Wireless Keyboard With Minimal Functions / Buttons

I'm looking for a quality wireless keyboard that doesn't come covered with crap. I don't want additional function buttons, multimedia controls, lcd info screens, knobs, switches, lights, snow cone makers, cheap plastic add ons, spilt board ergonomic crap or anything else other than the standard keys. I would like a wireless version for home use. Does anybody know of a keyboard like this. I guess an extra button or two wouldn't hurt, but i want the bare minimum, any suggestions?

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Change The Functions Of The Keyboard Buttons

I have a microsoft digital media keyboard, seen at the top of this website click here. Now most keyboards these days come with a next, play, previous, buttons that work with itunes. Is there any way i can change the functions of the keyboard buttons, i have the microsoft software but it is terrible, there is favourite buttons that you can assign, but you can only assign them to open applications, not function as a play button, etc.

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Define Audio Functions To Input Buttons Of Keyboard / Joypad

Trying to build an input system, it records audio functions and substitutes them as input functions for the joystick or keyboard. The first bit is easy, but does anyone know how i can relate my functions to the w, a, s, d, keys, or to the 8 point axis of an analogue joypad, esdsentially looking for ways to define my audio functions to the input buttons of a keyboard or a joypad.

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Keyboard Buttons Switched

My friend is having abit of a problem with his keyboard. All his buttons has switched place, like when he press y it comes s z, but with all buttons. I know there is some kind of hotkey for changing it, like ctrl + shift + alt, or something like that (not sure). But i cant find it. Please help if you know something about it. !

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Keyboard With Normal Function Buttons

My logitech media elite keyboard is getting bad so i'm in the market for a new keyboard. I thought i could just buy a media elite again, but no logitech hassled around with the crappy keys , resized the function buttons and voila: media 600 keyboard. Thanks, but no thanks. I'm done with those stupid proprietary function buttons. Is it just me, or is there nothing decent on the market? I'm looking for just a "normal" keyboard:

Normal sized function buttons
Normal positioned function buttons
Normal buttons (not laptop style)
Around same feeling as the media elite keyboard

(Thing as volume keys / mute / media / mail / etc. : Nice to have. )

I've had a look on the logitech g15 and don't like it at all:-

-Doesn't type as nice as the media elite
-Who needs a illuminated keyboard? I can type blind with all ten fingers and if you slide off the keyboard you can easily find the 'f' and 'j' because they have that ridge. A illuminated keyboard only distracts. The only light should be numlock, caps-lock and scroll-lock. -A display on a keyboard? No, i have my teamspeak client on my 2nd monitor. I've crashed a lot when flying chopper in bf2 because of the stupid randomly positioned and sized function buttons , so normal sized and positioned function buttons are a must-have. Would also be nice if there would be no need to cover 'escape' with the lid of a 35mm film can. I guess i'm not the only one waiting a keyboard that matches above list, so if you found one, please post. Edit: i have no problem with ergonomic keyboards as long as the space-bar is split in two (or firmly connected so i can cut it in two myself. ). The microsoft ergonomic 4000 is a perfect example of a completely failed keyboard because the space-bar doesn't work that well being curved in two directions. http://www.Pc-maeuse. De/media/images/ms_ergonomic_4000-2.jpg

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Remap Wireless Mouse Buttons

I have logitech mx620 wireless mouse and i'm looking for remap search button (never used it) to something more useful, like refresh for i-net browsers. Is it possible to remap it without using additional software (editing registry or something like that)?

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Keyboard With Volume Control Buttons, Headphone Socket

I'm having a hard time finding a keyboard that meets the following criteria:-

- Volume control buttons, including mute
- Headphone socket
- Very quiet
- Not much more than 60 bucks

Also backlight keys would be a plus, but as i'm having a hard time finding those four, i won't be picky.

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Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop Keyboard's Some Buttons Don't Work

I have a dell inspiron 6400, been solid for 7 months but now the "tab", "caps lock", and left "shift" buttons don't work. Any ideas what i can do other than sending it in to be fixed? Still under warranty.

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Can Wireless Keyboard Disrupt A Wireless Router Signal ?

Does anyone know if a wireless keyboard or mouse can disrupt a wireless router signal or vice-versa?
If it could, how can this problem be avoided?

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Delete Hp Imaging Device Functions

Can i delete hp imaging device functions? I have an hp printer (just a basic cheap printer that i bought separate from the laptop). It's taking up a ton of space (235 mb).could this be from another printer that was once installed on this laptop? Will this cause the printer to not work properly?

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Using Features And Functions On Dell System

I just got a new dell xps system and it has an nvidia 8600gts in it. I am wondering what features and functions i need to turn on and where, to make the graphics look as best they can. In gtr2 config, i have it set to 1680 x 1050 x 32 (dell digital wide screen) and have the aa on the highest setting. Even with lots of cars on track, i get great fps (60-110) but it just doesn't look that great. My radeon x700 in my old system had a better picture. I am sure there are functions/features i need to activate or adjust, but i am not sure where they are. Is there some other settings panel in gtr2 that i haven't found yet? I saw the nvidia control panel but am not really sure what to do with it.

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Wireless Keyboard Recommendations

I'm looking to buy a wireless keyboard, and was wondering what peoples' opinions are on the best one. I was about to buy the g15, but i decided i really wanted wireless. What's your recommendations?

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Wireless Keyboard With A Touchpad

I am looking for a wireless keyboard that has a touchpad feature to control the mouse. I noticed that one of the logitech dinova's has a $75 mir, but is still $75 afterwards. Anyone know of a decent one for less than this?

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Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

Any sexy wireless illuminated keyboards out there? I'm looking for something thin, black and illuminated.

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Wireless Keyboard With Thumbstick Mouse

I need a new keyboard, recommended the lite on sk-7100 to my bro in law years ago and he loves it connected to a dell optiplex in his entertainment center to the 50" pioneer elite plasma, anyway that was years ago, i cant find that keyboard or a sk-7551 for sale anywhere, anyone else make the keyboard with thumbstick mouse? In black, where to buy?

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Wireless Mouse And Keyboard - Suggestions

I need a wireless mouse and keyboard set for my laptop when i am at home and not traveling, but i cannot decide which one i want. I don't want to spend more than $50 and my laptop has blue tooth, so that is an option as well. Any suggestions would be great.

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Wireless Keyboard With Good Distance

Looking for a wireless keyboard with some good distance. I've got a computer that sits about 20' away and am wondering if anyone here has a keyboard that they have used or currently use a distance from the receiver.

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Wireless Keyboard For Big Hands

I have big hands, my fingers are kind of thick as well. The keyboard i'm using now isn't as comfortable as my previous keyboard, which is discontinued, otherwise i would've purchased another one. For me, wireless is the way to go. I don't like dealing with a "rat's nest". I just don't have the patience for it. I'm a pc gamer and wireless keyboards and mice have worked just fine for me. I realize other more serious gamers are more picky in terms of response time, but i'm not. I'm also probably one of the only people on the planet that habitually use the keys home, end, page up, page down and scroll lock. I've noticed that on newer wireless keyboards, the layout of these keys have been redesigned and there isn't even a scroll lock key in some cases. I cannot get use to the new design and i cannot deal with the absence of the scroll lock key. I use it for gaming. Even though i mention gaming, this really isn't a gaming question. What i'm looking for, is input on keyboards people use, particularly those with bigger hands. I cannot stand those ergonomic keyboards. I've tried them. They don't feel right. Does anyone know of any keyboard that might suit my needs? Again, the layout of home, end, page up/down is important to me.

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Decent Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

I had a logitech mx bluetooth set and i was pretty happy with it. Recently the batteries leaked and i just replaced them it worked for a few weeks and then one day the keyboard just didn't turn on. That set was an overkill, since i don't need the lcd (nor do i want the software on my pc) on it and the lack of numlock, etc sometimes caused problems. I bought a microsoft wireless optical desktop 3000 and it feels like cheap crap. I thought the mouse had back and forward buttons, but no it is just the plastic creaking. Furthermore i'm a *** linux junkie and can't stand looking at something microsoft on my desk. Can someone recommend a decent wireless keyboard/mouse set? I was thinking of the kensington, but i am not sure.

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Wireless Keyboard / Mouse That Can Go Through Walls

I have my computer in my bedroom and tv/receiver/speakers in the room next to it hooked up dvi-hdmi and optical cable. I want to be able to take my keyboard and mouse to the other room to watch movies and media on the big screen. Distance is about 10ft and through 1 wall. Any suggestions?

So far i've looked at the:-

Logitech mx3200
Logitech wave regular and
Logitech wave pro

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Wireless Mouse / Keyboard And Router

Can wireless keyboard and/or mouse interfere with wireless router and distort the internet signal in any ways?

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How Long Does A Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Last ?

I barely bought this new wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, i think it is so cool but my dad says that it will only last for a little bit, is that true?

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Using 2 Different Brands Of Wireless Keyboard / Mouse

A review from tom's hardware supports the conclusion that the logitech g5/g7 is at the cutting edge of mouse technology, especially for gaming. That article is here . I'm wondering that, since i want the best mouse and keyboard, and want them to be wireless, would there be a problem with 2 different brands? For example, if i had a microsoft wireless keyboard and a logitech g7 wireless mouse, there would be 2 receivers, so would there be interference? Could there be any other problems, other than maybe being a little annoying to have 2 instead of one receiver?

Also, is there anything to really look at on keyboards, performance wise? Can a keyboard really "perform" better than another? I'm not talking about features and comfortability, but actual performance. The only thing i can think of is how far the keyboard can be from the receiver and still respond. What keyboard/mouse do you guys recommend? I'm really liking the logitech g7, as i'm going to use it for gaming, and want a great mouse. That being said, there aren't a whole lot of keyboard/mouse reviews out there that i can find, so all of your input would help a lot. Edit: i need a natural keyboard, but logitech doesn't really make a good one. I went to their site and they only make one natural keyboard, and i've had that one and sold it because i didn't like the buttons on it. If i need a combo from one company, i will have to settle for something i don't want, either a lesser quality mouse or not a natural keyboard.

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Ge Wireless Keyboard Miss Out Letters When Typing

It misses letter alot and sometimes won't caps. I think it may be low frequency problems. Maybe it just need a new driver though it's a ge wireless keyboard and mouse wk4404.

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Hooking A Wireless Keyboard On A Kvm Switch

I need to get a new keyboard. Wireless keyboards are all the rage. The problem is i have a kvm switch. Has anyone tried hooking a wireless keyboard on a kvm? Does it work?

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Suggestions On Wireless Keyboard With Intergrated Mouse

I have been looking all over trying to find a wireless keyboard with an intergrated ball or touchpad (prefer ball). I would like it to be black or silver kinda rounded and small with distingishable arrow keys. Anyone have any suggestions i need it for my htpc.

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Shutting Down And Starting Laptop Through Wireless Keyboard

I have toshiba satellite pro a60-140 laptop and logitec dx500 wireless desktop. Is it possible to shutdown and restart laptop through keyboard. It is programmable but i have not succeed it. Shutting down is okey but i can not restart laptop.

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Replace / Recharge Batteries For Wireless Keyboard

Are they worth it? I don't get it, do u have to constantly replace (or recharge) the batteries (cause they looks just normal batteries). Unlike the wireless mouse, which has its own charging station, you'll have to get like some sort of normal battery charger in order to continue to use wireless keyboard?

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How Long The Batteries Last For Wireless Keyboard & Mouse ?

I mainly wanted a ultra-quiet keyboard, but the one i eneded up with came with a mouse and both are wireless, so they use batteries. How long do the batteries last? I suppose i should invest in some rechargeable batteries ?

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Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard Problem

I purchased the microsoft wireless multimedia keyborad 1. 0a and the microsoft wireless optical mouse package 12/03, and absolutely love the freedom it gives me. Lately however, the keyboard does not respond properly when i depress the keys. I must constantly move the keyboard to a different location (for instance, on my lap) to get the keys to work. I put in fresh duracell coppertop aa batteries, but the results did not change. Both the mouse and keyboard sit on top of my desk, with the mouse to the right of the keyboard. The tramsmitter, which connects to the computer via usb wire, sits under the desk. The mouse works fine. This setup has not changed since 12/03. Since i do a considerable amount of input via the keyboard, this is a major inconvenience.could the keyboard itself be the problem? Any suggestions for resolving this problem? Os is winxp home with service pack 2, piii 1. 2g, 512mb, 80g & 20g hd.

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