that still work with dell?

I know sometimes you need a disc to reinstall windows xp but am not sure if the computer came with one (it's very old), and if it did, i doubt i'd be able to find it!

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Mac Mini Or Hp Desktop

I am undecided with choosing a desktop for school, but will mostly be used for music, photos and from time to time homework. I have a laptop that i do most of my school stuff on and then the desktop is for the "fun stuff" my question is, should i buy the hp pavilion p6510f desktop for $440 (which includes michigan's tax) or buy a base mac mini for the $687(including tax). I love apple and i love microsoft (and hp) so i'm pretty torn. Do you think the extra 200+ dollars is worth it?

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Stuck Disc On Mac Desktop

How to get a stuck disc out of a mac desktop?

1. First of all make sure that the cd drive is not in use by pressing altogether activity monitor. It's in /applications/ utilities. In the utilities folder there's an app called activity monitor. In mac os x, a windowed process (application program) can be killed with the force quitŠ command in the apple menu (option-command-escape, ¥˜‹, ¥ opt+˜ cmd+esc). The activity monitor application (in /applications/utilities) can be used to quit or force-quit any other process, including invisible processes and applications belonging to other users. 2. I don't have a mac but a windows desktop. But i suppose the disposition of the cd/dvd drive is the same. Now, get a sharp knife with no teeth (not a steak knife but a vegetable knife) and with lots of caution, use the lame to gently (very gently) place it on top of the eject device to bring it towards you. You may be lucky and have not broken the cd. If it doesn't work from the top, try the sides. It should help to unblock it. 3. You may also try to use your knife to set the cd inside the drive more in the centre in order to rectify the problem. But that can be delicate as you could spoil your cd.

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Connect Mac Lcd Monitor With Pc Desktop

Is it possible to buy a mac lcd monitor and connect it to a pc desktop (dell or hp?)?

Answer:- the 30-inch apple hd cinema display, yes, if the dell or hp computer has a dual-link dvi output. (That monitor will only work with dual-link dvi. )

The 24-inch apple led cinema display, no. That monitor requires a computer that has a minidisplayport output, which neither dells nor hps have.

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Put Dell Pc Components Into Another Case

Will you be able to put components from dell pc into a new case or not because of it's special one fan cooling? I, personally think yes, but some feedback would be appreciated.

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Dell N4010 Cannot Put Sim Card

I have dell n4010 inspiron laptop but i can't put the sim card on it because of the sim card holder is large? I have dell n4010 laptop there are a option to put a sim card in laptop for using internet, but when i tried to put sim card on that laptop sim slot size is very large, in india no other sim card found for use laptop sim facility, dell not provided any sim card holder or other company not manufacture this. How can i use this facility for laptop, i have tried many time but still report zero, dell says you just ask you service provider if they give you that type of card so it is working in dell n4010 laptop.

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Windows 7 Installation

I have a lenovo n500 and i had installed windows 7 on it. And after a half year, i would install windows 7 again, because i had a malware problem i could not resolve. I just moved all the files that i wanted, movies, music, and other documents to another computer. So i did not make a back up. I tried to install from a usb device, and it worked fine, until the first reboot in the installation. When it started again i could choose:

-Windows 7

-Windows installation rollback

-Windows 7

And i thought that was really strange, so i selected windows installation rollback

And it said the installation was not success full. And then it tried to undo the installation, and that was another failure. So when i select

- Windows 7

- Windows installation rollback

Cmd opens. With a windows 7 theme in the background. And if i choose the -windows 7 at the bottom, "start up repair" starts, and that cant solve the problem either. So what should i do now?

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Windows Xp Finish Installation

I have 1 maybe 2 problems. #1. I bought these two old computers from a lady off craigslist. She said we could upgrade them to windows xp. We took them home and she left a xp upgrade disk in the drive of one of them. You have to have a product key to finish installing and i got back with the lady and she has no idea what the product key is. Note: its halfway installed because when i turn it off then turn it on it boots up to that installation part of the set up process

#2. I dont know how to make a disk that will make the computer install it and please dont mention because im not buying anything for 4 bucks if i can figure out how to do it on my own. Its a pride thing. Well it ask's for the disk with xp service pack 2 and the i836 or a folder close to that name and im not going to put in the disk that makes me put in a product key i dont know so if someone could tell me or give me a link to a web site to tell me how to make one i would appreciate it. Note: im using my parents xp and it doesn't have a floppy drive to make floppy disks.

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Windows Xp Pro Installation

My friend recently deleted something from my computer i wanted, so i wanted to do a system restore where i would get my item back, so i went to: start>all programs>accessories>system tools>system restore and proceeded to do so. My computer was then searching some items and then it told me to not turn off my computer while it was restoring some items. But then i remembered that i was setting the computer back to a time it wasn't working, so i quickly shut it down. Then i turned it on and i was already scared it wouldn't work, and guess what? It didn't. It would boot up, and when it got to the page with the windows xp logo and the black background, it restarted. Now i started panicking. I took the window xp disk to try doing a chkdsk /r /p repair, and it didn't work. So i decided to repair install windows, and by the way, if your repair install windows does it format your computer? So everything was going until now, where installation is trying to install the network, and it says it will be done approximately 32 minutes, but i've been waiting for longer, plus it hasn't made any development at all! Please help me, because if my dad finds out he's going to kill me (yes im a kid)!

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System Hangs On Windows Xp Installation

I have two seagate barracudas, my main c drive and my secondary hard drive, drive x. Whenever i have drive c plugged in, the system hangs. It hangs when - [*]windows' xp installation disc says 'examining 500gb hard drive 0 at id 0 on bus 0 on atpi'. [*]When xp is at its splash loading screen (where it shows xp logo and the blue loading bar) the blue bar will continue to scroll for five minutes then the screen goes black. When drive c is unplugged the system doesn't hang at all. My bios recognizes both hard drives.

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Fatal Error - Formatting During The Windows Installation

I've been trying to format my system but right after it finishes formatting i get a fatal error during the windows installation process. That fatal error is a data error (cyclic redundancy check). I know that it's because of my hard drives, but how do i fix this issue? I have 2 seagate barracuda 7200. 10 250gb sata ii hard drives in raid 0. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Windows Xp Installation Stop: 0x0000007b Error

I installed the mobo and every thing boots up great, i installed ich9 (desktop) and then i get the error. Any ideas?

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I7 Setup Reboots During Windows 7 / Vista Installation

I recently built the system xp 32 bit runs perfectly with no issues what-so-ever. If i try to install windows 7 64bit rc1 and/or vista premium 64 bit, the machine reboots. This is right after the "loading windows system files" screen. I have reseated ram, cards, cables. I've updated to the most recent bios, tried to install at stock settings, dummy oc on and off, broken down my system to bare-bones, ran memtest 86 for 6 hours. Temps on cpu during idle are around 30-32 degrees and under load don't get above 54 degrees. Ram timings are irrelevant as these are xmp sticks. (I've set them manually with no change). I installed vista on an old hard drive back in early april and it showed the age of the drive. I had a ton of issues. When i did install vista back then i did it with one stick on ram populated in the farthest dim from the cpu. This is the one thing i have not tried yet as i just got the dummy over-clock running stable, (8 hours running prime 95 with no issues). I just don't understand why i'd have to run this board with just one stick to get an os installed when the xp installation was so flawless. I've had a lot of issues and it may be due to this evga board. However i lack the time to properly trouble-shoot it with tech support. Any thoughts? Experiences? Ideas?

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Windows Cannot Find The Hard Drive During Installation

I have the compaq presario v6ooo. It has a 100gb sata hd. I want to format the drive and put my win xp pro and other programs on it and get rid of the trial programs that are on the drive, including the os that's on it. But when i try to do a clean installation with my windows is stops the installation and tells me it cannot find the hd. The laptop works reads and loads perfectly, but my win won't complete the install because it can't find the hd. Does anyone know how i can resolve this issue?

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Hp Color Laserjet 2600n Installation For Windows 7

How to install network hp color laserjet 2600n for win7x64?

Answer:- i'm kinda answering my own question and wanted this solution to be out there because i couldn't be bothered to register with forums just to post it. 1. I installed hp pcl5 universal print driver with dynamic settings. 2. Keyed in the ip of the printer, it detected and installed, but test page didn't print. 3. Download hp driver and install but left hanging at "attach usb" phase. 4. Run windows add printer, windows detected and installed automatically. 5. Remove universal print driver (it appears on ur printer folder). 6. Cancel hp driver installation. I would think windows obtained the driver from the universal printer driver but it could also be the hp driver installation since the inf extracted to a temp folder. But the former is more likely. If you are confused, i ran two installation utility, one was universal and one was printer specific. So i have no idea which driver windows took but it works in the end. The printer works fine now. I got printing pref and all.

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Printer Installation On Windows 7 - The Product Cannot Be Recognized

The printer is old, well, we bought it not long before windows 7 came out - so it's decently new. I know it works fine, because i have connected it to my other windows xp computer. Well i go through the installation process (unplug the printer from computer at first) when it tells me to connect it, i do - and when it recognizes it, it moves onto the next part of the installation - but that is where it fails and says "the product can not be recognized". I've been through my computers properties to make sure it supports usb hubs and etc - but still it wont budge. And i don't know if this helps - but when i try to print something, and i click "find printer" this message comes up "the active directory domain service is currently unavailable" and the default is "adobe pdf" - which i have no clue about"

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Keep Two Windows Active On Desktop

Is there anyway to keep two windows on my desktop active? Im trying to run two city of villians online games on my computer at the same time so i can "power level my self" but when one window becomes inactive it lags and if i keep it inactive for more then a minute it disconnects, i dont think its my computer i have a 3700 san diego 2 gigs of ram and a 7900 gt and im running both games at the lowest resoultion.

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Windows Installation, Partition Shows 130 Instead Of 200 Gb

I just got this new 200gb hard drive and i reinstall windows on it. But when windows booted up and ask me to make a new partition it only shows 130gb? People told me to install sp1 but it still does the same thing, and its a western digital 8mb cache.

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Is Mac Better Than Windows Laptop ?

Is a mac necessarily better than windows? I'm trying to get my parents to get me a laptop for my birthday/graduation present and i want a mac. They don't want to pay more money for a mac when they can get me a bigger lap top for less money. How is a mac better than a laptop that runs on windows?

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How To Install Windows On A Mac?

The following instructions are for intel-based macs, only. Windows will not run on the older processors without expensive and poorly performing software. One feature of the current mac os x software is an applet called boot camp that allows you to install and switch back and forth (on restart) between the apple and microsoft operating systems. Section i
1. Power up the mac under the os x leopard 10. 4. 6 (or higher) operating system. 2. Before installing the new operating system, back up any files and applications installed under os x. 3. Log in to an administrator account on your computer (if one is set, otherwise continue). 4. Make sure no applications are running. 5. Open a new finder window and access your applications folder. 6. Find the utilities folder within applications and locate boot camp assistant. 7. Double-click the application to run. 8. When the application window (aka wizard, to microsoft fans) opens, first click the print button to retrieve a hard copy of the instructions, then click the "continue" button. This will take you to the next screen. 9. The following screen will read: "select what you want to do and click continue. "

10. If you haven't already created a windows partition, select the "create or remove a windows partition" button. 11. Click continue

12. Boot camp assistant will help you create a new partition for windows on your internal hard disk (if you have multiple internal hard disks, you can use any). It is extremely important to create a new partition, or you may wipe out your mac operating system. 13. When you create the windows partition, you'll have the option of choosing to set aside 32 gb, divide the disk space equally, or set a custom size. The windows partition must be at least 5gb to accommodate the new operating system. You should also leave at least 5 gb of free space on each partition.consider which operating system will get more use, and which partition will store more files and applications, then set your size accordingly. 14. When you're satisfied with your choice, click partition. 15. Following the screen prompts, place your windows installation disk in the dvd drive. You must use a single full-installation disk (not an upgrade) of windows xp service pack 2 or a more recent version such as windows vista home basic, home premium, business, ultimate, or the current incarnation of same. Do not attempt to install an earlier version of windows. Section 2

1. At this point, you will select and run the windows installation wizard, following instructions as you would if installing on a standard pc. 2. Install the boot camp drivers on your windows volume by inserting the os x disk one dvd. 3. If autorun opens, quit the program. 4. Using windows explorer, locate and select the driver you want to install. 5. Open the driver to start installation. Note: you will not be able to use the eject key on your keyboard while the welcome screen is displayed (you must be set up and running a user account for this key to work). In order to eject a disk, use windows explorer to select the disk, and click the explorer eject icon. Section 3

1. If you want your computer to restart automatically after a power failure, click the boot camp system tray item and choose the boot camp control panel. 2. Click the power tab. 3. Select "restart automatically after a power failure. "

Windows should now be installed in its own partition on your internal hard drive. Section 4

To select which start-up disk you want to use for a particular session:

1. Restart your computer while holding down the "option" key. 2. When the labeled disk icons appear on your screen, release the option key. 3. Use the mouse to select os x or windows. 4. Click the arrow under the icon. 5. Your computer will now start under your selected operating system. Note: you can only use one partition at a time. Although the dormant partition icon will be visible on your desktop, you will not have access to any files or applications under that os. If you need to transfer a file between operating systems, you'll have to email it to yourself from the appropriate operating system, burn the file to cd or dvd, or transfer across a network, using a second computer as an intermediary (and yes, macs and pcs can talk to each other across a network). Section 5

1. To set the default operating system in windows, click the boot camp system tray item and choose the control panel. 2. Select the disk with the operating system you want to use by default. 3. Restart your computer. Once the default os is set, your computer will automatically boot under the selected partition. If you want to use the other operating system for a session, restart while holding down the option key, select the non-default disk, and click the arrow. You will not need to reset your default on restart unless you deliberately want to change it.

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Desktop Performance For Windows Aero

I've searched and found out that this is a problem for a lot of users, on windows experience index(win 7 or vista) "desktop performance for windows aero"is a lot lower than the rest, i have a 9500gt(1gb)graphic card and it scored 6. 3 for gaming stuff but it's low on desktop aero experience(scored 5). I don't need big numbers but i have some problems 1-my mouse pointer doesn't move smoothly and sometimes hangs for 2 or 3 seconds or it jumps pixels(my main problem) 2-my computer window(s) hangs for seconds(this doesn't happen as much) i tried reinstalling windows, that didn't help. This is my desktop :
Cpu:core 2 due 2. 8 ghz
Vga:1gb (9500 gt msi)
Mainboard:asus p5b
Win 7 ultimate 32 bits

I thought the problem was from my mouse but i changed it and didn't solve the issue, so what should i do to make my windows run smoothly?

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Dell 1545 Xp Installation Problem

I bought brand new dell inspiron 1545 on 12th march 2010. Installed windows 7 and it worked fine. Now when i want to install xp the setup runs but then i get a blue screen with some thing that i have some problem in hard disk etc.

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Setup Remote Desktop Connection On Windows Xp

How do you set up remote desktop connection on windows xp?

Answer:- check the following links for information on remote desktop connection with windows xp:

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Share Printer To Xp Desktop And With Windows 7 Laptop

How can i share a printer hooked up to a windows xp desktop and share it with my windows 7 toshiba laptop. I don't have any cables except for the one that hooks up my desktop to the router. And the laptop and computer are both working fine on the internet using the same router.

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Tile Picture On Your Desktop Background In Windows 7

In windows 7 can you tile the picture on your desktop background? Where can i find options for the desktop and things like that? Or is there a site were it kind of walks me through these things but as i ask the questions? You know? Like i ask it something and it shows me how. Instead of me sitting through a half hour video of it trying to explain it to me and i learn nothing at all?

Ive asked this question before and this was the answer:

To change the desktop background

Open desktop background by clicking the start button and clicking control panel. In the search box, type desktop background, and then click change desktop background. Scroll down to "picture position" and choose "tile"


But. My computer won't let me. Am i doing it wrong or is the computer messed up? Its a brand new hp laptop that i got in february what should i do?

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Snow Leopard.dmg From Windows To Mac Os X?

I have recently purchased a used macbook pro 5, 5 running mac os x version 10. 6. 3 from ebay. A first for me! Unfortunately, the only flaw was that the seller never sent the original install cd and now im working under one of the guest accounts with limited resources. (I can't even perform software updates, let alone program installations!). The previous owner sort of disappeared, as i am still awaiting for his reply to my numerous emails. I was told by an apple representative that i would need to get snow leopard in order to work around it or reset the admin password. I have downloaded snow leopard as a torrent . Dmg file on my windows pc. The file is slightly over 6gb! That's not going to fit on a cd, maybe on a 8. 5gb dual-layer dvd. But it will most likely fit on a flash drive. Either option will do but because i have to purchase either the dvds or pen drive i would prefer a flash drive. Can i just copy the . Dmg file from my pc onto a flash drive, disconnect it.connect the flash drive to the macbook pro and install snow leopard? Do i need to do any additional imaging/program altering? I was told the finder feature will act as a poweriso for macs, is that right?

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Using Dell Xp Installation Disk On Emachines Computer

Okay so my computer had a virus on it and i did everything to try and remove it but it didn't work. So i decided the only way was to reinstall windows. So i found a disk and did everything. So my computer screen is at windows activation right now and wont let me signed on to anything, not even my user profile. It said my windows product key was invalid or whatever. I pulled out the disk and found out it was a dell installation disk for my brother's computer ( the one i'm on now). I can't do anything on my computer. Any advice on what to do?

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