Dell Inspiron 530 Video Card To Run Starcraft 2

Whats a decent, cheap video card for my inspiron 530 dell to run starcraft ii on? I'm running on a glorified. 4500 duo 2. 20 ghz processors, 2 gigabytes of ram, and my computer's stock video card, which is 101. 16% useless for gaming. I'll easily be able to afford some more ram, but the price for a new, decent video card is what's scaring me. I'd like to get the most bang for my buck, so any help would really be appreciated at this point! I have star-craft ii installed, and it's just sitting there.

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Video Card For Inspiron 530

I just bought an inspiron 530 and need to buy a new dvi video card. It has a core 2 quad processor with 4 gb of ram. I also have a 22" digital monitor with 1680x1050 resolution. I am not an avid gamer so i wasn't looking to spend more than $100. Though i would like to have at least moderate gaming capabilities. Oh and in case it isn't obvious, i am basically completely ignorant when it comes to this stuff. So feel free to poke fun if it means you'll give me a good recommendation.

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Run Starcraft 2 With Intel Hd Graphics Card

Will my intel hd graphics card run starcraft 2? I have all the specs needed to run starcraft 2, except that my graphics card is an intel hd graphics card. I know that if i want to seriously game on my computer that i need an upgrade the card, but i just want to know if it'll run it and ill be able to play it.

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Dell Latitude D630 To Run Starcraft 2

Will my dell latitude d630 run starcraft 2? It has a 14. 1" screen will the graphics card handle it?

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Dell Inspiron 530 Freezes

A friend gave me a dell inspiron 530 and am running a new install windows xp. The computer keeps freezing randomly. It will run fine for a minute and then freezes but more like a hiccup then a freeze it gets stuck and with some serious lag where you can't do anything. But you can wait it out for a minute and it will run again for a little bit and then freeze again. Sometimes to the point where i have to power down and restart. Wiped out xp and put ubuntu i don't have any desire to run windows. Haven't ran it in ten years not going to start now. A little different but same problems that windows had. Ubuntu seems like it tries to fight the freeze, weird. So here's what i did:

It has a sata 1tb hard drive, ran numerous tests on it. All came back negative. 2gb of ram numerous tests on it all good there too. 512 nvidia pci/express ran tests on it( kind of like the ram test) real extensive everything checks out. Jumped the bios to reset it, checked for bios updates. Replaces the cables on the inside. Sata cables, check voltage on power supply. Checked battery every things tip top. Then i thought what the *** i'll completely clean the whole computer, maybe its some dust somewhere, stripped it all apart like your field cleaning your gun. New thermal compound cleaned fans, it looks brand new again. So then i started running tests on the processor speed test and stuff like that to get it real hot everyone always says "oh yup your computers getting too hot thats the problem" nope it ain't. So between fighting the stupid freezing and hiccups and crap like that, i manage to run every test and do everything i can think of to fix it. I'm thinking that maybe the whole motherboard is shot. But where, cause i would really like to know. And is there a extensive motherboard testing program out there, everything i see has to run through windows and most of the utility's i am running to test my cpu are of a live cd or a bootable cd or thumb drive. And thats crazy to cause i can run the utility cds and knoppix cd no problem with no hiccups or nothing. So then i think maybe it is the hard drive but can a hard drive come back with no errors but the read head is the one with the error?

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Dell Inspiron 530 Restoring

How to return my dell inspiron 530 computer to, just when it was out of the box with just the basic programs it came with n everything. Ive seen others ask how to do this with other pcs so i hope i can do it with mine. N will it erase everything else off the hard drive or will it just put it in a separate file that does nothing but take up space. Answer:- start pressing ctrl and f11 together as soon as you switch on, until the option for factory image/restore comes up on the screen.

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Play Crysis On Dell Inspiron 530 Desktop

I just got my new dell inspiron 530 desktop can i play crysis on this? Ok, so it says it has a integrated graphic card i assume its high tech and ive seen some crysis video on youtube. It looks hot and someone said you will need a new computer to play it. So i got the new computer and going to buy the game tomorrow but i want to know will i be able to play crysis at max settings.

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Using Nvidia Geforce 9800gt On Dell Inspiron 530

Can i use a nvidia geforce 9800 gt 1gb gddr3 pci express graphics card on a dell inspiron 530? I have a dell inspiron 530, and the graphics card is really crappy. I can barely play vindictus on the lowest settings possible. I want to play some really top-notch games, but i don't want to spend more than $150 on a graphics card. I have zero knowledge of installing graphics cards, so i have no idea if this graphics card is installable into the dell inspiron 530.

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Dell Inspiron 531 Video Card Upgrade

I am here with questions on what video card i should get. I am looking for a better video card that can actually play some decent games, such as orange box or counter strike source. Dell inspiron 531, model 0ry206
Amd athlon 64 x2 dual core processor 3800+ (2. 0ghz)
958mb ram
Nvidia geforce 6150se nforce430 281 mb video card
1680x1050 display (32 bit) (60hz)
2009. 4 mhz

My budget is under 100 dollars. I'm not a *** gamer, but i would like to at least play something good on this computer. I was looking at these, but i am not sure if they're compatible with my computer. Evga e-geforce 6200 256mb ddr pci graphics card-256-p1-n399-lx

Msi nx8500gt-td256e geforce 8500 gt 256mb 128-bit gddr2 pci express x16 sli supported video card

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Replace Video Card In Dell Inspiron 9300 Laptop

How to replace video card in dell inspiron 9300 laptop? My almost 5 year old laptop, dell inspiron 9300, has a bad video card and needs to be replaced. I've got the dell manual online but it really needs better illustrations. Anyone have a link to instructions to what should be a fairly easy switch out of my old video card?

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Can Dell Inspiron 6000 Run Sims 3?

I recently bought a laptop from a computer place that fixes up laptops and computers and it has:

Windows xp professional service pack 3
Dvd-rw drive
Intel pentuim m processor 1. 73 ghz 794mhz
1gb or ram
Video card: mobile intel 915gm/gms, 910gml express chipset family

The lady at the computer place where i bought it said the game should work, yet it doesn't. I even showed her the game case and a printout of the system requirements and she said it would most likely run without any issues. I don't know what to do about it.

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Dell Inspiron 9300 Laptop To Run Sims 3

Can my dell inspiron 9300 laptop run the sims 3 smoothly? I was just wondering because i want to buy the game if my mom will let me! And please don't tell me to check the ea site because i just want the strait answer!

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Video Card To Run Wow

I was wondering what decently priced video card that will allow me to run wow with all of the settings on high pci express?

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Samsung 530 Laptop To Run Football Manager 2010

Just ordered a samsung 530 laptop, will this run football manager 2010 & 11?

Answer:- well i couldn't find the specs on your laptop and the system requirements are pretty high. If the laptop has a celeron processor and intel graphics accelerator on it it probably won't run it and if at all on minimum settings and you can expect a lot of lag and low fps. Football manager 2010
System requirements* gd hardware rating diff
Intel processor - pentium 4 3. 0ghz login to compare your cpu
Amd processor - athlon 64 4000+
Nvidia graphics card - geforce 7600 gt 256mb login to compare your gfx card
Ati graphics card - radeon x1800 series 256mb
Ram memory - 1. 5 gb
Hard disk space - 2. 5 gb
Direct x - 9

At the bottom of this page you can enter your comp specs and it will tell you if you can run the game.

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Asus Essentio Cm5570-ap006 To Run Starcraft 2

Will i be able to run star craft 2 on this computer with out any type of upgrades?

Here's the info on the computer

&Mdash;¦intel® core, ¢2 quad processor q8200

Features 4 processing cores, 1333mhz front side l2 cache and 2. 33ghz processor speed per core. &Mdash;¦6gb ddr2 memory

For multitasking power, expandable to 16gb. &Mdash;¦multiformat dvd±rw/cd-rw drive with double-layer support

Records up to 8. 5gb of data or 4 hours of video using compatible dvd+r dl and dvd-r dl media. &Mdash;¦750gb serial ata hard drive (7200 rpm)

Provides plenty of storage space and fast read/write times. &Mdash;¦nvidia geforce g100 graphics

Features up to 512mb of video memory for lush images. Supports 7. 1-channel high-definition audio. Hdmi port and dvi port for connecting hd components. &Mdash;¦see the benefits of an nvidia graphics processor in your desktop. &Mdash;¦built-in media reader

Supports secure digital, memory stick, memory stick pro and multimediacard formats for easy image transfer. &Mdash;¦8 high-speed usb 2. 0 ports

For fast digital data transfer and easy peripheral connectivity. &Mdash;¦built-in wireless connectivity (802. 11b/g/n)

For easy connection to the internet without wires. &Mdash;¦built-in 10/100/1000 ethernet lan

With rj-45 connector for quick and easy wired web connection. &Mdash;¦microsoft windows vista home premium edition 64-bit operating system with service pack 1 (sp1) pre-installed

For a stable operating platform. &Mdash;¦software package included

With adobe acrobat reader 8, microsoft works 9. 0, nero 8 essentials and more

So far ive been reading the reviews on this computer and noticed most of the common problems is the graphics card what would be a good one to upgrade it to? I will have it connected it thru hdmi to my tv.

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Can Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P8400 Run Starcraft 2 ?

Can intel core 2 duo processor p8400 run starcraft ii?

Can it run sc2? Here's the stats about it: http://ark.

And here's stats about sc2:


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Low Cost Video Card To Run 3 Displays

I recently purchased a gateway dx4831-01e (6gb memory, intel i3-530 processor, 1tb hd, 300 watt power supply, pci express slot) for $550. I don't know anything about video cards but heard that some cards have ati eyefinity technology that allows 3 displays to be used with the one video card. I only want the 3 displays for internet surfing and do not need a high end video card since i do not do any gaming. If anyone can find a video card that can run 3 displays and only requires a 300 watt power supply computer that would be great, but i am guessing that i will need to change out my power supply to a higher wattage rated power supply. Please provide a recommendation for a low cost video card and a low cost power supply that will meet my needs and include a link to a website where i can purchase it. I am also not sure if i will need one of the displays to have a display port output or if i can use my display with a hdmi output and get a connector that converts a display port output on the video card to an hdmi output.

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Psu Upgrade For Inspiron 530

Subject: psu upgrade for inspiron 530 core 2 duo, the desktop unit came with acbell 300w psu. The upgrade is needed for additional power supply to nvidia 8600 gts. This is a common and chronic problem. I just got off chatting with a dell agent. She was adamant that the mother board can support only a 280w psu. (1) i would very much appreciate hearing from an inspiron 530 core 2 duo owner who is actually and currently using a psu upgrade: the make and name of the psu (hopefully with modular connections). (2) i would also appreciate hearing from an owner who has adequately tested using the 2 free sata connectors from the native psu, converting them to 4 pins female and then, through the y-shaped connector(that came with card), to the 6 pin input on the nvidia card. Does the native 300w psu support this extra load gracefully?

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Will Starcraft 2 Run On Intel Core I3 With Integrated Hd Gpu Core ?

Will starcraft 2 run on a brand new laptop with an intel core i3 with integrated intel hd gpu core? I have a brand new dell vostro laptop with an intel core i3 with an integrated "intel hd" graphics core and 3gb of ram. Does anyone know is this will be enough to power starcaft 2? Does anyone out there have any experience playing starcraft 2 on a laptop with a similar set-up? If so, could you please chime in with details about your experience and the quality settings you play with?

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Dell Inspiron 1000 Sound & Video Drivers Windows 7

I installed windows 7 on my dell inspiron 1000 and cant find the sound or video drivers any where. Please help?

Windows 7 and vista don't need the drivers came with the computer (for windows xp). All you have to do is going to windows update by typing "windows update" in the search box of the start menu and let the computer search for needed updates. These updates include video and sound drivers for your laptop.

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Ram Card For Dell Inspiron 531s

I have't been able to find the right kind of ram card for my inspiron 531s window's home basic (dell)? I was hoping to find more ram but i'm not really good with computers. If anyone knows a good place to buy ram and the right kind for my computer that would be awesome! I also don't know how to install it. But as long as i know what ram to buy i can figure it out.

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How To Insert Sim Card In Dell Inspiron N5010 ?

I have dell inspiron n5010 laptop. I have read in manual that sim card can be inserted in laptop and also i checked in my laptop that there is a sign to insert sim card but i am unable to insert. Anybody knows that how to insert sim card in this laptop model?

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Dell E310 Video Card Upgrade

Would the best video card for my dell e310 be the ati radeon x1300? Cuz my comp has only got pci slots.

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Dell 8400 Video Card Upgrade

How do i find out what kind of updated graphic/video card i need for my dell 8400 pc?

According to the specifications from the service manual, the dimension 8400 has one pci-express x16 slot so you can install a pci-express video card into your computer. The only problem you are going to run into is the fact that the 8400 only has a 350 watt power supply, which will limit your video card options.

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Video Card For Dell Dimension 4600

What video card should i get for my dell dimension 4600? When i switched from a laptop to a desktop pc, i got a dell dimension 4600 that my aunt gave us. After installing the sims 3 and spore, i realized that the video card on the computer wouldn't work for those games! The sims 1 & 2 work fine, but the sims 3 and spore do not work. I'd like to get a card less than $100 that gives me the best performance. Here are my specs:

Microsoft windows xp professional 2002 (service pack 3)
Intel pentium 4 cpu 2. 80ghz
3. 62 gb of ram
Agp 8x

I'm not worried about disk space because along with the c: drive, i have two additional external hard drives. I'm upgrading from a geforce4 mx 440 (with agp 8x).

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Video Card For Dell Optiplex Gx520

Whats a good video card that works with a dell optiplex gx520 that doesn't have a pci-e slot?

Answer:- oh you have the mini gx520 i take it. Well as long as the standard pci slot is unused there are a few cards available on new egg and tiger direct:

http://bit. Ly/70d5jr
http://bit. Ly/apfemu

None of them are going to break any speed records being limited by the pci slot bus speed but will help for hd viewing and older game titles. P. S. Your looking for a low profile card as well if this is the mini.

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Dell Optiplex Gs 110 Video Card Upgrade

Dell optiplex gs 110, pentium iii 733mhz, 512mg ram with ati radeon 7000 pci 64meg. I am looking for some good old pci video card to improve games performance. Nothing more than $100. Any suggestion?

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Dell Optiplex Gx620 Video Card Upgrade

I have a dell optiplex gx620 desktop model. Windows xp pro (2002), pentium d cpu 3. 00ghz 2. 99 ghz and 2gb ram. I want to start playing moderately demanding games on it such as starcraft 2 and company of heroes. I've only been using the onboard chipset which has been surprisingly good but it's time for an upgrade. Unfortunately, the piece of crap power supply i have is only 250 watts (it might be 280 watts). Now, dell is a ***** because they their power supply's aren't the standard atx power supply :( but i heard that if you have a computer with pentium 4 processor or newer, the case will fit standard psu's just fine. Is this true? Feel free to suggest some video cards for me as well (but only if you want to :d). But seriously, i need help getting a new power supply and video card.

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Dell Dimension 4500 Video Card Upgrade

What kind of video card is supported by dell dimension 4500? Im looking to upgrade my dell dimension 4500 video card i want to buy the best video card my dell can handle but not an expensive one.

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Dell Dimension 4600c Video Card Upgrade

I currently run a dell dimenson 4600c (the mini-tower). This means that the profile for my video card is smaller than average. I'm looking to upgrade from the stock card that came with it (geforce 440 mx) and was looking for suggestions. I'd prefer to spend under $100. So far, i've ran into the geforce 6200 agp as being a viable option. However, i have a few questions i need to get sorted out. First: the geforce 6200 seems to be listed as requiring 300+ watts of power supply for the computer as a system requirement. The 4600c only has 160 watts, is this going to be a problem?

Second: some of the reviews list the card as not coming with a low-profile faceplate. Does my system (4600c) require a different faceplate? If so, are they relatively easy to come by and replace?

Specifically, i'm looking at the following card -

And finally: is there a better performing card that can fit my 4600c that is slightly higher in price?

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