Flashing Ocz Vertex Drive

Is updating the firmware for the ocz vertex ssd necessary? Are there any improvement gains?

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Ocz Summit, Vertex, Other Ssd Drives - Recommendations

I'm looking to replace my boot drive (currently a hitachi f1 1tb) with a 128 gb ssd, but don't know enough about controllers and stuff currently to feel comfy buying one blind. What do you guys recommend?

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Flash G.skill Falcon Or Supertalent Ultradrive Me With The Ocz Vertex F/w

So since they are basically all the same drives has anyone done this yet? The reason is ocz makes available the latest 1. 10 firmware but i have acquired a g. Skill falcon and they don't have any flashes on their site that i can see, and i want trim command support! I am going to try it myself when i get home but maybe someone else has some experience with this.

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Notebook - 320gb 7200rpm Or Ocz Vertex 250gb Ssd

Ok check this out. I just want opinions of what you would do if you were me. I have a 320gb 7200rpm in my notebook but also have a ocz vertex 250gb ssd (updated firmware 1. 10) i just bought. I was going to use it for something else but now am thinking to put it in my notebook. I know the write speed is a little limited but dont think i will notice much especially with the super fast read/seek. What would you do?

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Single Intel X-25m Vs Ocz Vertex Drives In Raid 0

I'm trying to decide whether or not to purchase a single intel x-25m 80gb gen. 2 drive or two ocz vertex 60gb ssd drives that i'd configure in raid 0. One of the primary selling points of the intel x-25m is it's random read/write speed, which tends to be what your os does most of the time in its daily activities. I know the ocz vertex along with pretty much every other non-intel drive can't compare to the intel in this area. However, i'm wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge of how much random read/write performance of the vertex would improve as a result of a raid 0 configuration. Would it bring it up to speed of a single intel x-25m drive, or would it still not compare. Does raid even help in this area, or does it primarily boost sequential read/writes?

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Dell Mini 1010 Ocz Vertex Ssd Issue

Why wont windows 7 recognize my ssd during install on dell mini 1010? I just added an ocz vertex 60gb ssd and during the windows 7 install, it doesn't show the drive (so i can't proceed with the install). I had windows 7 installed on the original 5, 400rpm drive no problem. The bios sees the ssd so i am not sure what the issue is. I am thinking i need some type of driver update that i need to "browse" to during the install in order for the drive to be recognized (similar to an install on a raid setup). Does anyone know what driver i need or any other info that may help?

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Memory Ocz Gold Pc4000 Or Ocz Gold Pc3200

Do i buy ocz gold pc4000 vx or ocz gold pc3200 bh5 utt. I will either mod the mobo or get a ddr booster. What you think?

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Looking To Raid 0 New Vertex Drives, But Have A 780i

So i couldn't resist any longer. I just bought 2 ocz vertex 60 gig drives, and i plan on setting them up raid 0 and loading windows 7 on them. I did my research as far as setting them up, but i noticed that the nvidia chipset, well, sucks a lot of ass for raid, and that's putting it nicely. I'm really sort of screwed with my options as well. I like my 780i, haven't had any problems, but i'm not going to pay a lot of money, be an early adopter, and not get the performance i should out of these drives. So option one is to dump my motherboard for one with ich10r. Problem with that is i run sli, which i don't want to get rid of, and i think there is only one board i've found (gigabyte) that can do sli, but both pcie slots are 2. 0 x 16. They are 20. 16/8. Option 2 is to just go i7, but i'm not ready to take that plunge yet. I'd have to get another motherboard, processor, and unless i get the new evga board that is $299, i'd have to sell my gtx 260's and buy some ati cards to crossfire. Lots of money i don't really want to drop on top of the $420 i just spent. Sure, i could sell my old stuff, but that probably wouldn't even make up half the price of the new stuff. Option 3, and the one i'm leaning towards, is to get a perc5i pcie hardware raid controller. I have a question though, to those of you who use these and have sli. Will it fit underneath the sli bridge? I had a fatality sound card that just barely made it, and from the looks of the 5i, it might be a tad taller. I know my 780i has a lot of room, but with two double slot cards, i only have the middle slots open for any other card i want to put in there. Edit

Oh, and will the 5i work well (or at all) with windows 7? I heard the drivers can be an issue. Bah, i'm so bitter, i really like my 780i. Any thoughts?

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Super Talent 64gb Ultradrive With Vertex Firmware

I have a supertalent 64gb ultradrive me coming in the mail tomorrow and i saw in a thread in hotdeals for the drive i'm getting there was a new firmware for ocz vertex and agility ssds which increased performance by quite a bit, actually a lot more than the new supertalent one does. Supertalent has a new firmware as well but it didn't look quite as good as the ocz one. The link for the ocz firmware is:


It even has a comment in it welcoming the hardocp hotdeals members so i assume that's why they are there. The supertalent is based on the vertex with the same controller from what i understand and i would like to use that particular one if possible. I couldn't find anything on that forum that said whether it would work or not or how to implement it and i don't want to try and risk bricking my drive if that's even possible. Does anyone know if this is possible and how i would go about it? Would it be the normal procedure as the supertalent fw upgrade? I googled it but didn't find anything. This will be my first ssd and i'm very excited about it and very much wanting this to work. If anyone could help me get it going i would be so grateful.

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Video Card Or Driver Doesn't Support Ubyte4n Vertex Data

Will call of duty modern warfare 2 run on my sony vaio laptop? Well when i downloaded it and then went to play it it comes up video card or driver does not support ubyte4n vertex data.

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Dfi-ocz 2 Memory Stick Problem

Ok so i just got the new dfi ut250gb second time rma, amd 64 2800+ 2nd time rma, and ocz pc3200 platnium 512x2 el rma three times, and when i put the dfi ut250gb board together, i start up memtest 86, i get a shitload of errors with two sticks in there, however when i put in only 1 stick of 512mb every time seems to be fine, i ran test 5 so far with no problems. Except for a self restart omg. Ive seen people that been having problems with two sticks in them, i also switched them into different slots, same bullcrap happens. Now my computer is even shutting itself off. My cpu temp is 57 idle. With case covers off. My power supply is 350w enermax, and i just returned my aspire 500w and this still happened. Anyone help, ive been stuck with this p. O. S for like 4 months and still didn't get it to work

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Ds3 And Ocz Platinum Revision 2 Compatibility

Ok, im looking at getting some ocz platinum rev. 2 ddr2 800. After reading some review of the ds3 board though, i'm a bit confused. It looks like the ds3 will not support the voltage or timings of the ocz memory out of the box. However you have to have some ram to set the bios, correct? So does this mean i need to get some real cheap ram as well so i can go in and configure the bios to recognize the ocz platinum? Or should i just get some ram supported right out of the box?

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Ocz Pc4800 Ram Spd Timings

Well, i got 1 gb of ocz pc4800 ram, rated 2. 5-4-4-10, now i check into cpu-z to check the spd timings, and they are 2. 5-6-6-16? Does that mean my ram was modified or what?

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Ocz Neural Impulse Actuator Brain Mouse

Hey, do any of you use this ocz neural impulse actuator brain mouse , it is said the brain mouse, play games with a blink of an eye! Sorry i am noob here, do any of you use it? Any good, that's very expensive.

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4 Ocz 60gb Drives Raid 0 - What Stripe Size ?

I don't have time to test each one and find out what is better. It would take way too long. I had 2, and picked up another 2. So i am going to raid 0 these ***. But i don't know what is a good stripe size for ssd raid. I was just thinking 128k and being done with it.

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Ocz Ram Options ? Plat Vs Gold Vs Rev 2.0

When i went out to get my new ram today i realized there were 3 options available all priced the same. Which of these is the best for a gaming comp? Mobo is evga 590 sli, cpu is x2 3600+ oc, ocz gamexstream 600 watt psu and evga 8800 gts 320mb video. Ocz 6400 2gb ddr2-800mhz:

- Platinum
- Platinum rev 2
- Gold

All are within $2 bucks of each other her, just wondering which to pick out. Again, comp is for gaming mostly, some minor video editing.

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Ocz Gold Pc3200 Compatible With 512 Mg Mushkin Pc3500 ?

I have 512mg mushkin pc3500 dual ddr (2x256). My timings are 2. 5-2-2-5. Im looking to purchase 1 gig (2x512) but im not sure which chips to get. I have been eyeing the ocz gold pc3200 but i don't know if this ram will work with my existing ram. Any one have any recommendations. Current system specs:

P4 2. 4c sl6z3 oc to 3. 1
Abit ic7-g
2x256 mushkin pc3500 2. 5-2-2-5
Ati 9700 pro
Audigy 2
2 sata drives
Win xp sp2
Raid max 420w psu

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Flashing Bios

I have a inno3d 680i mobo, im trying to upgrade the bios as i have reason to believe this is going to fix some compatibility issues with some ram. However the built in award flash in my bios does not seem to recognise a cd or usb, bootbale or non, with the new bios on. I dont have a floppy drive. I am using vista x64 which is why i think i cant see nvidia update centre when i run it, instead just the usual nvidia control panel.

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Restart Pc While It Was Flashing

Hey guys i am in need of some help. Today i tried flashing my mobos bios, i started to flash it but while it was flashing, i realized that it wasn't the correct file so i immediately restarted the pc. So now the computer isn't booting, does anyone have any ideas of what to do, so that my pc will boot again

I already tried clearing the cmos to no avail. The board which i have is an asus a8n sli deluxe

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Flashing Bios 8800gt

What is this "flashing"? I think it's updating using a flash drive? Am i correct? Since i have no knowledge on how to overclock i heard you could flash your 8800gt's bios to the 8800gt ssc speeds. How exactly do i do this?

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Bios Flashing Utility

Which can recognise and flash a sst rom chip with an award bios. Full id for the rom chip is 49lf080a - its a 8mb chip. I want to have a backup bios chip for when i start doing godknowswhat to my mobo bios. Does anyone have an untouched award flash untility (by untouched i mean a manufacturer hasnt "customised" it) that will recognise this chip? Its been a royal pain in the arse.

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Monitor Flashing Periodically

I'm having a problem with my monitor. The power keeps flashing on and off periodically. During the quick instance the monitor is on it flashes only a very dim image. What's wrong? And is there any way i can fix this problem?

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Lcd Monitor Flashing

I got this 24" lcd monitor here and have a problem with it. When i got it, i hooked it up and i would get no input on the screen from any source (vga/dvi/component). The "no cable source" thing would come up with a weird flashing behind it (like the backlight flashing). Anyway, i (stupidly) got someone to open the screen up and saw the inverter had two blown caps, so replaced them. Now when they opened the screen up, they forgot to undo a connection and it totally ripped off (see images). As you can see, there are some pins broken completely. I managed to connect it back together, ignoring the four or five snapped pins. So put the screen back together, not expecting much. Plugged it in and guess what, i get a picture! (Probably corrected from fixing the inverter). So i can see and run windows fine from this screen. Yet i still get the constant flashing and there are blotches around the screen with different coloured pixels. I am thinking the blotches are appearing because of the dead pins. Now what gets me is the flashing. Is that a dead backlight or something?

To describe it in more depth: it flashes a few times a second, so its really quick. Its like a halogen dying. When it flashes, it doesnt flash off, but flashes to a low brightness. When i turned the brightness from 100 down to 0, the flashing almost completely stopped (flashed once every minute or so). So what i want to know:

1. Whats causing the flashing?
2. Would the funny blotches on the screen be from the pins?
3. What board is that that has been snapped (highlighted in red). What is it called? How hard are they to find?

I mean the pins dont bother me, as if worst comes to worst i can simply remove the pins completely and solder the wires straight onto the board. Its just, i dont want to do that if the flashing will still be there.

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Frozen Bios Flashing

I'm flashing an asus mobo. I was following the steps outlined here. I got to the point where it asked me to type in the name of the update file. Then it asked me whether i want to save bios (don't remember the wording exactly). I was out of patience so selected n. Then it prompted, "y to program, n to exit. " I typed in y. The prompt disappeared. Then it stopped. And that's it. There's no progress bar, it doesn't say "please wait" or anything like that. It seems like it hasn't even started yet, if there's no progress bar? But i can't be sure, i don't remember what it looked like last time i flashed it (successfully). It's been like this for probably 10 minutes now. Is it safe for me to hit the reset button? Seems i don't have any other options.

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Monitor Light Keeps Flashing

We have purchased a new hp tower today (ex - display), which we have plugged into the monitor, keyboard etc. The monitor light keeps flashing and nothing is coming up on the screen. It works perfectly well if i plug my laptop and old tower into the monitor. There is power going to the tower and it is all plugged in properly. What could the problem be?

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Hd 2400 Pro Flashing

Hd 2400 pro, worth flashing? I just got a new pc with an hd 2400 pro (256) and was wondering if it is worth flashing, i know the 9800 pro is basically the same as the 9800 xt just set differently. So i am hoping the 2400 is made the same.

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Flashing Bios - Insufficient Memory

Trying to update the bios on my machine and have hit a roadblock. The situation follows:

Chaintech 7kjd mobo / award bios v 5. 0
- Trying to update to a new version to fix a problem with my geforce mx 440 video card

The problem i'm running into is that the awdflash utility will not run under windows xp and booting into 'dos' mode doesn't work either. I don't have a floppy drive in this machine so that's not really an option. I've created a bootable cd with caldera dos but when i run the utility, i get an insufficient memory message and the program quits. It's late and i'm tired and have run out of ideas. Anyone have a clue as to how i can update the bios on this machine?

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Green Light Flashing On My Motherboard

Earlier on, before i actually turned on the power on my case, i noticed the power light on the motherboard flashing for a while, is this a major problem? Has anyone had this?

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Bios Flashing A Stock Mobo

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this. I have an emachines w3653. It has a motherboard that i have identified as a ecs 945gct-m3. Emachines product support page also confirms that this is indeed the motherboard, and the ecs website has a page for it, and motherboard matches exactly from the picture and specs. What i was wondering, is it possible to flash the emachines motherboard with the bios from this page: Tw/ecswebsite/products/productsdetail.aspx?Detailid=719&categoryid=1&detailname=manual&menuid=1&lanid=0

That would enable overclocking, and lots of other goodies that are of course not present in the stock emachines bios. I have flashed a few bioses in the past but they have always been simple upgrades, stock bioses that were meant for the particular board and machine exactly. I would think though that it would be safe to flash the bios with the ecs one since it is the exact same board. Any thoughts?

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Xfx Bios Flashing Warranty?

I know companies like xfx and evga let us get away with a lot of things on their cards. Does xfx void warranty if the bios is flashed? I know a lot of us are flashing to the asus.

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