Limited Or No Connectivity When Connecting To Wireless Router

My friend is able to connect to the wireless on her laptop, but for some reason mine is not able to connect, it says "limited or no connectivity" it was a locked and secure wireless thing but we typed in the correct password and i am able to connect to my wireless at home. I have windows xp professional if that helps.

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At&t U-verse Wireless Connection Limited Or No Connectivity

We just installed at&t u-verse yesterday. The internet worked fine yesterday, and now after i shut it down and started it back up, the wireless connection said "limited or no connectivity". I tried clicking repair and it said cannot renew ip address. I have been trying for hours trying to fix my internet. Only my desktop is not working. My 2 laptops work just fine. I am on a laptop now. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Wep - Limited Or No Connectivity

Ive got a dlink 604t and a pci card by dlink and a centrino laptop. I recently encrypted my network but only the laptop can connect to the network. My desktop says its connected but its saying limited or no connectivity. Ive checked that dhcp is on and it is, windows is assigning an ip address automatically. Ive checked the wireless network on the properties section on the d link icon on my desktop and it says its providing the key automatically and its the correct key. The desktop doesn't connect when the laptop is off line either so i don't think its a dual ip issue,

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Limited Or No Connectivity Problem

Okay so today i signed up for comcast internet. I got it all set up and whenever i plug the ethernet cord from the modem to my laptop the error "limited or no connectivity" comes up. When i plug the cord into my ps3 the internet works perfectly. So something must be wrong with my computer. I have tried repairing the connection but it doesn't get passed the "renewing ip address step", any help?

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Limited Internet Connectivity

I have a wired internet connection (ethernet) when connecting to the desktop it works straight away and automatically but when connecting to the laptop it says limited connectivity i thought at first it might be because it doesn't get the ip address automatically but that wasn't the case so i clicked the diagnose button and it said something about resetting the network adapter so i clicked on that and let it repair but that didn't seem to work either. How can i fix this problem?

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Connecting Wireless Router To Regular Router

Can i connect a wireless router to a regular router? Ill be getting a psp for the bday and my school issue laptop tomorrow. Both of which ill need a wireless connection if im gonna get online, however, my own and my moms desktops do not have wireless capability and are hooked to our cable modem with a regular 5 port netgear router. Im thinking about buying a wireless router, but i cant unplug the other router to hook the wireless to the modem. I dont know much about wireless - can i just take the lan between the wired router and a wireless one? Would that work? Am i even making sense, ahaha?

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Network Will Not Work - Limited Connectivity

I have a net gear router that is 4 ports/wireless and has been working great since the day i got it. Until last night. It all started where a vpn window would randomly pop up while i was surfing the net and would not let me "browse" until i canceled it. It started one in a great while then became more frequent to the point last night where now all hard wired rigs and wireless can not access the internet. My router shows with it's led's that it is working properly yet when i look at connections my vpn is disconnected and my lan connection is "limited connectivity". I have tried to repair, reconnect and set up a new connection to no avail. I have tried to reset the router but w/ no success. It's weird b/c all my wireless show great signal strength but can not connect.

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Limited Connectivity Problem On Laptop

Limited connectivity problems on my laptop. I have got a gateway ma7 mt6823b laptop running windows vista, which has limited connectivity when connected with my t. Mobile dongle, the dongle connects to the t. Mobile network but i cant browse the net with internet explorer or chrome. I can not connect with the ethernet cable or wireless either. The dongle does work with my other laptop and pc which are both on windows xp, has anybody got any ideas?

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Limited Or No Connectivity When Connected To Web

Why do i always get a limited or no connectivity, when trying to connect to the web on any laptop in my house? Sometimes the message goes away and i get access the internet fine, but sometimes it doesn't. I have got a new router, and still the same problem, does anyone know why this is happening?

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Dell Dimension 4600 Limited Or No Connectivity

I am stuck on a problem with my parents pc, and i would really like to get this troubleshooted and fixed so that way i can get my gaming pc back. So they ain't corrupting it with the home improvement ideas and flowery websites

It is a dell dimension 4600. Was working fine the night before, and after being told it wont connect to the internet and getting home to take a look see it sure wont. The computer is running windows xp. The main issue is that in network connections it will show a limited or no connectivity sign. I have tried the following steps. Tried 4 different cat5-6 cables. 3 different nic's and everytime i do this it will then say media state disconnected in cmd and also in network connections. But in device manager shows the nics, and after rebooting it will see the cards, will try to establish a connection and then goto a disconnected in network connections. Like i said ive tried different nics, cables, system restore, rolling back drivers. I even had 1 of them usb -ethernet adapters, i can point to exactly were the drivers are but it wont even load the drivers. I even took the pc out to the shop and blew out the dust bunnys. Big mess. I have tried about all of my troubleshooting skills and i am just ending up with a big old brain ***. Any ideas? The pc is only 3-4 yrs old i think, but would be really nice to get the parents off of my pc so i dont keep seeing them looking at lovey dovey flowery websites and damaging my aggressive pc.

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Limited To No Connectivity After Restoring To Factory Settings

I restored my dell to factory settings and everything was fine. I was trying to get my d-link antenna to work. I pulled out the air card while the computer was on and i'm wondering if i screwed something up. Everything seems to work fine except i cannot get onto the internet directly. I tried all the basic fixes like shutting down the cable modem and router and putting them back on. My laptop connects fine and the ethernet cable is fine. I tried repairing it going through network connections and that did nothing.

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Full Wifi Signal But Limited No Connectivity

Full wifi signal but limited to no connectivity?

Modem: embarq 660 series

Laptop: thinkpad t41, windows xp

The only way i can get internet is through lan; when i try to connect to the internet, i receive the message "limited to no connectivity", even though the signal strength is full. Any ideas how to make it work?

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Limited Or No Connectivity - Network Address Not Assigned

My computer keeps saying that and i can't access the internet, it says something about a network address not assigned. But the internet is working on another computer using the first computer's router but for some reason the other won't. Any help?

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Wifi Ip Address Not Found - Limited Or No Connectivity

So last night i turned on the laptop and it would connect with my home internet, but it would say limited or no connectivity. When i tried to open internet it would say internet connection not found but when i connected the ethernet cable to it, it would say limited or no connectivity but the internet would open up just fine. I know it's not my internet because the desktop works just fine. The computer thing in the bottom shows that yellow triangle with the exclamation point in the middle. When i opened the wireless thing, it said repair, so i clicked on it and it opened up a little box saying disconnecting, then reconnecting, then trying to find ip address, then it says ip address not found. Help? Suggestions?

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Limited No Connectivity / Dhcp Time Out Error

I did some research on here for ways to maybe fix the problem. I went to "services. Msc" to restart it, then i went to network connection and hit repair. As the user had recommended i tried this multiple times. Did not work. Still the "limited or no connectivity notice". I tried disabling the "limited or no connectivity notice" but that didn't change anything, i could still not connect to the internet. I also tried cheating by using all the info assigned to this computer (ip address, etc) and manually filling them in. Didn't work. Finally, i went to the command prompt to release the isp (which apparently i didn't even at this point have one assigned, it was just 00. 00 or something) and then renew. After a bit i got this message "unable to contact your dhcp server. (Or connect to can't remember exact phrase) then request has timed out. So i'm guessing something got screwed up with the computer that will need to be fixed for me to get connected again? I don't understand how this could have happened when the storm did not effect our power, just the internet connection. There have been times the power has gone out and this has never happened.

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Can't Connect To Internet With Either No, Or Limited Connectivity

So, while i was on a trip to japan, my parents got a new router and set it up. Its now on a locked network, meaning that i now have to have a password entered. First of all, this all happened when i was gone. Can someone walk me through this process?

I can't connect to the internet and i entered in the password, and it says i'm connected to the network, but i can't connect to the internet with either no, or limited connectivity. Both my dad's and mom's laptops connect both to the network and the internet. So, what do i do? I dunno if this helps, but its on a wep kinda thing. I'm more interested in getting my laptop to work though, that's my main concern. Is this a router problem, or my laptop's problem? Because the same thing is happening to my brother too. The phone line is plugged in, and the router is a belkin model.

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Connecting One Wireless Router To Another

I got two linksys routers- 802. 11 b and g respectively. The g version is what i am currently using to broadcast my wireless. The problem is that the signal is weak upstairs in my room. Can i somehow connect the 802. 11b to the one i am running right now? I mean like through the ethernet cable? I would like to make my connection stronger upstairs. I do have a cable that is long enough. The question is can this be done?

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Connecting Desktop And Laptop With Wireless Router

I am trying to hook up a wireless connection between my desktop and laptop. I have an sbc dsl modem on my desktop already and i want to connect it wirelessly to my new laptop. I have a wireless router, but when i tried connecting it to my laptop, the screen read that i need software for it before i can proceed. I didn't receive anything other than the router and telephone line, so can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?

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Connecting A Router (bridge Mode) To A Wireless Access Point

Bit of an odd question. I know. So here is what i am trying to do. Recently moved from chicago to pittsburgh - i have t-mobile voip that is currently run via a linksys wireless router. That said - my building offers free wifi and instead of purchasing a connection on my own, i would like to take advantage of this amenity. I want to configure the tmobile router as a bridge and connect it to a wireless access point. Is this possible to do?

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Connecting Belkin 54g Router With Tp-link Wn422g Wireless Adapter

Basically, i'm trying to connect to a belkin 54g router with my tp-link wn422g wireless adapter using windows xp. I have the latest drivers (downloaded this morning) for the tp-link. I can see the belkin router but whenever i try to connect it just says "waiting for network) for a couple of minutes and then disappears . I have tries using wep, wpa, wpa2 and finally disabling all security, all to no avail. Mac address filtering is off, dhcp is enabled. I just don't get it, i've been struggling with this for nearly a week, all to no avail. I can access the net fine from the machine that's plugged in by ethernet, but the wireless just wont have it on my machine upstairs. Please someone help me before i go totally insane!

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Netgear Router Connected With Limited Access

Laptop will not connect to wireless router but computer and phone are connected. I am using vista on my laptop and the wireless internet icon at the bottom right is showing that its not connected. However when i click on it to 'connect or disconnect' it says that i am connected to my netgear router with limited access. This is only happening to my laptop and it isn't anything to do with my internet provider as the wireless is connected to the main family computer and also my blackberry phone. Im thinking that some settings might have been changed on my laptop and this is why it is not working?

I have tried restarting my laptop, disconnecting and connecting again, removing the network connection and then starting from scratch adding it and entering in the pass code. Am i going to have to reboot my whole laptop and wipe everything and start from the very beginning?

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How To Get Good Wireless Connectivity ?

Does anyone know how we can get good wirless connectivity? I have recently bought a belkin n150 wireless usb adaptor because we have our computer set up upstairs and only have a telephone socket downstairs connecting to the standard sky router. This adapter is supposed to be the better from the good/better/best guide listed on the box. Its pants and we always have a very low signal thus no internet action for any period of time. What is the best solution?

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Signal Booster For Wireless Network Connectivity

Well i live in an apartment and my computer is right next to the back window, but my router has been moved to the living room recently. Now my connection dropped drastically it went from 85%+ to 25%-. So i was wondering if anyone could recommend any type of signal booster for my network. (Preferably n-rated and backwards compatible. ) It would be greatly appreciated or even some tips or tricks that would help would be great.

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Connect Wireless Modem Router To Wireless Router

How to connect wireless modem router to a wireless router? I have a philips modem router on the above floor, i am intending on buying a wireless router due to a weak signal on the lower floor to connect them, how do i do that?Should i connect an ethernet cable to one of the lan ports of the modem router to one port of the router?Will that work?Or they can also communicate on wireless mode?

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Wireless Internet Connection Only Have Limited Access

Why does my wireless internet connection only have limited access? For a while i have not been able to get internet connection unless i am connect manually, when i do try to connect it says i only have limited connection and i should try to reset my ip address or repair it but when i do that it says it's not able to? Can i fix this myself or do i have to go to a best buy or something?

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Connecting Router To Router For Internet

So my house has wireless internet, problem is my computer upstairs doesn't have a wireless internet adapter, what i do have however is another router (linksys). Is there anyway that i can have my router attached to my desktop communicate with the router downstairs, and thereby connect to the internet?

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Adsl Modem / Router With Wireless Netgear Router

I have a problem and do not know where else to go. I currently have an adsl+2 modem/router and recently bought a netgear wireless rangemax 240 router for wireless capabilities. I cannot get the two to work together. It doesn't help that im very in-experienced with networking either. My connection is pppoe and i need a sign in. Is there a way to bridge the 2 routers together?

I plug my netgear into the modem and it receives no internet signal. Ive tried numerous ways of doing it. Nothing works. I don't know if im suppose to use port forwarding or what. Any information would help and please, if you could. Bust it down 2 y/o style so i understand

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Connect Wireless Router To Wired Router

My current internet connection is setup with a wired router. My ip address on the current computer is like 192. 168. 2. X. Is it possible to connect my new wireless router to one of the outgoing cables of the wired router. Something like this :

Modem -> to the wan port of the wired router -> outgoing cable from the lan port -> to the wan or lan port of the wireless router -> wireless stick from the computer = internet

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Connect Wired Router To Wireless Router

Can i connect a wired router to a wireless router? Just had verizon dsl installed with a wireless router they provided. They connected two pcs(wired) to it and a laptop with the wireless. I would like to connect a tv, blu ray player, xbox 360 and my wii to it with a wired connection and am not sure what i need. I know i need to run a ethernet cable from one of the unused lan connections on the wireless router in my basement up to the livingroom but not sure what i need after that, a hub, wired router or something else?

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Connect Wireless Router To Another Wireless Router

I was wondering if there was a way to connect one wireless router to another. I have two wireless/wired routers, and i do not feel like buying a wireless stick for my desktop. I'd rather just connect the routers somehow. Attaching one long cable to the router is not an option. I would have used a cable , but my modem is in a corner where my couches are and other furniture in the way. That's why i say connect the two some how. I do not have any other places to put them since the cable company only opened a select amount of ports. The routers are both netgears, which as i stated are wireles/wired. Links or detailed information will be appreciated.

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