How Long Does Plasma Screen Last ?

Having read hundreds of reviews and articles online, theres one thing that no one ever mentions and that is the life of a plasma screen. I want to buy a high end dvd player with hdmi but im currently using my 32" panasonic about 3-4 hours a day but shock i hear some plasma wouldn't last a year ? :Mad: on everyday duties. Can someone please tell me if this is true and/or why is every good hifi magazine "avoiding" the subject? (Apart form scaring customers)

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Dual Monitor With Plasma

So i want to set up a dual monitors on my rig. My gpu is a gtx 260 with two "dvi's". Well it would be easy to plug two monitors and be done but the thing is that on one "dvi" i have my plasma connected (dvi to hdmi). What i would like to do is to set two monitors and still have availability to run my plasma if i want to watch some movies. My question would be-will "dvi splitter" be enough i.e on on the dvi which the splitter is i would have one of my monitors and the second plasma and on the second dvi monitor it self. Sorry if i'm making this confusing, just want to make sure what i need exactly to run two lcds and plasma.

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Panasonic Plasma And Computer

When i set the video card to display 1920x1080@60 hz everything looks fine except that the entire screen is not full. About 1 inch of display around the sides (all 4 sides) is left black. If the tv is 1080p shouldn't a 1080p signal fill the whole tv?

I have a radeon 5670 running on windows vista x32 hdmi out to the tv.

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Plasma Tv No Signal When Connected From Laptop

Need help with plasma tv. No signal when connected from laptop to plasma tv. ? I am using a vga cable to connect my laptop to my soyo mt mt syjcp32b1ab plasma tv. When i connect it there is no display.

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Connect Pc To Plasma Tv Dvi Or Hdmi ?

I mean beside the sound from the hdmi, will i notice any deference when when i connect my pc to 42" inch plasma tv with dvi or hdmi?

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Sony Bravia Led Tv Better Than Plasma ?

Ya just got sony 52 inch led tv. I played my ps3 game with hdmi full 1080p and it wasn't as bright as my old samsung plasma tv but very clear. Is led good? Or lcd or plasma better? Is led long lasting?

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Logitech X1000 Vs Razer Diamondback Plasma Le

I've been deciding between these two mouses for days and i dont which one is a good investment. I want a wireless mouse but yet i want to have a color theme for my computer. (I got a blue cathode and soon a blue cheiftec case). And since the diamondback plasma is blue (laser?, 1600dpi) its seems like the right product but the turnoff is that its wired. I like logitech's laser mx1000 wireless mouse but its not blue. Heres a bunch of questions:

1) is there a modification that you can change the light that emits from logitech's mx1000?
2) what are the advantages of laser over optical?
3) which do you recomend?

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Gtx 260 + 2 Monitors + Plasma Tv Hdmi

So last night i bought a hdmi cord to reach my plasma tv so i can play movies and games from my pc. I have a asus board ( and it has a hdmi onboard. My question is can i draw power from my gtx206 card to make games play better on my tv. Right now when i play games through hdmi on my tv it runs extremely chunky but when i go into my nvidia panel is says i'm linked up sli? I'm new to it all so i'm not even sure if its possible. Os : vista64
Mobo : asus m3n72-d
Gpu: gtx260
Ram: 8 gig dual channel ddr

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Connect Philips Dvd To Samsung Plasma Tv

How to connect philips dvd to samsung plasma tv? I just bought a samsung hd plasma tv. I already had a philips dvd player that i want to connect to the tv. The dvd player has a red, white & yellow cords. But when i try & plug them into the back of my samsung plasma it keep saying " no signal ". Do i connect the cords to the side of the tv which has av in video & audio l & r or do i connect the cords to the actual back of the tv with all "component in " plugs ? This might sound very confusing & i'm sorry. I just really want this to work so i can actually watch dvd's on my plasma tv.

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Does Lcd / Plasma Affect Frame Rates For Games ?

So the question does a lcd/plasma affect frame rates for games or am i just paranoid? I think it does not. Let me know why if i'm wrong thanks.

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Vaio Laptop And Panasonic Tv Plasma Hdmi Resolution

Whenever i connect my laptop to the tv i cant find the right configuration for the screen resolution either i get bad quality image or larger than my tv screen i tried all available resolutions on pc and all aspect ratio on tv but still can get it right. Please don't advice to call technician because i called too many and no one knew how to fix it.

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Connect Dell Studio 17 Laptop To W4200 Plasma Tv

Is it possible to hook up my dell studio 17 laptop to my dell w4200 plasma tv? I tried using an hdmi cable (it's the only thing both systems accept). When i connect it, the laptop screen goes blank and the tv screen constantly flashes. If i need to adjust a setting on the laptop, could you please tell me specifically how to get to the setting to adjust it?

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Connect Advent Laptop To Plasma With Vga Lead

How do i connect my advent laptop to my plasma with a vga lead? When i connect them and switch the tv to pc, i see the laptop screen on the tv for about 1 sec, then it turns the tv onto standby.

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How Long Does Desktop Computer Last ?

I am on my 5th desktop computer since 2000 (y2k). The most common thing that seemed to give out first (within 3-5 years) was the power supply, which i successfully replaced each time - with the recommended replacement. However, it seemed like some (unidentified) components of the motherboard(s) also failed on each and every one of my previous desktop computers. Not knowing enough about computer hardware, i took a couple of my first ones to some folks that were in the business of repairing computers for a diagnosis and possible repair. (This is how i found out about the power supply’s). After a few rounds of this, when the computer that i had broke down, i decided to just get a new one (in the $500 - $1000 range) and donate the broken one to a non-profit computer repairman that gave his repaired electronics to charities. I have had as many as 3 desktops at one time, but never one for more than 5 years - even though i work to keep them in good condition (like vacuuming them inside and out ever 3 months, etc. )

I do realize that since bic invented disposable lighters that it makes more sense to buy new rather than purchase fluid, wicks & flints. And - these days it costs less to buy a new digital camera than to get one repaired - but, is it now also the same with the average desktop (generally better to buy new rather than repair)?

Whether or not that's the way it is these days, does anyone know - what the average life is of an average desktop computer? (Average = common brand name, $500- $800)

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How Long Does A Wireless Router Last ?

I have had 2 wireless routers and i doubt either has lasted 12 months. The 'wired' connections work fine, but the wireless is sporadic. I thought is was the wireless card for my laptop, but a brand new wireless usb adapter does the same thing: it does not see my wireless router. The new card does find my neighbors wireless connection, but not the router sitting 2 feet away. I had a linksys and now a dlink and the wireless parts have died while the wired ports are fine. Am i doing something wrong? Is there anyway to test the wireless connection to confirm that it is working?

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How Long Does A Laser Toner Last?

How long does laser printer ink typically last? Could somebody give me an estimate on this? I'm a student and don't print much everyday, just when i need to print stuff for school. Also, would going to a laser printer be the right way for my needs?

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How Long It Take Hp Laptop To Ship ?

How long should it take my hp laptop to ship? I have an estimated build date (about a week from now) but i heard that you get them before they are even supposed to be built. I ordered a dv6t hp laptop online with only one customization, it came with a free upgrade to 500gb hard drive. So when should it ship and how long will it take to get here from china where it is being built if it has standard shipping.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Dell Laptop ?

How long does it usually take to get a dell laptop? I ordered a dell studio 14 laptop on july 26, 2010. It said the estimated delivery time would be august 23, 2010. Everyone i talked to said it shouldn't be that long. Also its been in the "in production" stage for 2 weeks now. Is this normal?

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One Long Beep Followed By 3 Short Beeps

I just took apart my computer to clean it up some, but when i put it back together i forgot to plug in the 6 pin connector to my videocard. When i turned it on i got a long beep that wouldn't stop. I turned it on and off about 3 times to see if it'd go away before i noticed that i didn't have that plugged into my 9800gt. I plugged it in, then turned it on and the sound went away. Unforunately, when i turn on my pc now i don't get any video. I tried replace the 9800gt to my 7800gt, but i still get the same issue. I tried removing the ram and putting in 1 stick in at a time in different sockets, but that didn't fix anything either. I even tried putting my old 2gb pc6400 buffalo firestix in it, but that didn't work either. So now everytime i turn on my computer i get the long beep followed by 3 short ones. I looked online and it said that it's either memory or videocard issue i believe. If this is in the wrong place, then please move it and i apologize in advance. This is going to be a boring weekend if i can't get this fixed. Any suggestions besides doing a barrel roll?

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Long Beep Then Three Short Beeps

Ok, i dont know how this happened but went to turn on my computer and there was no display, the hd did not bootup and the motherboard beeped. The sequence was poweron - one long beep inmediately then three short beeps stringt after. Also three seconds after that there are two more tones but deeper (like a sound effect from an old beeb or speccy game). Now heres the problem: i don't know the manufacturer of the board and i don't have the manual. Also as i can't see anything i can't get the serial to check on the web. There is little info to be got by looking at the motherboard. There is an sis 5571 chipset, an award bios chip, and a winboard chip but little else labelled. So far i removed all ram and that created a different beeping noise so i don't think its a ram issue. Also the psu works fine and all fans spin. Power to all devices and all cables are attached properly and firmly. Tried resetting the bios by removing the battery for 30min, but that did not help. Tried removing the cards and ide cables, one device at a time but that made no difference either. Bit stuck with this one really. Any ideas?

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Pc Takes A Long Time To Boot Up

First: it takes from 20 minutes to 2 hours to boot up, i don't see anything in the monitor, but the fan in the power supply spins and the fan at top of the processor also works, only the red light of the hard disk turns on. I have tried with another hard disk that works fine in another pc, and it's the same, it takes forever to boot up. I have replace the power supply from 250 to 450 and i still have that problem. Second: after waiting that long for the pc to boot up, the cpu clock speed reads 733 mhz instead of 1700. I reset the jumper in the motherboard, to get the correct speed, but i have to do this everytime the computer has been off for a while. Are the two problems related? Is the motherboard bad? Once the pc boot ups, it works fine.

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Beep Code - 1 Long, 2 Short

This morning my pc told me my network cable was unplugged after being on the net for 30 min. I rebooted the computer and was confronted with the beep code: 1 long, 2 short. No video though case and cpu heat-sink fans are running. I researched these codes and found : video ram error or memory error (depending on where i went). This is what i've tried:

(1) reseated video card and memory
(2) swapped video card to diff pci-e slot
(3) swapped video card for known working backup
(4) swapped memory for spare set of 2x512mb pc 3200
(5) gave mobo a once over to check for blown caps >>>none found

Things i'm contemplating doing:

(1) changing power supply (too much hassle now since i'm going to work in 20 mins). (2) try other 2 memory slots (didn't do it yet since manual said to use a1 and b1 slots for my configuration). This incident will make me get off my ass and finally upgrade to my i7 system in waiting, but i hate to build under these conditions. Any and all input and suggestions are appreciated. This is my system:

Asus a8n 32sli deluxe
Opteron 170 (stock)
Evga 8800gts video card
2x1gb ocz ddr pc3200 (set to correct voltages and timings)
Enermax noisetaker eg701 power supply
Samsung and seagate sata drives (2 of each)
Benq 1620 dvd burner

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Computer Freezes, Then Long Beep

Often when i boot my computer, usualy the first time in the day or whatever, after 10-20-30 minutes of use it will act a little bit funny. First of all, when i right click the desktop, the menu will only half appear. Sort of semi transparent. Then a few seconds later, everything freezes, and i get a long beep until i restart. Then everything seems fine again?

Im thinking it could be a power-supply issue. Im pushing it a little bit with 380w and my set up i feel, but does anyone have any other ideas? What could the long beep mean? I also think it could be dodgy ram. Ill give more details if needs be, i just thought i'd post in case anyone had some ideas.

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How Long Does A Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Last ?

I barely bought this new wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, i think it is so cool but my dad says that it will only last for a little bit, is that true?

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How Long Do Batteries Last Of A Wireless Mouse ?

How long should 2 aaa batteries last in my wireless mouse? Cause it lasted 28 days and i was wondering if that was normal or not. I use the mouse about as average as anyone else on any given day.

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Computer Beeps One Long Two Short

I have a a8n32 deluxe and about a month after having the board it start to just shut it self off at random intervals. I thought i solved the problem by changing my hdd sata port to another one on the board but it started to happen today again. Now when i turn on my computer it makes 1 long beep and 2 short beeps. From what i found on the internet that means that i have a failure in the video system. After swapping out my 8800gts with my 7600gt it was still doing it. I've ruled out that the possibility that somethings wrong with my video cards because my 7600gt was in perfect working order when i replaced it. Is there something else wrong with my motherboard that im not aware of?

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Long Beeps Starting Computer

When i try to start my computer, i get long beeps and it doesn't start. Please help!

Configuration: windows xp internet explorer 7. 0

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How Long Does It Take To Install Software For Hp Printer ?

How long does it take to install the software on the hp b109n-z printer? Its been installing for over an hour!?


I had that model just last week. It is very quick to install. Un-install it and start again. Something has gone wrong somewhere.

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How Long Dell Take To Deliver Laptop ?

I've found lots of other questions/answers where people said it could take a week for dell to deliver a laptop, and some where it said 2-3 weeks. I'm wondering if anybody recently - this month preferably - ordered a dell laptop or if you know their current production times. I ordered a customized studio xps 16 laptop on august 12th, and the estimated delivery date is august 25th with next day shipping. The problem is my college orientation starts august 26th, and i'd like to have the laptop before i leave for college. Anybody have an idea if august 25th is accurate or if it will come sooner or later?

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Error Filename Too Long Or Path

My winxp pro sp2 network fails after 5 minutes when copying files via pc: 1 from pc: 1 to pc: 2. (Sometimes after 15 minutes, it always differs). I get error: file name too long or path cannot access path), also after the message i still have an ip address, but i can't connect to lan nor wan. Ipconfig /release /flushdns /registerdns /renew, fails. Also: network connection> repair, fails. But rebooting succeeds, cuz then i have connection again, untill i start copying for some minutes that is to lan. But when coying the same files via pc2 via from pc: 1 to pc:2, no matter how long it copies: it succeeds. How come? (As if there is a time-out or time protocol only for pc 1)

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