Hp Laserjet Printer Light Is Always Blinking

I have printer hp laserjet 1300, the light is always blinking once it says that the cartridge is missing when i off and then on the printer i had print only two pages, after that is says that the cartridge is missing and it starts blinking, i check it out the cartridge and power cable and data cable so, but still i have the same problem i dont know what to do?

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Hp Deskjet F4185 Printer Red Light Is Blinking

I've got hp deskjet f4185 printer, start /copy light has an e and black/photo red light is blinking, why? My printer isn't working right now.

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Hp Deskjet 3745 Light Keeps Blinking

My hp deskjet 3745 light keeps blinking. I tried removing the cartridges, but they're stuck. I tried unplugging the machine. No good.

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Monitor Green Light Blinking

My computer monitor wont come on and the green light is blinking. I connected it to my laptop and nothing?

Unless your laptop isn't configured to output the video on the vga/dvi ports and if you have already tried the monitor on a known-good (working) desktop computer, then the monitor is probably already busted.

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Toshiba A135 Power Supply Light Blinking

Toshiba a135 won't stay on (blinking power supply light). I have a toshiba a135. I always left the charger plugged in, which drained the battery (down to 7 min total battery life). It always worked fine when plugged in. When the original charger stopped working, i just bought one with the correct tip, b/c the box said it was compatible with toshiba. It was a kensington 80w charger. That charger has since stopped working. It made a continuous beeping noise when plugged in and its light would also stay off, but those were problems with the charger. B/c this charger stopped working and the battery was useless, i bought another charger, a toshiba one, with what the guy at the store said was the correct wattage (90w). Now with the new charger the laptop started fine. It would not stay on, however. It would turn on, and at some point soon after it would turn off. When it does turn off, the power supply light is blue and blinking (none of the other lights are on), and the computer is unable to turn on at this moment. The laptop will turn back on if the battery is taken out and put back in, which makes the power supply light blue and the battery light orange (how it is when it is uncharged). It will stay on for a short period, then shut off again. I have a few questions concerning this:

-Does using a power adapter with the wrong wattage have permanent effects on a laptop/its battery?

-What does the blinking power supply light mean? And why does it stop blinking after the battery is put back in again?

-How do i fix the problem of my laptop continually turning off?

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Hp Deskjet Printer Arrow Blinking

Why wont my hp deskjet 5150 printer wont print? I don't know what little orange down arrow means. But now it won't print and there is paper still in there! And i don't think i'm out of ink cause only the arrow is blinking. Answer:- if the printer arrow orange light blinks, that may be for the following reasons:
- A paper jam
- The printer will not print
- Printing stopped unexpectedly

See the link for more details to solve the issue: http://bit. Ly/cm62d8

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Hp Deskjet D2445 Printer Power Button Blinking

How do i fix my hp deskjet d2445 printer. The power button line is blinking?

Try unplugging it then cut off computer then plug printer again then restart computer.

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Dell 1320c Printer Error Blinking Orange

My dell 1320c printer has an orange blinking error. It has an orange paper jam and "!" Symbol blinking. I checked for paper jams but none to be found. Really cant figure out what the problems can be. I was told to try cleaning the printer heads at one point so i did, no difference in the outcome.

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Hp Printer Orange Light Flashing

Ive just changed the color ink cartridge on my printer but when i try to print i have an orange light flashing next to what looks like a page icon with a teardrop on it. The page number selection has what looks like a reverse e. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried taking out the cartridge and putting it back in and switching on/off but it comes up the same.

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Printer Printing Pages Light And Dark

Printer ink light not on, pages printing light and dark. Well i have a samsung printer, never have changed ink in a printer before as it is my first printer and new. I am printing off a flyer, the typing is light down the middle of the page which interferes with some of he font. Any setting etc i can use to fix this?

Answer:- this sounds like a laser printer, correct? Try shaking the toner cartridge. The toner may not be evenly distributed. Or your toner cartridge is low - you need to replace it.

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Hp Deskjet 895cxi Printer Ink Light Flashing

I've been using the printer for a while now with no problems. The black and colored ink both ran out and i've tried to replace them with brand new ones but, once i change the cartridges, the printer's ink light starts flashing, and the printer does not work at all. Any help?

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Printer Laserjet Around $200

Just yesterday my inkjet printer ran out of black ink, and it's been out of color for quite awhile. The thing is as old as the dinosaurs, and i'm looking into getting something better. 99. 9% of the time, i only print black and white, so i'm in the market for a new laserjet i suppose as i understand they're much better overall for just black/white stuff. The printer would be just for me and speed isn't of the essence, so i don't need something that cranks out a thousand pages per minute. I'm mainly looking for something solid and reliable that'll last me awhile. Budget is probably < $200.

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How To Open Up Hp Laserjet Printer ?

How do i open up an hp laserjet 4000 to repair a broken on off button? How to remove panel? My hp laserjet 4000 power button is stuck in the off position, i think the spring is jammed. How do i remove the side panel to inspect or repair? I am not a computer expert.

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Hp Laserjet 5p Printer Problem

I have a very old hp laser jet 5p printer here at work. I cannot get an upgrade printer. I recently had to replace the ink toner. When i printed out the page it would print blurry and would double print. I did a print test page. It was blurry and the paper has turned grey and on the back of the paper is grey also. The page also has white lines that run up and down the page. So my question is how do i fix this printer issue? I must have the printer to perform my job. There is nobody at my office except for me.

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Hp Laserjet Multifunction Printer

Hp laserjet m1522nf multifunction printer - control panel not working? Printer was working fine yesterday, today it does not work.control panel buttons all do not work, no beeps, or menu change. Just have a hp printer and a <<<< just under it. Power cycled the printer. No change.

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Hp Laserjet Cp1210 Printer Issue

Hp laserjet cp1210 printer will not respond to commands. It won't delete job in query. I can't delete the printer. Printer won't print. It won't do anything. How do i get it to respond and clear the print job?

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Hp Laserjet 4300 Printer Will Not Print

Pings from all host are reaching the printer, but the, hp laserjet 4300 printer will not print. The printers ip address is 172. 16. 4. 65. Host range is 172. 16. 4. 1 to 172. 16. 4. 254. All host and the printer are connected are networked through a netgear prosafe 16 switch. What could the problem be and how do i fix it? The operating system is windows xp. There isn't any paper-jam.

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Hp Laserjet Cm2320nf Printer Error 59

What is error 59 in hp color laserjet cm2320nf multifunction printer?

Unfortunately there are multiple 59. Xx error codes listed (14 in all) in the service manual for this printer. The first one is 59. 3. The 59. 3 error states: the product has experienced a fuser motor startup error. Recommended action:

1. Turn off the power by using the power switch, and then wait at least 30 seconds. 2. Turn on the power and wait for the product to initialize. If the error persists, verify that the dc controller connectors are firmly connected. If the error persists, replace the fuser motor. If the error persists, replace the fuser. If the error persists, replace the sub-controller board. If the error persists, replace the dc controller. If the error persists, replace the low-voltage power assembly.

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Hp Laserjet 1320n Printer Installation

I need help on installing my hp 1320n printer. My computer recognizes it but i need some sort of program to install it or something. Where can i get the cd rom or hard drive. I looked on the hp website but i don't know which driver to choose. Answer:-
Here is the link to the hps driver section for hp laserjet 1320n printer model. Choose your operating system, download, and install: http://bit. Ly/cteeac

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Cannot Print On Both Sides With Hp Laserjet Printer

Can't print on both sides (manually) with hp laserjet p1006? I just got a new printer, as it says in the title it's an hp laserjet p1006. When i try to print on both sides manually, the first set of sheets go out just fine, but when i reinsert it, i don't know how to get it to finish the printing!

It might sound a bit dumb, but i have tried to press every buttons (there is only a red "cancel" one and the power button). I have also got a message on my computer, saying to press "continue" once i've put the pile of sheets back in the tray, but the button at the button of the window says "close", and when i press it, it just closes the message window. I used to have an hp laserjet1012, which had a green button to continue the printing. But now i am a bit confused!

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Hp Laserjet Printer Prints Blank

I use a printer under the name hp laserjet 1320n and i'm having some problems with it. The paper always prints blank even with a new ink cartridge and i need help finding the problem.

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Use Save Cartage In Hp Laserjet 2200dn Printer

How to use save cartage in hp laserjet 2200dn printer series pcl ?

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Hp P1007 Laserjet Printer - How Many Pages Can Be Print ?

I am interested in buying hp p1007 laserjet printer. Can anybody tell me whether it right decision?How many times refilling of cartridge is possible in p1007 model? What is the cost of refilling and how many pages can be print? Pl. Suggest any other printer if you think better?

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Hp Laserjet P1006 Printer Not Working In Windows 7

I have hp laser jet p1006 printer. I bought it on black friday its a really beautiful and nice printer . It was working when i had windows xp but now i installed windows 7 . Now this printer doesn't work it always shows installed again i did several times but i don't know why its not working .

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Hp Laserjet P1006 Printer Prints Backward

How can i fix the problem of my hp laser jet p1006? I have a hp laser jet 1006 model printer. Its about 2 months old, it has a problem. It prints backward like u have to read from the back.

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Hp Laserjet 2100m Printer Driver Windows 7

I have an hp laserjet 2100m printer at work. My manager's old computer prints to the old shared printer. He just bought a new windows 7 computer, but cannot connect to the shared printer. When i try, i get an error message indicating i don't have the correct driver. I am new at installing wireless software, and especially trying to get a new computer to connect to an old printer with no cd. Answer:- here is the hp web page that will allow you to install the correct 2100m drivers for either 32-bit or 64-bit windows 7: http://bit. Ly/aorlby

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Hp Color Laserjet Cp1215 Printer Jam

I have an hp color laserjet cp1215 printer. I am trying to use the printer to print invitation envelopes for a party, and it prints the right side of the envelope nicely, but for some reason, it keeps saying that there is a jam after it rolls the left side through, and the return address gets smudged. Any suggestions on how to prevent this?

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Hp Laserjet Cp1215 Printer Print Shadow

I have an hp cp1215 laserjet printer and when i print blue text, there is a pink shadow and when i print green text, there is a yellow shadow. What the heck. I have a big project to print, and it has to look good.

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Hp Color Laserjet C4600 Printer Problem

Hp c4600 printer problem, i replaced the ink cartridges and now its messed up. I got the printer for christmas and it had working just fine until now. I love taking pictures and i print off a lot of them. Before the prints were great, but now that i replaced the ink cartridges, all of the pictures have a really distinct red hue. It's very annoying and i don't know how to fix it. Can anyone help me?

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What Printer Cable To Use To Connect Laptop To Hp Laserjet ?

What type of printer cable do i use to connect my laptop to a hp laserjet 1100 printer?

Answer:- the hp laserjet 1100 printer (happens to be one of the printers i use) doesn't take just any cable as others have said, but takes a 36 pin mini-centronics parallel interface cable, but, if you don't have a parallel port on the computer you wish to connect it to, which is more & more common with newer computers, then you'll need a usb to parallel adapter to connect it to your computer using the usb port, it supports both types of parallel interface types.

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