Dvd Stuck

I recently installed a dvd-rw drive in my computer. To make room for the dvd-rw drive, i removed my old dvd-rom drive. However, i just realized that there is a dvd stuck in the dvd-rom drive i removed. Is there anyway to remove the dvd short of dismantling the entire drive or reinserting into the computer?

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Dvd Burner Stuck, Cannot Finish Burning Cd Or Dvd

I have recently transplanted a dvd burner from one computer to another, but now it can't finish burning any cd's or dvd's. It gets stuck at some random percentage, and just sits, and i can't exit the burning app. (Tried nero and roxio), any ideas what's going on? Really strange, and i can't finish any burns. Been wasting lots of discs.

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Game Getting Stuck

I just formated my pc and reinstalled everything. Now when i started to play deus ex on multiplayer, it started to lag. If i start running i would stop suddenly and could see a couple of frames pass by and then return to normal for like 4 seconds. The same cycle goes over and over again. I have a cable internet connection and ping is also like 124 in the game. Moreover, my computer and graphics cards for far better than what the game requires.

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Cd-rw Drive Stuck

I just got a samsung sw-240 cd-rw drive second hand, the seller said it worked for him/demonstrated it working. But now that i've installed it in my computer, it won't open. Any suggestions on how it got stuck and how to unclog it?

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Disk Stuck In Drive

I just opened my drive after writing to a dvd, and there was nothing in the tray. A quick poking around reveals that the disk is inside the drive, above the tray>. > Any ideas?

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Data Stuck On Computer

I have an old computer at my office. There is some important business data stored on the hard drive that i would like to transfer onto another computer. The computer has a cd drive and a 3x5 disk drive, but neither of them work (the computer does not recognize any cd in the system, and any disk inserted the computer reads as not formatted, even if it is). The computer does not have usb port, only serial ports. Since the computer is old and i have no desire to upgrade it, i was wondering if there was any way to remove the data without spending large amounts of money to replace the cd and disk drives. If possible, i would like to keep the hard disk intact. Any help would be appreciated. If you need further information, i will try to accommodate you.

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Monitor Stuck In Standby

I spent much of yesterday with my partner (guy) re-building my old knackered pc with a new motherboard, processor, graphics card and ram yesterday. Basically all i salvaged was the psu, dvd drive and the hard drives. The main guts of the machine has been replaced. Guy ran the machine through his monitor and set up windows 7 on the machine and it was all working like a charm at his house. I brought the machine home this morning and hooked it up to my monitor, an f-419 neovo 19" lcd and i can't get the monitor to come out of standby mode. The machine boots and you can hear the internal beeps but the monitor light goes orange and the screen stays black. It looks like this is a reasonably common problem but i can't find any topics online that fit my problem exactly.

Can anyone suggest what may be the cause of my problems and how i can solve it? Unfortunately i don't have a spare monitor i can test but i'm fairly sure there is nothing wrong with my monitor as it worked fine with the machine before it was upgraded. If it were a resolution problem i'd expect the monitor to at least show signs of life until windows loaded . But i don't get anything at all on the monitor. T find any topics online that fit my problem exactly. Can anyone suggest what may be the cause of my problems and how i can solve it? Unfortunately i don

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Stuck At Obtaining Ip Address

I've tried just about every typical wireless internet troubleshooting solution i know of, including resetting the router, and i still can't connect. The best i can do is "limited access. " Windows troubleshooter seems to think that i have entered the wrong security key, but that is not the case. And the problem is not with my computer because i can't connect with my droid either. It gets stuck at "obtaining ip address. " Any ideas?

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Hp Printer Cartridge Stuck

How can i get my hp printer cartridges out? I accidentally put the black cartridge in the color's slot and the color cartridge in the black's slot and now there stuck. What can i do?

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Hp Envy 14 Disc Got Stuck

A disc got stuck in the optical drive of my hp envy 14. How do i get it out? After installing a game (starcraft 2) i tried to eject the disc but it won't come out. I also tried finding that little button that you press to manually eject the disc from the optical luck but i don't think the envy has that. Does anyone have any idea how i can eject the disc?

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Hp Deskjet Scanner Is Stuck

My scanner has stopped a few times once it reached the end of it's track but it managed to recover after a power down and a re-scan . This time it stopped in the same place and i can't get it to move anymore. I took it apart as far as i could go, i have the right screwdriver set for the crazy foreign screws but the china men put 'em down so far i can't reach them with my screwdriver. Even if i could open it up would i be able to fix this problem for good or is it time to buy a new one?

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Keyboard Malfunctioning, Some Keys Stuck

My keyboard on my tower seems to some stuck keys on it (namely z x y c v), and i really need it to work. I never needed any drivers or anything, and it's a generic ps/2 keyboard i got for 10 bucks. Whacking it against the desk worked last time this happened, but so far no beans. My other option is to use my original apple imac keyboard. I tried plugging it in, and it works for about 10 seconds, cuts out, and comes back again, and this keeps on repeating. What are my options? I really need to get this working again, so i can use my pc.

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Monitor Stuck In Standby Mode

My pc has run perfect for about 2 months now. But the other day i was on it and it suddenly crashed. I waited for a while but it still remained frozen. So i restarted it but there was no display on my mointor, it's like stuck in standby mode it's just stays on the orange light not the green. At first i thought it may of been the video card so i swapped it with a gforce 4 and still it stays in standby mode. It's not the monitor cause it's working fine with this pile of junk for a pc im having to use now. Anyone have any ideas whats causing this problem.

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Stuck In Pci Device Listing

I've had this problem before and i had to format my hd. I thought it was a one-time thing, but it's been a few months since that happened and now it happened again. When i turn on my computer, it gets stuck in the pci device listing and never boots windows. This is what the screen looks like: after a few seconds, it tells me i have a disk error or something. I set this hd as a slave and i can access it just fine from windows so it seems like the only problem is that it is not booting windows. My computer is a sony vaio pcv-rx450, my hd is a 250gb seagate, and my os is windows xp pro. I ran a diagnostic thing that i downloaded from seagate's website, and it told me that my hd passed the test with inconsistencies. It also said that this is normal and not considered a corruption. It doesn't tell me what to do either.

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Memory Clock Frequency Stuck

My crappy 512 meg evga 7300gt has been exhibiting a strange syptom as of late. I'd been running it for months oced to 415 mhz (core) and 650 mhz (memory), up from 350 and 533, respectively. I've been playing games like s. T. A. L. K. E. R. , Hl2, bf2142, prey, coh, supcom, etc, and aside from the occasional artifact, they all ran pretty consistently with few episodes of overheating. I recently updated to the latest forceware drivers (94. 24), and soon after i noticed that my memory clock was set to 266 mhz as the supposed stock setting. It'll only overclock to 1/2 the speed increase i had before, so it'll now run at a max of ~325 mhz. Anything much above that and it won't even pass the little test it runs in xp. I don't know if it ever ran correctly with these new drivers, because the week i updated them i wasn't really playing games. Does all this indicate that maybe half my memory dead? It doesn't seem like the card would even work if that was the case. It plays some of my games-albeit slowly-pausing to load an area or room and then running okay until a lot more needs to be rendered. My system tends to crash frequently now though. If you're thinking bad drivers are the issue, i already uninstalled the new drivers, ran driver cleaner, and tried using the quadro 160. 02 drivers and also the original forceware (84. 66) that came with my card. Still the same problem. Any help/input is greatly appreciated. If i wasn't so broke, i'd avoid soliciting all of you for help and just chuck it for an 8600 gts.

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Hp Officejet 4215 Cartridge Stuck

Hp officejet printer 4215 series cartridges was install incorrectly and its currently stuck. The cartridges was installed incorrectly, and its currently jammed check hp website for troubleshooting but no help on issue please advised thanks a million! Would hate to go through the expense of a new printer!

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Error 0210 Stuck Key 42

I have a lenovo thinkpad t500 model 2242-cto running windows vista. I am getting the error message "user service profile failed the logon" on my only administrative account, and am trying to follow the instructions to fix this, but i can't get into safe mode. I start the computer and begin pressing [f8] per instructions. It cycles through the thinkpad "press the thinkvantage button" screen, then beeps twice and provides a black screen stating


0210: stuck key 42

Press to setup

Press and i can't find anything about safe mode there. Setup doesn't get get me into safe mode so i [esc] and system continues to reboot. I have tried waiting to press [f8] until the windows splash screen starts. No safe mode occurs. I have tried pressing the blue [thinkvantage] button. No safe mode is found. I have tried holding the f8 button throughout the startup, as well as pressing it at 1 sec intervals. Nothing.

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Stuck On Windows Error Recovery

Last night my laptop started going to the windows recovery screen, saying 'windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause'. It gives me two options: 'start windows normally' and 'launch system repair'. When i choose to start it normally, it goes onto the screen with the green loading bar and the windows copyright sign and freezes on that, leaving me no way to do anything except hold the off button until it restarts. When i choose to launch the system repairs, it comes up with a box that says its repairing which stays up for about half an hour before it goes to the same screen as i mentioned before (green bar, copyright) and, once again, freezes. I've tried launching in safe mode (all three of them) and i've also tried launching it with the same settings as the last sucessful boot. Both of these go to the green bar/copyright screen and freeze. Last time the laptop was working, i didnt download anything at all, so i dont think software could be causing this. My laptop is a dell inspiron 1525 and runs windows vista basic. What can i do to fix this? I would really really like to avoid an entire system reboot because i have files on there that i dont want to lose, including thousands of pictures and my 1500 song itunes library!

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Stuck Disc On Mac Desktop

How to get a stuck disc out of a mac desktop?

1. First of all make sure that the cd drive is not in use by pressing altogether activity monitor. It's in /applications/ utilities. In the utilities folder there's an app called activity monitor. In mac os x, a windowed process (application program) can be killed with the force quitŠ command in the apple menu (option-command-escape, ¥˜‹, ¥ opt+˜ cmd+esc). The activity monitor application (in /applications/utilities) can be used to quit or force-quit any other process, including invisible processes and applications belonging to other users. 2. I don't have a mac but a windows desktop. But i suppose the disposition of the cd/dvd drive is the same. Now, get a sharp knife with no teeth (not a steak knife but a vegetable knife) and with lots of caution, use the lame to gently (very gently) place it on top of the eject device to bring it towards you. You may be lucky and have not broken the cd. If it doesn't work from the top, try the sides. It should help to unblock it. 3. You may also try to use your knife to set the cd inside the drive more in the centre in order to rectify the problem. But that can be delicate as you could spoil your cd.

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Eee 701 Stuck In Standby Mode

I have a eee701 (one of the original 4gb) i installed windows xp (a small condensed version of it) but it still has most of the things we usually need. It has worked for the past year with no hiccups. Recently i put my computer lid down (as i usually do) so it can go into standby mode. I may have been downloading something while i did this. However, this time, when i tried to open the monitor again after, my screen was black. My mouse could move, and all the fn (functions) could work just fine. I can change contrast, turn off and on internet.

However, it is stuck on a black screen nevertheless. No key stroke, no monitor changing can make the black screen change. If i plug any usb mouse, usb chargers, they all work. But it just seems like its stuck at a black screen. I have tried all the f8 start up options (use last good config, safe mode), but they don't change the situation either. I have taken out the battery, and also just tried to let the laptop load for 10 - 15 minutes. But this not working either.

So in summary:

1) after windows loading screen = screen is black with a working mouse
2) monitor does not display anything else besides a mouse, but all other functions are or seems to be working. 3) bios and f8 can be accessed fine

Someone mentioned that i should try taking out the cmo battery from the motherboard? Is it that possible with a eee 701?

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Hp Photosmart 2610 Stuck At Preparing To Scan

When i open up hp photosmart essential, and go to "get images -> from scanner" it won't go past "preparing to scan". I am running vista.

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Hp 1200 Printer Stuck - Cartridge Is Stalled

My hp psc 1210 all in one printer prints one page and then an error message pops up saying that the cartridge is stalled. This happens every time and i cant figure out how to fix it any ideas?

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Hp Deskjet Docs Stuck In Printer Queue

I have a hp deskjet 4160 that all of a sudden started acting up when i got my ink cartridges refilled. The resume light keeps flashing but i cant find anything wrong with it. I ran hp diagnostics tool and it came up that there is a problem with the status queue. I clicked repair and tried to print again but nothing happens. The doc gets stuck again and when i try to clear all docs from the printer queue it says its deleting but its doesnt clear. I also tried restarting the printer spool and that didn't work either - the doc still wont print. Should i buy a new printer or can it be fixed?

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G4 Mac Stuck On Apple Startup Screen

G4 mac stuck on apple startup screen after update? I recently bought a used g4 powerpc with 10. 4. 4 installed. I updated it to 10. 4. 11 using a usb stick, seeing as i haven't connected it to the internet yet. The installation finished and the mac restarted twice. The second time, it stayed on the apple logo screen a while. I haven't had a mac before, so i assumed it was just finishing up the update. 2 hours later and nothing had changed. I don't have the original installation disk, but i have ran fsck, with confusing results. It told me the computer "appears to be ok", but when i attempted to reboot, it said there were some segmentation faults. - - - . I should also add that i swapped the cd drive for a dvd drive just before i updated, but the drive was working fine even before i updated, and the problem persists even after removing the dvd drive.

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Computer Stuck In Stand By Mode Problems Solution

Ive noticed alot of people around the web asking about their problems with their computers involving stand by mode. The most popular problem was that they put their computer in stand by mode, and found that they couldn't get out of it, even if they rebooted. I also had the same problem, and would get frustrated at the fact that people would give the most useless advice as to how to fix it. So i decided, since i fixed my problem, i'd join this forum and show you how to fix this problem if needed. Problem: your computer is stuck in stand by mode, or power saving mode, and you can't seem to get a screen up. Solution:

1. Unplug the power cord from your computer, saving you from hazards such as electricity.

2. Open your case up so you can see your motherboard. The side you want to open is the left side, because that is the one you'll be able to view your whole motherboard in.

3. Locate a coin shaped battery, roughly the size of a 10 cent coin. This is known as the cmos battery. An image of it is located at : imageshack - hosting :: cmosbatterygw5.png

4. Once you've found it, fiddle around with it until you manage to take it out, but be very cautious not to scratch the motherboard, and dont break anything holding in the battery. I personally use a screw driver (not cross head) to help me take it out.

5. Once it is taken out, simply place is back in, and you've reseted your cmos, meaning your finished! I know its really simple, and irritated me till i found out how to fix my problem. I apologize if it seems like i made a guide too big for the problem, but alot of people that aren't as advanced in computing than others need this sort of descriptive guide. Please don't try changing the actual battery, as that is for another problem. If you want to know what that does, well google is your friend.

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Malwarebytes Problem - Windows Stuck In Reboot Loop

So, this morning i booted up my computer and found out that i had gotten the antimalware doctor virus. I immediately went to start up malwarebytes to scan and remove the virus, but before i could start up the program i had a message pop up saying " windows has encountered a critical error and will automatically restart in one minute. " The computer restarted and i logged in and the message popped back up. After several times of this i rebooted my computer into safe mode and i didn't get the message. Since i was able to boot into safe mode i decided that i would try booting normally, but turn off my wifi card. My computer booted up just fine, except for the antimalware doctor. I then ran a complete scan of my computer with malwarebytes and it found and successfully removed antimalware doctor. After removing the virus i rebooted my computer and the same critical error message popped up. I have ran another complete scan with malwarebytes and it found nothing else. I also ran a complete scan with super anti spyware and it found no virus. I have no idea what to do at this point, so any ideas will be appreciated.

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Sii 3512 - Raid 1 Rebuild Stuck @ 80% - Safe To Reboot ?

I have a 1tb (2x1tb) raid-1 array on a sii 3512 pci card. 6 days ago, the power went out, which caused the raid-1 array to rebuild itself. Up until recently, it has been rebuilding at a modest pace. As of yesterday, it has seemed to get stuck at 80% when i look at it via the silicon images management utility:

Should i be concerned? Is it safe to reboot?

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Dvd Burner Seen As Dvd Rom Drive Only In Vista 64

I've just upgraded to vista home premium 64 and my sony dw-q28a dvd-rw drive is not seen as a burner for cds or dvds. So if i right click on it with a re-writable disk in i do not get an 'erase' option, when i right click on a file there's no 'send to>cd' option and in media player when i click onto the burn tab, it tells me to connect a burner and restart!

This drive worked just fine in xp, then i upraded my motherboard to an asus p5e3 and installed vista and now it doesn't! I seem to have everything setup ok in the bios, i've tried re-plugging the ide & power cables and the drive name is read as sony dvd-rw but it won't function at all as a writer. Any ideas?

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Liteon Dvd Drive Can't Read Dvd-rw

Pata liteon atapi dvd a dh20a3p can't read dvd-rw yet it can burn data on to them. It can read dvd-r fine and burn on to them. Is there some software missing needed to read dvd-rw or is my drive just not able to read dvd-rw. Edit:-just updated the firmware and it is still unable to read cd-rw discs.

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My Dvd Drive Does Not Read Dvd's Anymore

I just bought hitman on dvd and like half way through the movie it got really skippy and eventually froze to where i had to ctrl alt del media player classic. Now it wont even read game discs and i dont see it under my computer. Is it dead or what?

Btw nothing was overheating while watching it and my cpu was at like 3% load.

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