Toshiba Laptop Not Go Past Welcome Screen

I was restarting my computer after an update for my itunes and i think that one of my family members accidentally turned it off (which might have caused the problem). Also, in safe mode, it says that windows installer is supposedly not properly installed. And when it does go past the welcome screen after i do a system restore, it is enormously slow.

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Winxp Won't Go Past Loading Screen

It all started when i downloaded adobe reader because before that i downloaded some pdf instruction manual files from the torq website, it turned out that i didn't have a pdf reader, so thats why i downloaded adobe reader. Then i realized i all ready had the pdf manuals for the torq digital dj mixer. So after downloading the adobe reader it gave me an adobe reader 9 installer file. I didn't want it in my home screen (the one with the apps and the youre background) so i moved it into the my hard drive (local disk) labeled (c:). Everything was fine so i logged out normally. The next day (which is the day im typing this) i turned on the computer and still everything seemed normal then it went into the loading screen (the one with the black screen and windows xp on it with the moving blue bar) where it loaded and loaded and loaded and it never stopped loading. So i got tired and went into the safe mode with internet connection. So i researched on google and found people with similar problems but a) i don't have the windows xp installer disc to reinstall windows xp, b) i went to add or remove programs and still couldn't find the windows xp app to uninstall, c) i tried to restore system in both safe modes and it said "system restore has been turned off and can not be turned on in safe mode, to turn on system restore, restart in normal mode and then run system restore again" but how if i cant even get to normal mode.

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Cannot Get Past C1 Postcode

I just bought a new mother board, processor, windows, (and some other unimportant junk) to upgrade my pc. I reused my video card, memory, sound card and peripherals. Now it hangs on the c1 post code. I tried each of the 3 sticks of memory separately, clearing the cmos jumper each time, with no luck. Everything works fine in the old mb so i was wondering if i had a compatibility issue with the memory or the video card. Mb - abit ip35pro 775
Cpu - intel core2 quad 2. 40
Vc - msi nx7800gtx 256
Mem - 3 corsair 1gb 533 (vs1gb533d2) sticks

P. S. Not sure if its relevant to this but i have an old copy of windows installed on the hd and have not had the chance to install the newly purchased copy.

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Will Not Start Up Past Post

I had a situation last night where my pc was frozen so i restarted it. In restarting the computer it would freeze at the post right after it sensed the keyboard and mouse. I'm wondering if that means there may be something wrong with the hard drive since i believe that was next in the detection list. Can anyone assist?

Also, as a side note, i was wondering if there was such a thing as some free software that you can burn to a cd and run as a diagnostics to check all of your hardware.

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Toshiba Satellite A300 Lcd Screen Cracked

My toshiba satellite pro a300 lcd screen cracked yesterday night and i can find on the internet a replacement one but you have to replace it by yourself and im not this kind of person! Does anyone know any sites where i can send the laptop off to?

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Computer Do Not Get Past Post Without Reflashing Cmos

When i turn off my computer and turn it back on it won't get past post. It says "no ide hard drives detected. " I flash my cmos, edit the bios, and it loads xp like normal. To test, i turn it back off and on again. Same problem - it won't get past post without reflashing cmos. I tested this about three times with the same result each time. I can, however, restart the computer. I just can't turn it off without reflashing. Oddly enough, i think this is an xp problem, as this only happens when i click on start > turn off computer > turn off. If i restart the computer, everything is fine. Even if i restart, turn it off during post, and then turn it back on, everything is still fine. I've had my current setup for over a year and this problem just started a couple weeks ago.

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If Disconnect Laptop Screen, Will External Screen Still Work ?

If i disconnect my laptop's screen, will an external screen still work? I have an acer aspire5315 laptop. What i am doing is i am putting it into a custom case that will not fit the built-on screen. The laptop does have a vga output (so i can connect it to another monitor, or hdtv. ) So, if i disconnect the laptop screen completely from the motherboard, will an external one connected via vga still work?

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Toshiba Laptop Will Not Turn On

My toshiba laptop will not turn on? It stopped working on friday morning, i fixed it using these tips:

1. Remove the battery from the laptop (unplug it from the ac prior to removing it)

2. Plug the ac back in (leaving the battery out)

3. Gently move the connector from the ac adapter that is in the laptop gently from side to side, and then in circles. Very gently and watch your lights on your laptop; see if they blink or show any sign of life. 1. Remove the battery from the laptop (unplug it from the ac prior to removing it)

2. Plug the ac back in (leaving the battery out)

3. Gently move the connector from the ac adapter that is in the laptop gently from side to side, and then in circles. Very gently and watch your lights on your laptop; see if they blink or show any sign of life. But now they don't work help?

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How To Connect Toshiba Laptop To Tv ?

How to connect laptop to tv? I have the hardware connected from my toshiba laptop that has vista. I have clicked the display options and it wont detect the tv. I do not know where to go from here. I have a hdmi in the tv, and it connects to an adaptor which connects to the laptop. Where can i go from here?

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Dell, Toshiba, Or Hp Laptop?

I'm in the market for a laptop (my first) to last me at least 5 years with no problems or need for repair. I'm interested in purchasing either a dell, toshiba, or an hp (originally i wanted a macbook, but i've heard that that's not the best choice for a biology major-the compatible software is not as good?), But i don't know which one is best. I'm willing to pay up to $1200 as long as it has the following specifications:

-Built-in webcam
-Long-lasting battery (at least 5 hours)
-Best processor (fast with good performance)
-4gb memory
-At least 16" screen
-It must be quiet
-Must last me at least 5 years
-Dvd/cd drive (no blu-ray necessary)

Also, i'm not a big gamer (i like sims and nancy drew games, but other than that i really am not big into computer games). Please let me know if this request is even possible or if i need to lower my expectations! But please help me figure out which laptop to purchase!

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Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Problem

I have a problem with my toshiba laptop keyboard. It starts typing z or / or by itself. Sometimes it is zzzzzz (tens of z) of !~! (Tens of ). For example if i try to type "hello" it will type as "hezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzlzzzzzzzzzlzzzo". Sometimes the up arrow or down arrow or page-down is pressed continuously. I have norton antivirus. I have run 10-20 antivirus, spyware and malware tools. They could not find anything. In a forum they said that this might be a keyboard hardware problem. Can you please let me know what should be done?

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Toshiba Laptop Keys Not Working

A few of my keys have stopped working on the keyboard of my toshiba laptop after a dreaded water spill. When i spilled the water the laptop was off, and i immediately turned the laptop over and left it to dry. When i turned it back on, initially the a key didn't work and probably a lot of others but the a was the only key i noticed as my password has an a in it. A few days later when i turned it on the a key must have dried out more and it had started to work, allowing me to log on. However, it has been 5 days since i spilled the (small amount of) water on the keyboard and these keys do not work [q, x, win, fn, ctrl]

The x key works if i hold the key down for a long while, but the others do not seem to do this. Obviously the kb is not trashed as it still works for most keys and the a key started working again. Does anyone have any advice on how i can take apart and clean or make sure it is dry? Or what has caused the keys to not work after they are dry, i have taken a few caps off and the toshiba laptop looks pretty water proof (lots of rubber caps, and nothing looking rustable/corrosive-able) i could post pictures if needed or has anyone had experience with tosh keyboards who could help me. Replacing is a last resort as i priced up a new keyboard online at 50~. That doesn't seem worth it .

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Toshiba Laptop M100 Problem

Toshiba laptop m100. I've opened a dos box while surfing the net etc. The dos box will show blank letters (in other words, if i typed >mememe at the dos prompt, spaces would quickly fill up over loading the buffer. Tried moving the ram from one slot to the other. Before, it wasn't spaces, it was l's and 3's (maybe more)

So, you see, moving the ram over "helped" but did not resolve the problem. Ps: i have checked for all manners of spyware etc. And the behavior continues. Yes, i do not mind wiping the laptop clean. But is it a software issue? It looks like a hardware issue. Pss: to change the ram from one slot to the other, i had to remove the keyboard and then replace it. I could not find any water or coca cola damage to the keyboard. Anything else worth trying?

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Toshiba Laptop Charger Not Working

Toshiba laptop charger not working. I was bringing it downstairs and i plugged it in and its not charging.

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Sound On Toshiba Laptop Is Not Working

Sound on toshiba laptop is not working, my mom was trying to mute the sound on the laptop but instead made the laptop have no sound at all. I went to the sound options but it just said that there was no audio output device installed.

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Laptop Asus Vs Hp Vs Samsung Vs Toshiba

Okay i need help choosing a new laptop. Ive heard good and bad things about all brands. I am not buying a mac. Im sticking to pc. But i need input from people here and there opinions as to what laptop is best for quality and longevity.

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Toshiba Laptop Mouse Not Move

My toshiba laptop mouse not move how can i solve it?

Answer:- hold down the fn key then press the f9 to turn on the glide pad (mouse) if you have an external mouse plugged in then unplug it and check to see if f9 is active.

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Toshiba Laptop Battery Not Charging

Toshiba laptop battery not charging, but says its is and battery light is on? I have a toshiba satellite laptop a100 series. When plugged in with adaptor, laptop works fine. The battery light is on at the front (which i think means its charging it)

In the icons in the corner, when i hover over the battery indicator it says 1% available (plugged in, charging) but it never gets over 1%, and when i pull the charger out it instantly fails, so basically it's not charging at all, but its telling me it should be. Iv tried reinstalling the driver for the charger/battery, no a bios thing off toshiba website, no change. Any suggestions on what's wrong and how to fix it?

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Do Toshiba A500 Laptop Have Webcam ?

Do all toshiba a500 laptops have a webcam? I bought a toshiba a500 laptop yesterday at office works, and the one on display did have a webcam, but when i opened the box when i got him i was surprised to see there was no webcam, and it was funny cause the protective plastic that you take off when new was shaped to be covering a webcam, and yeah i don't know whether i got ripped off, or that this type of a500 doesn't have a webcam.

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Toshiba Laptop Cd Drive Cannot Read

How do i figure out what is wrong with my toshiba laptop's cd drive? The c. D. Drive partly reads the dvd/cd's i put in it. It makes weird noises and gives me "cannot read" messages. Is there a software or some program i can get on the net so i can diagnose what is wrong with my c. D. Drive and go from there?

I have a toshiba satellite p-200
Windows vista home basic x32

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Toshiba Laptop Charger Is Not Working

My daughter had the laptop and put the charger in but it came back out it just keeps sliding out. So i looked in in the part for the charger and the little silver bit where the charger charges it was out but in like when you move the laptop it doesn't move. This happened last year with it and we sent it away to get fixed and the people said it happens a lot with this laptop my daughter is 14 and is really upset that it was her that broke it can i fix it in any way? Im not sure what model the laptop is it's a toshiba. But when i plug the charger into the socket in the wall it works its just inside the laptop

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Sound Just Stopped Working On A Toshiba Laptop

I have a toshiba laptop (i don't know what model, just recently, the sound just stopped working. Just like that, one second i'm listening to a song and the next, i'm not. Nothing is muted (the speakers are on, the dial switch on the side is on high, and the volume is turned up in the taskbar), but i can't hear anything at all (no music, no system sounds, etc). For awhile, i could hear a ding when i adjusted the volume in the taskbar and sometimes i could hear the notes that played when i hit one of the toggle keys. But i don't hear anything now. Does anyone know what could be wrong and how to fix it? I heard i could just restore my computer (with the recovery cd), but there has to be some easier way (plus i don't want to lose all of my files and settings).

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Toshiba Laptop Hdd Password Problem

My toshiba laptop (satellite centrino). The computer froze and started making weird noises, i powered off and when it rebooted it gave me a message for the "hdd password", right now i can't access the data neither can we start the computer. What can i do to get the data out of the hard drive?

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Ram Compatibility Problems With Toshiba Laptop

New ram problems with toshiba laptop will not work. ? I just bought new ram for my laptop. It is the same type of ram (2 gigabyte ddr2) same compatibility, same company, even from the same box. I put the ram inside the slot and now my laptop will not go past the toshiba boot screen. The laptop is running an intel pentium dual core, 2. 5g of ram (not counting the new 2g that im replacing the old 512mb with) with vista ultimate 32-bit. Any ideas? (Also i already tried going to just 3g of ram but still will not boot)

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Toshiba Laptop Upgrade Ram Issue

Adding ram to a toshiba laptop did not change the total memory? I installed a 512mb (pc-4200) chip to the toshiba laptop, right next to another 512 chip. I made it past the boot screen without crashing so i thought i installed it correctly. I noticed that the start-up speed was cut in-half, and that the operation of the computer was considerably faster. However, when i opened up the task-manager the number read the same as before the chip was installed. (456, 744kb). Is it being utilized by the computer, or do i need to change something in the bios?

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How To Dust Out Toshiba Satellite L300 Laptop ?

Would anyone know how to dust out a toshiba satelite l300 laptop? I have one of these, and when i play video games, i have this tremendous lag. I sent it back to the store to get a checkup and afterwards it worked fine. They said all they did was cleaned the keys and dusted it out. I would rather not send it away for 30 days to get it repaired again, so any suggestions?

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Upgrade Toshiba Sp2100 Laptop From Xp To Vista

Does anyone know how to upgrade toshiba sp2100 cel laptop from xp to vista? Im currently watching a toshiba sp2100 cel laptop on ebay but its only on windows xp. I don't want it unless i can upgrade it to at least windows vista (windows 7 if that possible). All it says the cpu is celeron 1. 5ghz and its only got 512mb ram. If anyone knows if this is upgradeable then please tell me if not then looks like im stuck with xp.

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Toshiba Satellite M30 Laptop Shuts Down

Toshiba satellite m30 laptop turns on for a second and shuts down! I have removed the hard drive and switched the ram around and even tried it without the ram. When i try to power up the laptop, the lights come on and there's an almighty racket from the fan (but the fan is free and spins) and then it shuts down! I have disconnected the fan but even then it will shut down as soon as it's powered up!

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Restore Toshiba Laptop To Factory Settings

How do i restore my toshiba laptop to factory settings? I've pretty much tried everything, it didn't come with a recovery disk and when i restarted my computer and pressed whatever i pressed it only asked me to do memory diagnostics and to restore system settings with a restore point that i had to set that only set it to a recent point in time, which sucks. I got the computer in 08 and it runs windows vista if that helps any.

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Toshiba Laptop Sd Multi Reader Card

How does an sd multireader card work on a toshiba laptop? I've accidentally deleted photos on my sony cyber-shot camera and purchased a $20 optex: digital memory card reader from walmart to retrieve my photos from my 2. 0 gb sd card. I'm not sure if i inserted my sd card correctly or if it even properly fits. When i do insert the usb into my laptop the "removable disk (:f)" drive appears, however it keeps asking me to insert a disk in(which i though i did). Can someone please help me figure out how to use my optex sd reader in order to retrieve my pictures back.

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