Lg Television Flashing Red Light After Shutting Down

Lg 32cm full high definition television. Flashing red light after shutting down wont power back up? I have only bought a lg full high definition tv. Its only been in operation for around 3 hours and it suddenly turned off and wont start back up. Every time i turn it back on it powers up for about 10 seconds then turns off again. The monitor light keeps flashing red after its shut down.

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Samsung Clp 315 Red Light On

Samsung clp 315 red light on. Printer was working fine until the second light on the left side turned red i print something and the printer doesn't print anything.

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Modem Internet Light Turns Red

Why does my internet disconnect all of a sudden? This happens about once to two times a day the green light on my modem (the internet light) turns red without blinking, and i have to unplug the power cable and then plug it back again. This has never happened before, well it did but not everyday. I recently went wireless (like one month ago) because i bought an ipod, but this began happening about two weeks ago. Also my modem is in an enclosed area. What can i do?

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Router Constantly Disconnect - Light Turn Red

Why does my router constantly disconnect at night? I have a 2wire router and my internet provider is at&t. It rarely happens during the day, but at night the light marked internet would turn red, knocking me of the internet. It flashes red for a minute then the light goes off, only to return green moments later. It'll keep turning off and on all night, and it gets really frustrating.

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Hp Deskjet F4185 Printer Red Light Is Blinking

I've got hp deskjet f4185 printer, start /copy light has an e and black/photo red light is blinking, why? My printer isn't working right now.

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Monitor Light Keeps Flashing

We have purchased a new hp tower today (ex - display), which we have plugged into the monitor, keyboard etc. The monitor light keeps flashing and nothing is coming up on the screen. It works perfectly well if i plug my laptop and old tower into the monitor. There is power going to the tower and it is all plugged in properly. What could the problem be?

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Green Light Flashing On My Motherboard

Earlier on, before i actually turned on the power on my case, i noticed the power light on the motherboard flashing for a while, is this a major problem? Has anyone had this?

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Hp Printer Orange Light Flashing

Ive just changed the color ink cartridge on my printer but when i try to print i have an orange light flashing next to what looks like a page icon with a teardrop on it. The page number selection has what looks like a reverse e. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried taking out the cartridge and putting it back in and switching on/off but it comes up the same.

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Samsung Syncmaster Flashing Blue Light

My new samsung syncmaster 2333hd has a flashing blue light when i turn it off which is very annoying, as this tv is in my bedroom i have to cover it up! Please advise, i cannot find a samsung email address for product support.

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Hp Deskjet 940c Orange Light Flashing

My black ink ran low on my hp deskjet 940c and i kept printing with it, then it stopped printing, so i installed new b/w and color cartridges, but the orange light above the ink icon keeps flashing, and it won't print, keeps saying my black ink is low or something. I've tried turning it on and off, restarting the computer w/ xp, etc. I need to print by fri. A. M.

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Hp Deskjet 895cxi Printer Ink Light Flashing

I've been using the printer for a while now with no problems. The black and colored ink both ran out and i've tried to replace them with brand new ones but, once i change the cartridges, the printer's ink light starts flashing, and the printer does not work at all. Any help?

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Connect Computer To Television

I want to connect my computer to my television so i can watch movies from my computer on my television, i have heard i need a video card but would that not be built in on the motherboard? Where can i get one and how would i know if it was compatible with my machine?

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Connect Computer To Television Screen

I would like to connect my computer, to my television screen? I have a toshiba satellite laptop, and it has a s-video port

While my television also has several s-video ports. What sorts of cables will be needed?

& Proper names for the cables would be appreciated because i need to research how much (canadian) they would cost.

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Keyboard With A Red Backlight

Im looking for a new keyboard with a red backlight to match my system im undecided on the logitech g15 the saitek cyborg and the razor lycosa but i cannot find the razor lycosa with a red backlight do they exist? Anyone else have any keyboard suggestions must have red backlight.

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Red Screen - Gpu Defective ?

Lately when i play c. O. D mw2 after while i get red screen with blue-greenish dots and nothing works then. I cant go back desktop with crtl + alt + esc, to check what could possible be wrong. I have to force shutdown the whole pc and restart to get back to normal. Cant play the game more than 10-15 min before this happens. Is something wrong with my video card maybe? Its nvidia xfx 260 gtx. Is there a software to check gpu health ?

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Red Vertical Lines On Monitor

How can i find out whats wrong with my dell monitor? My dell 17' inch flat screen monitor has red vertical lines in the middle of my screen. I'm wondering if its a bad cable connection problem. After i boot-up the system up its not there, but within a few minutes the red lines appear. I've tried it with my other systems and the same thing happens. I purchases the monitor directly from dell in 2006w my dell dimension e310 system.could it be that the monitor is wore out, or could it be just a bad cable connection? The cable i have attached to the monitor came with the monitor. If i purchase another one of the same kind would that clear out the red lines on the monitor? Need answer asap before i throw this monitor away & purchase another one those red lines are driving me nuts!

Also which monitor would you recommend for a quad system windows 7?

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On Case Battery Shape Is Blinking As Red

I bought yesterday another motherboard p4s800 and it is okey. It works. By the way i just installed new motherboard instead of old one. On case battery shape under reset button is blinking as red. Can it be older motherboard's battery empty or related?Wyh my new motherboard is blinking red buttery shape?

Do you have any idea? Can it be cmos battery charge? It is still blinking as red.

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Red Faction Guerrilla Game Stutters

So im not sure if this is in the right section but whenever i play red faction guerilla and get into a vehicle and start to driver to a different part of the map ever 3 or so seconds i well get what can best be described as a stutter where the game slows and lags some but my fps stays the same. This problem so far has only happened on this one game and there have been one or two times that this doesn't happen.

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Seagate Barracuda Hdd Led Is Always Red

Recently my computer often stops functioning while i was operating, and the hd led is always red , it does not flicker. After i pressed reset , the hd led is still red until loading windows. Sometimes, windows cannot even be loaded, and the led is still red. But some other time, it's ok again, i guess there might have been some serious problem with my hd , since i've already tried the disk tools in windows. I'd appreciated it very much if you could give me a hand with this. My hd is seagate barracuda 7200 rpm , 80gb

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Computer Wont Boot - Red Hdd Led

Recently i got a 1. 00ghz celeron (coppermine, 100x10) from a friend for free. I was planning to use it in an older computer of mine, a system with a celeron 433 (mendocino, 66x6. 5). I removed the heatsink, installed the processor, applied thermal grease, replaced the heatsink, closed the system up but when i tried to boot it up, but all i get is the red hdd led, instead of the green "power" led and (older) "turbo" led which both is supposed to be on. The motherboard i tried it on is an asus mew-aml which is supposed to support processors on the 100mhz fsb. I remembered to change the jumpers (because it will only run at 66mhz if i dont). After it refused to boot, i reinstalled the original processor, but i ended up with the same problem. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? I need to know if my motherboard is fried.

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Random Bsod And Red Lines In Mass Effect 2 - 8800gt

Ok so i have had this 8800gt for a while now and had to send it in once to xfx before for random bsods. The problem wasnt as bad when it got back but it was still kinda there. I would get bsods very randomly and sometimes not for weeks. So i just recently got mass effect 2 and loaded it up and played it and it worked fine for a little while (i had a extra stick of ram in there i stole from my wifes comp, but it was causing a lot of bsods so i took it out since i think its bad) and then out of the blue it showed a bunch of red lines on the screen and then the computer shuts off the video and needs to be restarted. So i was wondering if this is a temp issue or what. So i got furmark and have been running it on the extreme gpu burn in or whatever mode its called. My max temps in it are 65 and i havent seen anything higher than that. I have ran memtest for my memory all day before and it never has a problem. Here are my full specs:

Intel e6550
Xfx 8800gt alpha dog
2gb ocz gold ddr2 800
Intel dg33bu motherboard
Antec earthwatts 500w

So i guess my question is, should i just send my card in to xfx for them to take a look at it? My card has a arctic cooler on it with the fans and some custom ram sinks my friend sent me. Here is the link to the ram sinks here not sure how good they are but he owns the site so i will take his word they are good.

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Red Led Which Represents Hard Disk Usage Stops Blinking

All of a sudden the red led which represents hardisk usage stops blinking once it gets past the mother board display and etc (you know at the start where it says bla bla is slave drive and etc. ) So even in dos it doesnt light up. Why would this be.

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Connect Red White And Yellow Cable To A Hdmi, Dvi, Vga

Is there an adapter to connect red white and yellow cable to a hdmi, dvi and vga cable? I recently purchased the logitech x-540 speakers and i was wondering if i could hook them up to my monitor in anyway the inputs on the monitor are: vga, dvi and hdmi. Is there an adapter to convert the red, white and yellow xbox 360 cables to either vga, dvi or hdmi?

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Pc Shutting Down By Itself

My pc has been acting up for some time now, it started a while ago when it would just start shutting down (saying "windows is logging off" and then would just shut down). I thought it might have been a virus, but then it turns itself back on and then goes on to shut itself off instantly and goes on with this cycle until i take the power out. Sometimes the time between shutting off and turning back on is like 2 sec, other times its maybe 10sec. Which scared the living *** out of me because i had never seen a pc turn off and then back on instantaneously like that. At times it will even run for an hour or so (sometimes even a day) and then start doing that again. At one point if i played with the power switch (with which the pc is turned on/off). It would turn on, so i resoldered those wires. It worked for about a few weeks, and just now today it started doing it again. It's getting really annoying. I was suspecting it was my psu, but once it got fixed for a while due to the power switch, i started to think otherwise, but now. I don't know. My psu never seems hot or like it's overheating when i touch it after it shuts down.

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Computer Shutting Down

A couple weeks ago, i decided to upgrade my pc case. I got an nzxt trinity case with 400w psu, and upgraded to 2gb of new ram at the same time. Prior to doing this, my computer was working fine, and i frequently played battlefield 2 for hours on end with no problem. I moved all the hardware over to the new case, and put the temperature probe in between the cpu and the heatsink and installed the new ram. I did noticed that when i mounted the atx mobo, it needed to flex a bit when i was screwing it down. It seemed like the case had a bit of an "oil can" effect on it, causing the mobo to flex about 1/8" in height when tightened down. I don't know if that could be a problem but thought it was worth mentioning. So, after getting everything set up, i had problems with the computer shutting down while playing bf2, and even while doing things like photo editing. I then found out that putting the temp probe between the cpu and heatsink was a bad idea, so i moved it. I continued to have problems with the pc shutting off. So then i thought it was either the ram or the psu, so i put the old ram back in problem continued. So, yesterday i bought a brand new antec psu and got it installed today. I got everything hooked up, plugged in, started it up and did my test - played bf2. It lasted about 4 minutes until the pc shut off. I double checked the heatsink on the cpu and it is seating firmly. So, i've put the old ram back in, and put in a different psu, problem persists. I have plenty of cooling, 120mm fan in the front, 120mm fan in the rear, 80mm fan on the side, 80mm fan on the cpu, and after the shutdown, just to check, i was able to touch the heatsink on the cpu and it was just moderately warm. What the *** is going on?

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Pc Shutting Down Intermittently

Reading some other posts from willhub" the symptoms sound similar to mine, apart from the fact that my computer will shutdown at various stages;

Whilst playing a game
Normal desktop usage or idle
Even before xp is loaded

I tested the memory from a bootable disk - got to 20% and then the system powered off. Interesting thing is this only started about 1 1/2 weeks ago. The system for no reason just started turning itself off and when attempting to power back on nothing happens!
I thought it was a ventilation problem so installed thermaltake fan/temp controller to see. All temperatures were fine but still kept shutting down.

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Problem With Shutting Down

When i came back from a trip and pluged my pc in, the computer turned on automatically ! And not manually ! Then i tried to trun it off ! But it didn't turn off, just the motinor turns off but the case and hardwares such as fan, etc do not turn off and goes in something like standby mode !
This happens both when i trun of the pc in os and when i try to do it rapidly after restarting, ( without the control of os )

I take a look at bios features at cmos setup, but found nothing relating to this problem, and i do't either changed any hardware configuration before, i wanna ask what should i do inorder to trun it completely off ?

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Computer Keeps Shutting Off

I started playing fallout 3 on pc, it was running fine, but eventually it would crash, and shut down my entire computer 10-15 minutes into a new session. I thought it might be caused by fallout 3 itself, but this has since happened with a variety of other games (young and old), so it's not a problem exclusive to fallout 3. What hardware would have the capability of shutting down my machine completely during a crash? My first assumption is that the power supply is getting taxed more during gaming, and can't handle the load, in which case i just need a new power supply. I also can see how this might be caused by the video card overheating and forcing a hard shutdown. I wanted to see if anyone here might have a better grasp of what could cause a computer to completely shutdown. If it's merely a system setting in windows that protects hardware, i can disable that feature, although i expect it to be either the vid card or power supply.amd x2 4200+
Windows xp pro
2gb ram
Ati radeon 2600hd 512mb
400w power supply (likely the issue)

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Pc Not Powering Down - Psu Is Not Shutting Down

After using my pc for about 5-6 hours and then try to shutdown, everything turns off except the psu, which leaves the system fans, cpu fan and cdrom drives on and the only way to turn my computer off is to hit the switch at the back of the psu. I have tried every windows shutdown trouble shooter on the web and replaced a motherboard and psu but the problem is still there. After a few weeks of experimentation i noticed that the shutdown problem occurrs only when the sensor chip on my motherboard stops working and no longer updates the system voltages etc. My system hardware:

Winfast nf4k8mc-ers (nforce4) motherboard
Antec tp2 480w psu
Amd64 3800+ venice
Nvidia 7800gt
160gb wd hd
1g pc3200 ram

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Pc Keeps Shutting Down And Restarting Every 10, 15 Secs

On start up, when cold my pc keeps shutting down and restarting every 10-15 secs with the gape between shut downs getting longer as it warms up. Sometimes its 10-15 times before it runs for longer than 2 mins. After 30 mins or so it seems to run fine, just an odd shut down now and again [blue screen different stop code each time]

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