Playing Music Direct Through Mic

I am trying to find an easy way to play music through ventrilo instead of having to hold my mic up to the speakers and was wondering if winamp had a way to do it? I basically want the sound output to be diverted into the mic input without having to do it manually. Please could you tell me if there is a way.

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Computer Restarts Playing Games, Music, Flash, Etc

My computer is restarting when i'm playing games, music, or using flash on the internet. Sometimes it can go 45 minutes to an hour, and sometimes it's only a few minutes before it restarts. Restarts in grand theft auto vice city, crimes of war, playing music in itunes, etc. It's really annoying, and my computer is a beast. I'd love to get this resolved. Also, as a note, for some weird reason i don't get bsods or anything. Just restarts or crashes. Yes, i've unticked the option in the control panel>system>error thing. I've even run windows on the boot option of "don't restart on system failure" or whatever. And it's not overheating, because my computer hardly gets over 100f.

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Direct Connection Modem

If you have a laptop that uses wireless internet from a modem which does that, can i use direct connection even though a desktop is using it and still have everything work like normal after the connection?Like i'll unplug the modem from the desktop then plug it into my laptop, then plug it back into the desktop will everything work like normal again?

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Use Mac Or Pc For Music Editing

Should i use a mac or a pc for music editing? I just bought an m-audio oxygen 49 midi controller keyboard, and it didn't come with any software. I downloaded the reason 4. 0 trial to my windows pc and although it is very complicated and has a lot more features than i will ever need, i do like it. However, when the trial expires, i don't know if i'd rather dish out $300 plus tax for the full version, or if i'd just like to buy a used, but perfectly functioning 13" 2008 macbook for $550. Then, i could use garageband to start off, and my brother can actually get me any other midi software for mac without a cost through his job. My current laptop, an hp 2710p, seems to run reason pretty well, but the macbook has significantly better specs, including the sound card, so it might be the smarter choice. It's just a matter of the extra $250. I'd like input from anybody with a lot of experience in music creation, perhaps both on mac and pc, but please don't give me biased information. Also if there are any other midi programs for mac that are full-featured and easy to use and you think they might be a decision-breaker, please let me know.

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Audio Clipping With Music Program

Whenever i am listening to music via any program, itunes, foobar, wmp it will clip the audio. This happens regardless of any eq settings, or what is set in the creative control panel. Randomly it will sort of insert a crackle sound and it is making me not want to listen to music anymore! Does anyone have an idea of what is going on?

Amd athlon x2 3800+
2gb ram
Nvidia 7800gt
Creative x-fi xtreme audio with latest drivers
Dlink 1gbps pci ethernet card (i am not sure of the exact model)
Windows 7 x64

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Sharing Music In Itunes On A Network

There is an option in itunes to broadcast music in your playlist to another pc on the same network. Now this may sound as though it is a very stupid question. But if i broadcast a song to another pc, will it add to my download limit with my isp. The music file is on my pc, but broadcasting it to another pc in my home network will it add to my download limit with my isp?

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External Or Internal Drive For Music Collection

I need a little guidance. Novice when it comes to computers. I want to put on my computer my entire cd music collection approximately 1, 500 cd's. Is it better to put on an external hard drive? Which one and how big? Or internal hard drive? What are the benefits and disadvantages of each. To get the best quality how would i copy them.

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Website Play Music Stalls Intermittently

I have a dell computer, running windows xp, when i play music off the website, my music stalls intermittently and sometimes starts playing again, any ideas?

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Cassette Music Use More Space On Mp3 Than Lg Phone

Why does cassette music use more space on a mp3 than a lg phone when synced from my computer? My dad put his cassettes on his windows mp, and he synced it to his walkman. It took up alot of space. Later, when he put it on his chocolate phone, it took up less space on his phone than his sony walkman. Please explain.

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Transfer Music From Ipod Into New Itunes Library

Okay so, i have an account on my laptop to which i have itunes and download all my music on. Recently, my account has gotten very messed up and won't let up open up my internet or itunes and keeps saying there's a trojan horse - sounds dodgy i know but, i've tried to get rid of it =/ i made a new account on my laptop that also has itunes and works perfectly in letting me use the internet and open itunes etc. The thing is i want to put all the music on my ipod into this itunes, is this possible? I don't want to lose my music because there's so much of it but, i've no other way to get it because i don't have all the music files saved the just go automatically into the other itunes which won't open. I know it sounds confusing but is there anyway i can transfer music from my ipod straight into a new itunes library?

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Itunes Music Library File Cannot Be Located

Basically, whenever i want to play music on itunes, it tells me the file can't be located, so i have to go searching through my music/download folders to try and locate the track. This is really, really frustrating. It started doing this when i lost my previous itunes to a virus, so most of the songs i reloaded came from a flashstick. My question is, why can't itunes ever locate the songs?

They're either in my music or my downloads folders. Another question: what will happen if i locate all the songs that can't be located, then delete the songs from my *music* folder? I find it total bs that i have to keep every song i have in itunes in my music folder, too; it's taking up tons of memory to have every song twice (one in itunes, one in music). What's the point in having itunes if i need another folder as well?

So to sum up:

~Do i actually need the tracks in my music/downloads folder as well?

~What will happen in itunes if i delete all the music from my music folder? (Only *after* locating them in itunes 1st. Will they be 'lost' again and not sync to my ipod?)

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Itouch Problem - No Music, Download From Itunes

I turn on my itouch first generation with 2. 0 software, and click music icon and it says "no music, download from itunes" and it says the same when i click on videos icon but "no videos". This is weird because a few days a go i had tons of music and three videos. I plug it into my computer and my ipod shows up on itunes and it has under it, music, videos, tv shows, 90's music, etc. And all of the stuff that was on my ipod is there, like it was when it was on my ipod and computer . None of it is in my library because i get music from someone else. I tried backing up and nothing changes. Sync says tht it will erase my whole ipod music and put whats on my library to my ipod, no library though. What do i do? If i restore will my music still be there, all my apps be there? Help -so its not on my ipod or itunes when my ipod is not connected. I plug it in and under devices category music its all there, i backup and still not on ipod.

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Headphone With Mic Around $50

Can you guys recommend me a headphone with mic please?

I'm looking to spend around $50.

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All Sound Goes Through Mic

I have a gigabyte p35-ds3p with onboard realtek hd audio, running xp sp3, and i'm having problems with my mic when i try to play online games or make skype calls or similar. Whenever i use the mic (ingame, over skype, or anything else), all the sound my computer makes (mp3s playing, ingame noises such as guns firing etc) is broadcast over the mic in addition to whatever i'm saying into it, which makes it useless for gaming as whoever is listening at the other end just hears a horrible mess of noise. After googling for solutions, the most commonly suggested fix involves muting the stereo mix slider in recording properties, which i've already done. This seems to be the solution for most people who have this issue, but it doesn't appear to be for me. I can't think of anything else i could do that might stop any and all audio being played over the mic does anyone have any suggestions?

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Free Music Download Program In Android Market

What is the best free music download program in the android market? I just got my sony ericsson xperia x10 and i want to start downloading music for my ring tones. My friend had requested the musicshare (or something like that) program, but i was wondering if there is any better one than that one? Also is there any good movie download program as well?

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Headset Mic Does Not Work

I got the new logitech pro headset with mic. When i use it in cs it doesnt work. I checked all the settings and nothing. Can somone who has there mic working tell me there settings.

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Best Webcam / Mic For Skype

I haven't ever had a webcam, always thought they were a bit superflous for what i needed. However i need to use skype now for some things and i was wondering what sub-$100 webcam would be good. I would like an integrated mic as well just because it saves deskspace. The internet connection is dsl 1. 5mb down / 768kb up and i normally get 1. 2mb down/ 600kb up.

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Wireless Headphones, Mic

I need a good wireless headphone and microphone headset. Price is w/e. You get what you pay for so it really does not matter.

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Usb Headphones With Mic

Since i started playing games that require voice chat recently i need a new usb headset, since i cant be bothered to switch between speakers and headphones while playing (and my old headphones are pretty greasy after nearly 9 years )

Are headphones without a mic + a clip on mic the better alternative right now or will the sound quality suffer if i use a clip on microphone. I'm pretty much open to any idea. Price range would be 100$-150$.

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Headphone / Mic Recommendation

I'm looking to spend <$300 while getting a good sounding headphone/mic combination. Positional audio is nice, but i'd rather have better overall sound (as i'm playing wow will play music in the background at times) versus the best of the best positional audio. I looked at the zalman mic but was curious as to whether it picked up background noise and background voices. Also, i saw senn, audio, etc were good brands, but which is the best sounding and not just best positional?

Fyi:- i'm upgrading from the previous purchase of razor (hp1?) Headphones i made right after they came out. They are starting to go on me and i want a better set. These were "okay" but i definately wasn't awed by them as some have been and feel they were a bit overpriced for what you got (yes i have the soundcard to go with them and it's connected via the hdmi type connector).

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Headset With Mic Recommendations

I need an analog wired headset with microphone (preferably directional but would like to see omni-directional as well) for no more then $80. I need recommendations for a sound card that will run to a receiver and 6/7. 1 home theater speaker setup and cost no more than $100. Will this be enough for a card running to a lower end home theater set up?

I need speaker recommendations for a 6/7. 1 setup. I'm not sure how much quality lower end home theater speakers run. What can i get for $300-$400 excluding receiver?

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Ps3 Will No Longer Recognize Pictures & Music On Usb Stick

Ps3 will no longer recognize pictures & music on my usb stick. I thought the update sounded cool, that i could store pictures and music on my ps3 but now i insert the usb stick into the ps3 it doesn't find anything. It did before the update and it still does on my pc so what gives? Any ideas?

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Computer Wont Connect Usb To Save Pictures And Music

My computer has a virus and won't let my usb connect. Any other way i can save my pictures and music? It won't let me do anything at all (but for some reason i can still open my files, but that's it). The only site i can access is this anti-virus software page it keeps telling me to buy. What should i do?

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Mic To Usb Converter Headphones

I recently bought a sennheiser 350 which has a mic, unfortunately for my sound card, it only has a digital line in/mic jack which is shared. I am already using the digital line in jack so there is no room for my mic to be plugged in. Enabling the mobo sound-card causing some weird sound issues to make the mic work. So i am wondering if any of you know a good mic to usb converter or some sort of y adapter to share the two. Thanks in advance!

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Need A New Sound Card, Headphones, Mic

So i decided it is probably about time to retire my hd485's that are falling apart, my pos on-board sound card is pretty lame, and my microphone just decided to stop working. Budget is about $300usd. Microphone doesn't need to be anything special, preferably something that i can clip-on to my headphones, as long as it doesn't sound too terrible i could care less. I like listening to bass-heavy music and playing fps games, so headphones with a good 3d layout would be ideal. I notice with my hd485's it's pretty hard to tell which direction shots are coming from, much easier with my half-broken steel-series 5h. Too bad those don't work at all anymore, piece of advice: never buy steel-series anything, it's just overpriced garbage. I have been told the beyerdynamic dt770's are pretty good, but they cost a bit more than i want to pay, unless someone can find me a deal on them (i recall seeing them on amazon a while ago for $110 ish)

Sound cards i have no clue. I've only owned an audigy 2 and audigy 2 zs, and have been sticking it out with my on-board for a while.

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Windows 7 - Play Audio Over Mic

Is there a way to send the music i'm playing over microphone? I don't have a microphone and want other people to hear music in for example msn or other chat program.

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Mic Echo And Screeches When Record

Mic is connected to speakers and need to get it off? So, this is a microphone on my webcam. I can hear myself on my speakers and i want to get it off, because it echo and screeches when i record.

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Use Mic On Hp Monitor With Dell Computer

Can i use a mic on a hp pavilion monitor with a dell computer? It does not have a cord for the mic, and dell does not recognize it. The monitor says m70 on it if that helps.

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5.1 Speaker Setup With Headset (with Mic) At Same Time

I have an xfi sound card, and i just ordered the sennheiser pc350 headphones for gaming. How should i setup the sound card and inputs to get both to work? I can use a splitter and that would probably work, or should i put the headset into the headphone jack of the speakers? What about the windows sound settings. Do i have to swap back and forth based on what i am using?

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Dell Inspiron 6400 Built In Mic

Is there a built in mic in dell inspiron 6400 computer because im trying to record audio from my speakers and nothing happens so please tell me how i can use this feature if there is one?

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