Hitachi 1tb Drive Imminent Failure

I have a 'downloads' folder, and 'recorded tv' on that disk. It appears some of the downloads are gone, but the recorded tv folder still seems in tact. The drive is still working, but these are the kind of chances i don't take. I think the drive is less then 1yr old, so hopefully i can send it in for rma to hitachi. Ugh, this sucks.

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Win 7 Does Not Detect Hitachi 1tb Sata Hard Drive

Ok so believe it or not but i have never used more than 1 hard drive in a pc (shun me as a pc geek if ya want) but i always just used one. Anyways, i just got my hitachi 1tb sata hard drive fresh from newegg, i turned my rig off, unplugged it, plugged in a new sata, molex cable, turned it on and win 7 doesn't detect it. Like it doesn't come up under hard drives in my computer, what do i do?

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External Drive Fantom 1tb Or Cavalry 1tb

I'm currently leaning towards one of the following: fantom 1 tb and cavalry 1 tb. Any thoughts or concerns about the two? Newegg gives them better scores than a wd external (at least with esata).

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Hitachi 2tb Hard Drive

Discussion of the hitachi 2tb hds722020ala330 harddisk. At the moment there isn't that much information on the net as far as owner experiences with these drives, since they're lesser known than brands like seagate, wd, etc. I recently dumped all my wd 2tb drives due to the various incompatibilities with raid arrays. I purchased 20 of the hitachi 2tb drives for use in a raid6 array based on many positive reports about the drives working well in this situation, and in fact being the best 2tb drive going for raid arrays specifically, since most all the other vendors have gimped their desktop version of their drives from raid use to force people to buy an enterprise version. I'll admit it bothered me a bit that the hitachi drive is 5 platters (meaning more points of failure) when most other 2tb drives on the market are 4 platters, but with the higher performing 7200rpm spin rate it was a worthy sacrifice. Not to mention, the hitachi 2tb seems to be one of the few or only drives that supports apm (advanced power management). The first 1tb drives i ever bought also happen to be hitachi, and having run 24 of them in raid6 for over 2 years in 24x7 operation without a single problem, i was even more at ease going hitachi as my 2tb "standard". That said, feel free to post about your experience with this drive, benchmark screen-shots, how many and in what configuration you're running them, what controller you're using, etc.

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Hitachi Xbox 360 Drive Recognized By Windows

How do i get my hitachi xbox 360 drive recognized by windows? I want to flash my xbox, with jungleflasher, but it's hitachi so it needs to be in mode b. Jungleflasher can put it in mode b but it wont recognize that i have the xbox connected to my computer. I have a dell dimension 8400, inside there is one extra sata port that i have the drive connected to, im powering the hitachi drive with the xbox. So what do i need to do to make jungle flasher recognize the drive. ? And i have windows xp, and also what firmware do i need.

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Choose Between Hitachi / Toshiba / Fujitsu Hard Drive

If you had to choose between a hitachi/toshiba/fujitsu hard drive, which one would you choose? I would have chosen western digital or seagate but out of hitachi/toshiba/fujitsu hard drive, which one would you personally choose and why? They all have the same rpm and capacity.

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Hitachi Deskstar P7k500 External Hard Drive Problem

Why doesn't my hitachi deskstar p7k500 external hard drive work any more? I have a hitachi deskstar p7k500 hdp725040gla380 inserted into an external hard drive enclosure. It was working fine early today but suddenly it no long is detected by the laptop. Any ideas what is wrong?

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Wd 1tb Black Vs Wd 1tb Green Hard Drives

These are two drives i am thinking about buying. Western digital caviar green wd10eads 1tb 32mb cache sata 3. 0gb/s 3. 5" internal hard drive.

Western digital caviar black wd1001fals 1tb 7200 rpm 32mb cache sata 3. 0gb/s 3. 5" internal hard drives.

I am a little confused about these two drives though and i'm not sure which will be best suited for my needs. I am going to build an external hard drive and am looking for a drive that will last for a long time, be stable and will keep my backup data secure. I plan on storing music files and other important data files on this drive and will also run some applications off this drive. I will not use this drive as a boot drive. Also, i will be developing window applications and website software off this drive and would like to use this drive to house my source code, which will constantly be changing and will be subjected to constant software compilations. Now, i've done some research and have gleaned the following about these two drives. Let me see if i have this correct and please correct me if i have something wrong. The black is faster then the green drive
The black will run hotter than the green
The black is louder than the green
The black is better for a boot drive - not sure why though
The black uses regular storage while the green uses magnetic storage

What is the difference between magnetic and regular storage, i thought they were the same? Is magnetic more secure than regular storage? So which drive would be a more secure hard drive in the long run for me? Any feedback and clarification will be greatly appreciated.

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Drive Failure In Raid 5, Now Corrupt C: Drive

I had a hard drive die in my raid 5 configuration. I replaced the drive and rebuilt it. Now when i click on the c: drive it says: "the file or directory c: is corrupt and unreadable, please run chkdsk"

From what i am reading, chkdsk is not raid aware which probably won't help with my situation. Can anyone recommend any tools available (paid or otherwise) to try and fix this error?

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Failure To Boot From Hard Drive

I have two hard drives. I tried installing windows vista business on the first one to use in a dual-boot configuration with windows xp which was on the second hard drive. Well, the vista installation worked fine, but when i went to boot into xp, i found vista's boot loader hadn't recognized windows xp. Clearly frustrated, i tried several different things until i finally decided to format the first hard drive. It was horrible i lost my entire data from the hard drive. Vista made my data vanish. I hate it. I tried using repair tool and many recovery software, but it did not work.

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Hard Drive Failure When Booting

I have been having trouble with my desktop when i boot up. I am getting a "hard drive failure" when i boot and it asks for me to insert a system disk (which i can't find at the moment). So far i have been lucky enough that after a few tries it will finally boot up and run just fine. I try not to shut it down but from time to time i forget and shut it down only to be reminded why i shouldn't do that the next time i try to boot it up. But, i am afraid that it will someday no longer do this. I have purchased an external hard drive so i can copy the contents of the bad drive to it before i replace the drive, but am not sure what to do or how to do it. I would apprieciate any help you can give me. I have seen in another post on this site a program mentioned by the name of hdclone. I have found a free version of this and am interested in knowing if this is something i need to transfer the contents of the old drive to the external one? Also, the old drive is an ide but when i look online for a new drive they are sata or pata drives. What are they and will they work with my current setup?

If i recall correctly, the external hdd is about 120gb and the old hdd is 60gb. I am running windows xp pro. Since i am unable to locate my xp program disk at the moment i want to do everything possible to not lose this on the hard drive. If you need any further information, i will do my best to supply it.

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Hard Drive With Potential Failure

I have 2 of the seagate 1. 5 tb models which i bought before i was informed of the failure rate and i figured that it would be wise to ask here if i should be alarmed because if i dont check now i never will. Basically my problem is that the drive tends to "stall" after a period of idle time. It is usually only an issue in windows but it happens too often now. For instance, i go to my computer in the morning and click on the folder on the drive (which is the secondary non os drive for storage) and it will stall and about 3 seconds later there is a small click sound as is if it were trying to find its place. It is very annoying so i really want to resolve it. The thing is other seagate drives that i have had have done the same thing to me without failure for years, and instead just leaves me annoyed. I for one am pretty mad about the epidemic with these drives but if anyone has suggestions i am open to them.

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Usb Flash Drive Failure

Three times-once each with three different flash drives, and on six different pcs-i've had the experience of finding that the computer won't recognize the drive, and the data on the drive has become inaccessible. I see this is a common problem. Other users ask for advice on the web, and nobody seems able to offer any solid information on this occurrence. In none of my incidents has the flash drive been dropped, heated, frozen, or dropped into a liquid or run through a strong magnetic field. One day they work; next day they don't. Anybody know why or what could be causing this issue? And whether my data is permanently lost in such cases? Three times, three different flash drives can't be a coincidence!

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Best Overall 1tb Drive ?

What do you guys think is the best overall 1tb desktop drive on the market?

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250gb Drive Image On 1tb Drive

Ok, i'm concerned my hd is dieing, it's losing files, event log is showing disk errors, and i'm scared enough that i don't want to use it as my primary hd anymore. I have 2 hds, a 250gb (primary, c) and a 1000gb (external, d):-

The 1tb has around 400gb used
The 250gb has around 200gb used

I want to copy my data, programs, and os from the 250gb to the 1tb where the 1tb is bootable. How can i do this without partitioning the 1tb drive?

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Floppy Drive Disk Boot Failure

Just built my own computer, and i cant install an os because the computer doesnt seem to find the floppy drive. I have connected the floppy drive to the motherboard with a 34-pin connecter, and i have the twisted end plugged to the floppy drive, and the long end to the mb. I noticed that one pin on the floppy drive (the second from the side) is missing.could that be the problem or should it be like that?

When i start the computer it says after counting the memory and all that, "verifying dmi pool data. Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter".

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How To Prepare For Hard Drive Failure On Laptop ?

I am about to order a new laptop, i have an option between 2 120gb (7200rpm) hard drives, or 1 250gb (5400rpm) hard drive. Right now i'm planning to go for the single hard drive. One thing that i am concerned about before hitting the final buy button, is hard drive failure. I've replaced my desktop hard drives (2 of them) on a few occasions (i go ahead and change em when i think their making noise). I usually just plug in the hard drive i want to swap out, and the new one i buy, then run a program that boots off a cd to clone the hard drive. With a laptop, i don't know how simple this might be. I'm thinking if i buy just a single hard drive, there won't be a 2nd sata cable for me to clone the hard drive with. And even if there is a 2nd cable, i don't know if i can run my laptop while the hard drives are out etc. (Assuming i purchase the single hard drive, perhaps there isn't physical room to put in a temporary 2nd hard drive)

I'm not really wanting to purchase the dual hard drive option for the laptop because its just extra money wasted, and higher battery consumption as i see it. Being mostly a desktop user and only a very rare occasions opening up the bottom panels of a laptop, i'm not sure what to expect. I just dont want to get stuck in a situation where i have to buy a replacement hard drive and lose everything and do a base install etc.

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Hard Drive Failure - Unknown Error

When vista loads, it gives me a message telling me one of my hard drives need to be checked for consistency. If i let it run, it either freezes, or aborts with some kind of unknown error at some point (happens at different points in the process, randomly). When i finish booting into vista, the hard drive is there, but it needs to be formatted before it can be used. If i keep letting chkdsk run is there a chance it may be able to repair whatever the issue is? It seems to get progressively further, but how far away from completing chkdsk it is, i have no idea. Edit: actually, i'm going download wd lifeguard tools, and see if i can scan the drive first, and see what it tell me. Will update when done.

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Need To Re-format New 1tb Drive

I just got a new 1tb wd black drive and intend to use it as a non-os gaming/video/etc drive with a smaller os drive (once i can get back into that os drive, transfer it's data, and then reformat it-another thread). Got it oem from newegg - it's been 2 years since i built so i'm rusty - do i need to reformat or prep the drive prior to plugging this sucker in? I was planning on using it as the "dump" to transfer the needed files from my os drive once i get back in. I was just going to plug it in, connect the sata cable and then drag and drop all the needed files over. Once i reformat the smaller os drive, the 1tb will remain as my secondary drive. So what is this old man missing now?

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1tb Dead Drive ?

The seagate barracuda 7200. 11 drive that i had bought as a boot drive (1tb) will not work. Bios won't even recognize it. Other than initial installation, it had never been touched, and was working very well. It was mounted in the cooler master stacker 810 behind a filtered 120mm fan and was subject to rather light use. However, it was at a point where around 50-100gb space was unused, the rest full. I tried removing the drive and putting in an old pata wd 250 gig drive, and was able to install vista and run the computer ok. Attempting to install the drive in question with the wd 250 caused the computer to hang at the gigabyte motherboard screen, or on other attempts, it goes to bios but still doesn't recognize the 1tb seagate. Although most of the data on it is backed up, about a month's worth is not, and it's rather important stuff. Quotes for an in-lab data recovery service have been around $400-$600 to start, or up to $3500 if it's something complicated. Any suggestions on how to handle this issue?

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Hard Drive Problem Caused By Electricity Failure

My hard drive partition was in the middle of being resized, when the electricity went out. Needless to say, i could not log back on to the windows installation on that hard drive. I logged on to another windows installation on another hard drive to try to access the data on the corrupted hard drive. The drive gets detected, but i can't access the data, with a prompt requiring the drive to be formatted. The hard drive is physically intact btw. Now the question is. Will i be able to access the data if i purchase an external hdd enclosure? Or just a sata to usb adapter? I really need to access this hard drive with 320gb of valuable data.

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$68 1tb Internal Hard Drive

Saw that hitachi deskstar 1tb internal hard drive oem is $68 today from 1:00pm pt to 11:59pt at newegg. What comments do you guys have about hitachi and this particular hard drive? At such a great price i might have to sway from western digital just this once.

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Wd 1tb Green Drive Slow

Thoughts? I used to have a 160gb maxtor sata on this interface, just upgraded it for more storage. I copied the files off my maxtor at 50mb/s. When i started copying to the drive, it was only registering 10mb/s in the explorer window. I copied the files back off the drive at a good speed, 50ish mb/s. So i ran a benchmark with hd tune. What's up with write performance?

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1tb Hard Drive Recommendations

I've got some doubts regarding what hard drive to choose. I want a 1tb hard drive for system use. What do you guys recommend?

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1tb - 2tb Data Drive

I was planning on getting a new 1-2tb storage drive for my next build (primary will be a ssd). 1tb should be enough, but i am willing to spend more for a 1. 5 or 2tb if it makes sense. Assuming the ssd may only be an 80gb, i will be running some games off the storage drive, so i would like some performance. I'm really not too familiar of the world outside of wd, as i have been burned by almost every other companies, but am willing to listen. Right now, i'm planning on getting the wd1001fals for ~$100. Is there a better option? It doesn't have to be silent, but i don't want it sitting down there rattling either.

Any other recommendations?

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Wd 1tb Drive Dropped On The Floor

I bought one about a year ago and i have found it very useful. Unfortunately, my idiot friend dropped it on the floor. Over the past few days it has gradually started to disappear (songs that were stored on the hard drive were skipping, entire folder trees disappeared, wanting to reformat the disk and then just completely disappearing). I don't want to send it back for warranty because they might end up deleting all the data and i don't particularly want people seeing things on there. *Coughs*

I thought about trying to hook it up via sata but i can't even get the case off! Can anyone offer me any advice?

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Samsung 1tb Drive Is Clicking

Starting clicking yesterday. It is my storage drive that i have out and connected to my thermal take black x hard drive docking station. I have seen videos of hard drives clicking and they seem to all be clicking slowly like click, click, click ect my click sounds like a machine gun very fast clicking. I connected to my pc and it clicks then it stops then it says drive h had not been formatted want to format? Any think i can do to save my files?

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St31000528as Only Two Platter 1tb Drive

I'm kinda new on evaluating hard drives when purchasing them and recently discovered the advantage of looking more than size when deciding between hard drives. After owning a wd6400aaks i want to constrain myself to "two platter" drives for the reliability and cool operation advantage. Not counting that higher density platter means more performance. Then i was surprised when looking for 1tb, two platter, 7200rpm drive and only found the seagate st31000528as (7200. 12). Is it the only one?

I think i will wait for the spinpoint f3 recently announced by samsung to make my purchase decision in this "category", but i would love to have a choice by western digital. Even if wd only have 640 gb when counting only two platter drives. I would love to see a performance comparison between one wd6400xxxx and a st31000528as. Does anybody have a link comparing this two drives side by side?

From more than 10 reviews that i have check, none have compared this "two platter" drives in the same review.

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Seagate Or Wd 1tb Hard Drive ?

Which hdd should i get? This will be used as a primary one. Seagate barracuda 7200. 11 st31000333as 1tb 7200 rpm 32mb or western digital caviar green wd10eads 1tb 32mb cache sata.

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Raid Drive Failure, Can't Get Backup Image To Work

Having trouble getting my backup cloned drive to work. I initially had a raid setup: two wd 250gig sata in raid 0, one drive started to go nuts, i luckily was able to make a backup image to a single wd 640gig sata. The raid was from the motherboard controller epox ep-8k9a7i. I unplugged the two 250gig drives then proceeded to plug in the single 640gig, the mobo controller recognizes the drive, but it wont boot into windows. I then did a successful boot sector rebuild in the xp recovery console on the 640gig drive, still no go. I used driveimage xml from the raid0 windows install for the clone process to the 640gig, would this be causing a bad clone? What programs might others suggest i use? Am i missing something? Could use a few more ideas to get this backup drive to boot!

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