Flashing 9800 Pro To 9800 Xt

I'm thinking of flashing my 9800pro to an 9800xt (it has the r360 core although it says r350 in ati tool) the main reason is that i heard that the xt uses more aggressive timings which will help in performance. + I want the temp censor. Right now i have modded a thermaltake spark 7 hs and fan and have it o'ced to 455mhz core/370mhz mem , so heat's not a prob. My noob question is i have winxp formatted in ntfs. Will a ms-dos boot disk still work when i try to flash the card or will it screw up.

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Overclocking Ati 9800 Pro

Lets start at the beginning and state my sys specs:

P4 3. 0ghz presscot
Gigabyte 8s655fx mobo
1 gig samsung ddr 400 3-4-4-9 2cmd (whatever that means)
Radeon 9800pro 256mb 256bit made by ati (hynix f-28 mem)
Hec ace 580wat power supply. Now these days my 9800pro is just not strong enough anymore and it currently runs at default settings (i think it's 378 338). The card just wont cut it. I want to oc it since buying a new one is not an option for now but i really know almost nothing about it. I am however willing to spend some money on a cooler but i need help determining which is the best for me to get, and how high i should o/c my card or maybe i should just flash it to 9800xt? I heard some ppl talk about doing this. Now i may be a newbie to o/cing, but im pretty handy with pcs in general so i don't fear doing this [plus the card has warranty so who cares right?

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Driver For Ati 9800 Non Pro

Ive been out of the whole computer scene for a while and i was just curious as to what would be the best video driver for an ati 9800 non-pro. If someone could tell me a version for omega drivers or just normal drivers that would be great. Btw, can you oc the 9800 non-pro cause i tried and my whole screen went black after only adding like 3 mhz to the core.

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Radeon 9800 Pro Bios Flash

I've been reading these forums for quite some time on overclocking my cpu and video card which all have helped greatly. Now i have a question. Flashing the video card bios, how is that done exactly or is it recommended? I noticed ati tray tools have an option to dump the card bios. What does that do exactly?

My radeon is a saphire brand, i noticed on their website they have a bios flash utility, winflash. Does that flas my card bios to the most recent bios? Again is this something i need to do, should do?

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Upgrading From Radeon 9800 Pro 256mb

I currently have a radeon 9800 pro 256mb, i was thinking of getting a more powerful card but i was wondering if i just got nvidia 7800 gtx (or something else thats pretty much top of the line) by itself would it be a big leap over how my computer can handle my current and future games on high settings or do i also need to change my cpu and things. Im obviously not gonna want to spend the cash if i there isn't going to be big improvement in what my computer will be able to handle. Id really appreciate any feedback cause i don't really know anything about computers and video cards. This is what im currently running on:

Amd athlon 64 3200 2. 0 ghz
1 gig of ram
Radeon 9800 pro 256 mb

Ive heard about the dual and quad cards but i dont have the cash for that. So would if i just got one of top cards out right now would it be enough?

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Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb Problem

I have a radeon 9800 pro 128 mb. And recently random colors and lines start appearing out of nowhere. The odd thing is that on desktop when i right-click > refresh. All of the lines go away only for a split-second and then they reappear again. This is a serious problem cuzz i cant play games and its hard enough to surf the web without getting frustrated. I have pics if you would like to see them. Btw, i have updated my graphics card, windows, motherboard and even put in some new ram as of today.

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Upgrade From Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb

I'm extremely new to upgrading computers and was looking for some help. I wanted to know if it is possible to upgrade from a radeon 9800 pro to a radeon x800xl . I was unsure because the memory types are different (9800pro ddr) (x800xl gddr3. ) My system specs. Ram-ocz value series 1gb (2 x 512mb) 184-pin ddr sdram unbuffered ddr 400 (pc 3200) dual channel kit system memory

Processor-amd athlon 64 3200+ newcastle 800mhz fsb 512kb l2 cache socket 754 processor

Mobo-dfi lanparty ut nf3 250gb socket 754 nvidia nforce3 250 atx amd motherboard

500 wat psu

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Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb Issues

I have sent a support ticket to ati, but my experiences with their techies aren't particularly good ones, so i thought i'd post here as well. Here is what i sent them:

When i attempt to play any 3d game, i find that the game freezes and causes either a system hang or the video driver to reset itself (meaning slow performance and no directx support), depending on the game. I have tried reinstalling my catalyst drivers many times, but has never helped. I have also tried to reinstall directx, but that also hasn't appeared to have helped. I have even tried installing a new power supply, and while this solved some problems, it hasn't solved this one. So yeah. I also have no access to another computer with which to try my graphics card, so i'm a bit buggered there. It should still be under warranty if it needs repairing, but i'm a bit skeptical of that due to the high shipping cost and long distance to the usa. But if i have to, i will!

Edit: a couple of other things i meant to ask:can anyone tell me why my install file for catalyst 7. 7 tries to run in dos mode, which, of course, it fails at? The 7. 5 version of my catalyst control center refuses to open, and, on start-up, says the "catalyst control center: host application has encountered an error and needs to close. " Any ideas why?

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Updating The Card 9800 Pro 256mb Bios

What i wanna know is , is it really needed? My bios right now says r350, will updating it help me with something or is it just a non-needed risk? (I don't know about this but flashing my mobo's bios was a scary little adventure).

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Support Ati 9800 Pro On Asrock P4i45gv

I have the asrock-p4i45gv 2. 4ghz-1gb ram-motherboard. It has an agp slot called agi. Will my ati 9800 pro work in this slot? Because i can't get it to run right. Catalyst control center keeps showing that it is running on 0x. Whenever i move it to 4x or 8x, it reboots and goes back to 0x. Am i doing something wrong here?

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Ati Radeon 9800 Pro Flash It Back To The Original

Well i was thinking if i were to flash my card which is a ati radeon 9800 pro to a xt would it void the warranty, and what if i were to flash it back to the original back up bios would the manufacturers find out?

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Sapphire Ati Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb Or Pny Nvidia 6600 Gt

I was looking at the sapphire ati radeon 9800 pro 128mb and the pny nvidia 6600 gt at Both look like amazing cards. I believe that the 6600 gt is 128 bit and not 256 bit like the 9800. And/or if the 6600 gt has other properties that can account for the difference in ghz i guess. My friend has the sapphire and he says it works great. I was wondering if the 6600 gt is better or worse than the sapphire ati radeon 9800 pro 128mb. The 6600gt is slightly less that the sapphire, i want to know which one i will get the most bang for my buck with. You can check out the cards at tiger direct of you want. I need an expert opinion on this because 230$ is alot of money for me. I kno all my system specs and everything i am torn between these 2 cards.

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Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb Or Sli Geforce 6600gt 128mb

My brothers buying a pc off the internet, a fully configured one. Ive sorted all the specs out for him and its looking to be a pretty nice machine. But ive got to the graphics card section and im in confusion about which one to choose, at the moment im thinking between either the radeon 9800 pro 128mb (doesn't say the brand) or the sli geforce 6600gt 128mb (again no brand). If you could tell me which one to go for or a better one for about the same price, although im only looking to spend 110 on it. I would greatly appreciate it ?

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Drivers For 9800 Gtx

Just purchased a solid evga geforce 9800 gtx+ from newegg and i was very curious as to what drivers i should install for this video card? Please tell me your honest opinion regarding a reliable driver for the 9800 gtx.

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Radeon 9800 All In Wonder Compatibility

I got a compaq presario 5000 , with an athlon thunderboird 1, 4 ghz , 640 mb of ram, a via apollo kt133 chipset , uwave 2 motherboard, and a agp 2. 0 universal slot max 4x (actually wiht an nvida vantlt 8mb agp 2x card). I want to know if i can buy to it a radeon 9800 alll in wonder, i read on ati web site that this radeon 9800 requires an agp 4x , and a universal 3. 0 agp slot so thats my question. If not whats the best card for my cpu ( a directx 9 card please, i know th best for directx 8. 1 is the geforce ti 4600).

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Radeon 9800 Issue

Pentium iii
1133 mhz
320 mb ram
Radeon 9800 pro *128 mb (is there a real difference between the 256 and the 128 in their performances?)

I know, i know. Lousy computer for an awesome graphics card. Hope fully i'm gonna get a pentium 4 in a few more weeks with 512 mb ram, hopefully even more. I do the system compatibility test in the ati multimedia tool bar. Everything a-ok except some capture driver installation failure, a warning about dma for cd operations may not be enabled and the most important. "Directx components are not installed properly", meaning, it thinks i don't have directx 8. 1 or greater installed(properly). So i downloaded dx 9. 0c, i do the test again. The exact same thing, didn't find the directx 9. 0c. I followed the help instructions, checked the dxdiag, said directx 9. 0c, went to display and only the test directdraw button was enabled. The direct3d was not enabled and the 3 accelerations were not available and the enable buttons were "blocked". Yes, i followed the instructions and went to the ati troubleshoot and the hardware acceleration was on high. What the *** is wrong with my radeon(hey! It rhymes! ). I kept searching for instructions but there was absolutely no answer!

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Powercolor 9800 Np With Samsung Ram

Recently, i was in the market for a new video card. I was looking at the 9600 xt for 160 but i decided to spend a little more and buy a power color 9800 np. To my surprise i noticed that the video card had samsung memory on it. I previously thought that these cards only came with infineon ram. I changed the bios to a 9800 pro bios and it worked flawlessly. Not a bad card for 170+. Anyway i was wondering if anyone else had the same experience, if these cards come with samsung ram they would be a nice find.

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Ati 9800 Screen Issue

This is running on my older server the card is a ati 9800 and i have no idea its running like the image below. http://i413.

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Radeon 9800 Xt White Spots

I have a radeon 9800xt. It has 1 vga output and 1 dvi output. I use a dvi to vga converter to output to a 2nd monitor (my big lcd tv). I have been using this setup no problem for a couple of years. However, i am now having issues with 'video' playback. The actual pc image (ie windows) displays fine on both monitors. However, when i play a video file - whether it be xvix, divx a dvd etc or whatever play i use wm classic, wmp etc, i get a video full of 'white spots' on both display- i have attached a photo. This does not occur when the 2nd display isn't selected. So, i don't beleive it's a codec issue. I use the catalyst control center to switch displays - i use 'clone' mode mainly, but have tried the others.

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Radeon 9800 Driver Update

I have an ati all-in-wonder radeon 9800 graphics card for my computer, and a game says i need to update before i can play it. I have searched all over for an update but have been unsuccessful, if anyone can give me a link of somewhere where i can find an update you'd be my hero.

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Ati Radeon 9800 Xt Lock Ups

I just installed a new motherboard and since then i cannot get my 9800xt to run on the pc. It will freeze within 5 mins for sure. I have run the pc on its onboard video and another video card and it runs perfect for weeks. I have installed the 9800xt into another pc and no problems, it has now ran it for over 3 days, so i know the card is fine. So i am almost positive its some type of setting. I have fdisked and reloaded windows and not installed a single program. It ran the windows install fine with the 9800xt but once it got to windows it locked up within 5 mins. I am not able to even have enough time to install the catalyst driver. If i run it with the onboard video or this other cheap card i can run it for weeks. The pc i tested the 9800xt on is a really slow old pc, with no catalyst drivers, just the windows drivers it installs automatically. I have disabled the onboard video when i have tried to run the 9800xt and that didn't change a thing. The only possible thing is i think that old pc is 4x agp and the one i am trying to get it to run on is 4x/8x and in the bios there is no place to change the agp speed. My setup is. Mainboard: aopen ax4sg
Processor: intel pentium 4 3. 06gb
Memory: 2gb 266ddr
Hard drive: western digital 80gb

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Upgrading Power Supply For Geforce 9800 Gt

I need a new power supply in order to run the geforce 9800 gt video card (400w minimum) that i plan on getting. I'm currently stuck with a 300w one. The geforce 9800 gt says it requires a "400-watt psu (with 12v current rating of 26a)", and i need to know if this power supply ( *http://www*.compusa. *Com/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?Edpno=3092557&csid=itd&body=main ) will cut the job. The power specs, specifically the one in bold, is what i'm mainly confused about.

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Hp Deskjet 9800 Printer Drivers Windows 7

I tried to install hp deskjet 9800 printer to my windows 7 laptop but it could not, it was asking me for drivers, any link which i can download them free of charge?

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Epson 9800 Print Darker Images

Why does epson 9800 print darker images than screen? I am using cs5 if that helps, and i don't know much about printer profiles.

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Hd 4850 512mb Or Geforce 9800 Gtx

I can not know which vga card is better hd 4850 512mb or geforce 9800 gtx plus(+) or geforce 9600 gtx so can anyone help me to choose best one of them plz.

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Geforce 9800 Gx2 Support 3 Display Devices At Once?

Will this card support 3 devices at once? Namely 2 22'' monitors via dvi, and a hd tv via hdmi?

I want triple monitors, with the 3rd being turned on and off intermittently for media watching. If not, is there any that will?

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9800 Gx2 Error Message Overlay In Games

For some reason my 9800gx2 started to give me this yellow message overlay int he lower right corner of all my games, does it for every game once it starts up and tells me i need to turn down details and other strange stuff and the colors in my game are messed up and sometimes the game hard-locks my computer. I tried to take a screen-shot with fraps but it does not show up int he screen-shots, why is it doing this? It also says ctrl+alt+del to toggle this info as the last line.

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Evga 9800 Gtx Video Card Issue

I got an evga 9800gtx+ superclocked edition vc, and a viewsonic vx922lcd monitor. Recently my monitor has been going into a sleep mode like thing where the screen goes black and the little power indicator light just blinks (like it does when its in hibernation mode. ) I read somewhere that it is actually a semi-common problem, and they mentioned it was usually the videocard problem; majority a driver issue. I booted up in vga mode and it came on fine. So i figured i would snag anything i needed then and just reformat. After the format, i reinstalled everything and it seemed fine, so i went to sleep. Woke up and the monitor was doing the same thing, so my next question is. What else should i try? Maybe contacting the videocard manufacture and getting a replacement? Or newegg since i bought it there?"

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Radeon 9800 Xt 256mb Video Card Issue

Radeon 9800 xt 256mb video card. My mac dual 2 ghz powerpc g5. My cpu will go into sleep mode but my video card with a fan on it won't. Is it possible that even though everything seems to be running ok i may have still installed it wrong. It was very hard to see sliding the card in for it to make connections. I have the power connector connected via the dvd power cord with a y connector. Also i really don't see any very fast speed change.

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Upgrade Nvidia 9800 Gt To Ati 4890, Same Frame Rates

I recently upgraded to the xfx 4890 and for some reason, i am not seeing frame rate improvements i was expecting. On prototype (all maxed) and gta4 (all high), i am still getting 20-30 fps like i did with my 9800 gt. This is very frustrating because i spent more money on a card that's not giving me any improvements. I know this isn't supposed to be happening, so can someone explain what might be the issue here? I even reformatted my computer so i know my previous nvidia drivers would not conflict with ati's after removing them. I am on windows 7 and my other specs are in my sig (didn't update my video card on the sig yet).

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