System Recovery For Dell Latitude D610

How to do a system recovery for dell latitude d610 back to the original factory settings running xp? It's service pack 3 and doesn't seem to have a recovery boot option like if you press f11 as i've read elsewhere. Is there discs and does anyone have them?

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Drivers For Dell Latitude D610

Which drivers do i install for my dell latitude d610? And how? I had to put in a new hard drive because my previous one became extremely fragmented and i could not recover anything. What a pain. Anyways, i am having trouble finding out which drivers i need off the dell support and drivers website and how do i install them because i can't connect to the internet without those same drivers?

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Difference Between Dell D600 And D610

What is the difference between the dell d600 and d610 ? Which computer would be the best to buy and why. I only want to use it for surfing the internet and word processing, movies, online radio/music, playing cds.

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Dell D610 Is Not Getting Full Screen Resolution

My dell d610 isnt getting full screen resolution after reinstalling winxp pro? I think i need drivers for the display adapter, and i believe its intel based. I remember before i reinstalled i had some sort of intel utility for it. My native resolution is 1400x1050 but windows only recognizes a few default resolutions like 800x600 and 1280x1024. I want 1400x1050 back! Anyone know what the name if that intel utility is, and where to download it?

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Help With Hp System Recovery

I recently had an issue with one of my hard drives in raid 0, so i had to order recovery discs from hp and reinstall the operating system. I just finished running the discs, and everything seemed to have completed successfully. After finishing, it instructed me to reboot the computer. When it loaded back up, it didn't boot windows, just opened a blue hp screen, opened command prompt and started running some codes. After this, it went to a plain yellow screen and shows two little folders with files going across. This screen has been up for about an hour, and i'm starting to get worried. Should i just wait it out? Could a bad hard drive have caused the raid failure, then somehow survived the recovery and is now causing issues? If that's the case how do i know which hard drive is bad?

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Dell Latitude

Have a dell latitude c510/c610, worked fine for last several years and today out of the blue the monitor sort of fades to black. If i turn it off and back on it is fine for a few moments and then fades to black again, there is also a pinkish hue on the screen that was not there before. Any ideas?

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Dell Latitude D620 Drivers

I have a dell latitude d620 that i recently purchased with a built in web cam and i do not know how to access it. I have searched google for drivers and i have tried everything to access the camera and i am very angry because i can't find anything any good free driver sites ?

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Upgrading Cpu Dell Latitude C400

Anyone know if a cpu can be upgraded on a dell latitude c400 laptop, it has a 733mhz now but would prefer a 1200mhz, can it be done?

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Dell Latitude D630 To Run Starcraft 2

Will my dell latitude d630 run starcraft 2? It has a 14. 1" screen will the graphics card handle it?

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How Much To Sell Dell Latitude C600 Laptop ?

How much can i sell my dell latitude c600 laptop for? Its used, in decent condition. It works. The only problem is that you have to mess with the charger to get it charging. It holds about an hour of charge. I know its a very old and dated laptop, im just trying to get the salvage value. Specs are:

Processor type: intel pentium iii mobile
Processor speed: 850 mhz
Screen size: 14. 1 inches
Processor configuration: single core
Operating system: windows 2000
Memory (ram): 256 mb
Primary drive: dvd-rom
Hard drive capacity: 80 gb

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Dell Latitude D620 Screen Dark

Why does my dell latitude d620 screen go dark as soon as i plug in the power cord? It runs fine on battery but as soon as i plug in the power cord the back-light goes out.

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Dell Latitude D531 Ram Upgrade

I have a dell latitude d531. It's 32 bit, with 800 mhz. I intend to upgrade from 2gb to 4gb ram. Will i run into any issues?

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Dell Vostro 3500 Vs Latitude E6410

Dell vostro 3500 vs latitude e6410, which laptop is better? I am buying certified refurbished from dell outlet. By the way, i already have ram ddr3 chips that i plan to expand the ram with (they are compatible with both machines). I plan to run virtual machines, computer programming, photoshop, and games like need for speed undercover, which ran fine on a machine with ati radeon hd 3200 graphics and a turion x2 processor.

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Dell Latitude C600 Screen Issue

I have a dell latitude c600. The problem is the screen sometimes goes crazy. If i move the screen up & down & tap on it it will start working.

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Replacing Memory On Dell Latitude D505

In my dell latitude d505 can i replace the 128mb 333mhz ddr sdram memory with the 1gb pc2-5300s memory from a dell vostro 1710?

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Ram For Dell Latitude E6400 Laptop

What kind of ram does my dell latitude e6400 laptop take and what size hard drive can i upgrade it too and how much ram can it hold?

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Dell Latitude C610 Built-in Webcam

Does the dell latitude c610 have a built in webcam? Im looking for a laptop that has a cheap price and i found the dell latitude c610, but i want my laptop with a built in webcam. And im not sure if the laptop has one. Do any of you guys know? And if not, can you recommend me some cheap priced laptops?

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Dell Latitude C600 Wireless Connection Problem

I've installed a wireless card onto my dell latitude c600 laptop. The laptop is able to connect to the wireless router. I know this because i downloaded something called wirelessmon and it shows my network and that i connected to it. Neither firefox nor ie are able to browse to any pages, however. And i don't see any software on the machine that allows me to see signal strength or anything. What settings to i need to change? When i do an ipconfig /all there is nothing under default gateway or dns servers. How can i connect?

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Dell Latitude D600 Can't Access Internet

I have a dell latitude d600 btw. So anyhow, i have a wireless router and the same internet works on my computer when it's connected on the lan thing but when i try to access the internet it says my ip is 0. 0. 0. 0 and it won't let me and the 'connection' thing says it is connected to my network and the signal is excellent. My dad and i tried contacting our isp but they said there's nothing they can do about it since it works on our computer. I told them it's because we have an invalid ip for some reason and they hung up. I even went to the store where we bought our laptop and they didn't know what to do either. And if you know what i'm supposed to do please explain it in a simple way because i'm still pretty much a n00b.

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Can I Format Recovery Drive On Dell Laptop ?

I am using windows 7 os in my dell laptop. There is a drive named recovery. Can i format that drive?What happens if i format it. Anyways the next recovery points will be created as usual right? What is its importance.

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Virus Cards - System Recovery Cards

I recently came to about there are certain pci cards in the market saying that they are for protecting from viruses. And supports system recovery. I dont understand how a hardware can fight against viruses. Is it a hoax or a reality?

Can someone please let me know?

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Dell Dimension System Restore

I have a dell dimension 2400 and the way that dell tells me to do a complete system restore isn't working. They say at start up to press the ctrl + f11 buttons and this will give me the option to rest to factory settings. However, when i do i get a keyboard not working correctly error. So, is there a better way to restore my settings or is there some way to download a system restore cd. How can i fix this problem. P. S. Whenever i press f1 or f12 those keys do what they should, the ctrl+f11 does not.

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Dell Dimension System Restore Cd

Where can i download a dell dimension system restore cd? My computes needs a system restore and i cant find my cd.

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Using Features And Functions On Dell System

I just got a new dell xps system and it has an nvidia 8600gts in it. I am wondering what features and functions i need to turn on and where, to make the graphics look as best they can. In gtr2 config, i have it set to 1680 x 1050 x 32 (dell digital wide screen) and have the aa on the highest setting. Even with lots of cars on track, i get great fps (60-110) but it just doesn't look that great. My radeon x700 in my old system had a better picture. I am sure there are functions/features i need to activate or adjust, but i am not sure where they are. Is there some other settings panel in gtr2 that i haven't found yet? I saw the nvidia control panel but am not really sure what to do with it.

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System Board For Dell Inspiron 2800

Hope to get some help on this one. I'm looking for a system board for a dell inspiron 2800. I know that some other dell systems also used the same board and would like to know which ones. The board's part number is cn-05y835.could someone also direct me to a site(s) that may still hold parts for this dell model?

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Dell Inspiron 9400 System Restore

How do you do a system restore on a dell inspiron 9400?

Do you have a restore disk? If you do then put it in the dvd drive and on boot it will say "hit ant key to boot from dvd" so hit the enter key and follow the prompts on the screen. If you don't have a restore disk then you will need a windows disk that matches your installed os. Then you can use your coa# from your windows sticker on the computer.

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Dell Optiplex Gx240 System Bios

I want to get the new bios for my desktop computer, but i do not have a floppy drive. I currently have the a02 bios and the program that dell gives me to get the bios requires u make a disk and reboot the computer from it. Can i make the disk on another computer or will it screw up the other computer? Or is there a way to use a cd-rom? I tried and it seems to really want a floppy. I am running xp home edition oem.

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Hookup Jacks In Audio Ports Of Dell System

How do i hook up my dell mms 5650 system, i have a blue, pink and green jack on my computer. The system has bl?

Answer:- these blue, pink and green ports are the audio ports. The green port is the main audio port, the pink i do believe is the sub hookup and the blue is the center. But the pink is also your mic hook up.

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Hdd Recovery Issue

I have a serious hdd recovery issue, and don't know what to do. I have a 160 gig hdd, primary and secondary is the same. I started my comp (desktop) today and suddenly it went 100% working, and i cudnt even do shift+ctrl+esc for the task manager ( os: xp pro sp1). Its been stable for a long time so all configuration is fine. This is a instant error due to some anomaly , not configuration! Ok, so after a while i pushed the restart button. This must of corrupted the drive as it was reading or writing, as now the mobo detects the hdd, but yet it is not working (i/o error). The mbr doesnt detect the disk, (i get a geometry error, due to secondary disk being listed probably as primary. ) The boot loader is grub as i have a linux box as well on prim disk. This has nothing to do with the grub being corrupted either. It simply is that the primary hdd is having an i/o error, cos i restarted the computer while it was working? I have never seen a hdd been damaged by this before, and wondering if it was some malicious code, running the hdd on purpose like that to ruin it?

In any case, xp recovery doesnt work, and no point in resetting the mbr surely as my disk is recognised, but not accessible. Is there *any* way for me to fix the i/o, or somehow does anyone know a fix for such a problem. Please help, as i keep 4 logical partitions on the physical drive, and as long as it has this i/o error, i cannot format it and rerun an os installation on the c partition.

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Data Recovery - Vista

My ibm ideapad woke up with "missing/corrupt bootmgr". Not good i know, but anyways i was just gonna back up my data and give it a fresh install and everything would be better. Right. No that would be too much to ask from ms. My normal means of data backup in this situation would be to just plug hdd into another computer and copy it off. However when i plug in the drive all the data seems to be hidden. From what i figure probably a vista security. How do i get the data off? The hdd with the data was vista and i'm using an xp desktop to get the data. I see the hdd fine. Just can't access the data. Does anyone know how?

I tried using a data recovery.couldn't think of anything better. Again i can see the data just don't have permission to access it.

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