Difference In Transfer Rate From Usb To Usb And Hdd To Usb

I have an seagate 160gb external hdd (fat32), and i was wondering if moving the page file to the external disk would garner any extra performance gains. I was also wondering if there is a difference in the transer rate from the usb->usb and hdd->usb. I was thinking about using hdtach on my external drive, so i think i'll give that a try.

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What's A Good Transfer Rate For Usb 2.0 External Hdd ?

Just curious what a good transfer rate when transferring from the external drive -> internal drive via usb 2. 0 connection. I was getting 22. 5 mb/s according to vista when transferring from my external 5400rpm laptop hdd to my internal 7200rpm laptop hdd. Is that a good rate?

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Usb Speed - Same Transfer Rate From Usb 2.0 And Usb 1.1

I have a usb2 1gb thumbdrive. I have 4 usb2. 0 ports on the back of my computer and 2 usb1. 1 ports on the front of my computer. When i plug my thumbdrive into the front or back i get the same transfer rate. Now i'm sure that's not suppose to happen. In my device manager i have, under universal serial bus controllers, intel(r) 82801eb usb universal host controller, have 4 of those, then i have one of, intel(r) 82801eb usb2 enchanced host controller. Any suggestions? I have xppro sp2.

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Hdd Transfer Speed Over Usb

I keep on wondering how come my hard drives have such a low transfer speed with usb. I have a mybook and a usb docking station. Both of them cannot transfer past than 20mbs. When i switch back to sata, i get at least 3 times the transfer speed (more for my faster drives). Sata is faster than usb, i can understand that. But usb 2. 0's rated transfer rate is 60mbs, what exactly is throttling the speed?

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Store Pagefile On Flash Usb Or Sata 150 Hdd - Difference

Thinking of getting a flash usb drive, nothing fancy just a 1gb usb drive to store my page file on, is there gonna be any noticeable difference than having my pagefile on a seperate sata 150 hdd as i have at the moment?

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Very Slow Usb Transfer / Detection

I have asus m3n78-vm mobo and it has some problems in it. I think my usb ports are not running as fast as they can. When starting windows it takes ages to detect my external hdd , buffalo drivestation 500gb usb 2, and transferring like 300 mb file from internal hdd to that external is pain in the ass slow. Transferring from external to internal it has no problems. Files fly from buffalo to my internal sata hdd. But if i try to move file from that internal hdd to external buffalo, windows says it takes about 10 minutes to transfer one 300 mb file and it does also take that long, so what a heck? Im confused. I checked bios and all usb 2 features are on in bios. I also had some weird io shutdown problems. Anyone has any solutions to this? My buffalo also has some turbousb feature but dunno if it works. Oh and i use 32 bit xp pro with sp3 in it. Btw my old mobo dfi lanpary nf3 ultra-d did not have this problem with my external hdds. I have also tried all usb ports, and its the same problem.

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Changing Usb Polling Rate To 1000hz Or Lower

If your like me and hate default 125hz that all windows install (unless you modify) here is a quick way to change your usb polling rate to 1000hz (1. 00ms response time). Note: some mouses don't go all the way up to 1000hz. This is mainly in wireless mouses. Windows vista & 7 64-bit:-

1. What you need: - dimr.exe (direct input mouse rate). 2. Extract & dimr.exe into a folder. 3. Right click on "hidusbf. Inf" find install (if warning comes up about unsigned drivers don't worry). 4. Open up dseo13b.exe and check "enable test mode". 5. Reboot. 6. After reboot you will see "test mode windows xxxx build xxxx" you can get rid of this but for now reopen dseo13b.exe and check "sign a system file". 7. In the box type in "c:windowssystem32drivershidusbf.sys". If correct a window will come up saying "the system file has been signed succesfully. ". 8. Reboot. 9. Reopen hidusbf folder and click on "setup.exe". 10. Find your mouse click on it (it should be highlighted has blue) and at the bottom of the window check "filter on device" and select your rate. 11. Click restart and open up dimr.exe. If it's still runs default 125hz reboot your windows vista or 7 64-bit operating system again. 12. To remove watermark open dseo13b.exe and click on remove watermarks. It will link you to the website with the correct files to remove it. Windows xp/vista/7 32-bit:-

1. Right click on "hidusbf. Inf" find install, (note sometimes with xp if you apply and the mouse stops responding in this case restart again and try again). 2. Open hidusbf folder and click on "setup.exe". 3. Find your mouse click on it (it should be highlighted has blue) and at the bottom of the window check "filter on device" and select your rate. 4. Click restart and open up dimr.exe. If it's still runs default 125hz reboot.

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Can't Do Anything Else When Transfer A Large File Using Usb

So i've been running x64 for the better part of a year now on the rig in my specs. Within the last 3 months or so if i transfer a large file to any one of my various brand external hard drives i can't really do anything else on my computer, everything kinda just slows down and the usb transfer takes precedence. The strange part is my cpu usage is only like 5-15% on a single core while this is going on. I know i should most likely nuke my os install and start over but i'm curious as to what caused this. In my many years of pc tech support i have not ran into this particular issue. I have seen similar caused from crappy via usb controllers but not this exact problem. Ideas?

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Mouse Dpi And Usb Polling Rate - Knowledge Base

Just thought id share with you some knowledge on the subject of (usb) mouse polling rates and how they can affect your online gaming (well, they wouldnt affect anyone elses now would they). Windows xp, being pretty trashy as it is, by default sets the windows usb polling rate at 125mhz thats an 8ms response time to me and you. What does this mean, well, this equates to lag! The bane of all counterstrike and alike players, and generally all good fps games. Now, what can we do about this, well, interestingly enough we can, depending on the quality of your usb mouse (i have a razer diamondback) you can increase the responsiveness significantly. The basics are, the polling rate determins the time it takes for an action performed on the mouse to be transmitted to your computer and thusly to the game/software your using, so this incorporates a slight delay (lag) into your responses within the game. This becomes more prenounced while playing online games where pings/latencies and rates also effect your lag or responsivness. This can mean the difference between a shotty between the eyes and getting that "god-like" voice sounding off in the background

Is i stated earlier the default polling rate is 125mhz (8ms) and so naturally we get quite used to this when playing games, but wouldnt it be far greater to eliminate as best as possible this delay in sending mouse commands to your games to give a more fluid and responsive control over your gaming? Id say *** yeah!

Right, there are a few different ranges you can use, and all are totally dependant upon your mouse's abilities, but none should harm your mouse (best have a ps2 mouse at hand incase yours aint up for the higher rate so u can change back to default), firstly: we have:-

125mhz @8ms response time (default)

250mhz @4ms response time

500mhz @2ms response time

And the highest so far:

1000mhz @**1ms** response time!

Right, i currently use a razer diamondback usb mouse, and have the polling rate set for 1000mhz, the actual polling rate is often fractionally lower than stated but pretty damn good. I have personally noticed improvements in the sensitivity and responsivness in my mouse, especially when playing online fps games. But there is an improvement to be had when playing singleplayer fps games and other games alike. I am providing a link to the software i used to patch my usb polling rate, and included is also a mouse polling rate detector to tell you your current response time. See the screenies. Just a note though. Once you change your polling rate you must restart windows for the changes to take affect. This can make games more enjoyable especially the online games, but it could also be that you just dont notice the difference, as in the case that your mouse only supports a marginally higher response time. But anything which reduces the amount of lag gamers suffer can only be a good thing. I will amend the post if i have missed something, but i think i got everything on here. As you can see from the screen shot the razer diamondback performs very well, often over 1000mhz, less than 1ms, but on average its more like between 700-900mhz, still a damn good improvement over 125. Here is a link to both the current mouse polling rate detector and the usb polling rate patch, neither created by me so i claim no glory here, other than i zipped them together in one handy package.

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How To Increase Usb Sample Rate In Windows Vista Sp1 ?

Microsoft windows vista’s default 125hz usb sample rate is not enough for today’s gamers and end-users. There are many usb sample rate patches out there, but none of them are supporting windows vista sp1 - due to the new restricted driver signature enforcement feature. However, it is now possible to use these patches thanks to the latest version of our own driver signature enforcement overrider (dseo), but i am not taking any responsibilities for any damages! Use it at your own risk. 1. Download driver signature enforcement overrider (attached below). 2. Download hidusbf (attached below). 3. Run driver signature enforcement overrider and choose enable test mode. 4. Extract hidusbf to some folder, right click on hidusbf. Inf and choose install. 5. Run setup.exe from hidusbf’s folder, check the filter on device box and select your desired sample rate. 6. Run driver signature enforcement overrider again, choose sign a system file and insert full path to the installed hidusbf.sys file (usually c:windowssystem32drivershidusbf.sys). 7. Restart your computer and enjoy. 8. Verify by using mouse rate or directinput mouse rate (attached below)

That should do the trick. Remember! Use it at your own risk! Do not blame me if your motherboard explodes, vista or usb fails. But, i have already tested it myself with a lot of success, so you don't have any reason to worry. If you would like to uninstall it, just right click on hidusbfu. Inf, choose install and disable test mode from driver signature enforcement overrider.

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Transfer Speed On Usb Is Very Slow - Seagate 160 Gb Hd

I am having couple of problems with my trasnfer speed. I just bought a new enclosure case for my seagate 160gb hd. I am finding the transfer speed is very slow compared to anthoer enclosure case i have containing 20gb hd. My pc has usb 2. 0. On my old case, i get a speed of about 23 mb/sec majority of times. My new case is only giving me about 15 mb/sec. What can i do and how do i make it faster? I even exchanged the two hd to see if it is the hd that is causing it to be slow, but i found out it is the enclourse case. When i put the 160gb hd in the old case, it transfers at 23 mb/sec.

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Best Way To Get Max File Transfer Speed (network, Usb, Etc)

I use a laptop for my main rig (hp dv8300), and i am setting up a nas in the near future and i'm trying to come up with the best way i can get the most speed to dump data to it. It's a 945gm express chipset. I have usb 2. 0, firewire of some flavor (i can't figure out which one it is), pci card slot, express/54 card slot, 100mb nic, intel something b/g mini pci nic. Ideally i would want to get a 1000mbps nic, but since my nic is onboard i can't really swap it out. A 1000mbps usb 2. 0 nic would still limit me to the 300mbps speed of usb 2. 0. 132 mbps for express card. Right now my best idea is just to get a wirless-n mimo mini pci nic and swap it in. Unless someone has a better idea.

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Usb Transfer Files Won't Read

Everytime i transfer files to my usb like ms word document, pictures, and music. The file won't read! Why is this happening? For instance, if i try to open the picture i saved, all i got is a "mini x" and if i try to play music it won't play either. Next, i created folders with some documents inside it. If i try to open that folder, there is no file displayed. At first, i thought it was a bunch of hidden files. So i tried to change the settings to make invisible files visible. No luck. My files are nowhere to be found! If i try to delete it, i got an error message " cannot delete file. "

Note: i did error checking and also tried reformatting it. Unfortunately, its still not working. It still has a problem with reading/opening files. Worse, some of my files are freaking' hidden( despite making invisible folders visible)

Some additional info about the usb i'm using. 1gb kingston
Type:removable disk
Filesystem: fat32

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Usb Drive Wont Work After Unplugging It During File Transfer

I gave this usb flash drive to a friend as a gift

Its the 8gb pico usb drive, ive had one for over a year and ive had no problems but my friends wont work after he told me he accidentally unplugged it during a file transfer on his mac. If i plug it in to a mac it wont see the drive, not even the disk utility. If it plug it in to a vista machine, it gets seen but it says "unknown device" and it wont show up under disk management either. Is there any possible way to fix it? This is a first for me since i thought you could not damage usb drives if you unplugged them during a file transfer (except for normal data corruption). Any ideas?

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Transfer Internet On Usb Wireless Lan Adaptor To Wifi Router

How do i transfer the internet from a usb wireless lan adaptor to a wifi router? I have internet from usb wifi lan adaptor and i will like to transfer via the cable to a d-link router (air plus g+) in order to connect others computers on internet, so any idea how to do it?

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Adapter For Hdd And Usb

Is there any adapter to go from my 1. 8 hdd i got from my toshiba gigabeat to usb? The model number is mk2004gal if that helps you find out what type of adapter you need.

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Do You Need To Eject Usb Hdd ?

We are using two usb hard drives (250gb) as backup for our companies system. Each is used to contain a complete image of the entire server, and is swapped over every night with the other. There is a power switch on the housing, which we have been turning off, then disconnecting the drive, connect the new one, then turn it's switch on. Does anyone know if turning off with this switch will let the drive park it's heads, or should we still go through the full 'eject' hardware (soft switch) route?

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Using Ide To Usb To Connect Hdd

My old computer kept overheating and finally konked out on me, so i got myself a nice little laptop. I was able to save the hdd from my old computer (which holds 5k+ songs, tons of applications and other important documents) and i'm wondering what's the best way to connect my old hdd to my new laptop?

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Usb Cables For External Hdd

I have usb cables that came with a couple, can't remember if all, of my usb hdd enclosures that have, idk exactly what it is, some type of resistor, or something, the little cylindrical fitting that goes around cable next to plug, and i'm wondering what that accomplishes, and if it's necessary to have. Can i replace with standard usb cable or is it important?

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Usb Hdd Not Detecting In Winxp

I have bought a samsung 40gb laptop hdd. But winxp cannot detect it. The usb ports r ok, cause i run other devices on those ports. Also this samsung 40gb laptop hdd runs pretty well when i took it to my vendor. Is it a hardwares problem or is it related to my winxp.

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What Is Faster 2.0 Usb Or Hdd 5400rpm ?

What is faster a 2. 0 usb with 16g or a 20g hdd 5400 rpm for storing a os?

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Portable Esata / Usb 2.5 Hdd Solution

I've been looking for something to replace my current removable hard drive that i take back and forth from home and work. I've decided to continue to stick with a hard drive as even a 64gb thumb drive won't do. I've opted for the smaller 2. 5 hard drive size and am planning on getting a seagate 500gb 7200rpm 2. 5 sized drive. I have one concern. I have esata at home, but only usb at work, so i need the enclosure to be able to do both. I had read some short reviews on product pages about a few of these enclosures and it seems there is a small problem (if i'm understanding the users correctly). There are many that use usb to power the drive, but some people seem to be saying in their reviews that this doesn't always work with 7200rpm drives. I guess the power requirements are more than the usb provides? Anyways, so it would seem that i need one that has a usb, a esata, and a power connection. Does anybody know of a decent quality 2. 5 hd enclosure that has the power connection as well? Many of the reviews i read noted that the case ends were cheap plastic. I don't mind spending more money for a quality enclosure, and i need a place that hopefully i can order extra cables so i can leave a usb and power at work, and an esata and power connection at home. Lastly, i'm looking for an enclosure that's as thin as possible. Some i've seen are nearly twice the height of a "laptop hard drive". I've found two that look like they'll work, but i don't know if either are decent quality. Would you recommend one over the other, or a completely different one?

The most popular one appears to be

But it has the problem of not offering a power connector, and only provides power through usb which apparently is flaky if you run a 7200rpm drive.

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Computer Cannot Detect Usb 2.0 External Hdd

My computer cannot detect my usb 2. 0 external hdd, it was working only a few minutes ago, then i removed it through "safely remove hardware" after that i realized i forgot something so i plugged it back on. The light of my external hdd is on, but my computer isn't responding, it isn't showing any signs of another hdd in "my computer" and also in the "safely remove hardware" thing. I tried in my other computer and it's the same. I've scanned through for viruses previously, and cleared 3 trojans. Shouldn't be of a problem tho. Is my newly bought external hdd faulty ? Or has my computer gone mad?

P/s i also got this common problem that my external hdd couldn't be read directly, i have to - rightclick - explore. I believe this is a common n00b mistake i have done to my hdd or something.

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External Hdd, Sata Or Usb For Backup

Three pc's; two towers (both w/ two hdd's) and one laptop (not used often), not alot of data, but instead of using dvd's to backup, this seems easier, one device for all three would be nice, though the laptop i could live without, it would be used mainly for my main box (tower). Questions;
1. If i went with a usb interface, can i assume the ps is external?

2. Can i then assume most are those damn 'bricks' as opposed to internal ps's within the hdd enclosure?

3. Are there any models w/ internal ps's, or at least a ps that is on a cable so it isn't hanging from the power strip?

4. Between the all in one (hdd, enclosure & ps) vs buying the enclosure, ps and the hdd separately, what's the better route?

5. If i went with a sata drive, are there any enclosures that are tailored to this setup?

6. The cabling from the pc to the unit. Make shift or use a premade pci slot plate w/ connectors (assuming they are available)?

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Disconnecting Usb External Hdd With Switch

I used to have an external hdd with a separate electrical outlet to power it and even though it was a little bulky but this design was comfortable to me because i'm always very interested to disconnect the drive after any backup i need by using a "power switch outlet" with on/off keys where pressing the button connects power to the drive and windows xp sees it and vice versa without any need to physically removing/attaching any thing. P. S. I do this to prolong the drive's lifetime and to keep it away from any possible problems occurring to my pc. Etc. Now this drive is dead for some reason so i went to buy another one but i was stuck with a usb powered drive (wd my passport essential) and it's ok but the only thing that teases me is that i can't control the power since it's usb controlled so the drive starts spinning when i turn on my computer's power switch so the only way for me to control this is disconnecting/connecting the usb cable with the port whenever i don't need/need the drive which is not convenient at all. Is there any solution (like a cable) which allows me to control the drive's status (on/off) with a simple key switch without the need to physically remove/attach the usb cable from the back of my machine so that whenever i need/don't need the drive, i simply switch on/off a key on this cable?

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Can't See Hdd When Booting From Usb Flash Drive

I just got a usb pen drive which i planned to use as a boot device (replace floppy). I set it up and i can boot into dos with cd drivers, but when i fdisk, i can't see my hdd. This is a problem when trying to load an os, the bios is set to boot to the flash drive first, then the floppy, and finally the hdd. Any suggestions would be cool.

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Multipage Scanner Which Will Scan To Hdd Or Usb Device

Anyone know of a multipage scanner, which will scan directly to a hdd or usb device? Better explanation would be a scanner that functions like a printer, but it's main purpose is scanning multiple documents to, as stated above, a selected device (hdd/usb).

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Booting From Usb Hdd By Using Ide To Usb2 Cable

I have recently bought an ide to usb2 cable which enables me to plug internal hard drives into usb ports. If i have a blank formatted hdd, is there any way i can install windows on it whilst it's on usb, and then be able to choose to either boot to my regular hdd or my usb hdd when i start my laptop?

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Hdd Works On Usb Enclosure Yet Bsod Over Esata

So i bought a 1 terabyte western digital caviar green edition in october and just let it sit in a closet til yesterday. I decided to install it as a 3rd hdd but it would crash when i tried to format it. I then tried to install w7 on it and still crashed and bsod'd

So i decide to use it on my usb enclosure and what do you know, it works, i can copy large isos to it in 3 minutes or so, i copied 1gb of pictures on it and copied it again on the same drive with no problems (this would crash before on direct sata to mobo) i even partitioned it in 3 and copied data across all partitions with no problems but obviously i want sata speeds and not usb speeds. Any help?

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Cavalry Hdd Loses Usb 2.0 On Sector Error

I have an external cavalry 500gb 3. 5" usb 2. 0 hdd which recently started giving drive errors while trying to read a file which is very important to me (a disk archive image). I bought a program, hdd regenerators, to see if i could recover the sector, whose number i was able to identify. However, every time hdd re-generator comes to this sector in its scan my hdd loses its usb 2. 0 connection to the computer momentarily, then comes back up after a few seconds. This causes hdd regenerator to mark all subsequent sectors as bad and unrecoverable, which i know to be incorrect due to running hdd regen slightly after the known bad sector. So, do you know why the hdd would lose and regain the usb 2. 0 connection like this, and is there any way to prevent this from happening?

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