Screen Just Goes To Blank When Play Any Type Of Video

I have an error when i try to play any video from any source either from the net streaming or from the hard drive or dvd rom drive it will play for say 1 to 4 mins approx then the screen just goes to blank with the "no source" error appearing but the computer appears to keep running. I have no choose but to turn off and on again, i have just built the computer from new using asus a8ne board and xfx nvidia geforce 6600 pci express graphics card being the main components.

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Blank Screen Problem With Video Card

Im totally sick of trying to put this new graphics card in my computer. I know that the card is completely compatible with my computer so i uninstalled all the old drivers off my previous card, took it out, put the new one in, downloaded the correct new driver off the nvidia website, then i had to restart my computer. When it restated everything was fine until the welcome screen. Where it went completely black. I clicked around with the mouse (even though i couldn't see sh*t!) And i heard the noise it makes when i log in to my account thingy. So it isn't totally broke. I just cant see anything. Everything is black! Lol. So i took the card out (which was suspiciously warm to touch) and did a system restore to yesterday too fool my silly computer that nothing had happened. What could be the problem? Any ideas?

Someone said to just give it time and then the screen will come back. Is this true cuz i don't want to go through all that again for nothing.

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Video Card To Play Play Left 4 Dead

Hello there, i was wondering what is the best video card? Because i asked a question a while ago on how to play left 4 dead on a net-book. But the gay there said i need a powerful pc to play it. Ok. I have a video card problem. Because. I think it is weak because it cant even enable the 3d acceleration in plants vs zombies! I was wondering if it has something to do with my video card? Or something wasn't installed like direct-x? And i searched here how to know video card brand. But i followed all instructions and i didn't see one! Or maybe i didn't just notice it? I think it's intel because everything i see is intel. So here is what i wanted in my question:

What is the problem of my video card?

What is the best video card brand?

Can someone tell me all the video card products of intel? And which is the best of it?

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Pc Monitor Screen Kept Going Blank While Using

Yesterday my monitor screen kept going blank while using my pc. The fans and computer were still running and the monitor was receiving no signal. A buddy was at my place and said he had the same issue and to replace my monitor. I went and bought a new monitor came home, hooked it up and the same issue kept happening. Funny thing is, if i hook the monitor up to the motherboard monitor connector everything works correctly. So am i left to think this is a videocard and/or powersupply issue?

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Blank Blue Screen

My friend is having a problem where his comp when he boots up, goes to a blank blue scerrn. No mouse no letters no words no nothing. He has to reboot a couple times before things go as planned. He scanned for viruses using avg and for spyware using spybot but found nothing. I think that it might be a hardware problem. Any sugestions?

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Blank Screen In Ms Word

I am having some issues with the 9600xt and microsoft word. I try to use word and after i open the program and retrieve a document, the screen goes black and i have to reboot. I have tried to do a cleanboot, updated all the stuff i have and it still has the problem. Any advice?


Senor dobyns
Abit av8
Ati 9600 xt
1 gig ram
Maxtor 200 gig sata
Xp home

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Black Blank Screen

On my friend's pc - all of a sudden the screen is going black (blank) with no bsod msg. The pc has just got to be restarted. Windows 2000 was re-installed but still the same problem. I have absolutely no idea whats going on. Is this a ram problem ?

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Pc Beeping Screen Blank

Why is my pc beeping and not able to connect to my monitor. ? So, my computer froze and i shut it down via the power button and when i tried rebooting the computer starts up but then it repeatedly beeps twice every 1-3 sec, and my screen shows no activity, it just remains blank/off.

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Screen Blank But Computer Still Running

I came back from a weekend and found my computer screen blank and my computer still running. I tried to push ctrl alt del and reset button and nothing happend. The room was pretty warm the entire weekend i was away so i think my power supply might be going. Also when i push the power buttons on my computer nothing happens either. I unplugged everything from the system including all internal cables and tried to boot up with only the main power connector to the mobo. I get no post but the cpu fan still spins and everything on the mobo looks ok.could this be a power supply issue or a case issue or something im missing. Im in need of so much help! I also smelt a slightly burning/funky smell also in the case that i dont think ive smelled before.

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When I Power Up, The Screen Remains Blank

I installed an asus m2n sli mobo, 2gb gskill mem into my computer. I have a 450 watt power supply. When i power up, the screen remains blank, no blue, no nothing. Also none of my optical drives work, wont open, no nothing. I also installed an amd x 2 5200+. Any ideas?

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Blank Screen On Opening Games

Everytime i try to open unreal tournament 3 or neverwinter nights 2 i get a blank screen. I can see my mouse and move around the screen. But i can only move it within a smaller invisible "window" within the black screen. I have to press ctrl-alt-del to get out and it gives me a message about it being non-responsive and asks me if i want to close the window. When i tell it to close the window a similar message shows up and i click close again. In dxdiag, there are no tests available and doesn't give me any options to enable/disable dx. I've tried disabling aa in the control panel but it had no effect. Specs:

Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit version 7100 release candidate
Dfi 790fxb motherboard
Amd phenom ii 955
4 gbs ddr3 ram
Gtx 260 gpu - driver version 195. 62
Auzentech x-meridian sound card

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Windows 7 Pc Crashes To Blank Screen

The pc will randomly every day or two just go to a blank screen (as in no video output, the pc is still powered on but no output). I had tried reinstalling windows 7, running windows update, and installing only the video card driver. I had run hci memtest before and it didn't find any errors. What should i be looking at?

I7 860 + asus p7p55d pro + 8gb g. Skill ddr3-1333 c7 + 5870.

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Geforce Fx 5200 Blank Screen

I received my new graphic card today 'inno3d tornado geforce fx 5200 ddr 256mb'. I tried to install it on the computer spec below. When i installed the graphic card into the motherboard and turned the pc on , i got blank screen with monitor plugged into the graphic card's[img]sasa[/img] vga slot. I tried disabling the integrated graphics driver but that didn't help. The graphic card is agp 4x/8x compatible and my motherboard has 8x agp slot but i thing the card is capable on running with 2x/4x or 8x so that is not the problem. The motherboard is only compatible with gap card requires 1. 5 v but i think this card is also 1. 5v. One another think that this graphic card has connector located at bottom left corner but i don't know whether i need to connect a cable there or not.configurations:-
1. 7ghz intel celeron
512mb ram
350w power supply
Integrated graphics
Windows xp

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Delayed Blank Screen On Boot Up

I just got an aiw x800 xt, upgrading from a 9800 pro, and the screen goes blank on boot up. It's not always at the same time. Sometimes i can go into my bios and wait around for the display to go blank, and other times i can almost get into windows. Actually, i did start to see the blue background in windows one time before the display went out. And when it goes blank, i can't simply push reset and have the display come back. I have to turn the power completely off and then back on in order for the display to work for a little while. I have an asus a7n8x deluxe motherboard. My power supply came with my case, which is an antec performance something or another case. The power supply is a true power 450 or 480, i can't remember. I'll try to get more detailed specs, but if anyone has any idea of what could cause the display to just give out like it's doing well, it would definitely help me out a lot.

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Hp 6735s Laptop Screen Blank

My brother has hp laptop model 6735s. He bought it a year a ago it was working fine till morning. This evening when he switch it on only he saw that the light flashes , & dvd rom stated making strange noise & more is that his screen is not responding at all (i.e. It is completely blank) can any one tell what might be the problem? Any help would be appreciated , ( if you faced any problem like this can you plz shear the solution). He never drooped his laptop only he got his laptop serviced because exhaust fan was making noise , got that fixed some 7 months ago his laptop was working fine since then. He refreshed his windows too. That all.

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Dell Monitor Screen Goes Blank

I have a dell 19" monitor. Model #1907fpc. The monitor turns on for a second and i can see my desktop but then the screen goes blank. Anybody out there that can give me some advice on how to troubleshoot this issue? I want to keep this monitor as it has multiple usb ports on it. Also does anyone know how to open the monitor so i can take a look inside to see if anything came unplugged?

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Hp Pavilion Xt858 No Beeps Screen Blank

This computer was booting properly a few days ago. It would bott to windows and then lock up a few minutes later. I powered it on and off so many times, i'm wandering if it was damaged. I get no beeps, the keyboard lights for a second and than goes off. I have tried a seperate pci graphics card and that brought up the hp screen for a second. That was the last i ever saw of it! I have tried booting without the hard drive to get me into dos. I can't even get into dos with a boot disk. There is no cursor on the screen. The fan is running on the cpu. The memory is correct. I have reset the bios jumper and reset the cmos battery. Nothing is working. Hp's site is terrible.

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Monitor Screen Will Go Completely Blank For About 2 Seconds

So i got a new lcd monitor. This one , actually. It seemed like a good deal. Anyways, i think there is a problem with it. Every once in a while (about every 20 minutes), the screen will go completely blank for about 2 seconds, and then turn back on and be completely normal, and then repeat about 20 minutes later. I know its minor, but my god it gets annoying. I am using the digital output on an ati radeon 9550 256mb video card. Have any of you heard of this problem before?

Do you think that there is most likely a problem with the monitor, or possibly with the video card? This is the first time iíve used the digital video capability before, but why would it happen roughly every 20 minutes?

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Compaq Presario Sr1320nx Screen Blank

I opened up my computer to clean it out with a can of compressed air, then i closed it up and connected my screen. I hear the computer turn on, and the green light comes on too, but the screen doesn't want to connect to the computer, it just stays blank. I tried two different monitors and neither worked.

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Dell Inspiron 8600 Suddenly Has A Blank Screen

My problem is that my dell inspiron 8600, which has work for over 3 years suddenly has a blank screen. For the last month or so when ever the laptop goes into standby / monitor turns off and then turns on again there was always a brief period where the screen is red. Just yestarday the scren would not even turn on. The system was still running, but no screen. Then last night the screen started to work again for about 2 hrs. Then it automatically started to turn the screen off. I lower the screen for a few seconds and then lift it again the screen comes back on. Afterwards if i am inactive for only ~10 seconds the screen turns back off, its not the screen saver. Now when i try lowering and lifting it again this morning the screen flickers on for just a second with a red screen and turns off. Anyone have any idea what might be wrong.

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Games Crashing To Desktop Or Getting Blank / Black Screen

Im having problems with almost all the games crashing to desktop or getting blank/black screen after a few minutes. I install ati drivers, not the ones from asus. World of warcraft wotlk is imposible to play with direct3d. I have to start it in opengl. Gta iv crash to desktop at the beggining

Farcry > black screen after a few minutes. I will tried crysis, farcry2, cod5, and bioshock. Today i received a new graphic card after a rma. I will tried it. I have a question, my psu can handle my new system? (See system spec in my profile)

The graphic card will use the same power running games in direct3d or opengl?

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Ati Radeon 9700 Pro Blank Screen

My problem is this: occasionally my screen is blank after coming up from sleep-mode or restart. This also happens after playing half-life 2 and doom 3. Sometimes after a minute or so, the screen will come on fine and sometimes it is blank for a very long time. Things that i have done to solve the problem include unplugging, then reconnecting the dvi cable and, just this morning, updating to the catalyst 5. 1 drivers. Nothing seems to be working . . . On another note, after installing the 5. 1 catalyst control center, restarting my computer and loading the program gives the following error:

"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on ok to terminate the application. "I have uninstalled all ati programs and drivers off of the computer and re-installed with no apparent luck. I'm a little upset that i can't fix this issue and hoping that someone out there knows what the *** is going on and could offer some advice! My computer set-up is as follows:

Dell 8200
Ati radeon 9700 pro
Lg 19" flatron lcd monitor
796 mb ram

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Nvidia Gt 220 On Dell Inspiron Black Blank Screen

I installed a nvidia gt220 on my dell inspiron 530 and when i restart the computer i get a black blank screen? I deleted the old drivers and installed the latest drivers, and now i get a blue screen which crashes my computer and keeps restarting it.

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Inserting Usb Hard Drive Freeze / Locks Pc With Blank Screen

I a friend of mine has a wd 160 gb usb externel hd. He reinstalled his pc a while back win xp pro and patched it with autopatcher juli for security fixes because hd raid config gave some problems. Now sometimes when he insertes his usb drive the pc freezes and screen goes blank. He tried all usb ports on his pc. Has anyone have these problems before?

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Screen Goes Blank, Fans Slow Down, Hard Cd Drive Makes Strange Noises

My custom built pc recently started to act strangely. Sometimes when in normal use, the screen goes blank; fans slow down; hard cd drive makes strange noises. This usually happens then when i try to restart, the computer does even start up, just does it again. Because this happens almost instantly when i turn it on, i don't think its the ram, drives or graphics card. I suspect its my motherboard that causing specifications:

Msi k7n2 delta-l
Athlon 2700 t/bred b
Geforcefx 5900
Seagate barracuda 7200. 7
Lg gce

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Video Lags When Play Mkv Files

I prefer to use one player for all my videos. So far i have had no trouble using windows media player for everything. I have the k-lite codec pack and the matstroka lite codec pack. Sometimes when i play mkv on my wmp it works except the video lags behind the audio. It will occasionally speed up to catch up to the audio. If i restart my computer it will work fine. I just want to know if there is anything else i can do to fix this so i dont have to go through the trouble of restarting my computer. Additional details:- ok so i also tried using classic media player and cccp codec pack and it still doesnt work. Is there something in the settings in my computer that i have to change?

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Play Older Games Using New Video Card

I have a px8500gt, and recently i have been trying to play older games using virtual pc, and they are complaining about my video card. Is there any way to make my new card look older? (About win98 old)

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Pci Video Card To Play Flash Games

What's the best pci video card to play flash games?

My girlfriend plays farmville, farmtown, and various other flash games. Running a dell with older 478 mb with 2. 4ghz p4. Thing is pegged at 100% usage and chokes. Thinking the best idea is to stick in a card that flash can be offloaded to. Looks like the 8400 gs has some anomalies and the 9400 is a little high. Any input is appreciated.

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Dvd Play Problem - Choppy Screen

When ever i try to play a dvd the screen is all choppy it stops and plays again continuously throughout da movie . I tried xp help and support and it didn't help i think it might be up to the computer screen. If you know what is the problem, please reply asap.

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How To Activate Hardware Physx To Play With An Ati Video Card ?

Warnings: proceed at your own risk. The patch used here is not an official patch from nvidia but it works. It was written by genl. It works great for me so far, but your results may vary. If you're willing to take the plunge, read on!

Assumptions: you have an ati card plugged in that you wish to use as main render. You have an nvidia card plugged in that you wish to use for dedicated physx. Both their drivers have been installed. Step 1: download latest nvidia driver. Pick the driver that fits your card and os. I picked the latest beta drivers for 9 series cards and win 7 64 bit.

Step 2: download the physx patch. Found here.

There's mod 1. 01 lite for x86 or 1. 01 lite for x64. I personally picked 1. 01 lite for x64. Step 3: goto the control panel and un-install any previous nvidia drivers/nvida physx/nvidia stereo vision. Step 4: install the latest nvidia drivers that you previously downloaded. I chose the beta drivers. Step 5: restart your system in safe mode by hitting f8. Choose the top most safe mode. Now run the physx patch you downloaded in step 2. It should report several files have been patched. Step 6: reboot your system again. Right click your desktop and click on screen resolution. Click detect. This should give you an greyed out imaginary monitor. Click on that monitor icon, then with that monitor, select available display output on nvida video card. Then click try connect anyway on vga and then apply. Next click on extend desktop to this display. So now you have two monitors extended plus an imaginary nvidia monitor extended as well. Now you are ready to start enabling physx!

Step 7: right click your desktop and then click on nvidia control panel that now appears. Click set physx configuration. Then click on enabled for set physx gpu acceleration choices. And now you're done! You may run fluidmark to confirm that hardware physx has been enabled. Higher vantage 3dmark scores will also result. And yes now you can finally play batman with your ati doing massively pretty rendering and still get all the cool physx effects eye candy turned on at the same time.

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