Connect Nec Lcd1960nxi Monitor To Two Different Pcs

Nec lcd1960nxi and 2 pcs? Is it possible to connect this monitor to two different pcs simultaneously using vga and dvi connectors? It has "select 1<->2" button, but i've lost the manual, so i don't know whether this button may be used to switch between 2 different computers simultaneously.

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Kvm To Connect 2 Pcs ( Computers )

I need a kvm to connect my 2 pcs, and possibly a mac mini in the future. Here are some things i'm looking for:

1) video not important since my monitors have multiple inputs. 2) none of that hotkey bullshit, i want a manual hardwired selector. 3) no slowdown or lag when gaming. 4) compatibility with the mac mini because i'll probably get one later this year. 5) needs to have basic audio sharing. 6) would like to be able to share my usb printer as well. I have a mx1000 and a logitech elite keyboard that i plan to keep.

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Nec Multisync Fe991sb Problem

I am using windows 2000 and i am having a problem with the display of the desktop. The icons look too grainy or something. To me the mozilla icons just look messed up. Any thoughts to the problem? Am i in the right forum? I just realized that the model number of my monitor might help. It is a multisync fe991sb.

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Nec Mr650u Scanner Driver

I lost my driver, please send me the driver for nec mr650u scanner.

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Nec Nd 2510a Dvd Writer Writes Only At 4x

Just recently purchased this dvd writer from newegg nec nd 2510a really good price and since i had the older model 2500. I opted to buy it since it was 8x write and it had dual layer for a second pc that i use at work. I have tried using different media and it will only write at 4x. *** The older one writes at 8x with no problem. Anyone with a fix for this or do i have to return this drive back?

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Nec Nd-2510a Dvd Writer Problem

I have an nd-2510a dvd burner and for some bloody reason i cannot get it to burn iso and to top it off it cant burn anything for that matter. I tried updating the drivers but windows says its all good. I go to nec's website and try to get their firmware updater but, it does nothing. Can anyone help me with this? If you need errors or screens of error just ask, basically everything says the device is incompatible.

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Nec Nd-2510a Vs Lg Gsa-4120b: Dvd Burners

I'm looking to purchase a dvd burner (duel layer) and my usual hardware store has two, the nec nd-2510a and the lg gsa-4120b - the lg is a little more expensive but i'm willing to pay the price if it's the better drive, does anyone have experience with either of these drives or have a recommendation? My primary use of the drive will be viewing dvd movies in my standalone player.

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Nec Ea231wmi Ips And 5850 - Displayport Or Hdmi ?

Well i broke down and cancelled one of my xfx 5850s so i could buy a new monitor. I bought a nec ea231wmi ips and a single 5850. No im wondering how do i connect my video card to the monitor? Display port or hdmi?

Wich gives the best image/color or will there be no difference.

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Transfer Data Between Two Pcs

What is the best way to transfer the data between two computers depends on the following factors. Data transfer rate expenditure on such technology ease of use. Iíve made a poll option, and make your comments there. Hereís what i thought on this case. Usb 2. 0 supports data rates as high as 480mbps, even in normal condition it can be around 50mbps. So, to transfer 1gb of data it takes around 20 - 30 seconds. Easy to use, because the hot plug is supported. But it is expensive. To use nic (network interface card), first need to install drivers or software, because some of the main boards donít integrated nic circuitry there. Data transfer rate of crossover cable is varied from 100mbps to 10mbps. So it takes more than 30 seconds to transfer 1gb of data. Especially the length of the cable determines that. Cheaper than usb 2. 0. At the end, two factors are satisfied (data transfer rate and ease of use) by usb 2. 0, and seems to me it is fine.

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Transfer Data Between Pcs

I have a new computer being shipped within the next week, and i want to transfer all of the data from this computer to the new one. I don't want to put it all on cds, but i was thinking, can i get an external hard drive to store all of this data on, and then load it onto the new computer?

I'm just not sure what to do really, but if anyone has any specific ideas, please tell me. I'd love to be able to have my data ready from this computer to be put onto the new one before the computer gets here.

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Using 2 Wireless Routers Between 2 Pcs Wirelessly

Can i use my 2 wireless routers to communicate (share files/connections) between 2 pcs wirelessly? I have two netgear wireless routers (1 wnr2000, 1 mr814v2) from a garage sale and wanted to know if i can use them to communicate wirelessly between 2 different pcs in adjacent rooms? Even if it is possible i would probably need software to do things automatically. Both pcs have windows xp home xp2. The first thing i would like to do is to share a printer but would love to share files and a connection too. I think i have all the equipment including ethernet cards and cables.

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General Links / Guides For Building Pcs

I'm looking to get a new pc. My factory-built hp pavilion (circa 2001) is turning into too much of a dinosaur for any enjoyable gaming or multimedia and 3d work (maya). Rather than just ask for suggestions of components, i thought i'd query whether there are any useful sites that offer general tips, or even background on what all the features mean. Reading about them is one thing, but not knowing when to be impressed or say "cool" makes it somewhat useless. Despite my lack of hardware knowledge, my general understanding is that diy systems are cheaper than factory ones (or, in any event, offer better "bang for your buck"). I did get a tip about the new intel duo conroe processor that's coming out, but don't know where to begin with other components. Any links or tips would be appreciated.

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Networking 4 Pcs With Cable Internet Connection

Previously i had 3 pc's on my home network, 2 running winxp pro, and 1 running winxp home, which were connected to a motorola sb5101 surfboard cable modem through a 4-port linksys router. Everything was running perfectly; fast/reliable lan and internet speeds. Recently, i added a 4th pc running winxp pro x64. Upon first connecting the new pc to my router, it got no "limited or no connectivity, " while my other 3 pc's were running perfectly on the local network and internet. So i shut down all 4 pc's, along with the router and modem. After restarting everything, the new pc was the only one working correctly on the network with the other 3 pc's receiving "limited or no connectivity. "

Since then, i've only been able to get 1 out of the 4 pc's on my network at a time. I can get any 1 of them working fine, but no more than 1. 3 out of the 4 always get "limited or no connectivity. " I'm fairly sure that it isn't the router, as i have tried 3 routers(2 linksys and 1 asante) and have the same problem every time. I'm assuming it isn't the modem, as it works perfectly with any single pc, unless it suddenly decided not to accept more than 1 pc?

I've tried release/renew on any of the 3 pc's getting "limited or no connection" and it always times out with "unable to contact your dhcp server" while attempting to renew, tried resetting the modem and router (along with the 4 pc's). I haven't tried static ip's, as i'd much rather leave it automatic. Any ideas?

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Distinguish Between Pcs Connected Together As Work Group

How can i distinguish between pcs that connected together as a work group? When i use the order net view in dos , all pcs that connected to my pc are shown by thier name(if they have). I can distinguish between them. If the names of them where pc1, pc2. How can i distinguish between them.

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Switch Hard Drives Between 2 Pcs, Have To Reinstall Windows ?

If i switch the hard drives between two stock dells, would there be a need to reinstall windows? I have a dell optiplex gx270 and a dell dimension 3100. If i switched the hard drives between them, would i have to reinstall windows for them to work properly on each machine?

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Connecting 2 Pcs & Using 1st Pc Cd Drive To Repair Windows On 2nd Pc

My friends acer needs to repair windows but no cd drive can i connect it to my computer and use my cd drive?

Answer:- you *can* designate your optical drive as a shared resource, and then access it across the network from the acer with no optical drive. But then it would only be accessible when you were within windows on the acer. So, it depends completely on exactly how you need to use the optical drive to repair the acer. If you mean, can i use the optical drive on my computer to reinstall windows or perform a repair install of windows on an acer with no optical drive. The answer is no.

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Connect N64 To Monitor

What do i need to connect my n64 to a normal monitor? My plug isn't the red white and yellow type its the cable-in type of plug. Tell me what i need to buy?

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Connect Monitor To Computer

What is best method to connect monitor to computer. ? I can connect my new (used) hp w2207 monitor to the computer using vga, dvi , or a third method i think is called hdvi. Which is the best method to use? What are the pro's and con's of each . I have a monster cable that came with the monitor, it has vga connectors on each end, the previous owner allegedly paid $80. 00 for the cable. I don't know much about the monitor and even less about a monster cable, although it sounds like something rambo would have used to pull a truck out of a ditch.

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Connect Second Monitor To Laptop

How do i connect a second monitor to my lap top? Os is win xp pro.

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How To Connect To External Monitor ?

I have a laptop. Recently the screen broke, and i was informed it would cost £250 ish. As this was out of my price range, i decided i would get an external monitor. However, when i plug it in, it does not start up. My os is vista home premium, and i think what i'm supposed to do is activate the second display. Needless to say, this is all but impossible to do as you cannot see anything on my screen. Any suggestions?

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Connect Ps2 To Pc Monitor

How to connect my ps2 to a pc monitor? I live in malaysia. Where i can buy the thing to connect it? Or buy online?

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Connect Macbook To Monitor

So i have a macbook but i want a bigger screen. Can i just but something to connect it to a monitor? Also. Can it be a different brand other than apple? I saw this samsung one that i really liked and i wanted to run that off of my macbook, plus it's way cheaper than a mac monitor? So is it possible and what would i need to buy in order to do that?

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How To Connect Pc To Tv To Act As Monitor ?

How do i connect a pc to a tv, to act as a monitor ?

Depends on the tv and the computer. If both are newer and both have hdmi ports that's the easiest way. Otherwise probably s-video cable, again if they both have the hook up or if your tv is one of the rare kind with a vga connector. Otherwise, you may need to get some kind of adapter to make it work. Vga to hdmi or vga to s-video or vga to rca or rf. If it's an older non-hd tv but if that's the case don't bother really because a tv that old will make a horrible computer monitor because of the low resolution.

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Connect Two Laptops To One Monitor

My ibm t43 lcd is broken. I have another t61p laptop but i don't have any monitor. What i want to do is to be able to connect my ibm t43 with the lcd of t61p. The best setup would be to connect them like in a kvm switch and just use some key combination on t61p to switch screens(remember, using the same lcd screen on t61p) is it possible?

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How To Connect Monitor To Laptop ?

How do i connect a monitor to laptop?

Answer:- follow the below steps:

1. Check whether your monitor has a dvi (digital) or vga (analog) port, both of which are generally built your vendor if your laptop does not have either. In this case, you can use a special adapter to connect the external monitor. These adapters are model specific and should be bought directly from the vendor. 2.connect one end of the dvi or vga cord to the dvi or vga port of your laptop and the other end to the monitor. Your laptop should automatically identify the external monitor as a new hardware device. 3. Most laptops will show the desktop on both screens by default, which is known as the mirror view. You can use function keys with common combination such as fn + f5, fn + f3, fn + f8 and fn + f9 to toggle between the two screens. Refer to the laptop's user manual for the right key combination to toggle between the displays. Alternatively, with many laptops you can also switch to the extended desktop mode. This means your desktop screen will be stretched across both the monitors. Refer to your user manual to switch to this mode.

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Is It Possible To Connect Ps3 To Monitor ?

Is it possible to connect ps3 to computer monitor? I have bought a brand new ps3 slim 250 gb and i wanted to know if it is possible to connect my ps3 to a computer monitor using an hdmi to dvi cable without causing my ps3 to blow up or something like that?

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New Monitor Connect To Computer

Is it possible to just buy a new monitor and connect it to my computer? Do i have to buy the same make ie acer or can any brand connect alright?

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Connect One Monitor To Two Computers

I was looking at kvm switches, but they are awfully expensive. I am hoping someone knows of a better option for me. I have one 22" wide screen dvi monitor that i like to use with my vista desktop and my mac laptop. I want to say the resolution on the monitor is 1680x1050 or something like that, i am blanking on the resolution and not at home right now. I use the blue tooth connection on the laptop for the keyboard, so i don't really need to be able to connect keyboards or anything. Just need to be able to switch the monitor between the computers without having to crawl under my desk each time. Any ideas?

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Connect A Second Monitor Now Screen Is Blue

I plugged in a second monitor to my gtx 280 and easily had both running. After a single restart both monitors no longer boot up with a good visual to the desktop. It's a unintelligible mess of purple and blue that is indescribable. I've disconnected one. Tried both separately. I've booted to safe mode which i am in now and reloaded the latest drivers. I've run windows vista repair and nothing there. I've set the resolution to rock bottom to see if a cross compatibility issue occurred(where the smaller monitor picked up as the main and couldn't compute. The major issue is that the computer is actually "locking" up on me. In a couple instances the computer screamed at me as if the video card was not plugged in yet this happened after going through the vista boot sequence and loading to desktop where it freezes up. Someone throw me something to try because i'm out of ideas at the moment. Fyi: i also just got a g15 keyboard and a razor mamba mouse but both were perfectly fine and involved multiple reboots with these devices operating before i had done the second monitor.

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Asus A7n8x-x - Where To Connect The Monitor ?

I bought a asus a7n8x-x motherboard when it came to connecting everything to it i couldn't find where to connect the monitor?

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