Pc Freeze, When Unplug Usb 2.0 Devices

I just bought a usb2. 0 pci card because i only had usb1. 0 in my pc. My mother board fully supports usb 2. 0 as i check on the manual! I installed the card in the pci slot and the drivers but as i unplug my pen drive the pc freezed !

I rebooted , all is fine until i hook up another usb device this time my blue tooth dongle. Tried a differrent pendrive and the same thing happened! I tried removing the card and drivers and reinstalling but the same thing happened! Im running windows xp pro sp2 with all the latest updates!

The strange thing is here! Im running another version of windows xp pro sp2 on the same machine. I booted on this version, installed the card and drivers and it worked fine! All the devices i plugged where found automatically and worked fine!

Whats can be wrong with my xp version that the usb 2. 0 is not working with ?

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Keyboard And Mouse Freeze - Must Unplug Computer

Nearly everyday my iq504 will suddenly just freeze up. The mouse and keyboard are completely unresponsive as well as the touchscreen. Ctrl-alt-del does nothing. The only choice i have is to unplug the computer (basically crashing eveything i may have had open at the time) and then restarting it up. Sometimes this happens while i am in the middle of using internet explorer, sometimes using microsoft money, sometimes using ms-outlook, etc. I have also had instances where everything was fine, i get up to get a soda, come back and i am frozen up. I wasn't even touching the computer and only left it for a couple minutes and this happens. Is this happening to me uniquely or do others here experience this as well. If so, has anyone found a solution? I've already downloaded the latest drivers from the hp website. I don't know what else to try at this point.

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Usb Root Hub Deleted, Now None Of The Usb Devices Work

My son was installing some canon software for his new canon powershot a530 camera. The computer would recognize the camera but couldn't load the drivers for some reason. He then decided he should remove some of the current usb devices using the device manager. He stated he deleted three or four items titled "usb root hub" now none of the usb devices i own work (two hp printers and a maxtor external drive). Also every time i start the computer the new hardware found wizard pops up five times. Each time the hardware is "unknown". When i look at the device manager i see a yellow "?" Next to "other devices" and five yellow "?"S intended to other devices all called "unknown device". Anyone have any ideas?

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Are Usb 2.0 Devices Compatible With Usb 1.x Ports ?

My computer has usb 1. X and we recently bought a digital camera that uses usb 2. 0. Are usb 2. 0 devices compatible with usb 1. X ports?

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Usb Devices Cause Xp Reboot

Running xp home addition, on a p4 1. 8 cpu and 512 ram. Any usb device, even a thumb drive, causes system to crash and reboot when it is plugged in. I get the "your system has recovered from a serious error message" when it reboots. Is this an os problem? Any suggestions, other than reinstall the os?

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Do Usb Devices Use Irq's ?

Just asking if my usb devices also use irq's. Trying to setup a linux box using ndiswrapper and a wireless usb device. The error screens i'm getting could be because of irq sharing, if this is the case, is there anyway to manually select the irq of a usb device? (It's not pci, so i can't move it around empty slots - it's also a shuttle box, so there's no free options).

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Usb Ports Not Detecting The Devices

My pc was hung (have a habit of not switching off my pc) i tried to reboot it, it wudnt do so, i waited till afternoon, it rebooted once, but windows did not load, then in the evening, it started working all of its own (read : windows did not load) so i did an upgrade of xp sp2, so while i was trying to update it, when the setup loads all the files (im talking of the boot-from-cd method). It said that my board doesnt seem to have acpi support and asked me to press f7 while the setup prompted me to press f6 to install 3rd party scsi or raid drivers, so i did, pressed f7 and got over with, next i tried to repair the installation (c:winxp) it stopped midway and said oembios.sys could not be copied (my disk is not faulty, read on) i tried again and again, and in the night i was able to reach the setup without bypassing the acpi (pressing f7 that is) so i upgraded my windows and booted into the setup. Now, the installation was almost complete, and it asked for the language and locale settings, i noticed my mouse was not connected (usb mouse) so i plugged it in, and my pc hung, i restarted, but my optical mouse did not have any light underneath it, that means, it wasnt working, i tried unplugging-replugging it many times, no avail, then i got my old ps/2 mouse and got over with the installation, once in windows, i tried to install my mouse, nothing, my mouse wasnt even being detected, (earlier i used the same mouse) and neither were any of the other usb devices (viz. Webcam, pendrive, ipod etc. ). So i uninstalled the usb devices and rebooted, it found the usb hub but not the devices, so i formatted my c: and did a clean install of windows, but, even now, i have the same problem, i cannot use my usb devices, my mouse, ipod (it is drawing current but it cannot be synchronized) my webcam, etc.

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Ipod Issue With Usb Devices

For some reason my 5th or 5. 5th generation 30gb ipod video will be detected by my computer as long as only my mouse and the ipod are the things plugged in. It isn't that big of a problem but it's a real inconvenience. I'm thinking it might have to deal with the amount of power getting to the usb ports? But i'm not sure. Right now i have my speakers, a mouse, a printer hooked up. What do you think is wrong and what do you recommend?

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Laptop Keeps Loosing Connection With Usb Devices

My ibm t40 keeps having a message pop up, saying your device can be used in a faster usb 2. 0 port. But the device is a external hard drive and it is in a usb 2. 0 port. I have seen this problem before, but could never diagnose it. It seems that my computer looses connection with the usb devices. This has been happening with my usb mouse alot also, so im thinking it is a failing usb port, which is going to call for a new mobo. What do you guys think?

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Usb Devices Need To Have Drivers Installed For Each Port ?

Now i'm almost positive that this is incorrect, but apparently this is the situation on my parents winblows xp boxes. Two devices, a business card scanner and a usb wireless card. I plug the device in, install the driver, device works fine. I unplug the device, and plug it into one of the other usb ports, and windows prompts to install a driver again? I had to install the driver twice, once for each usb port? Now, that cannot be right, is it?

I'm just starting to learn how to write usb drivers on linux, and from what i have read so far, everytime a device gets plugged into the usb host controller, one of your drivers functions gets called to see if it is the device that it controls. If it is, you would update w/e state needs to be updated in your driver and carry on. Isn't that the whole great thing about usb? That u can plug in devices willynilly, add more hubs, etc. ?

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Notebook Recognizes Mouse But No Other Usb Devices

Notebook recognizes mouse but no other usb devices, we have a customers laptop which won't recognize any usb storage devices so we can't transfer his backed up data across. I have checked the bios to make sure the usb is enabled. I have updated the drivers for the usb controllers. Its driving me nuts and i dont know what to do next so i thought i'd ask some of the geniuses here at tpu.

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Pci Video Capture Devices Over Usb A Must ?

Using a pci over a usb capture device for capture, edit, and burn vhs-c tapes to dvd is the way to go?

Yesterday i purchased the siig usb 2. 0 video capture device (ju-av0012-s1). This has two audio-right and left, s-video, and one video rca connectors. I proceeded to do the install. First it prompted me to plug the usb device in the slot, new hardware found popped up, inserted the install cd, during this process, a window popped up, "the file tridvid.sys" was needed and not found". I went back into the cd folder

32 bit/drivers and found that file and it installed it. Fine. Then another message came up asking for a needed file named "acpinfo. Ax". (Which is an analog copy protection notifier file) i went to microsoft, searched, but could not find. This "acpinfo. Ax". File was not on the list of drivers or apps. On this install cd. I went to device manager/sound, video, game controllers, and noticed a yellow tag next to "trident analog video". Under properties of this folder, "windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)"

Also, at some time during install another message came up telling "this product can not be used with this platform"? What?

Package says, system requirements:

Windows7 (32-/64-bit)
Vista (32-/64-bit)
Xp (32-/64-bit) i have the 32bit xp

I contacted siig support and he told me that i should install from the website, which i did after the third attempt off the cd, but still get the error messages. All i want to do is capture some vhs tapes to my computer, edit, and burn to dvd. Never thought i would have this many problems. Prior to buying this generic, basic looking, editing software device, i almost bought a haupaugh 1600 pci card for $80. 00 @ best buy or frys. Msi p-35 platinum mobo/3. 3gb ddr memory/intel core2 q6600 cpu/ nvidia geforce 8600gt with 512mb/500gb internal wd hdd/500gb ext, wd hdd/winxp sp2-32 bit/ directx v. 9

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How Many Devices Can Connect To Usb Root Hub ?

How many devices can connect to a usb root hub? I think your asking how many device your usb hub can handle. If that is so, then it can handle 127 devices. Though your computer may only have 1, the controller may tell your os to have four or more to enable smoother processing from your north-bridge to your cpu.

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Usb Devices Ports Frequently Lose Power

Several times throughout the day, the devices in my usb ports lose power. My computer is a hp pavilion 734n running windows xp, owned for about 3 years. There are 4 usb ports (2 in the front, 2 in the back) and i only have 2 devices connected: a keyboard (logitech media keyboard elite) and a mouse (logitech mx518 optical) both purchased separately. Sometimes it is just the mouse that goes out temporarily (5-15 seconds) and frequently, and i hear the hardware disconnected/connected sound; other times both go out and i do not hear the hardware sound, and they do not regain power until i reboot my machine. Replugging into different usb ports does not have any affect. Looking at the bottom of my mouse, if i unplug it from the usb port and replug it, i see the light flicker for a fraction of a second before it stays off. When the devices have lost power, the device manager does not indicate any problems, and continues to show devices connected to those ports. I know that it is not my mouse or keyboard at fault; i have tried plugging other usb devices into the ports during these occurrences to no avail. I have also plugged my mouse and keyboard into other machines and they work fine. * I have all drivers updated for usb ports, for mouse and keyboard. I have all the necessary software installed for these devices, and i have performed a windows update. * I have unchecked "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" for all devices and ports. * I have tried uninstalling all usb root hubs in the device manager and rebooting. There may be more i'm forgetting, but i will update my post as necessary. Looking forward to some responses.

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Can A Bad Usb Hub Damage Connected Devices ?

Can a bad, low quality, and/or inexpensive usb hub damage connected devices? Or as long as it works, then it's fine? Since it is supposed to only relay the connection and not send any signals etc. Of its own, so i was just wondering about this.

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Usb Devices, Shouldn't They Be Able To Plug In Any Port ?

If u have a usb device, shouldn't it be able to plug into any of the ports and function? Form what i've been studying on linux bout usb drivers, i thought so, but my parents have these 2 devices, and the damn things are picky about what port they get plugged into. Windows prompts for a driver to be installed if the device is not plugged into the port it was when it was installed, isn't this a case of poorly written drivers? That can't be how usb works, is it?

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Usb Mass Storage Devices Not Recognized By Windows

So lately i have been having a problem with using usb mass storage devices. The problem that i am having is well they don't show up, i plug them in and all i get is device is not recognized by windows, i have tried a few things like reboots removing devices that are on the controller, and still get nothing, all other devices that i have work just fine, i want to say its probably just a driver issue, but not exactly sure.

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Usb Devices Do Not Work When I Wake Computer From Sleep

Periodically when i wake my computer from sleep my usb devices do not work. In most cases even when they do it takes 15 seconds or so, but not always. Sometimes they begin to work if i unplug then plug them back in. My computer goes into an s3 power state for sleep. This has been the strangest board i've ever owned in regards to sleep. I cannot turn the wake from usb option on. The computer goes to sleep and immediately kicks out of it if i do. Its all completely random, and i hate to have to do a hard reset when it does occur.

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Problems With Usb Portable Devices - Computer Freezes

I'm having a problem whereby my computer freezes as soon i insert either my ipod, or other portable media device (512mb flash drive/mp3 player). As soon as it goes in, the computer freezes and i have to restart, its very strange and annoying. Anyone else had this problem?

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Stop Usb Devices From Spontaneously Disconnecting And Reconnecting

How can i stop my usb devices from spontaneously disconnecting and reconnecting ? There are times when all my usb devices will spontaneously disconnect and reconnect a second later. I get that sound/beep when it disconnects and reconnects. If i was moving my usb mouse while it disconnected and reconnected, the cursor suddenly jumps to around where i moved it. This problem seems to occur for all devices: my usb mouse, my usb keyboard, my ipod, and my flash drives. It's really annoying since i'm afraid that it'll disconnect when i'm transferring files or updating my ipod. This problem also seems to occur in random moments. Sometimes it won't happen for a few hours, sometimes it happens twice a minute, and sometimes it happens several times in 10 seconds. There also isn't a common event that triggers this reaction. I've gone to the device manager and unclicked the "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" option, and it hasn't changed anything.could someone tell me why this is happening and what i can do to fix it ? If i need any downloads or new products, can he/she leave a website or place i can get them ?

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Usb Devices Stopped Working - Message: Unknown Device

Randomly when i was on my computer yesterday all of a sudden everything connected to my computer by usb stopped working, i tried reconnecting, restarting etc, but everytime i plug anything in by usb it says unknown device and doesn't work not sure if maybe usb ports got fried somehow. But that seems unlikely because they still detect that something's connected and then i plugged in a serial mouse and keyboard and they work so i'm not quite sure what happened or why.

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Compaq Laptop Giving Error 43 With Usb Devices In Windows 7

Usb nightmares - error 43 proving my compaq laptop around 6 months ago and i haven't had a problem with it. Recently however the usbs began to malfunction, it would take me multiple tries to get them to work sometimes, and other times they would work instantly. They have gotten worse and worse until now one of them doesn't recognize anything has been plugged in at all, whilst the other gives an error message in the bottom right corner which states "usb device not recognized". After further exploring this message i find that this is because of "error message 43" which tells me that the device plugged in has malfunctioned. I do not believe this is true. I tried multiple different usb devices (ipods, flash drives, usb mouses and keyboards to name a few) all of which definitely work, as i have tried them on my desktop. My pc has no virus. The device manager assures me that all of the devices are working, and all drivers are up to date. The lap top has taken no damage. The pc can not be restored to a previous time to make it work (indeed it has already been reset to factory setting with no joy) i have followed multiple online tutorials, found on the ms website, one of which involved editing the registry, which caused my laptop to not boot until i had run the system repair tool. I am getting seriously weary of all of this, i just want my usbs to work as they should, especially on such a relatively new pc. If anyone knows how to solve this, or believes they may be able to if i provide additional information, please leave a response. Additional information, i am on 64bit windows 7.

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Dell Inspiron 1200 Does Not Detect Devices Via Usb Port

I have a dell inspiron 1200 and the computer doesn't detect anything that i connect via usb port? I connect anything with the computer and it doesn't show up in my computer. I tried a wifi dongle, webcam.

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Usb 2.0 Cause Pc Freeze

I just bought a usb2. 0 pci card because i only had usb1. 0 in my pc. My mother board fully supports usb 2. 0 as i check on the manual! I installed the card in the pci slot and the drivers but as i hooked up my pen drive the pc freezed. I rebooted , all is fine until i hook up another usb device this time my blue tooth dongle. Tried a differrent pendrive and the same thing happened! I tried removing the card and drivers and reinstalling but the same thing happened! Im running windows xp pro sp2 with all the latest updates!

The strange thing is here! Im running another version of windows xp pro sp2 on the same machine. I booted on this version, installed the card and drivers and it worked fine! All the devices i plugged where found automatically and worked fine!

Whats wrong with my xp version that the usb 2. 0 is not working with ?

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Mouse Unplug Causing Problems

If a ps/2 mouse is unplugged or plugged into a machine while the machine is on, can that cause the machine itself to malfunction besides not being able to use the unplugged item? Is this for keyboards as well?

The reason i ask is because i'm having trouble with a mouse hooked up to a kvm and i want to do some testing to find out what the problem is, but i don't want to be causing problems for the machines hooked up to the kvm.

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Usb Causing Computer To Freeze

I want to start off saying that i feel really dumb about posting this question. I have worked on and off in the it field for the last 14 years and this one is stumping me. I guess you could say that my skills have started to rot away. I have a slack data analyst position and have turned a screw driver on a computer is like a year. Mmmm brain beginning to mush. Here is my dilemma and i have googled it to no result. My neighbor has a home built machine that she has been having problems with since it was built last year. I didn't build it, but being a nice enough neighbor i thought i would lend her a helping hand. The computer has an asus m2n68-vm mainboard. This specific version does not have the dvi or hdmi built in. Surprising how all google searches point directly to that board. The person who built it installed a x64 5000+, a 7300 gs video card, 4gb ram, 80gb hard drive, and a cheap lite-on dvd drive. If i remember right, she paid 1k for it may-ish 2009. Ha ha, but i digress. So here is the problem. The neighbor claims that since november, the computer randomly freezes up when inserting a flash drive or when connecting her easyshare camera to the front usb ports on the front of this custom tower. She claims that she hasn't had the problem before that. So i take a look at the computer. It is not just the front ports. It is all ports. When the computer freezes it locks the keyboard and mouse. Explorer seems to be frozen completely. Its not every time a device is plugged in. Anyone have any ideas?

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Usb Device Cause Computer To Freeze Or Not To Boot

I have recently been having issues left and right with my computer freezing or not given booting. I got it mainly fixed but i found out something strange. It would appear when i had my card reader connected and my wireless usb adapter connected (with the usb cord connected) the computer would either freeze while loading the os or not even boot at all. When the card reader was connected i had a 2gb sd card in it and for some reason the card wasn't being detected at all and vista wasn't even detecting the card reader till after maybe 5min. After plugging it in. Also, the other strange thing is when i had my usb wireless adapter plugged in with the usb cord the computer wouldn't even boot or it would freeze like above. When i finally just connected the wireless adapter by itself windows loaded fine with no freeze/lock ups (and yes, i don't have the card reader connected right now). Idk but i'd hate to say this but would it be a psu issue? I was playing l4d and killing floor fine last night with my xfx 4850 oc'ed. What is going on here? Side note: has the latest ati drivers been causing anybody any issues lately? Like lock ups or anything? At first though i thought it was the oc'ing from catalyst causing the issue but i guess it wasn't.

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Usb Headset Causes Hp Computer To Freeze Until Unplugged

My problem relates to a usb headset. It appears that when i hit a heavy load on the system sound my computer freezes up. It comes back right away (most of the time) if i unplug the usb connector on the headset (logitech). If i do not unplug the headset the system will sometimes have a moving mouse cursor but it is completely unresponsive (can not click on anything on the win 7 menu bar). Please let me know if there is any additional information i can provide to help solve this problem.

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Unplug Cpu From Motherboard To Clean But Now Pc Wont Boot

I unsnapped my cpu from the motherboard to clean it then reconnected it but now it wont boot up? It power on the cd trays green light comes on but the blue light won't.

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Inserting Usb Hard Drive Freeze / Locks Pc With Blank Screen

I a friend of mine has a wd 160 gb usb externel hd. He reinstalled his pc a while back win xp pro and patched it with autopatcher juli for security fixes because hd raid config gave some problems. Now sometimes when he insertes his usb drive the pc freezes and screen goes blank. He tried all usb ports on his pc. Has anyone have these problems before?

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