Connecting Ps3 Through Hdmi To Monitor Without Hdmi Port

Can i connect my ps3 through hdmi to the back of my computer but display it on a monitor without an hdmi port? The computer is an inspiron 570 and the monitor is hd, but has only a vga port. The back of the computer tower does have an hdmi port.

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Connecting Ps3 To Laptop Via Hdmi To Hdmi Cable

Can i connect my ps3 to my laptop via an hdmi-hdmi cable? The other day i went to a store to see if they had an hdmi-dvi cable to connect my ps3 to my laptop (an hp compaq presario cq611) and asked for help to a man who was there he said that the hdmi-dvi cable would not work in my laptop and told me to try to connect via an hdmi-hdmi cable because this transmits everything (image, sound . ) I've tried but it didn't't work.

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Connecting Ps3 To Computer Using Hdmi To Dvi Adapter

If i connect my ps3 to my computer screen using an hdmi to dvi adapter, would it display in hd or dvi quality? Also which quality is better, hdmi or dvi?

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Connecting Dell Laptop To Hdtv Using Hdmi Port

I have a new dell studio 15 laptop. It has a hdmi port in it. We just have purchased a new lcd tv from sony. It is high-definition tv. Now i have two queries. 1) does all hdmi cables are universal standards ones means standard port at laptops' end but what abt at the tvs end. Is port(at tv's end) same for all tvs or varies from tv brands to brands ?

2) if i play movies after connecting hd tv with laptop using hdmi, will i get the extreme high quality picture like both high-definition and blue-ray picture qualities. If not, then does i need some softwares to be installed on my laptop to get blue-ray picture quality.

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Headphone - Hook Up Ps3 To Computer Monitor Via Hdmi

The situation is i've recently decided to hook up my ps3 to my computer monitor via hdmi, and i'm wondering how to best deal with the sound. As far as i see it, i have (possibly) two options here, at least that would accomplish what i desire. I'm hooked up to my pc at the moment via a pair of headphones, and i desire to still be able to receive my pc audio through these even while using the ps3. I was curious, however, if it is possible to receive output from both the ps3 (via the monitor's audio-out) and the pc at the same time (by using a splitter to plug the headphones into both my pc's sound card and the monitor's audio-out), or would that not function?

The other option i was thinking about was connecting my ps3's audio via optical to my pc's sound card, and hoping i'd be able to hear the audio from both the pc and ps3 that way. But i'm uncertain, too, if that would work, since i'm not sure if i'd have to switch between the pc and optical-in for sound or not. Would this possibility work, or no. ?

If neither is doable, i could always pick up some speakers and hook them up to my monitor's audio-out, but i'm curious first to see if i can get the sound from both ps3/monitor and my pc going to the same pair of headphones somehow (and simultaneously). =>

Edit: to mention hardware, or at least all that i think should matter, my sound card is unfortunately the original x-fi xtremegamer. Which means to use the second option (if it is possible), i'd need to use an optical adapter, i realize.

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Connect Hdmi Cable To Monitor With D-sub Port

I bought a ps3 and can only be connected with a composite cable or hdmi cable. Problem is that my monitor has only d-sub port. Tried to connect it directly to the tower but it doesn't display nothing on the monitor. What can i do?

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Hd 2600 Xt And Connecting Hdmi Lcd Monitor

I have a hp w2207h lcd monitor with hdmi input. When using a dvi->hdmi converter and hdmi cable the catalyst driver claims that the monitor is a hdtv and only 720p, 1080p etc. Modes are available. When forcing 1680x1050 60 hz the monitor shuts down. Other 1680x1050 lcd works fine. The hp w2207h also works fine with nvidia quadro 110 in xp. I suspect vista is too eager to detect hdtvs here ?

Any suggestions?

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Tv Has Hdmi Port But Pc Does Not - How To Connnect ?

I would like to connect my desktop pc to my tv. My tv has an hdmi port but my pc does not, any ideas?

U need to buy a hdmi card and has to be fixed to your computer slot. Run the drivers and attach the hdmi cable to your tv, the cable comes with the card.

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Adding Hdmi Port To Laptop

I have a sony vaio vgn-sr220j/h and it has a small little space between the vga input and the ilink connectior, for an hdmi port. It seems to have a small outlining of an hdmi input. So i wanted to know where i can purchase a hdmi card , and which ones would be compatible with this notebook. Or whether its just not possible to add an hdmi port.

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Built In Hdmi Or Dvi - Hdmi Adapter

Does it matter? I have a biostar matx 939 board with 3000+ venice with 7800gt and 1 gig of ram. I'm wanting to use this pc as a very light game machine (civ 4: colonization and other strategy, probably never fps cause i hate playing from my couch) and all purpose computer in the living room. I'm looking at a 4830 or so, maybe 4670 depending on price. Want to spend less than $80 - $90 shipped. I need the card to output sound. I want to run a single cable from the pc to my 47" 1080p tv which outputs sound via optical to a surround sound receiver. Will a card with no native hdmi out output sound, making the adapter worthless? Or?

I don't see any free shipping on 48xx cards with an hdmi port built in from newegg. Needs:

Play sound through hdmi
Light gaming
Eventually be able to play bluray discs (will eventually get a blu ray drive) (cpu will probably need upgraded though?)
$80-$90 shipped

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Optical Audio Multi Port And Hdmi

I currently have an xbox 360, a ps3 and a pc that all have optical audio outputs. However, my logitech z5500's control unit only has one optical audio input. Is there such a thing as a multiple optical audio unit that would support all three devices to plug into one receiver?

Also, can you guys recommend a good multi hdmi unit as well? Nothing too expensive, looking in the $50 range, if possible.

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Connect Ps3 To Macbook Pro Using Mini Dvi To Hdmi Video Cable

Can i connect my ps3 to my macbook pro using a mini dvi to hdmi video cable adapter for macbooks and imacs? Just so i can use my macbook as a monitor.

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Screen Getting Cut Off When Connecting To Tv With Hdmi

Screen getting cut off when connecting to tv with hdmi? Alright so i just got a new hdtv (a friend gave it to me, so im not sure of the exact size, but it's pretty big). I wanted to hook my laptop up to it with an hdmi cord, but when i did, it displayed really nice but each side was cut off a bit, top, bottom, left and right. Not a whole lot but enough that the top of the windows (minimize maximize exit)< where covered. And around half the start bar. I tried changing the resolutions but nothing worked.

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No Sound After Connecting Hdmi Cable From Pc To Tv

I connected a new hdmi cable from my pc to my lg lcd tv. I have no sounds?

Answer:- there are several possibilities. First, go to the sound control panel and make sure there is an hdmi audio playback device active. If not, you'll need to download one that supports your video card. Dvi to hdmi converters do not provide audio, in case that's what you're using. Video only. Of course, there are always hardware failures possible, but check the configuration first.

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Do I Need To Buy An Adapter For Hdmi Cable To Plug Into Dvi Port?

I bought a cable to connect my ps3 to my desktop monitor. It is a hdmi to dvi cable. My monitor has a dvi and d-sub port. Even though the cable i got says it is hdmi to dvi it will only connect to the d-sub port (the d-sub is smaller and blue and the hdmi is larger and white). Do i need to buy an adapter to allow the hdmi cable to plug into the dvi port or am i doing something else wrong entirely. When i turn on the ps3 nothing comes up. I tried holding the on button to reset the ps3 display settings to hdmi but nothing happened. I suspect i need to buy the adapter but i wanted to confirm before i go buy it. My monitor is a hanns g hi221d. I'm pretty sure my monitor should be compatible but i'm sure someone knows alot better than me.

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Connect Desktop Pc Monitor To Tv Via Hdmi

How to connect desktop pc monitor to tv via hdmi ? Im trying to connect my monitor to my tv to use my tv as a monitor via an hdmi cable. I have the hdmi cable connected, but it wont display. Do i have to do anything else?

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Hdmi Connection Not Work On Monitor

Why doesn't my hdmi connection work on the monitor? My motherboard and lcd have hdmi ports. I used an hdmi cable to connect them, but it doesn't display anything. I have a video card installed, but it doesn't have an hdmi port. Any suggestions?

I figure it doesn't work because i have a video card installed. I hope i'm wrong.

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How To Know Monitor Could Run Hdmi Connection ?

How would i make sure that my computer monitor could run a hdmi connection? I am wishing to run my playstation 3 through my computer monitor via a hdmi to vga cable (my monitor does not have a dvi input). How would i check my monitor will be able to support this?

My monitor is a lg flatron w2243s

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Ubuntu Hdmi Monitor Problem

I installed the latest ubuntu operating system onto a second hard drive in my computer. I have a dual monitor setup, and when i boot ubuntu, my lg 2353 monitor goes into power save mode. My second monitor shows ubuntu, but only as a secondary screen. If i boot windows, both monitors work great. I am thinking that there is a problem with linux and hdmi. Ubuntu comes up fine if i unhook my hdmi monitor. I also contacted lg and they told me that the monitor is a plug and play, and there are no drivers for linux. Can anyone help me out?

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Connect Pc To Monitor With Hdmi Cord

I try to use a hdmi cord to connect my pc to my monitor, doesn't work. Yes, both my dell computer and dell 24" have a hdmi port. I connect the hdmi cable from my pc to my monitor and i switch to the hdmi input setting and all that appears is my standard windows 7 back round and in a smaller size and no icons on the desktop or the task bar appears. Any suggestions on how to make it work, or am i doing it completely wrong in the first place?

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Connect Hdmi Cable To Monitor

Can you connect an hdmi cable to a monitor? I am trying to connect a ps3 to a monitor using an hdmi cable. Can i use and hdmi to vga converter and still get the same hd effect or will i lose quality.

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Connect Laptop To Vizio / Hdmi Tv Monitor

How do i connect my laptop (acer) to vizio/hdmi tv monitor? I don't have a cable box. I bought the connector cable already. But i don't know how to switch from tv cable to laptop monitor. And because i bought the television in second hand, it doesn't come with the user's manual. But i know it has a duo function. Can someone please provide step by step instruction to help me set this up? I should be able to use the remote control to change the setting.

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Connect Laptop Hdmi Out To Lcd Monitor

I want to connect laptop(hdmi out) to my lcd monitor(dvi-d-24 pin). I don't know which cable do i need to connect. I have acer x233h lcd with dvi-d in monitor and toshiba laptop with hdmi out. Any idea will be appreciated.

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Dvi Or Hdmi To Connect Computer To Monitor

Should i use dvi or hdmi to connect my computer to my monitor? My screen resolution is 1920x1200 and my monitor has inputs for both dvi and hdmi. I currently have it hooked up using a dvi cable because i don't have an hdmi cable. Would i benefit in any way by switching to hdmi? Would i benefit by staying with dvi instead of switching to hdmi or is it the same both ways?

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Convert Dvi To Hdmi For Samsung Monitor

How to convert dvi to hdmi for a samsung monitor? I am gonna buy a samsung 24" full hd monitor which has a dvi port but not a hdmi. Sometimes i am gonna use my home-theater to connect to this monitor but the problem is that my home-theater has a hdmi conn only and no dvi conn. I asked the dealer , he said that a converter is available , what will the converter do, will it connect the dvi to hdmi, will there be quality loss?

Will this conversion have effect on the full hd 1080p movies i will watch? I have also heard that dvi does not carry sound, so then where will the sound go after conversion and lastly what all effects will this conversion make, and for how much is this converter available and which brand is good.

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Connect Xbox 360 Using Hdmi Dvi Into Monitor

How can i connect my xbox360 using hdmi-dvi into a monitor doesn't have dvi input? Ok i bought an hdmi-dvi cable and a dvi-vga adapter to connect my xbox360 to an lg w2242sm monitor which doesn't have dvi so i used the dvi-vga adapter to connect it, but it doesn't work.

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Connect 8800gt To Hdmi Capable Lcd Monitor

Well this is a simple question, i currently own a 8800gt video card, and i was wondering if it was hdmi compatible, because i plan on buying this lcd monitor:

http://www.Newegg. Ca/product/product.aspx?Item=n82e16824236051

Currently i have these cables with my 8800gt:


Am i able to connect these 2 with my current cables ? If not, where can i buy the right cable(s) and where ? Also is hdmi really worth paying more? I am buying this monitor for gaming, if you know any others cheaper than 200$ i would also appreciate if you could share it with me.

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Connect Pc To Monitor With Hdmi Cable To Increase Image Quality

If i connect my pc to my monitor with a hdmi cable will the image quality increase? I am wondering if this will help look games, pictures and films look better, although i am planning on changing my graphics card as well.

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Connect Computer To Monitor Using Mini Dvi To Hdmi Cord

Could you connect a computer to a computer monitor using a mini dvi to hdmi cord?

Answer:- sure, if your computer has a mini dvi output and the monitor has an hdmi input.

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Adapter For Connecting Ps3 To Monitor

Which adapter should i buy for connecting my ps3 to my monitor? Ok so i want to connect my ps3 to my monitor as stated above now im not sure on which adapter i should buy i see i have two options and they are

Method 1

Hdmi (male) to dvi-d (female) this would mean using the dvi-d cord for the connection

Method 2 hdmi (female) to dvi-d (male) that would mean using the hdmi cord for the connection

Im not sure on which would give the better picture or if it would be the same.

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