Driver Scanner Program

I installed a fresh os(xp sp2) to my computer and now i cant connect to the net. After talking to my isp rep we come to find its a common problem when switching os's and the problem being is my ethernet card is not being read or found. Went to device manager and found the yellow exclamations on

Ethernet controller
Sm bus controller
Unknown device
Video controller

I contacted the guy who built the computer and he told me the ethernet and video cards we're all on the motherboard. It's a asus p5l-mx motherboard. So im guessing i need a scan program to tell me exactly what type of ethernet card and video card is onboard, and then find>reinstall appropriate drivers? I tried belarc advisor but came up as unknown. Does anyone know of a program i can run on my computer tht will identify my ethernet-card/video card and supply me with the name of what drivers i need or tell me what steps i should be taking here?

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Dell 946 Scanner Program

My brother has a dell 946 all in one, printer, scanner, fax, copier, that he got when he got his dell laptop (which, itself is a piece of crap. ) The thing is, we can't seem to find a designated program intended to utilize the scanner. Ms paint works to scan pictures, but that program is pretty much useless otherwise, as it's so limited in function otherwise. We had a trial version of photoshop on there, but it since expired. I tried the free alternative to photoshop that every raves about, "gimp", which i didn't care for (i found the layout unruly) but just the same, it didn't seem to give me the option to import/scan an image, so it too was useless for this. I eventually found one program, photo explosion, that lets me scan, but i can't make selections or resize it; but one big thing is that the resolution is terrible, even when it's set as high as it can be. The images i'm trying to scan are photographs, prints from a film based camera, that look crispt and nice in person, but on the computer the resolution is terrible. It also seems to leave weird lines and pixelized one picture that should have scanned normally, but instead had rough, pixelated edges on screen. Is the scanner a piece of crap? Is it the program that has it scan oddly? I cleaned the scanner bed, as it was also scanning smudges that weren't on the photo. What program is it supposed to use? The few programs i've found that can actually access the scanner seem to open the same utility, but i can't find the program by itself.

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Hp Psc 2410xi Photosmart Scanner Program

Hp psc 2410xi photosmart scanner program. I can't find a scanner program for my scanner in the all-in-one. I'm not sure if i actually need a program. The scanner keeps saying i don't have the options and program, it tells me to install something but i don't know which one.

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Hp Scanjet 5100c Scanner Driver

Cannot locate hp 5100c scanner driver for xp, tried hp site with no good answers. Made the mistake of loading either 95-98 software and trashed my os. Any suggestions or do i simply throw the scanner in the trash?

Answer:- check the following link for hp 5100c scanner drivers for windows xp, win98, win95. Choose then select to download: http://bit. Ly/amtma8

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Nec Mr650u Scanner Driver

I lost my driver, please send me the driver for nec mr650u scanner.

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Benq Scanner 5000 Bl Driver / Application

Benq scanner model no 5000bl driver/application is required to install for vista, anybody who knows it? Don't have the cd; benq site also don't have it. Anybody know the direct link for free download?

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Mouse Opens Program's Properties Instead Of The Program

I've had my computer for about 9 months with no real issues. Yesterday the keys on the keyboard as well as the mouse got messed up. This issue is very hard to explain. When i click using the mouse i get an entirely different option, when i try to open a program it opens as properties instead of the program. I have to right click on the mouse to get the option "open" in order to open a program. When i select a photo to open, it selects several photos even though i only selected one. When i clicked the keys on the keyboard instead of just the letter k being typed i would get ki/. When i clicked a key instead of one letter typing, several would. If i typed the letter p, i would get pjk. Recently though no letters will type on the keyboard, although if i click the letter g then control panel would open, if i click another letter my browser will close. I cant seem to have any control over my computer. I had to type this on my other computer in my room. I've uninstalled the mouse as well as the keyboard drivers, i've unplugged the mouse and keyboard with the same issue. I've plugged in a spare mouse and keyboard with the same issue. Is there some way to reset the keyboard and mouse settings? Could this be a virus or spyware, my computer has always worked fine until yesterday.

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Update The Nvidia Driver On Windows 7 Installed Driver

I just loaded windows 7 rc1. The nvidia driver is working fine, but if i wanted to update the driver; would i have to worry about removing the driver that came with windows 7 or can i just install the new driver?

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Analog Driver To Digital Driver On Monitor

Well after 8 mths and by accident i finally figured out how to get the digital drivers installed for my monitor. What i want to know is will i notice a diff from the analog ones?

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Overclocking Program

I have an intel pentium 4 processor - 3. 2 ghz, overclocked to 3. 68 ghz on bios. My chip is socket 478. I have an asus mobo - p4rd1 - mx. I have overclocked my computer to 15% (3. 68 ghz), and want to overclock it more. My computer is completely stable at this speed. I try to overclock the computer to 20%, or fsb 950 mhz (atm on 228 mhz), and the computer states over-clocking has failed. The temperatures ive checked on 3. 68 ghz are fine. Does anyone know why this is happening, and does anyon have any solutions?

Also, i have seen that you can get a program which allows you to overclock while using windows. Does anyone know the name of this program, and is it safe to use?

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Temperature Program

Whats a good program to double check what my processor temperature is running at, the program that came with the motherboard is telling me forty fully loaded, but i have been having a look at temperatures other people are getting, and mine is a lot lower, so it is making me wonder is the program is not accurate!

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Program Load Times

Here's my problem. On most computers, ms office applications such as word or excel load within 15 seconds. Maximum. Usually under about 7 seconds. On my pc, usually (even with no other desktop programs running) most office probgrams will take at least 25 seconds to load. At least, as i said. Then photoshop cs2 comes along - it takes in excess of five minutes to open it, depending on how much other stuff i have open. This is a huge pain. I have a 40gb hard drive which holds windows and all of my programs, leaving about 15gb free, and a 60gb secondary harddrive containing about 45-50gb of documents/music/movies. What i need to know is exactly which component(s) need replacing to fix this problem. I was looking at a new motherboard with a pentium 4 3. 2 ghz, but i'd need a case with that (dell cases will not accept new motherboards) bringing the total cost to about $4-500. I can't afford that right now. So what do you think might offer at least a temporary solution? Any advice would be much appreciated, and if further details are needed feel free to ask.

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Slow Program Loads

I recently acquired an ast bravo 6233 running windows me os - a used business computer that was surveyed when they upgraded & bareboned. 32 mb ram, but according to specs has a 384 ram capacity. Added a second floppy with your help - no problem. But -

Removed original 32 mb dimm ram stick & added (2) 128 sdram sticks to banks 1 & 2 - supposedly compatible and as recommended. (Manual states that 2 x 128 sticks reaches ram capacity - don't understand that) so left bank3 empty as recommended. Before i added memory, the thing flew when in a program but loading programs was like runnung backwards. Since adding memory, startup message still states 32 mb ram. Startup and loading programs = no change; switching between programs still sloooowwww.Can find nowhere that the added memory is recognized nor acknowledged. Works no different with original 32 mb stick in bank1 or bank3 with or without added sticks. Have changed nothing else. It starts up ok but windows loads slowly. Question - how can i speed this thing starting up and loading programs ?
How can i find that i even added the memory ?

Help - please - am planning to change os to windows xp but don't want to do that until speed problem solved.

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Partition Program - Ntfs

I've just put together a new comp for a friend and i think i've partitioned it up a bit 'light', with only 6gb on the windows xp c:, and an enormous 140+gb storage d:

I want to expand c: before any useful data goes on d: and was wondering if anyone could recommend a straightforward method to repartition c: (up to 10, or maybe 12gb). The file format is ntfs, can i use ranish, or will i need to look at a recent partition magic? I'd prefer free-ware

Worst case scenario is that i will wipe it and start again, as i know that i can clear the hdd and installing xp and the programs is a fairly quick job - but i'd rather not.

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Trouble Deleting Program

I currently have a program on my computer that seems like it doesn't want to be deleted. I cannot find any of the files for this particular program, and when i go to control panel and click add/delete programs, and try to delete the program, it says there is an error and it won't delete. Any ideas how i can get it off of my computer because i would like to reinstall it onto my harddrive.

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A Program That Limits Fps

I'm an avid l4d player and i use a couple auto-fire scripts that make use of the "wait" function which waits one frame before executing the next command. Because the length of time spanning the "wait" function is dependent on my framerate, the rate at which i can fire my weapon is also dependent on framerate. This is very annoying. I would like to cap my framerate around 75 fps, that way it would remain constant. Some older valve games offer console commands like fps_max, but that is not the case here. I can limit my fps to 60 by using vsync, but i can't stand the input lag when running at 60 fps. Is there any third party software i can use to limit my frames to 75 fps? I've done quite a bit of googling and can't seem to find anything.

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Program For Overclocking An Hd 4850

Okay, already at 700/1075 with the ccc and looking to go higher on the gpu mainly. Is there a program that will give me control over the gpu voltage for the hd 48xx series? I tried rivatuner but i can't get far past stock speed on the gpu as the gpu voltage doesn't budge past 1. 05v but the ccc sets it to 1. 16v after i let the overcrive detect the max frequency then i max the card out from there.

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Program To Mirror Drive

I have 2 drives installed on the computer; and i originally had windows 7 trial on my sata drive and all was well. I just installed windows 7 retail onto my ide drive and its running super slow. Is there any way that i can mirror the contents of this drive over to the other drive and then boot from that sata again instead of this crappy ide?

Is there a decent program that'll format and mirror ?

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Program Just Closes Instantly

Basically, i have started having apps and games crash to desktop, usually w/ no error message, no system freezing, audio looping, or anything like that. Basically the program just closes instantly, and system is back to running normally. This has happened in dream-weaver 8, left 4 dead, and demigod so far, though i suspect it would happen in other games and programs, too. I am using vista ultimate 64bit, install isn't too old, and have recently updated my vid card driver to the newest, 190ish i believe. I'm thinking it may be the problem, though the way the error happens makes me think that it is a memory problem. If it was a vid driver issue, why would it crash in dreamweaver?

The other thing w/ this issue, is that all the crashes may be unrelated? Dreamweaver is an older version, i have recently thrown mods at my l4d install, and demigod has always been crash prone, though i thought it was fixed after the last update. I ran memtest overnight on my system and it came up empty, so probably not a ram issue? Also, i'm going to roll back to an earlier nvidia driver and see if the problem persists. If the problem continues, i may wipe my system and install win7 64bit pro, but i was hoping to put that off for a bit. Any thoughts or ideas would be welcome,

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What Program Do You Use To Benchmark Ssd ?

I have a new g. Skill falcon 128 gb ssd and i am going to install it this weekend. What is a good software to benchmark how good this drive runs?

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Evga Step-up Program

So i just recently got my evga gts-250 for my new build. It runs everything great so im not complaining. Everything at 60fps and all settings at their highest. And i got it for like $90 instead of $130 from zipzoomfly. When registering it i noticed the step-up program, and i want to know how it works.considering my mobo isnt sli ready, i want my card to be fairly future proof. In the sence it will handle all the new games coming out easy (like cod mf2 etc). If you know how it works (personal experience or a friend thats done it) please tell me, cause if i can trade mine in for the price they show on their website $135 with $15dollar mail in rebate, and i can then buy a

Which is $225 but with a $30 mail in rebate. I will be paying $75-$90 for a immensely better card than i have got. If it works like that damn il be happy.

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Overclock Test Program

I want to overclock my geforce fx 5500oc even what is a good program to test it with?

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Network Monitoring Program

I got an asus router and wondering if there is a program / software that can show who all is connected to my router and their ip addresses. I can't seem to find it on the router config. Maybe a way to boot people off of the network too?

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Cpu Temperature Reader Program

Can anybody recommend a cpu temp reader program? It's for a toshiba satellite notebook and motherboard monitor doesn't list this model as being compatabile. The bios doesn't tell me a thing about the temperatures either. I'm pretty sure that the cpu is overheating and is what's causing the bsods, but i'd like to know how bad it is.

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Whats A Good Encryption Program ?

I want a semi-user friendly, windows-based encryption/decryption program compatible with windows xp professional sp2, any recommendations?

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Program For Cpu Temperature Reading

I need a good simple program that can let me read my systems temperature in windows, any suggestions?

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Program That Identifies Agp Or Pci-e

Iím trying to help a friend see if they can stretch some life out of their 3 year old pc. I donít have access to it, and they know zero about hardware. Does everest or something similar say if the card has an agp or pci-e slot? I also need to know how many free slots memory slots there are, and exactly what type of memory it takes. Dxdiag will tell me what graphics and memory are in there, but i donít think it will tell me all the info i need.

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Consensus On File / Program Organization

It's been beaten to death, but i wanna hear it from you guys. Is it best to keep the os on one drive and install programs/games to another? Or is the performance increase insignificant? I can't afford any ssds. I have two wd6400aaks drives, a wd2500aaks, and two wd10eads for storage. Seems like i'm wasting my os drive because it has just under 600gb but i'm installing games to another drive, and i keep my media files on a storage drive (hopefully someday i'll have a whs box). Should general apps be kept with the os?

I'm currently running xp pro, but i'll be installing windows 7 64-bit soon. I'm just unsure of how i should organize data across my hard drives.

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Icon Position Saver Program

If you change res alot or monitors alot like me, it probably gets annoying moving your icons back everytime. Anyways, heres what i found to fix it. Thought it might come in handy

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Audio Clipping With Music Program

Whenever i am listening to music via any program, itunes, foobar, wmp it will clip the audio. This happens regardless of any eq settings, or what is set in the creative control panel. Randomly it will sort of insert a crackle sound and it is making me not want to listen to music anymore! Does anyone have an idea of what is going on?

Amd athlon x2 3800+
2gb ram
Nvidia 7800gt
Creative x-fi xtreme audio with latest drivers
Dlink 1gbps pci ethernet card (i am not sure of the exact model)
Windows 7 x64

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