Slim Ps2 Usb Problem

Neither of my usb ports seem to operate. Usb drive, keyboard, controller nothing works when plugged into them. Any ideas?

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Slim Ps2 Stopped Reading Disc

Ok so just recently my ps2 stopped reading disc. I have slim newer version and ive only had it for about 2 years. Ive tried everything such as compressed air cleaning inside, by disc skip fixer and cleaning disc, nothing is working so please help!

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Ps2 Slim Eject Button Problem

I was playing me ps2 slim and when i went to eject my disk the eject/reset button jammed what should i do to fix it ?

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Why Are Slim Optical Drive Form Factors And Slim Ide Not Standardized ?

I bought a sony crx880a assuming most optical drives have the same dimensions and one type of slim ide connection. The crx880a does not fit in my norco rpc4020 due to the cases' slim slots four perpendicular protrusions preventing install and placement. Also, i bought the pictured ide atapi dvd cdrom slim laptop adapter from ebay and it does not fit into the crx880a. What drive and/or adapter will install in the case and convert into an ide cable a motherboard will accept?

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Ps3 Slim Won't Recognize Wd Usb 3.0 External Hard Drive

I've been trying for the last 3 days to connect my western digital mybook usb 3. 0 1tb external drive to my ps3 slim to no avail. I've went through *** and back so i wonder if it is even possible? Is the ps3 capable of backward compatibility with this drive?

I know many people have connected a 2. 0 usb external to a ps3 but i've googled and asked tech friends, game owners, sony ps3, wd, seagate, buffalo, adata. You name it. Yes of course i formatted the whole drive(partition)935gb into fat32 using various software programs; swissknife, acronis, partition wizard. They all show after completion that the drive was formatted to fat32. I even tried making folders; video, pictures, music and still no go. Is there something i'm missing? Is it a chipset issue or a host controller defecit on ps3's end? The funny thing is it will read my fat32 supertalent usb 3. 0 16gb flash drive so i dont know if the flash turns into a 2. 0 usb read that ps3 recognizes but it can't do that with the build of an external drive, maybe bc it's just a wd black or blue cavier sata with a controller laned into 3. 0 usb ports inserted into a tower. If anyone has had success with any of the usb 3. 0 external drives please let me know the amazing fix. I even thought there may be a difference with the usb 2. 0 and 3. 0 cables and iwould have to switch to a 2. 0 to connect to ps3. I'm not leaving any stone unturned. I contacted sony ps3 and they escalated it for the next meeting, so they say. Wd has no clue and will look into it. Seagate tech support told me right away it isn't supported but didn't say why bc i had to convey questions to the girl on the phone. Buffalo didn't know, so i contacted various retailers in canada that sell the drives to see if there was any feedback from customers or tech savvy employees. No one seems to know. Yet this could be a simple fix or it might be impossible with ps3's current setup and may be fixed if/when ps4 is released. I doubt a patch or firmware can fix this but you never know. It would be interesting to see if the ps3 will recognize a ssd in a usb 3. 0 enclosure. I have a ocz agility 2 ssd new and may try this b4 i install it with my original intention as internal for windows 7 64 bit os and media. I also bought an asus u3s6 card that comes with 2 usb 3. 0 ports. I have many people working on this even the main manager at canada computers as he is a ps3 fan and is very interested himself which is good because the more brains that inquire and trouble shoot the better the chance of a solution either soon or in the future. So once again, thanks for anyone that has had success with these drives and i'll be sure to post any information i receive.

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Ps2 And Usb, Which One Is Better ?

I've been using a logitech mx610 laser cordless mouse for a wile. It uses a 2. 4ghz usb reciever, and came with a usb to ps/2 convreter. It's been in both ports and i don't notice a differance my self, but is there? Is one better than the other or does it just not matter?! Just curios if any one knows.

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Can You Use A Usb Controller On Ps2 ?

I was trying to reseat a ribbon cable that connect the controller ports to the mother board and a plastic piece broke off. Now the ribbon won't seat. Can i use a ps2 usb adapter to connect the controllers to the usb ports some how, or is there a usb controller that will work with a ps2? Or am i hosed?

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Is Ps2 Keyboard / Mouse Better Than Usb ?

I need a good keyboard / mouse set thats cheap and good for gaming. Also can somebody answer these questions ive heard: ps/2 is better than usb? And corded better cordless? Is this true for gaming? Im only allowing myself a maximum of 20 ok!

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Splice A Usb To A Ps2 Controller

I know that thaere are adapters for connecting a ps2 controllers to a pc but are there any ways to splice a usb to a ps2 controller? Any info would be great. All i seem to find is xbox mods. Maybe ill just get a xbox controller if i can get any info.

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Usb To Ps2 Performance Loss

I was thinking of moving my mouse and keyboard from usb ports to ps2 ports. Would i experience any performance loss from doing so ? I use the logitech g15 keyboard and the razer lachesis mouse if that matters. I was thinking of doing this to save some usb ports.

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Ps2 Keyboard For Usb Port

I have a laptop that has a keyboard that no longer functions. I wish to hook up my ps2 keyboard to my laptop, but there's no ps2 ports, only usb. Where can i buy a converter on-line?

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How To Change Ps2 To Usb Connection ?

How to change a ps/2 to a usb connection? I am trying to change a ps/2 mouse to a usb. Anybody know how i can hook them up to work?

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Convert Ps2 Keyboard To Usb Without Adapter

I was wondering if i could instead of going out and buying a usb adapter for my keyboard, i could use my spare usb cord and cut off the usb conector and solder it to my ps2 keyboard. I do know that i might need drivers if i could do this.

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Two Way Switchers For Dvi And For Usb / Ps2 Keyboard, Mouse

I'm looking to control which computer can send data to one of my monitors. I use dvi cables, and would like something nice but not too costly! Also, i would love it if i could do the same thing to my keyboard and mouse. It's a logitech set with wireless and i believe a wired option - any ideas short of popping the logitech wireless donggy back and forth (which isn't horrible).

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Trackball Explorer Jumpy After Using Usb To Ps2 Converter

I have this 1-yr old microsoft trackball explorer 1. 0. It was doing great, until recently i needed a mouse for my other computer. I used the usb-to-ps2 converter on this trackball, and i think it messed it up inside. The mouse cursor is now jumping around and becomes "unplayable". It says it's ps2/usb compatible on the bottom of the mouse. I use the latest mouse driver from microsoft and cleaned the trackball. I wonder is there a "fix" available?

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Do Ps2 Compatible Keyboards And Mice Work On All Ps2 Games ?

There are some games for the ps2 out there that are just plain awkward to use a ps2 controller for. *Cough* brothers in arms *cough* so, i'm thinking of buying a keyboard and a mouse to better enjoy these games, do ps2-compatible keyboards and mice work on all ps2 games?

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Joytech Ps2 To Usb Don't Work With Games

I have got a joytech ps2 to usb thingy but it dont seem to work with the games i have got i.e. Need for speed, underground 2, it is reconised in the game controllers panel but not in the games.

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Why Ps2 Keyboards Are Hot Swappable Ps2 Mouses Are Not ?

Can anyone inform me as to why ps2 keyboards are hot swappable and ps2 mouse's aren't?

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Viewsonic Ku709 Usb Keyboard Problem With Logitech Ps2 Mouse

I just changed my old logitech keyboard with this new viewsonic ku709 keyboard (usb) and i found everytime i run full screen program my logitech mouse(ps2) will drop dead. Then i changed my keyboard back to my old ps2 logitech keyboard, and everything runs normaly. What's wrong with this? I've tried to install the driver for the new keyboard and new mouse driver from logitech website but the problem still there.

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Ps2 Keyboard Stops Working When A Optical Usb Mouse Connect

I was just wondering if any of you could help me i have a problem . When i connect my optical mouse through usb my keyboard which is ps/2 keyboard then stops working but the mouse works fine if i connect my non optical mouse they both work fine. If i go into device manager then down to keyboards it has a yellow sign by it so if i disable the keyboard then enable it , it works fine. Is there any way i cud get my keyboard to start working automaticaly.

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Get Internet On Ps2 - Hook Ps2 Up To Laptop

Hello, here's my situation. I have a laptop in my room connected to the internet by a wireless card. What i want to do is hook my ps2 up to this laptop so i can get internet on the ps2. My hub is in the basement, so i was wondering if there's a way to change the settings on the laptop to produce a signal to go out one of the network ports on the laptop to the ps2?

I have windows xp. I would do a search on this topic, however, i have no idea what you would call my situation.

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Connect Ps3 Slim To Pc Monitor

How to connect a ps3 slim to a pc monitor with sound? How do i do this? I want to do this because i want to avoid using my old 20in sdtv and since i don't have the money for a hdtv for my basement, i figure i could just use a computer monitor i already own. It has vga and dvi with hdcp, however- what i can't figure out is how to get the sound from the ps3's hdmi cable to a pair of pc speakers. What do i have to buy to get my ps3 to display on a pc monitor, in hd quality, and get the sound to come through the pc speakers (unless there is a better way). (They are regular stereo speakers with a 3. 5mm input, i know that's poor quality but sound isn't what i'm concerned with).

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Wired Slim Keyboard With Standard Layout

I'd like a wired slim keyboard with standard layout. None of that "compact" bs that would make me hit the wrong key because its not where it usually is. Can anyone recommend a good replacement for me? I saw a couple i liked at fry's but couldnt justify spending 50$ for a keyboard today. I may have to eventually though if there arent any good suggestions.

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Slim Optical Drive Adapter Screws

I have a panasonic uj-120 slim atapi drive with this atapi->sata adapter. The slim drive takes tiny screws on the back to hold the adapter on, but i have no idea what size i need. It's either m2 or m2. 5, i'm guessing 6mm long. Most places online will sell these screws in packs of 25-50, but i only need two. I'll send someone a couple bucks for two of these screws.

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Graphics Card For Dell Slim Tower

My other graphics card was going haywire so im in the market for a cheap but amazing graphics card? Looking for mostly nvidia brand. Also, my desktop is a slim tower so i need it to fit!

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Trying To Find A Slim, Slot Load, Dvd Drive

If anyone knows of one that's still available, sata would be best, and i don't care if it's a writer or not.

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Dell Studio Slim Graphics Card Cooling

Am a complete newbie to modding pcs and playing with the insides of them, other than changing a graphics card or adding more memory. But i have come across a problem and the only solution is to start altering the pc. I have a dell studio slim, and when i initially bought it, my idea was to not play computer games and use it only for work purposes. Yeah right! It ran beautifully with only visual studio and sql server running but now that am no longer doing any development at home, the pc has turned into a world of warcraft machine, and am slightly addicted. Now i bought a new graphics card xfx geforce 9500gt 1024mb ddr2 low profile/half height pci express 2. 0 video card, and its awesome. I can up all the settings to almost the top in wow, and if i don't play for more than a couple of hours at a time, everything is fine. However i started to see the screen flicker on and off, and at first i thought it was my monitor. I switched to an old monitor and things seemed to be fine. So i blamed the monitor. Dell replaced the monitor with no questions, and things settled down again for a while. Until a couple of weeks ago when i put in a weekend of gaming. The screen started flickering again. I went inside the machine and noticed that it was real hot, and the graphics card was noticeably warmer. So it could be the graphics card is not liking the slim case and (now i notice) very little airflow other than the fan on the processor and the fan on the power unit. So am in need of a bit of advice. I want to buy a new case - put all the components of the dell into it, and make sure there are plenty of fans (quiet ones please) and airflow to keep the graphics card cool. This would have the added benefit of maybe buying a higher end graphics card as the slim/half height issue would be removed and be able to add in some funky stuff to make the pc look awesome. Would anyone know what type of motherboard i have in my dell and are there cases out there that will fit it, as i have unfortunately heard its a hard thing to find (or it was as the posts all seem to be really old that i read).

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Which Mouse Is Better ? Usb Mouse Or Ps2 Mouse

I hear that ps2 offers better refresh and stuff with optical mice is this true? I always thought usb would be better cuz its newer and faster.

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Ps2 Emulator

In this post i tried to say ; possiblity of emulation of ps2 on a normal pc in these days is easily workable. But due to copyright law which didn't let us have ps2's bios (if we want one, must buy console) then we didn't see any commercial inc going in that way ; for making emu & just because of this almost all ps2 emu i've seen they didn't work well, almost. Or they work if u know how, but very bad! @ Best u will have only 9fps if any other problems didn't come up. Btw from now on i try my best to write well. Oh i iforgot to say u must rip bios from ur ps2 by ur own work or someone! If not.

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Ps2 Gone Bad

Ps2 about 2 years old cleaned reg with canned air, now it does not work continually reads disk but does nothing else.

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