4 Monitors Off One Machine - Solution?

I am in need of a solid and proven solution to run 4 20" lcd monitors off a machine running vista ultimate. The lcd are dells with both vga and or dvi. Currently i am running dual monitors and find myself looking for more space often.

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Cheapest Solution For 3 Monitors

I bought an lcd for myself for christmas and stupidly i thought i could just use my computer's third video output (component) for it to play movies on. I have a radeon 4850 currently. Is purchasing another 4850 for crossfire my only option?

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Using Answering Machine With Fax Machine

Does your answering machine need to be connected to the fax machine to work properly?

I have an hpc6180 all in one printer and have been having fax issues. I just connected the answering machine directly to it, and it seems to be better, but the other day my wife tried to send a fax to an office during working hours, and got a busy signal on each attempt for about an hour, and was unable to send. My neighbor tells me he doesn't have his answering machine connected directly to his fax, and it works fine. I would prefer this option if possible, but i don't know if it is.

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Cheap Oc Machine

I need a new computer bad. I have a great case, drives, sound card, accessories, etc. I need a new processor, ram, graphics card, and psu. I think i want an intel chip because of the awesome oc power and i really want an 8800gts 320mb because i am tired of f@#$ing around with midrange crap. The system needs to last only a few years (2?) Until i graduate and get a real job. Total budget is $600 but i am sure something will put me over (tax, shipping, thermal paste, something). Graphics: 8800gts 320mb cheapest possible, they seem to run about $300. Processor: i'm thinking about an e2180. Everything i have read says it overclocks just great. Mobo: i don't need sli, i don't need raid, i don't think i need the latest chipset, i just need cheap. I'm really confused here as to what to get. The nvidia 650i ultra seems pretty cool because you can overclock the cpu independently of the ram. Anyone have experience with them? I could also get an older intel chipset. Anything that could get the processor to 3ghz would be great. Ram: there are so many sale/rebate offers, i think i will just look out for a good deal. I don't see myself spending more than $70. What brands should i look for? Psu: same deal, i'll try to get something on sale. Help would be appreciated, especially in picking a mobo.

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Machine Just Completely Cutting Out

This has happened in the past, but over the past two days my machine has been on for about a half hourish before just completely cutting out. No shutdown, just completely shuts off like the power plug was pulled. Doesnít matter if iím in office or in a game. This particular case has one fan in the front, one in the back and two on the left side panel. I know heat is an issue so i've had for a couple years had the left side panel off (the side with the two fans) and had a small personal fan blowing directly into the case for extra cooling (in conjunction to the two side fans). I've checked the connections to everything to see if something was loose (nothing was) and cleaned out the panel fans because of dust on the filters blocking air flow. All fans seem to be working. In trying to get the machine to fire back up, i have hit the on/off switch at the back of the machine, unplugged the power cord (i've seen in the past years ago a machine wouldn't boot up because the cord wasn't unplugged/replugged. Doesn't make sense, but i digress) as with hitting the power button on the front. It took a couple minutes before the machine would fire back up. I run zonealarm firewall all the time to try and reduce software attacks. I haven't run a virus scan yet, only a malware/spyware check. So not sure if that could be the problem. I would think if itís the cpu fan it would crap out much sooner. Any thoughts?

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Machine Wont Even Post

A friend of mine just delivered me his machine since it died. He says that it happened whilst working on it, he got some bsod windows error. He then did a hard reboot and now the machine wont even beep. I tried pulling out every card incl. Gpu and ram and also all of the molex connectors but the machine still wont even beep. Ps. I dont believe it could be the heating since the fan is huge and louder than my hair dryer.

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How Many Cards / Screens Can Be Run From One Machine ?

For example if i wanted to run one main screen which is 22" and have a little matrix of four 17" screens, can i run 3 nvidia cards for it? Or do the certain motherboards have a limit of number of graphics cards?

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Suggestions For Machine To Play World Of Warcraft

I'm putting this system together to play world of warcraft with. I don't have very much money right now and my general goal is to buy only a few necessary pieces up front and buy the rest later. I have about a 500 dollar budget. This is what i'm thinking about buying. Motherboard: dfi lanparty ut nf4 ultra-d socket 939 nvidia nforce4 ultra atx amd motherboard - retail, cpu: amd athlon 64 3800+ orleans 2. 4ghz 512kb l2 cache socket am2 processor - retail, case: cooler master centurion 5 cac-t05-ub black /blue aluminum bezel , secc chassis atx mid tower computer case - retail

Hdd: western digital caviar se wd800jd 80gb 7200 rpm 8mb cache sata 3. 0gb/s hard drive - oem, ram: corsair valueselect 512mb 184-pin ddr sdram ddr 400 (pc 3200) system memory - retail x1 (i did want to buy 2 to start but i may not be able to afford two), os: windows xp home, what else may i need, and do you have any suggestion for better/cheaper parts? Are there any comptiability issues? Here is what i all ready specifications:

Ati 128 mb radeon 9800 graphics card

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Machine Start Flickering With Crunching Sound

Im trying to diagnose my fathers pc, for some reason it cant start up. When i turn on the power, all the lights on the machine (harddrive activity led, cdrw leds, back side leds, power button led) all of a sudden start flickering and i hear some crunching sound. I think its the power supply, but what else could it be?

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Machine Check Exception - Bsod Error

I am eceiveing a machine_check_exception stop:0x0000009c bsod error. I'm having a problem with my dvd burner sony dru 500a (its quite a few years old, but i only burn dvds a few times a year). What happens is that the burner is able to burn blank discs, but when i insert a dvd or dvd-rw with anything on it, my computer freezes and i get the blue screen of death. I get "machine_check_exception. Stop: 0x0000009c" (if the disc is blank, its business as usual. ) The blue screen error i get indicates a hardware problem. So i just bought a new samsung burner from, and it turns out i'm getting the same issue with the new drive, that my burner can't read any dvds. Its weird since my regualr dvd drive is able to read the discs with no problem. So i put the old burner back in and i swapped them from master to slave. Same problem. I then switched ide cables, same problem. I even switched the ide sockets on the motherboard and it didnt work. I don't know what to do next. I was thinking of re-formatting my computer and maybe that will fix it? Could it be an operating system issue (im running xp), and maybe something got screwed up along the way? I have no idea. I'm hoping its not my motherboard, since any amd socket 754 chipset motherboard is now hard to come-by. Do you have any idea of what might be the issue?

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Vc Install Error Machine Check Exception

I recently purchased a xfx gtx260 after installing it i boot up and get a machine_check_exception blue screen_9c. Now i had this same exact error message a while back when trying to install another vc but chalked it up to it being a bad vc, but now im assuming i must be doing something wrong. Any help is greatly appreciated, below are my stats. I also brought new memory but my machine still shows me as just having 2gbs and not 4, any reason for that- please help anyway

Asus p5n32-sli se deluxe, nvidia nforce4 sli x16 intel core2 extreme/core2 duo

Intel core 2 duo e6600 1066mhz fsb 4m shared l2 cache lga 775

Corsair xms2 2gb (2 x 1gb) 240-pin ddr2 800 (pc2 6400) 4-4-4-12 dual channel kit

2 x geforce 7950gx2 1gb 512-bit gddr3 pci express x16 dual gpu video card

Western digital raptor 150gb 10000rpm 16mb cache sata

Xp sp2

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Usb Game Controllers Problem On A Windows Xp Machine

Iím having some problems with some usb game controllers on a windows xp machine. First off iíll start by saying both controllers work fine on other machines tested them, both on two different machines(one was xp, one was server 2003). The first controller is a saitek p2550 and when plugged into this particular computer it works fine other than the z-axis is stuck in the up position, the second controller (and the one i really want to get working) is a red octane ignition dance mat v3. 0. When plugged in 50% of the time it reports there is a problem with the device, the other 50% it registers a few delayed button presses then dies. I have the official saitek drivers for my gamepad, and the well there arenít any drivers for the dance mat, it supposed to be completely plug and play. - Iíve attempted uninstalling the drivers for both devices. - Iíve tried uninstalling my usb and usb2 host controllers(then scanning for new hardware to reinstall them)

- Iíve tried updating to the newest intel chipset software for my motherboard(asus p4p800)

- Iíve tried disconnecting every other usb device(and no i donít have both controllers connected at the same time)

Both come up as usb human interface devices and hid-compliant game controllers in the device manager, my other usb hidís work fine(mouse, scanner, webcam), just game controllers work wrong. Both show up correctly labelled in the game controllers view. Anyone have any ideas what else to try?

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Mouse Suddenly Stops Working On Win Xp Machine

A ps/2 port mouse suddenly stopped working on a family member's winxp machine, tried using a new usb mouse that i know works on other machines but it won't work on this machine, any ideas?

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Windows Loads On Friend's Machine, Not Mine

I have 2 hard drives, one for the os and program files, and one for everything else. I decided to reformat/reinstall windows on my master drive, the os one. I took it out of my machine, plugged it into my friend's, and installed windows xp pro on it. Then i rebooted and his computer recognized it right away and i had no problems booting up windows on his machine. So i move the harddrive to my machine, plug it in as the master, even take out my other drive, and when i boot it up, i get a message similar to:

Please select correct device or
Insert bootable media

It just won't load windows. I thought it might be the bios so i went in and reset all the defaults, then even put the hard drive in front of the floppy in boot order. What's going on. I'm working on a job from home and i need this working asap. Help would be highly appreciated.

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Using Fax Machine On Hp Psc 2410 Photosmart Printer

How do you use the fax machine on a hp psc 2410 photosmart all-in-one printer? I'm so confused. I just got this printer and i've figured out how to print, scan and copy but the fax part is confusing me and that is the part i actually need right now so can someone help?

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Scanner Message - Java Virtual Machine Class Not Registered

When i try to open hp scanner i get the message the java virtual machine class not registered. I cant get an answer its installed but wont open.

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Need Solution To Play Tv On The Pc

I'm looking for a way to watch tv on my pc. I'm thinking about purchasing a slingbox to get the job done. What wireless alternative solutions are there?

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Cheap Optical In Solution For Pc

I'm looking to add a ps3 to a pc setup but i need a soundcard with an optical input. I am not really looking for a nice expensive soundcard; i just need something that provides optical input. This pc is older so the mobo doesn't provide an optical solution on-board.

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Remote Support Solution

I am looking for a remote support solution that would work on a linux desktop. I need a solution that i could use from my office to bring support to one of my customers in their lan. I am not asking for vnc, which is a solution that only works when the pcs are in the same network. Does this solution exist?

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Uninstall Hp Solution Center

Can i get rid of hp solution center? I got it with my printer and it is so annoying. During startup it loads and keeps popping up. This goes on for like five minutes and slow everything down. Can i uninstall it or is it essential for my printer?

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Hp Solution Center Popup

So i had something called windows installer pop-up when i just started my computer. I did disable it and restarted my computer. It disappeared. But now whenever i try to open hp solution center, that pop-up appears, i click on cancel, the solution center still appears but i know something isn't right. Please show me how i can get rid of that pop-up forever!

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Hp Solution Center Is Not Loading

I have a hp deskjet f4104. I deleted some programs a while back and hp solution center is not loading. What can i install or do to get it up and running. The hour glass shows for a split second when i double click on the program and nothing else. I am really frustrated. I have to copy some documents and pictures and can't get the program to load.

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Hardware Solution, Amd Or Intel

I have solved my problem with regards to the thread i posted earlier, i sold my mboard and p4 chip and replaced it with amd 2000+ and gigabyte k7 triton board. . 7800 marks on 3dmark2001 with absolutly no tweaks, i have just become an amd fan. What do you guys think? Amd or intel?

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Easiest Solution To Backup Your Computer

What is the easiest solution available to backup your computer? I was kind of hoping for an external harddrive that had a button that when pushed, would start the software which would perform the backup with very little to no hassle. I kind of like the windows home server backup solution which is totally automated and effecient, except for the fact that you have to have a whole seperate and expensive computer running on the network. (Expensive being the operating system). I don't want to install something like windows one care either. I want the software to be practically invisible and not popping up every time you boot with some kind of warning or informational message. It would be neat so that if you were to setup the external usb drive as a bootable device, then it would boot into a menu allowing you to restore from a backup. Any ideas? This is for an older gentleman at my work who knows nothing about computers and wants something easy to use for himself and his wife. Burning a dvd would be too complex. It would require having to pick and choose specific files and folders all over the computer. He only has a 30gb drive and has no interest in really upgrading the computer itself, since it's perfectly adequate for what he needs. He is going to buy a 22" monitor as a gift for his wife. I told him that a bright new flat panel monitor would probably make a much greater impression on his wife then the actual computer itself.

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Speaker Solution For Xbox 360

I'm trying to find a speaker solution for my little xbox 360 movies/gaming corner. I'm trying to not spend a bunch of cash on it or make it a big purchase because the space it's in is small. I'm using a 24 inch asus monitor with an hdmi input, but the built-in speakers are terrible. I was toying with the idea for a small 5. 1 surround sound system for gaming, the trouble being the only thing i could find that fit the bill was the logitech z-5500 and i'm certainly not up for shelling out over $300. Wondering if anyone knows of anything with an optical input and isn't going to cost me more than $150-$200. Or is there a chance that i could use an old set of creative 5. 1 pc speakers that i have with a decoder. I was looking at them but none of them seemed compatible with the 3, 1/8 inch jacks that the speakers have connecting them. Worst comes to worst and i'll just buy a 2. 1 set but ideally i'd like to know if there is a 5. 1 solution that's not bank breaking.

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Get Rid Of Antivir Solution Pro From Pc

How do i get rid of antivir solution pro from a hp mini? I opened my laptop today and the screen started to go crazy with all of this antivir crap. My hp mini's system restore and other functions are not working. So i was thinking of downloading a reboot program from the hp website onto a usb drive from another computer then plugging it into the hp mini to (hopefully/successfully) reboot my computer. Then i may use a malware removal program. Does this sound good? I really need help here. I am not really good with laptops. Any advice from some tech people?

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High Quality Video Conferencing Solution

I'm looking for a television-quality video conferencing solution for communication between my company and several clients, ranging from local to international. I'm looking for the following features specifically:
High quality video/audio
Real-time, with as little lag as possible
Possibly a dual-endpoint solution with matching hardware
As cheap as possible

Is anyone here using anything like this? I need to know my options, and i can't seem to get any straight answers from any companies i've talked to thus far.

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Adding Sata Ports - Any Easy Solution ?

I've been mulling this for a day or two now. I can't seem to find exactly what i'm looking for:

4+ ports
No raid necessary
Whs friendly
2tb drive friendly
Modern driver support

The only options i see are the supermicro 8-port pci-x/pci-e cards and some highpoint/adaptec cards that cost more than my cpu, ram, and mobo combined. Is there a reliable solution out there that's faster than pci? And under the $75 mark?

I'm willing to pay for quality, but spending another $50 on sas-to-sata cables is no fun.

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Portable Esata / Usb 2.5 Hdd Solution

I've been looking for something to replace my current removable hard drive that i take back and forth from home and work. I've decided to continue to stick with a hard drive as even a 64gb thumb drive won't do. I've opted for the smaller 2. 5 hard drive size and am planning on getting a seagate 500gb 7200rpm 2. 5 sized drive. I have one concern. I have esata at home, but only usb at work, so i need the enclosure to be able to do both. I had read some short reviews on product pages about a few of these enclosures and it seems there is a small problem (if i'm understanding the users correctly). There are many that use usb to power the drive, but some people seem to be saying in their reviews that this doesn't always work with 7200rpm drives. I guess the power requirements are more than the usb provides? Anyways, so it would seem that i need one that has a usb, a esata, and a power connection. Does anybody know of a decent quality 2. 5 hd enclosure that has the power connection as well? Many of the reviews i read noted that the case ends were cheap plastic. I don't mind spending more money for a quality enclosure, and i need a place that hopefully i can order extra cables so i can leave a usb and power at work, and an esata and power connection at home. Lastly, i'm looking for an enclosure that's as thin as possible. Some i've seen are nearly twice the height of a "laptop hard drive". I've found two that look like they'll work, but i don't know if either are decent quality. Would you recommend one over the other, or a completely different one?

The most popular one appears to be

But it has the problem of not offering a power connector, and only provides power through usb which apparently is flaky if you run a 7200rpm drive.

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Laptop Hot Problem - Cooling Solution

I often use my laptop to download something just like music or software tools on internet. When laptop is used for overtimes, it will be hot, the hd part of laptop especially. I don't like this situation and that is not good situation for laptop. I got review news about laptop cooling last week. I just bought one for my laptop. I found satisfaction in its effect. It can let laptop keep cool and lifetime extended. Any way; i think a lots laptop users also have this kinds problem. I share this solution to all. I think no body like to work in torrid operation area. What you think?

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