Cordless Mouse In The 25 To 50 Dollar Range

I need a new cordless mouse in the 25-50 dollar range. It will be used for internet and windows, it need to be in standard size or bigger, wireless, and comfortable, thats it, i've been thinking maybe logitech lx8, but thats over 50 dollars so i'll get it if there is nothing else worth buying under 50. Perhaps microsoft wireless laser mouse 6000 ?

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Mouse In The 30 Dollar Price Range

My friend has a budget of 30 bucks, hes looking for a mouse to game with, preferably one with more than left click and right click, maybe some side buttons?

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Cordless Mouse Going Crazy

Well i was playing company of heroes yesterday and my mouse went bananas, as did i cause i was winnning, till all my guys walked into thier death cause my mouse went bananas and when i tried reseting it, it wouldnt work for like a min, happened 2 times in a row, making him pwn my whole base and win. Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing with thier mice? I have a feeling it might be because my mouse is to close to my keyboard and it has had interferance from that once b4, this also happened a long time ago but it hasent arouse till last night. Its working fine atm but since i am thinking about getting a icemat 2 and useing its sticky pads on this mouse (cant find teflon mouse feet in canada). I dont want this problem to arise again but i would like to salvage my mouse which is missign a plastic pad on the bottom. I have a mx1000 and i find it the most comfortable mouse out there to me, didnt care for the g7 plastic feel, maybe i should try to find a black one to see if it has better grip, but i dont want to buy a new mouse.

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Logitech Cordless Mouse Stops Working After 30 Seconds

Logitech cordless mouse stops working after 30 seconds and the batteries are fine. Reboot is needed and it works again for about 30 seconds. Any idea how to troubleshoot this?

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Wireless Keyboard & Mouse With Best Maximum Range

I'm setting up my secondary computer on my viewsonic 37" lcd which i use primarily to watch tv. I would like to have a wireless keyboard/mouse to use on the sofa which will sit approximately 10-12 ft from the tower. I'm trying to find the keyboard/mouse combo that will work at best maximum range. I'm gonna throw out a $100 limit for the 2. I will primarily be using for web surfing or the occasional gaming (*** gaming will be on my primary comp and dell 2407). I understand the bluetooth is "supposed" to have a better range but all the reviews i've read are horrible. I'm wonding if anyone has a similar setup and what keyboard/mouse combo they use?

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Long Range Wireless Keyboard / Mouse

I just got an awesome 60" hdtv and i want to connect one of my pcs to it. I tried using a cordless logitech mouse/keyboard but even with the usb extension it seems to be too far away to work. Does anyone know of any good long range keyboard / mouse combos? I only need about 6+ feet. If not a specific model, what should i be looking for?(Bluetooth, rf, or ir).

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Where To Press The Sensor Button On Cordless Keyboard ?

At christmas i was given a cordless keyboard and mouse. I have only just bought some batterys for them. The instructions on the box were not useful at all they pretty much said " run the cd". I ran the cd installed the drivers and then plugged the mouse and keyboard in. For the mouse i had to press a button on the sensor then one on the mouse. As for the keyboard i cant seem to find anything to press on the keyboard and its not responding. Anyone else had simular problems and found a soloution?

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Two Doa Logitech Cordless Optical Mice

Installed a new logitech cordless optical mouse in a new puter but it would not work. Plugged in a same model mouse from my puter and it worked ok but the new one would not work in my puter (mine works in both and it does not work in either). No brainer - the mouse was doa so rmaed it to newegg. Problem - the replacement acts exactly like the first one. It lights up and the puter emits a tone when it is plugged in and removed but it will not move the curser. Is it possible that i got two defective mice in a row or did newegg test and return the original ( i didnít record the s/n)?. I have replaced the batteries and presed the connect buttons several times. Any ideas?

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Cordless Phone Problem With Wireless Router

S my panasonic cordless 2. 4 ghz phone knocking out my linksys wireless g router? When ever i use my phone my wireless router will no longer work, ie i can no longer connect to the internet wirelessly. Is it my phone, do i need to buy a new 5. 4 ghz phone? Anyone else experiencing this problem.

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Logitech Mx3000 Cordless Desktop Not Working In Windows

I currently have a logitech mx3000 cordless desktop. Sometimes my computer freezes while playing games, and then when it reboots, the keyboard no longer works, only the mouse does. The receiver is currently connected via usb. However, if i switch usb ports, the keyboard starts working again. But the thing is it has to be a usb port the connector it hasn't used yet. If i connect it to one that the computer froze on, the keyboard doesn't work, even when trying to connect it. I press the connect button on the receiver, and then the connect button on the bottom of the keyboard, and it looks like it connected (the battery light flashes a few times), but it doesn't do anything when i press the keys. Is my keyboard or receiver defective?

When the keyboard is connected via a "dead" usb slot, it works to get to bios during booting, but once the windows log on screen comes up, it doesn't work anymore.

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Computer To Tv Across 20-30 Ft Range

I've got a nice 26" monitor that used to double as the tv in my room. My old roommate had a nicer tv downstairs. Now it's just my crap and i'm trying to set up a more engaging entertainment system i can upgrade piece by piece. Currently i'm trying to figure out how to pipe the movies i have stored on my hard drive into my old 32" tv. The tv sits downstairs, and my office is set up upstairs on a loft space. There's about 20ft between the tower and the tv, or probably 40-55ft if i were running cables along walls and such. I figure i can: find a dvd player that accepts usb drives and just shuttle stuff across manually (probably the cheapest option). Run cables: find some kind of wireless solution to receive signals sent over my home wifi network. I'd like to hear some thoughts as to what is the best option, and what's most practical/affordable. I probably won't have the budget or motive to "do my entertainment system up right" for another 6-12 months.

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Out Of Range Error

I have just removed a rage agp card and tried to replace it with a radeon 9600. Unfortunately, when i boot up i get an out of range error on my monitor. I have tried booting into safe mode to change the refresh rate and or resolution but my monitor won't even display the text options to get into safe mode. Any ideas?

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Out Of Range Message On Tv

"out of range" message on tv when connecting laptop through vga. I have been using a hitachi 19inch hd tv as a laptop monitor for a while but halfway through using it a few days ago the screen cut out and displayed the message "out of range" i didn't change any settings or do anything out of the ordinary so it's completely spontaneous. Any ideas on how i can get the screen working normal again?

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Message: Out Of Range Frequency

My computer can't play warcraft iii. It will appear message "out of range frequency" in my monitor. Sometime, my computer will stop or hang and appear message on blue screen. Does anyone can solve my problem?

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Monitor Out Of Scan Range

Can any one tell me if its possible to connect my ps3 to my monitor? Ok so i have a ps3 , and a vaio monitor, (its the model sdm-x72). So i bought a hdmi to dvi-d cable and connected it, then i got a "out of scan range" message, then i lowered the resolution on the ps23 and i just got a kind of greenish, blackish screen, but i get nothing. So can any one help me?

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Windows 7 Display Out Of Range

This question is just because i do not want to sign up for tech forums. If you accidentally set your display monitor out of range, restart, spam f8 as it is starting, and choose, "enable low video resolution" from the advanced boot up options. Then change the resolution, and you are good to go! (Resetting resolution in safe mode doesn't stick-this does)

If that does not work (which it will), you can wait for the computer to fully boot, then right click, hit the up key 3 times, tab twice, then spam the down key (5x), hit enter. Then tab 5 more times, and enter. That should get you to the resolution screen, and change the settings even though you can't see. It should pop up if you do it right. Last ditch effort, either spam f8 and boot last known good config, or spam f8, go into safe mode, then uninstall the video driver and install it again. An untested one was simply unplug the monitor, then plug it back in. The computer should re-detect the monitor and choose a good resolution.

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Frequency Out Of Range Error

Everytime i try to start up a game on my computer, like fiesta or sims 3, my monitor goes blank and it says "frequency out of range". Every once in a while it'll say "no signal". I've been searching online on how to fix this, and i've gotten answers such as change the resolution, which i have and it did nothing. It also said to lower the frequency on the display to 59 or 60hz instead of 75hz, but when i went to change this, it was already at 60hz and there were no other options. I read also that it could mean my video card is overheating or something of the like. How do i fix that?

My monitor is a gateway, model number hd2201. I don't know if that helps at all. I'm really terrible with computer things, so please explain how to fix it as if you were writing a "computers for dummies" book. Oh, another thing as that sometimes it'll let me play for a while before the error comes up, but only at first. After the first "frequency out of range" message, it comes up immediately when i restart the computer.

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Error - Edid Does Not Contain The Range Limitation

I started getting this error lately and its taking longer to load vista:

"Edid does not contain the range limitation"

I have not changed drivers or anything from before. I did switch the connector from my card to using the vga adaptor that came with it instead of to hdmi. Occasionally my desktop will fail to load up now with dual displays in extended mode( one in vga, one in dvi). I'm using a radeon 3850 in vista 32. Any ideas?

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No Wireless Networks Are Found In Range

I have an acer one netbook and just recently i've been having a lot of trouble with my internet or wireless card. Whenever i try to look for a network via "refresh", it says "no wireless networks are found in range". My wireless adapter is on, that is fine. I even looked in my device manager and it shows some of my network adapters with a yellow (!) Sign. I tried to look for updated hardware and it says that is the most updated one. I tried uninstalling it and it says i need to reboot my computer. I've rebooted my computer and nothing happened. Please help. P. S. Would going back to the factory default settings, via disk and restarting my whole computer, wiping out all my files", fix this issue?

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Wireless Picture Frame 10+ Inch Range

Can anyone point out a digital picture frame, say in the 10+ inch range that actually works, when feeding the stream from a pc wirelessly? I have a kodak w1020, and it is terrible, and other reviewers have confirmed it, it just doesn't work wirelessly.

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Gaming Headset For Price Range $50 To $140

I use to be all about the headset with the pull down mic on it for gaming but switched to a headphone and stand-up mic setup about a year back. I'm just about over it now as the sound quality is relatively poor and it picks up background noises far too well so now i'm looking into headsets that are relatively inexpensive but suitable for gaming. I've done some shopping around and i'm seeing alot of the new headsets have the mic on the cord which i am pretty much against 100% unless there is a reason i'm not seeing. Price range is $50-$140. I just want to get something decent, suggestions?

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Wireless Routers Connection Range Is Low

My wireless routers connection range is very low. How do i fix this? I have a very old router it's a buffalo whr- g54s router and it just does the weirdest thing. When i place my laptop right next to the computer it's signal strength ranges from fair and good, never very good. The router is situated in my game room so anywhere in my game room my laptop's connection is fairly good. But when i move out of my game room into any other part in the house it loses connection completely. I've tried everything, i've reset the router's settings, i cleared away things that could be blocking it's connection for example television sets and home phones (cell phones as well). I'm in desperate need for help for i do not want to stay in the game room for the rest of my life. Does anyone know the answer to this issue?

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Which Mouse Is Better ? Usb Mouse Or Ps2 Mouse

I hear that ps2 offers better refresh and stuff with optical mice is this true? I always thought usb would be better cuz its newer and faster.

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Laptop Inbuilt Synaptics Mouse & External Mouse Fail To Work

On my ~1 year old win xp pro laptop, the inbuilt synaptics mouse and any external mice, ps2 or usb fail to work. I'm having to use it via keystrokes only, so even typing this is hard to get to it. I've had this problem since this morning. I brought it downstairs (its kept upstairs) and turned it on, and when it booted to the welcome screen, the pointer was in the center and my ps2 optical mouse (chic) wasn't responding, although the actual led bit was on. I tried my touchpad (synaptics model) and that also doesn't work. The animated icon in my systray didn't respond to my touches. I have since tried 2 other mice, one ps2 and 1 usb, and i have had no luck. The only way to control my mouse is using mousekeys (ugh) or using a mouse via vnc. I have no hardware devices listed in my mouse hardware list in the control panel. I am not sure if it is a hardware or a software problem, but if i fear the worst, and it's hardware, perhaps my ps2 controller thingy busted? Although it shouldn't take out usb or touchpad either. I hope its more of a software problem, but after rolling back system restore point from last friday (when it definately worked), i have had no luck. I have also reinstalled the drivers for my usb mouse and the driver cd that came with my laptop. I am really stuck, and i won't be able to take it into technical support until monday. I really hope to have this fixed asap. Any help you can give me would be great, and as i use my laptop a lot, i'm really stuffed, everything else seems to be working okay, and i have not noticed any other problems, although there was a process in task manager using about 92% of cpu called sypad or something similar.

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Message: No Mouse Is Connected - Mouse Stop Working

Every 30 minutes or so of using my pc causes my mouse to stop working. When this happens everything else continues to work. Also on occasions when the mouse is connected normally a message appears on start up telling me that no mouse is connected. These problems have occured with 3 different mice and with mice connected to both usb and the normal mouse port. Therefore i think the problem is my computer rather that dodgy mice.

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Ms Sidewinder Mouse's 3 Sets Of Different Mouse Feet

Has anyone tried the different sets of mouse feet that come with the sidewinder mouse? It suppose to come with different textures of teflon. But i haven't been able to get an info on the attributes of each set of mouse feet which they call glide. It seems to me that the white set seem to glide the easiest out of the 3 sets offered. Even when the white set of feet are dirty they do seem to glide easier or glide similar when cleaned.

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Suggestions On A Mouse, Keyboard, And A Mouse Pad

I have around $110 to spend on a mouse, keyboard, and a mousepad. Its for gaming so please, if you suggest something, make sure it is good for gaming. My friend has dual opticals on his mouse. He says its great. Also what mousepad should i get? Nothing too fancy please. I kind of want to go wireless btw but some people say it isn't as good for gaming?

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Ratpadz Xt Mouse Pad For Logitech G9 Mouse

I have the g9 mouse which is awesome but my current mouse pad seems to not work sometimes. It acts like a ball mouse does when you don't clean it for a long time. It skips and doesn't seem to track till i mess with it. It is rare when it happens but it does happen. The mouse pad i use is just a cheap cloth one i got from fry's for 3 bucks. I was looking into getting a new mouse pad. Specifically the ratpadz xt because i can send it back if i don't like it or it doesn't work the way i am expecting it to. Does anyone have a g9 mouse and a ratpadz xt pad? How does it work? Do you have something else you prefer over the ratpadz xt? I want to get a pad that doesn't skip.

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Ergonomic Mouse And Mouse Pad

I need something for my right wrist, which was shot all to *** last year by a temp job that required massive amounts of 10-key data entry and an obscene amount of clicking and dragging of the mouse. I probably have carpal tunnel in the damn thing right now, or at least i am dangerously close. I bought some sort of beanbag to go under my wrist for $10 last year. It hurt my wrist bad, which was the opposite of what it said it would do. I bought a gel mousepad with a gel resting pad for my wrist for $20 last year. It hurt my wrist bad, which was the opposite of what it said it would do. So, obviously i can't search for myself because i always end up buying crap that only makes things worse.

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Is It Bad To Use A Mouse Without A Mouse Pad ?

Is it bad to use a mouse without a mouse pad? I have logitech g5 mouse, and i was using it without a mouse pad but i figured out that my computer table has a smooth surface and more space to work with. The g5 glides well too as it has polytetrafluoroethylene feet as well, so it's smooth. So is it ok without a mouse pad?

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