Monitor On Computer Is Losing Connection

When i play my computer, it randomly loses signal like my cpu is turned off. Then i wiggle the blue plug that is in the back of the cpu that is connected to the monitor a little and it turns back on, specifically when i push it down. How do i fix this? And whats wrong?!?

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Usb Keyboard / Mouse Losing Connection Constantly

I have keyboard/mouse, external hd, printer and i have the hub connected to ac power adapter also. Problem is the keyboard and mouse keeps cutting out constantly for like a quick second then it comes back on, the printer and external hd seem to work fine. The keyboard and mouse do not do this when directly plugged into separate ports on my laptop (dell 6400). This is actually the 2nd usb hub i have tried, the first one did this same thing and i thought it was faulty so i tried a different one, but i'm having the same problem. I have tried with just the keyboard/mouse plugged into the hub, but it's still losing connection. Any ideas?

I am using the usb hub

Keyboard - saitek eclipse usb
Mouse - logitech mx518 usb

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Computer Keeps Losing Power

I did some work on a friend's dell last night and today he said it keeps turning off. I noticed this once last night, but wasn't sure if it just went to sleep or what. When i installed windows 7, the first attempt i got an error during installation that said something like "windows cannot configure this machine for windows". I started over and it worked fine the second try. I turned the sleep function off in the power settings "when to put the computer to sleep" = "never". I know it's actually losing power completely and not just shutting down, because when you turn it back on, it goes through the post screen and then when windows starts to load it gives you the error screen about "start windows normally, last known good settings, etc" and i just pick "normally" and it loads fine, any ideas?

I would say psu because it's obviously just lowing power abruptly so i can't think of anything else that would cause that. I can't imagine that adding a ssd would cause the psu to be overloaded
Only other thing i can think of is the ups, i noticed he had some geek squad ups management software installed before when it had xp on it, so maybe the ups is turning itself off if it's not getting software input - i'm gonna try plugging it directly into the wall

Update: well apparently i did not turn the sleep function off, he just did that so now we will see
Update2: apparently turning off sleep fixed the problem

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Drives Keep Losing Data

My hdd's consistently lose important windows data, over and over about every week. My first set of disks, seagate barracuda's in a raid mirror'ed set would lose core windows files, from boot directories to my password, pretty much on a weekly basis. My second pair of disks that i just bought, a pair of western digital sj200's (sata2, jumpers correctly placed for sata1), also in raid mirrored. They just pulled the same *** that my seagate's did for so long. My boot.ini just disappeared. After trying fixboot, fixmbr, and trying to boot each drive separately, i've about given up. I have no idea what the problem is, or why drives on my computer keep losing data. I can't boot, and i really, really don't want to format and loose all my ripped cd data again.

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Should I Use Dvi For My Pc Monitor Connection ?

My computer only seems to work through the dvi port, and i when i got it i got a dvi-vga adaptor, and was using that connected to a vga lead, then to my monitor. Got a new monitor/tv combo though with an actual dvi port. I don't have any dvi leads to my knowledge, so my question is would i get any benefit from buying one and using that? And is there anything i should take into consideration, e.g. The type or quality of the lead i buy (i don't really know anything about them. )

Secondly, my 360 is also connected to this tv, so if i freed up the vga port would i then get a benefit from buying a 360 vga lead to connect it by that, or should i stick to component?

My tv/monitor is an lg m2094d, 1680x1050, 720p.

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Active Monitor Connection

So, after browsing and reading comments from the majority of you, i have found that i really want to pick up some swans (m200mkii), maudios, or as5's. I have no real reason except that they have been commented so much, that i think i will enjoy them more than my current setup:

Fubar iii dac/headphone amp
Denon avr-1602
(2) klipsch rb-10
Klipsch 10" sub
Beyerdynamic dt770 (250ohm)

But, before i go jump into the monitors, i have a few questions that may have already been answered a million times, and if so, sorry in advance. 1. Can the monitors be hooked up to the fubar iii headphone amp/dac? If so, is it recommended and would multiple volume controls be an issue?

2. How would i go at hooking up the sub? Would i even need the sub?

3. I really don't have a budget. I am going to start saving up for a nice set of speakers that will offer more than what i have. I have no gripes about my sound right now, but that doesn't mean that i can't do better. If at all possible, keeping it under $300 for the pair would be preferred, but not required. I listen to music (flac or high cbr mp3) of all types, and play games. The room that these will be in are roughly 12x12, centered across one of the walls. 4. Is the receiver still necessary? If not, my wife can use my klipsch/denon combo. 5. Is it worth it?

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Dual Monitor And Tv Connection

I was wondering if it is possible to have a dual monitor setup plus have a tv to act as a third monitor? My graphics card is a evga 9800gtx+. My first monitor is an asus which uses a dvi connection and my second monitor is a viewsonic which uses the other dvi port on my graphics card. All thats left is an s-video port. The tv i want to connect to is a magnavox lcd and it has a s-video port. The s-video port on my graphics card is a 7pin and the s-video on my tv is a 4 pin. Is it possible to connect and how much?

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Playstation 3 Vga Monitor Connection

I recently ( like literally half an hour ago ) bought a ps3 - which has yet to be delivered. For my xbox 360 i use an adapter cable to my 24inch lcd monitor, which only has a vga input. What difference i've noticed with the ps3 is the hdmi input. And i've only read success stories for the ps3 with a hdmi to dvi connector : not vga. Audio isn't a problem. What i just want to deal with is finding a way of connecting the ps3 to the vga slot in the back of the monitor. Anybody have any ideas?

Would connectors like this work? :

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Hdmi Connection Not Work On Monitor

Why doesn't my hdmi connection work on the monitor? My motherboard and lcd have hdmi ports. I used an hdmi cable to connect them, but it doesn't display anything. I have a video card installed, but it doesn't have an hdmi port. Any suggestions?

I figure it doesn't work because i have a video card installed. I hope i'm wrong.

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How To Find Out What Type Of Connection Your Monitor Has ?

How do you find out what type of connection your monitor has (vga, etc)? Im buying a new desktop but not with a monitor, i'm using the monitor from my old computer. I need to know the type of connection it has so i can know if the monitor would work with the desktop but i dont know if my monitor is dvi or vga or w. E. Also, will any computer speakers work with any computer?

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How To Know Monitor Could Run Hdmi Connection ?

How would i make sure that my computer monitor could run a hdmi connection? I am wishing to run my playstation 3 through my computer monitor via a hdmi to vga cable (my monitor does not have a dvi input). How would i check my monitor will be able to support this?

My monitor is a lg flatron w2243s

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Xbox 360 Connection To Monitor With Speakers

My monitor is a hp w2448hc hdmi, i am using an xbox360 elite, the current cable i am using to go to my monitor is a hdmi to hdmi cable which makes the picture show up on my monitor and play audio through my monitors speakers. Now the problem is i want to play the sound through my speakers. They are an old brand of harman/kardon. They only have a green connection audio jack input thing. I plug that into my monitor and they will not work. How am i able to get these speakers to work through my monitor so i don't have to listen to my crappy audio from my monitor, but listen to the better quality from my speakers. What cables will i need, or is it simply something i am doing wrong?

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Connection To Use 2 Computer Monitors On One Computer

What is the name for a connection that lets me use 2 computer monitors on one computer? So basically what is the name for a connection that shares 2 monitors for the same computer and shows the same things, etc

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Connect Mac Mini To Lcd Monitor With Vga Connection

Can a mac mini connect to a standard lcd monitor with a vga connection? Or do i need some type of converter?

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Does Main Monitor Connection Stop Working When Graphics Card Installed

Does the main monitor connection to the cpu stop working when a graphics card is installed? I got a gaming computer and the graphic card connects with a dvi cable and i don't have one so just trying to hook up normally.

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Pass Internet Connection Through Computer That Is Off

Is it possible to pass an internet connection through a computer that is off? My family bought a spiffy new tv that has internet capabilities (netflix, youtube). I want to connect a computer to the tv as well, to view additional sites. We have a router and use wired internet. The router/modem are in the bedroom. Instead of running two long network cables out to the living room, can i just connect one to the pc, then from the pc to the tv?

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No Signal On Vga Tv To Computer Connection

I have been watching my computer screen on tv for two weeks, then all of a sudden it says no signal. We changed the cable back to monitor and the screen was fine, (i disabled my screen-saver so its not that). So when i change back to the vga, it works on tv again for a while then pops up no signal, and we have to go through the process of swapping cables again before it will work. How do i prevent this please?

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Use Computer To Get Wireless Connection For Xbox

Can i use my computer to get a wireless connection for my xbox? I was wondering if i could plug an ethernet cable into my computer on one end and my xbox on the other to get a wireless connection since i don't have a plug nearby.

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Establish Wifi Connection On Computer

What do you need to establish a wifi connection on a computer? I already have a wireless broadband router, is there anything else?

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Error - The Computer Currently Has Limited Connection

I recently purchased a new acer laptop at futureshop, i went home, tried to connect to my wifi (yes password is correct) and it came up with the following: windows was unable to connect to _. So i pretty much forgot about it and just manually plugged my laptop into the modem. And i recently brought my laptop to a friends place and tried to connect to his wifi, and it came up with the same thing. Then, i manually plugged in my laptop to his modem, tried the wifi set up again, and it worked. I came back to my place, and it still came up with the same message. I changed a few settings and now it connects and says the computer currently has limited connection to my wifi. My ipod touch works fine. What is the problem?

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Ps3 Connection Lag When Someone Gets On Computer

Why does my ps3 connection lag when someone gets on the computer i have a fast connection? But when someone uses the computer it will lag like when i play mw2 my signal bar is red do i have to edit someone in my wifi router i use a wireless connection also.

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Wireless Router Connection With Computer And Laptop

I bought a wireless router linksys. I was supposed to connect it to the modem via an ethernet connection but of course i only have a usb. So i want to try and network it?. I have set up the ethernet from my computer.connected the router to this. So far i can communicate with the router from my pc. Next i have set up the laptop. I can also communicate with the router. How can i access the internet. Is it possible.

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Using Slow Computer With Fast Dsl Connection

If i am using a slow computer, and i have a fast dsl connection, would the connection be slow? Does it matter that the computer is slow? If i use a fast computer, will the connection be faster?

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Hook Xbox To Computer With Lan Connection

Can i hook my xbox to my computer like a lan connection and connect to xbox live? I have a network card in my computer and was wondering if i could hook it to my xbox to get xbox live working. How would i go about doing so?

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Connecting Windows Xp Computer To Existing Wifi Connection

I have a relatively old windows xp tower computer. The pc itself is a dell dimension 3000 and i have a verizon wifi connection in my house. This computer, however, doesn't detect my connection, even though there is a card with two short plastic antennas in the back. It's in range, though.

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Connect Monitor To Computer

What is best method to connect monitor to computer. ? I can connect my new (used) hp w2207 monitor to the computer using vga, dvi , or a third method i think is called hdvi. Which is the best method to use? What are the pro's and con's of each . I have a monster cable that came with the monitor, it has vga connectors on each end, the previous owner allegedly paid $80. 00 for the cable. I don't know much about the monitor and even less about a monster cable, although it sounds like something rambo would have used to pull a truck out of a ditch.

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Use Dell Monitor With Hp Computer

Can i use a dell monitor with a hp computer?

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New Monitor Connect To Computer

Is it possible to just buy a new monitor and connect it to my computer? Do i have to buy the same make ie acer or can any brand connect alright?

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Computer Not Connecting To The Monitor

Computer not connecting to the monitor? Did norton screw up my monitor? I got one of those messages from norton that i had to restart the computer to finish some updates. I hit okay and when the computer restarted it wouldn't show up on the screen. I know its not just the monitor because it is showing one of those "no signal" messages. The fun part came when i tried to unplug then plug the monitor back into the computer. When i tried to plug it back in the computer end fell into the computer. I opened it up, put the plug back where it was suppose to be, figured out that it fell through because the little screws came out with the monitor's plug, did a little cleaning, and put it back together. I started the computer back up, still nothing. Can't see jack on the screen other then the no signal message. Is it possible that norton did this or is something else wrong here?

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Computer Monitor Suddenly Went Blank

I was working on my computer when the monitor suddenly went black. Nothing seemed to be different in the tower; there were no sound changes, no light changes. The monitor's power light stayed on. I recently acquired another computer and monitor from a friend and decided to hook both monitors to both towers to troubleshoot. Both monitors work fine when hooked up to the second computer, and both monitors stay blank when connected to the first computer. So, the problem has to be in the tower. What sort of problem does it sound like i have? What should my next step be? The only spec i have for the machine, since i can't access the hard drive, is that it's running xp.

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