Wd 1.5 Green Drive - Cannot Copy Any File

I'm having a problem with my whs and i'm almost sure it's because of the new hard drive western digital green 1. 5tb i installed in my whs because i was running out of space just have about 30% left before i install this drive. And now if i'm watching a movie in my htpc from the server i can't copy any file to it. For example i was watching a blue ray (iso file) in my htpc from my whs and the htpc start to record hd tv (directly to the server) and i have to stop watching the movie because it get pretty slow i don't know if the right word to this problem is hd sluttering someone please tell me if this is the wrong word. Is there anyway to fix this issue?

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Long File Names Error - Windows Xp - Unable To Copy Files

I have a windows xp home system with all the latest service packs and patches installed; and it has a primary ide hard disk and a secondary scsi hdd and an ide cdwriter/dvd. When i tried to copy files between these drives, it results in the following error: " cannot copy. . Filename. The resulting file name is too long. Specify a different file name". However, i do not have any problem copying same files from/to these drives to an usb memory stick and vice-a-versa. These long files are typically ie favorites or some other downloaded files. This problem started appearing only in the last one or two months, after upgrading to additional patches on service pack2. This problem was not there with sp2. Many of my friends with xp / home editions have similar problems of copying long filename files, which we used to copy without any problem few months earlier. Perhaps it is time for microsoft to look in to this error. Unable to get any help from any where on the internet or newsgroups for this one.

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Copy Problem - Cannot Copy Or Drag Any Files To Blank Disk

I have a dell xp laptop and i have a copy problem i cant copy or drag any files to a blank disk how can i fix?


Turn off pc/laptop. Disconnect cd/dvd drive*, turn pc/laptop on, allow to boot fully, then turn off again. Re-connect cd/dvd drive and turn on. Windows will re-build the drivers or start the 'found new hardware wizard'. If that doesn't work, log on as an administrator. ***Always back up the registry before making changes (make a restore point)***

Click start, and then click run. In the open box, type regedit, and then click ok. In the navigation pane, locate and then click the following registry subkey:


Ensure the right pane has cd/dvd drive in it. In the right pane, click upperfilters. You may also see an upperfilters.bak registry entry. You do not have to remove that entry. Click upperfilters only. If you do not see the upperfilters registry entry, you still might have to remove the lowerfilters registry entry. To do this, see 'note'. On the edit menu, click delete. When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click yes. 'note'

In the right pane, click lowerfilters. On the edit menu, click delete. When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click yes. Exit registry editor. Restart the computer. If you do not see the lowerfilters registry entry, this can't help you any further. *Most laptops will have either a sliding switch or 1-2 screws holding the drive in. Sliding the switch or removing these screw/s will enable the drive to be pulled from the machine.

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Cloning Drive - Making An Exact Copy Of Drive Onto Another

If i clone a drive is that just basically making an exact copy of the drive onto another in case i ever need to clone it back right? I want to clone my 80 gig ssd onto my old 80 gig hdd. Would i be able to do this using easeus to do backup tool? (It has an option to clone a disk.

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Copy The Contents Of One Drive To Another

My mom just got a new hard drive for her computer and wants me to install it. Whenever i get a new drive i just start from scratch, but she wants to keep everything on her current drive. What is the best way to make a 1:1 copy of one drive onto another?

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Copy Everything Onto The Other Hard Drive

Everything i have is currently on my 320gb hd. I want to put all on my 160gb hd that i recently formatted. Is there any backup program i should use or can i just copy everything onto the other hard drive? Will it boot from that hard drive if i just copy everything? Surely it can't be that easy.

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Hard Drive Copy

So i'm in the market for a new drive and i was wondering is there a program that would allow me to copy all the data off my old drive on to my new one? I need more space but i really don't feel like re-installing me os, updating all my drivers again, installing all my games again, and transferring all my music, movies and pictures to my new hard drive. So does anyone know of a program that would do this? Or if this is even possible?

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Program For Copy All Data Off Old Drive Onto New Drive

So i'm in the market for a new drive and i was wondering is there a program that would allow me to copy all the data off my old drive on to my new one? I need more space but i really don't feel like re-installing me os, updating all my drivers again, installing all my games again, and transferring all my music, movies and pictures to my new hard drive. So does anyone know of a program that would do this? Or if this is even possible?

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Copy All Of A Drive's Files To Another Drive

If i'm on windows (windows 7) what's the best way to copy all the files of one drive to a folder on another drive, besides using the windows copy that will most likely complain about something. The drive i'm copying from and the one i'm copying to is not being used for an os. Both are external drives plugged in by usb.

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Free Software To Copy All Files From Drive

My 1. 5tb drive is making clicking noises and is really really slow to work with. I bought a new 500gb drive, is there any free software that will allow me to copy all the files off the 1. 5tb drive (actual data on this drive is less than 200gbs) onto the 500gb drive so i can then boot off the 500gb drive?

Is that even possible?

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What Is Easiest Way To Copy Entire Hard Drive Into Another One ?

I have a friend who life far away, so i can not just stop by and fix this. This would be too easy she need to copy her entire hard-drive into another hard-drive. The hard-drive contain the os, apps, data and everything else. What is the easiest way to do this? She is not really computer savvy, so i am trying to find a way or software that is very user friendly.

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Green Drive For Storage (raid 6)

I haven't followed the green drives (5400 rpm) very closely. I currently have a raid 6 array in my desktop/htpc/media center/gaming rig. Antec p183
Perc 6/i
6x wd 640gb blue's
X25-m system drive
Rampage formula with q9450 (current oc 3. 39 ghz)
Gtx 280
Air cooled (7x s-flex + 1 xigmatech pwm fan)

The performance is excellent as is, and its been perfectly reliable (much more then my x25-m ) but i'm looking to make a change for better power consumption, and i get the feeling that 7 "green, " drives may give similar performance to my current setup. And the benefit of much more capacity. Part of the issue is that it seems that the perc doesn't power down the drives when idle. I get the feeling i should look at the wd green drives, as i'll need tler support. Any recommendations?

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Wd 1tb Green Drive Slow

Thoughts? I used to have a 160gb maxtor sata on this interface, just upgraded it for more storage. I copied the files off my maxtor at 50mb/s. When i started copying to the drive, it was only registering 10mb/s in the explorer window. I copied the files back off the drive at a good speed, 50ish mb/s. So i ran a benchmark with hd tune. What's up with write performance?

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Copy A Folder From A Hard Drive Taking Too Long

Usually it took only 5 or 10mins to copy a 4gb dvd onto a harddrive but now it take too long and even copy from one harddrive to another harddrive on the same ide channel still taking forever. It take 3hrs or more to copy 30gb of datas . Then when i monitor the cpu usage . Everytime when i try to copy it cpu usage go up to 100% . No viruses or spyware (i checked it out already) . Any idea ?

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Samsung 2tb Green Drive Diagnostic

I am trying to find a utility to diagnose my 2tb samsung green drive to see if it has any problems. If i transfer files to and from it from other drives, there's no problem. But if i download to it, it makes these weird chucking seek noises that aren't high pitched, but worry me nonetheless. I've tried the hutil from samsung, which the cdrom version boots on startup, but gets stuck somewhere and won't stop blinking when loading. The shdiag utility also shows unknown drives for my disks and won't work either. What else is there?

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1tb Wd Green Drive With Acer H340

What specific 1tb wd green drive comes with the acer 340 home server? Wd10eacs or wd10eads?

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Whs Drive Wd Green Or Black For Streaming 1080p ?

I need additional storage for my whs box which is primarily used for streaming movies. It looks like the general opinion is that either drive would be fine but is this still the case if i'm streaming mostly 1080p?

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Usb Hard Drive Takes Long Time To Copy Files

I just got a usb hard drive and copied some of my large files to it, and noticed it was taking a really long time to finish. Im not sure what kind of throughput im getting but it cant be much. Its taking somewhere around 15 min to copy a 700mb file.

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Hp Deskjet F4480 - Save Scanned File As Image File

Using the hp deskjet f4480 printer/scanner, is it possible to set a scanned image to save as an image file? Every time i scan an image using the hp deskjet f4480 printer/scanner, it automatically saves as a .pdf file. Is there a way to set the scanner to save scanned images as image files? (. Jpeg, .png, etc. ).

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Hard Drive Died - File Recovery

I am running win 7 and 1 of my drives isn't working right. I have 2. 1 [ sata ]120 gig has win 7 on it, the other 120 gig [ide] for storage is not working. I have to boot with it unplugged or the win 7 tries to check it and after about 20 minutes will finally boot in to the desktop. I can see the drive in my computer but not extract any files from it , computer hangs trying to read it. What software do i us?. Ive tried partition wizard and can see all my files but it wont fix anything. , Seems it wont read in windows. I will try to put it on a xp box tomorrow.

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Ram Drive For Paging File On Vista

Im finally putting together my new computer build and was looking at getting 8 gb of ram, then converting half of it into a ram drive for the paging file. Is there any way of doing this on vista home premium x64 ?

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Excel File Cannot Be Open From Network Share Drive

The scenario that i have is following: *. Xls file( 2003) is placed on network share drive( nt environment). Many users can access it with no problems, but some users cannot view the file even though they have the same permisssions. What do you think might be the problem? Is it possible that file is locked? Is there a limit of people to acces the file over the network?

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Esata Thumb Drive For Page File/temp

I have been meaning to ask this for probably a year now and i always see to forget it. Is it viable to set your page file/temp in windows to a esata thumb drive to increase performance and not require the hard drive to move read/write heads around just for stuff like this? If it is an option, why don't more people do it?

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Installing A Second Hard Drive / Don't See In File Manager

I just bought a second hard drive (western digital caviar 250gb, ide ata100). I set the jumpers to slave, while the original (80gb hitachi) to master. After rebooting i had message 'found new hardware. ', but i don't see it in file manager. I bought it as oe replacement from Do i need to format it, or it came preformatted, but something is wrong? The original drive works fine. I have two dvd drives, is this a problem?

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Usb Drive Wont Work After Unplugging It During File Transfer

I gave this usb flash drive to a friend as a gift

Its the 8gb pico usb drive, ive had one for over a year and ive had no problems but my friends wont work after he told me he accidentally unplugged it during a file transfer on his mac. If i plug it in to a mac it wont see the drive, not even the disk utility. If it plug it in to a vista machine, it gets seen but it says "unknown device" and it wont show up under disk management either. Is there any possible way to fix it? This is a first for me since i thought you could not damage usb drives if you unplugged them during a file transfer (except for normal data corruption). Any ideas?

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Hard Drive Spin Down In File Server From Sata Card

I'm putting together a file server/backup server and plan to have between 6-12 sata ii drives in it. All drives will remain single and individually accessed (i.e. No raid). The file server will continue to run vista and the drives will be in two supermicro cse-m35t-1b (5 drive hot-swap enclosure)

I am currently using an intel board with 6-sata ports (ich8dh) for the file server and through vista, am able to set the drives to automatically spin-down after about 20 minutes of no activity. This works great as most of these drives are just used once or twice a day (thus don't need to be spinning 24/7). Are there any sata controller cards that will allow windows to spin-down the attached drives (just like the intel ich8dh does)? Preferably, i am looking for a 4 or 8 port pci express card (it doesn't need to have raid). I've been looking at the marvell based supermicro aoc-saslp-mv8 since it provides 8 sata ii ports in a 4x pci express package. (~$110)

I've also looked into using a simple 2-port sata pci express sil 3132 based card with one or two sil3726 based port multipliers (1 sata connection to 5 drives, addonics ad5sapm). (~$100 for both the controller & 1 port multiplier)

The drives in the file server will probably, at most, be used 1-2 at a time, and be accessed via a single gigabit ethernet port, thus overall drive throughput really isn't a concern here. My main concern is getting the drives to spin-down, so if there is another sata controller/hba out there that costs more and allows spin-down, i'm open to that as well. Cfm

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How Do I Copy Harddrive ?

I was wondering how could i copy a hdd. I have a 250gb and i would like to copy everything to a 500gb dose the hdd have to be formatted or does it have to have a os first.

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This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine

I have a dell inspiron 1525 and when i set a background, about 10 minutes after it changes to black and in the corner it says "this copy of windows is not genuine" and every time i restart it, it says to buy genuine. Then i click get genuine now and it says i have to pay 200 friggan dollars for it. Anyone know what i can do?

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How To Use Copy On Hp Laserjet 1100 ?

I need to copy some checks. How to use the copy part of the hp laserjet 1100 a? Anybody know how to use the copy part of the machine? I need to copy some checks. Where do i put the check to be copied? I cannot find a manual.

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Volume Shadow Copy Error

When i try to make a system restore my computer says:

"The volume shadow copy service used by system restore is not working"
And error number 0x81000202

How do i fix this?

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