Would An I5 750k Quad At 3.4 Ghz Bottleneck A Gtx 690?

I recently upgraded my gpu to a gtx 690, however in certain games i get some surprisingly low fps, in particular playing far cry 3 i can get as low as 30. My specs are below. Intel core i5 750 quad 3. 44 ghz, 8gb kingston ram, zotac gtx 580

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Would This Cpu Bottleneck The Gtx 690?

I originally had selected the i7 3820 to go with my gtx 690, but upon reading how much smoother the ivy bridge runs and that the i7 3770k is a better cpu for gaming, i have switched my selection, however, my question now is, does the i7 3770k bottleneck the gtx 690?

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Will A Gtx 690 And A I7 3770 (not 3770k) Bottleneck?

i have a fairly great computer with a gtx660 and a i7 3770, but lately one monitor just seems too little, so im upgrading my gpu to a gtx 690 and adding a few monitors to my setup. But of course like any sensible person, i want to be sure that if i put in a 690 it wont **** everything up with bottlenecking my cpu, so is a i7 3770 capable of keeping up with gtx 690?

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How Bad Will My System Bottleneck A Gtx 690?

I've been wanting to get a gpu upgrade. I've been thinking of going to a hd7970 (i was after the slight increase in performance when overclocked) but i changed my mind. I just got a 120hz monitor and it's great in games (i've been spending a lot these past few days but i can't help it ) basically i want all my games to be at 120fps or atleast close to it. (Namely bf3 and crysis 2) i know this is an aging x58 system but i figured i only use my pc on gaming anyway so what the ***. I should just sell my gtx 680 and get a gtx 690. Now my questions:

1. How bad wil my cpu botteneck a gtx 690? 2. Will i still get decent performance with a single pci-e 16x 2. 0 slot? I remember reading an article about this 3. Am i stupid?

From where i'm from to get the gtx690 along with the money im gonna get with selling my gtx 680 i'm gonna spend about 30, 000 php(probably a litle less with a slight discoutn i could get from a friend's friend) or 700usd. As for my whole system i think i would be able to upgrade to ivybridge not till january next year so it's a long wait. If i get contended by the performance i prolly wouldn't anymore. I've outgrown benching and i'm only interested in actual gaming performance

For the cpu bottleneck the best i could do with my cpu is 4. 4ghz ht off. I highly doubt i can get it to 4. 5ghz i remember failing instantly at prime95 when i tried and the voltage was so high already. I only use my pc for gaming i don't really need the threads.

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Intel Quad 2.4 Ghz Cpu Means There Are 4 Cpus Each Speed 2.4 Ghz ?

Intel quad 2, 4 ghz cpu means there are 4 cpus each's speed 2, 4 ghz or is it the total speed 2, 4 ghz? It's still considered 2. 4 gigahertz. No matter how cpu's or cores it has, the clock speed is still 2. 4 million cycles per second. "Intel quad 2, 4 ghz cpu" is not a very clear description. It most likely means one cpu with 4 cores, which acts like 4 cpu's. It could also mean 2 cpu's with 2 cores each, or 4 separate cpu's. Having more physical cpu's leads to much better performance than just having multiple cores in a single cpu. But having multiple cores on cpu is much cheaper, more energy efficient, at takes less space than multiple cpu's.

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I7 3770k And Gtx 680 Or 690

I'm thinking in buying a new intel processor, because i have amd now and i experience a lot of instability, not only in the system, but in a lot of games as well, so i wanna ask you if you are a i7 3770k owner and you are running this game with at least one gtx 680 or gtx 690 how many fps you get in "back to karkand" expansion, i repeat, only expansion, and 64 players, all in ultra, please, i don't want trolls, only be honest please, it's very important and i will waste my money for this rig:

I7 3770k 3, 5 ghz - stock cooler, mobo: asus p9x79 pro ram: 4 x kingston 4gb 1600 mhz (16 gb total amount), gtx 680 or 690 (i listened that one 680 it's not even able to move back to karkand at constant 60 fps)

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Gtx 690 + Xcpu For 2560x1600 Gaming

I am going to buy a 30" 2560x1600 resolution monitor, and i have 2 questions. First of all, is one gtx 690 enough to handle this resolution at gaming load with 50 fps minimum?I am willing to overclock it, but not too much, since i don't like the noise of the fan.

And secondly, what processor should i buy that will not bottleneck the card or 2 of these, since i might go for gtx 690 sli later on. I hesitate between an i7 3770k, an i7 3820 or a 3930k. My budget is good enough but i don't feel like buying the 3930k because of its 2 disabled cores, and i don't want the 3770k because of the restrictive pci lanes, which will force me to run both gtx690's at x8 if i go for sli. On the other hand, i'm afraid the 3820 might bottleneck them.

So what do you guys think?Is the gtx 690 enough for this resolution?And will i end up buying the 3930k to avoid bottlenecks?Or do you recommend something completely different like other cards/cpus? The pc will be used mainly for gaming, but also for programming (vbasic) and photoshop, or maybe even autocad later on.

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Will A 2.6ghz 3770k Bottleneck A Gtx 680?

Maybe a little.

2. 6ghz 3770k
Ht disabled
Full caspian 64 player multiplayer
1050 boost core
6000 mem

Frames, time (ms), min, max, avg
2577, 45000, 32, 85, 57. 267

Pushed it up to 3ghz

Frames, time (ms), min, max, avg
3119, 45000, 44, 94, 69. 311

3. 3ghz

Frames, time (ms), min, max, avg
3230, 45000, 48, 87, 71. 778

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Would A Phenom Ii X2 550 Be A Bottleneck For A Gtx 460 ?

Would a phenom ii x2 550 be a bottleneck for a gtx 460 ? I want to run starcraft 2 so what fps would i get with a phenom ii x2 550 + gtx 460 1 gb version?

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Will Amd Athlon Ii Bottleneck Gtx 465 ?

Will the amd athlon ii bottleneck the gtx 465?

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Intel Core 2 Quad Cpu Q6600 Compatibility With Geforce Gtx 460

I have an intel core 2 quad cpu q6600 processor, can a geforce gtx 460 work with that processor?

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1.8 Ghz Core 2 Duo Means 3.6 Ghz ?

Does having a 1. 8 ghz core 2 duo processor mean 3. 6 ghz (pls forgive if this may seem stupid) since there are 2 proceesors (so 1. 8+1. 8)

I ask this because i have heard that a core 2 duo processor is better than an intel pentium 4 processor?

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Is Intel I5 2.66 Ghz Faster Than I3 3.06 Ghz ?

The intel i5 processor on the apple imac is a quad core with 2. 66ghz but the intel i3 on apple imac has 3. 06 ghz. I would use this computer for video making, web use and downloading large files. Even if its a tiny difference which one is faster? Which one would make your computer feel and seem faster? The intel i5 has 2. 66 ghz compared to the i3's 3. 06 but which one is literally faster when it comes to downloading, viewing, and making large files and also web surfing?

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2.2 Ghz Athlon 64 3500 Or 2.0 Ghz Athlon X2 3800 Faster For Gaming?

The upstairs computer is the slowest in the house and has a single core athlon 64 3500 in it with 2 gb memory and a geforce 8600gts. My 11 y/o son plays games on it a lot and it gets continually upgraded with left over parts from other upgrades. I have a spare x2 3800 proc. The 3500 runs @2. 2ghz and the x2 3800 at 2. 0 ghz but with 2 cores. I don't know what differences if any there are in cache size/etc. Would there be much point in upgrading?

He mostly plays star trek legacy, lego batman, the star wars battlefront and other star wars games, spore, etc.

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Intel Core I3 2.26 Ghz Or Intel Pentium 4 3 Ghz

Which is better intel core i3 (2. 26 ghz) or intel pentium 4 (3 ghz)? I am a laptop user. (I am not sure if pentium is for desktops) i was looking at the elder scrolls 4 to see if my laptop would be good for it. It will be the core i3. I know that i meet the minimum requirements but will the game still be good to play if it does not meet the recommended requirement? I ask because i have heard of games that run poorly at the minimum requirements but i have not confirmed if that was true or not.

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Gtx 260 - 9800 Gtx Not Putting Monitors Into Sleep

Well, i built a new rig and with my 4850 when i put vista sp1 to sleep the monitor will go into a standby mode (lights turn from blue to orange). However it seems that if i run either a 9800 gtx or a gtx 260 during sleep the monitor would be still on and stuck with "no signal input, check video cable" and stay on. Even if i halt the box the monitors will still have this message and remain on. I have no problem powering both of them off, but it'll be nice to have it done automatically. Anyone know of any solutions?

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Is My System Bottleneck?

I have a

Amd phenom ii x4 925 (2. 8ghz)
2gb ddr3
Ati radeon hd4350 512mb
320gb sata harddrive
500watt psu
Windows xp media edition

I bought this a few days ago upgrading from my old **** athlon 3200+. I was expecting to be able to play like gta4 and all the good games but for some reason most of the games im playing is lagging badly even on low settings. Gta4 is the worst even all set on low it lags really bad, cant even drive the car. And most of all the other games i play is like when i move the mouse say left or right it will do it . 5 secs after, like a late reaction. Thats in games like far cry 2, bf bad company 2, bioshock 2. What is the problem? I thought this system would be good. Is there something wrong with it?

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3770k Bottleneck?

Im thinking of getting a 3770k (and oc it) and a 680 lightning but im worried the cpu might bottleneck the gpu while gaming (rig will only be used for gaming). Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Will This Rig Bottleneck My Gtx690?

I'm building a new gaming rig and i believe i have all the parts i want in my order. However, the last detail i need for my setup is to see if my rig will bottleneck with such a powerful card. Intel core i7-3770k ivy bridge 4. 5ghz | 8gb samsung ram ddr3 1600 (11-11-11-28) | sli evga gtx 670 4gb vram 1006/1084/6008 stg.

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Overclocking 2.0 Ghz P4

I have came in here before and have learned how 2 overclock my vid card and everything but i cant figure out how 2 overclock my cpu at all i tryed going to the website in the overclocking for newbies but it is not working =( can somone please help me out on how 2 overclock my p4 2. 0 ghz i heard u can get up to 2. 4ghz on it with stock cooling but i got no clue on how to even get it up to a 2. 4 ghz.

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Bottleneck Ati 4550 512mb

I'm thinking of buying a ati 4550 512mb, i'm going to be playing most games at 1024x768 or 800x600 if they don't run at higher resolutions with decent graphics. My pc specs are:

Intel 2. 66 ghz

1 gb ram ddr1

Intel d101ggc motherboard

Now i know it sucks for gaming, i searched and the 4550 can handle most games pretty well at low resolutions so the question is how much performance am i going to lose because of my low pc specs?I cant upgrade i have no money btw.

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Nvidia Geforce 7950 Gt Bottleneck

Will the nvidia geforce 7950gt get bottlenecked from my computer specs? How about the 6800gt? Im trying to get a agp card that wont get bottlenecked or will barely get bottlenecked by a tiny bit from my computer because why would i get a card thats being bottle necked when i could get a cheaper card and get the same performance because its all tied down by my slower components in my comp you know?

Intel pentium 4 socket 478 processor with 800fsb and 512kb cache at 3. 0ghz, with 2gb pc-3200(400mhz) ram.

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Amd 2.2 Ghz Pc Freeze

I have an amd pc with 2. 2 ghz speed( reported by windows as 1. 1ghz ), 256mb ddr sdram. The system unexpectedly freezes for some reason i cannot understand. The freezing is not specifically associated with an application. It happened under different circumstances every time. The os is windows xp professional. Does anyone have any idea of what might be causing this problem?

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Xfx Ati Radeon Hd 5770 Bottleneck

I recently bought a xfx ati radeon hd 5770, everything installed fine, but i opened up cpu-z and noticed that the core clocks where running significantly lower than they should be, i alt and tabbed out of a game to check what the clocks where while in game, and they still where the same, but a lot of my games are still lagging and i asked someone why and he said it was bottlenecking. Here are my specs:

Windows vista home premium intel pentium duel cpu e2180 @ 2. 00ghz
2gb ram
300w psu
Ati radeon hd 5700 series

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Overclocking Intel Celeron 2.66 Ghz

I need some advice. Im using a intel celerond 2. 66 ghz with 533 fsb. 256mb ram. I would like to overclock my pc, but i don't know whats the effective value of my cpu bus frequency i will set so that my processor wont overheat or damage my processor. My default frequency bus speed is 133mhz.

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Intel Core I7-720qm @ 1.60 Ghz

Im buying a laptop with an i7-720qm @ 1. 60 ghz. I believe that the i7 processor has 4 cores compared to an i5 which has 2 cores. My question is that do i multiply the 1. 60 ghz by 4 or are the 4 cores combined equal the 1. 60ghz?

You don't multiply the clock speed at all. It runs at 1. 6ghz, but can run four program threads simultaneously at that speed. If it was only running one then it'd still run at 1. 6ghz.

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Intel Core I7 Is Running At 2.65 Ghz

I just bought my new intel core i7 930 processor for my desktop. The stock speed is 2. 8 ghz correct? Well my i7 is currently running at 2. 65 ghz and i did not down clock or anything. What could possibly be happening or is this normal?

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Xfx Nvidia Geforce Gt 220 1gb Bottleneck

I have a xfx nvidia geforce gt220 1gb and im running a core 2 duo 2. 2ghz at the moment, i am hopeful to buy an amd 9850 quadcore black edition, would my graphics card bottle neck the amd?

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Overclock P3 1 Ghz 256k Cache Processor

Well i am trying to sqeeze every last bit of performance out of my p3 1ghz 256k cache processor. I am on an intel d815eea motherboard and there are absolutely no overclocking options in the bios. I have a thermaltake silent boost on the proc (overkill i know, but my motherboard has no temperature monitoring and i just wanted to be safe)

This is the link for cpu cooler

So with this said, it is obvious that i am gonna need to overclock through windows. Does anyone know of a good program that i could use to do this?

Piii (coppermine) 1ghz 256 cache proc on intel d815eea can i overclock?

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3 Ghz Ht Socket 478 Processor Temps

I've got a 3 ghz ht socket 478 processor (modle sl8jz, or the 3. 0e), and i was wandering if anyone knew the average heat range of these guys. Mine use to idle around 28c in my other case, but i think my new case has some airflow issues because it idles at 33 now. I mean, that's only a 5 degree increase, but still it's got a zalman and arctic silver 5 on it, so i'm not too concerned about it overheat'n at all, but i was just curious about the average temps of this proc.

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