Scan With Scanner Connected To Mac Os X With Windows Computer

Is it possible to scan with a scanner/printer connected to a mac os x with windows computers? I have the hp officejet 6500 scanner/printer. This printer/scanner is connected to my imac. I am able to scan and print with this imac. And i am able to print only over my network. I am able to print with any windows computer in my house using bonjour. When i open bonjour on the windows computers, it sees the printer connected to the imac. And when i print with the windows computers, it sends the document or whatever were printing to the imac connected to the printer/scanner. But the only thing is, i want to scan the same way. If i go to system preferences on the imac and go to print & fax and then i click my scanner/printer and the box is checked that says "share printer over network" and then when i click scan at the top, i see a button that says, open scanner, and another box that is checked that says, "share scanner over network. " Is it possible to share my scanner the same way as i share my printer?

I also have this apple product called time capsule. And i haven't used the print over network feature with that. Can i scan over the network using the tc?

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Lexmark Scanner - How Do I Scan Onto Computer?

I don't use lexmark printer. I use hp psc 1410 all-in-one printer. There should be a software to go with the scanner like the hp printer. Maybe you have already installed the program without knowing what the program is for. Try searching for it on your computer. My hp scanner software goes by the name of hp document viewer. You need the software when using the scanner to save the document image onto your computer. If you cannot find it, try to find the software and driver cd that came with the printer. If not, go to the lexmark website and search for the software/ driver and download it.

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Lexmark Scanner - How To Scan And Save It To Computer ?

I own a lexmark 2500 series printer + scanner, how do i scan something and save it to my computer? Ive tried but when i scan it, it just scans and prints automatically? And i cant find a way to save it to my computer.

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Hp Scanner Wont Scan Pictures Onto Computer

I have an hp printer with a scanner, why won't pictures scan onto my computer? I don't have the disc, but i have an hp laptop. Everything prints fine, but my 3-in-one printer won't scan images onto my computer. Why? How can i make it work? Is there a special program.

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Printing To Printer Connected To Mac Through Pc

Alright so i have been having this problem that has been going on for a few days now. Every night after i get home from school i spend hours trying to figure out how to get my windows 7 laptop to print to my printer that is connected to my imac. Now, my imac is not connected to my wireless router. My imac is connected to my router using airport and the printer is connected to my imac via usb. I have installed the printer through windows and then ran the drivers and the printer is on my computer. I go to print and in the queue all it says is "spooling" and it stays like that for about 5, maybe 10 minutes and then disappears and nothing ever prints. So then i installed bonjour on my pc and ran that. It installed the printer again, but this time with a different name. I figured it would work because its an official apple thing, and well, i assumed it would fix the problem. But it did not. So i have tried troubleshooting, nothing works. I have printer sharing checked off on my mac settings. I also have smb sharing for windows computers. If it makes a difference, i can access my windows computer as a server through my imac to share files. Don't know if that changes anything. So yea, if anyone might know how to help me here i would greatly appreciate it. I have been struggling with this for days now and all i want is my setup to work correctly.

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Mac Won't Work When Connected With Internet Cable

My mac wont work when i connect with an internet cable. I'm at my aunt's and she doesn't have wireless but has internet cables. I have the new snow leopard and when i tried the internet cable it said 'ethernet has a self-assigned ip address and will not be able to connect to the internet. ' which means that it is plugged in (and the light was there too).

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No Scanner Connected

Why does printer and computer both say no scanner connected? I have new usb cable. Answer:-

Is this a multifunction printer? I assume so, since you say the printer indicated no scanner connected. Disconnect the printer and delete it completely from the system. Reboot, and then re-install it from the install disk. Don't connect anything until the instructions tell you to do so. That should take care of the problem.

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Hp Officejet 5610 Scanner Not Connected

My scanner says its not connected and to refresh to trouble shoot. But it prints and copies fine. I have used the scanner before so i know it works but i don't know why it isnt working now. I have a hp officejet 5610 all-in-one printer if that helps.

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Scan Pic From Hp Printer To Mac

How do i scan a pic from my hp printer to a mac? I open up "hp photosmart studio" and open up the scan thing and try to scan it but it says the usb cable in not connected (which it is) or can not communicate with printer how can i scan it.

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Hp C3100 Scanner Not Working With Mac

I have an hp c3100 series scanner/printer and a macbook pro os x version 10. 5. 8, the printer works but i do not know how to get the computer to read the scanner so i can digitally scan in some old photos. Will my old scanner work on my new laptop?

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Hp Laserjet 4250 Scanner - Usb Cable Is Not Connected

My hp 4250 copier scanner will copy but when i try to scan it tells me the usb cable is not connected?

Answer:- it sounds to me that you missing some software? Try to reinstall your software for it and don't forget to uninstall before reinstall! And never install with the usb cable inserted! Plug it in when the software installation ask you to! Or if software don't ask? After the installation is comp let and computer is restarted!

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Pen Drive Scan Automatically By Antivirus On Connected To Usb Port ?

Pen drive must be scanned automatically by anti virus software while it connects to usb port?


The functionality you are talking about is available in some anti-virus suites. (I think) if your anti-virus suite doesn't has that functionality then search for any other small application which can help you in this matter.

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Hp Scanner Wont Scan

My scanner used to work fine. Then my husband bought a new computer, but i think it is correctly connected since (1) it prints (2) under scanner and cameras in the control panel i see it listed (as hp psc 2170), my scanner is an all-in-one hp psc 2175xi. Now when i press scan, it goes through options such as "email, microsoft word, wordpad", etc, and it says "press start button", but when i press the button nothing happens. If i try pressing again it says "busy". Sometimes it said "scanning", but nothing is moving.

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Hp Scanner Scan At Different Speeds

Why does our hp scanner scan at different speeds? We have an hp scanner/printer/fax which is shared from one pc to another one. The user sharing the scanner scans at a normal speed. They then press a button which switches the scanner usb over to the other user. When she scans it is about a 1/3rd of the speed. Would you know why this happens. Does it have anything to do with virtual memory or perhaps speed difference of each pc etc.

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Hp Printer With Scanner Wont Scan

Hp printer with scanner and faxer wont let me scan? So we got a new printer and set it up yesterday. Im trying to scan this picture and when i click start scan. It says "" no scan options, refer to device documentation to troubleshoot. Press ok. ""

How can i get it to work. I really need this to scan. Oh by the way, the printer is a hp.

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How To Scan Files With Dell Scanner ?

How to scan files with dell scanner/printer/copy/fax? I have a dell printer that can copy, fax and scan. I want to scan a file onto the computer for school, but i don't have it installed on the computer. I try to install the wizard but it says i need a camera to be connected and stuff. Before i had my computer reformatted i could do this because it was already on here. But now i cant and i wanna know how to install the scanner without the use of having a camera.

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Hp 1210 Scanner Wont Scan

Hp 1210 all in one scanner printer wont scan to my computer? I have vista. It will scan and printout but will not let me scan to my computer.

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Lexmark Scanner Turn On But Nothing Scan

I have a lexmark printer with a scanner when i turn it on and try to scan something nothing happens. The monitor stays the same nothing moves how do i fix my scanner.

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Scan Pictures Using Hp Scanner Without Photoshop

Is there any way that i can use my hp scanner to scan pictures without downloading photoshop?

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Scan Multiple Documents On Hp Scanner

How do you scan multiple documents on an hp printer/scanner? When i try to scan multiple sheets, they come out as one document. I want to be able to scan all of the sheets at the same time, but then handle each individual sheet separately. For example, i would like to put each sheet in a separate file without scanning each sheet individually. Can i do this using an hp officejet j6400 printer/ scanner?

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Scan From Hp Scanner To Microsoft Word Format

How do i scan from a hp printer/scaner to microsoft word format?

If you want the words to come out as a word document so you can edit them, you will have to do optical character recognition (ocr) to convert the picture of letters into actual letters. Check with your scanner software to see if you got an ocr program with it, or look on or programs include omnipage and readiris.

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Hp Officejet J5750 Scanner Wont Scan

Hp officejet j5750 scanner wont scan, the printer works just fine, and we haven't used the fax yet, but i'm sure that works just fine, but whenever we try to scan a picture, it says "no scan options". It's connected to the computer and everything, and it prints perfectly, but the scanner won't work. Any ideas?

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Hp Psc 750 Scanner - How To Scan Picture ?

How do i scan a picture into my computer i have a hp 750 psc printer scanner all in one? I am trying to get my pictures to scan into my computer but it will not work. Answer:-
Did you get a cd rom with the scanner and did you install the software on it onto your computer? If so make sure the scanner is connected to the computer (usually usb cable) and switch it on - you should see an icon appear with a green arrow on it. Now go to start > select the hp scanner from the start menu - click on it. A window opens with 'hp solution center' at the top of it. Place photos on scanner, face down on glass in nearest corner and close lid. Press scan picture in the 'hp solution centre' window. Press ok or scan again. The pics will be found in a folder called 'my scans' in 'my documents'.

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Hp Photosmart C4450 Scanner Wont Scan

Hp photosmart c4450 scanner won't scan onto computer, it says "try scan from computer or see documentation" i scanned it to print it and it worked. Answer:-
What you need to do is power on the hp scanner and remove the usb cable from it. Now, begin a fresh install and you will re-connect the usb only when the program tells you whcih happens when it is halfway through the setup. Let it finish and reboot. Once you are in windows, click on hp solution center in the start menu. You will find it in the hp folder. Put your document face down on the glass and click on the scan button from the application, and not from the scanner itself. Otherwise, it won't work. When you start the hp solution center, you will see the button on the left of the screen. It will automatically power on the hp.

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Hp Photosmart C3180 Scanner Wont Scan

I have a photosmart c3180 all-in-one printer. I already uninstalled then reinstalled software. I turned the printer off, then back on. Still when i try to scan, nothing happens. I think "scan pro" the program is messed up. However, i already reinstalled it and still nothing.

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Dell Scanner - You Cannot Scan Because No Device Was Detected

A message comes up when i tried to scan a page saying "you cannot scan because no device was detected", i tried to print a page off and it worked fine, if you have any ideas please let me know.

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Hp C3180 Scanner Won't Scan

Hp c3180 all in one scanner won't scan. Used steps given on computer and nothing is happening? I've uninstalled my printer/scanner and reinstalled and my scanning options won't work now. It worked a couple of days ago and now i'm having problems. I'm using the vista program.

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Lexmark 2600 Scanner Wont Scan

Ok, so it has a printer, a scanner, and fax machine or something. Anyways, i've been trying to use the scanner and the directions in the user guide were pretty simple. But it doesn't work.

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Multipage Scanner Which Will Scan To Hdd Or Usb Device

Anyone know of a multipage scanner, which will scan directly to a hdd or usb device? Better explanation would be a scanner that functions like a printer, but it's main purpose is scanning multiple documents to, as stated above, a selected device (hdd/usb).

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Dell 926 Scanner Scan Request Failed

I cant get my scanner to work(dell 926). Its says scan request failed. What am i doing wrong?

It might have been incorrectly installed which is often the case. Power on the scanner and remove the usb cable from the scanner. Begin a fresh install and let the program tell you when to re-connect the usb cable during the installation. Let it finish setup and reboot. Windows will find the new hardware. You need to go to the start menu and click on the software that you just installed. Otherwise, you won't be able to scan even if you press on the scanner button on the unit. You need the software to operate the scanner.

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