Set Of Open Headphones

I switched to a pair of koss ur40's for my mp3 player at work and really like the way they sound and the fact that i can still tell what's going on behind me. The sound crispness has really grown on me and i'm looking for some open cans for my desk at home. Prefer something that's fairly light on the head with a thick, single wire with generous length. Under $50 preferred but can go to $100. Will be used with on board sound for gaming, music and tv.

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Quality Set Of Headphones

I am looking for a quality set of headphones around $100. Criteria:must have a mic. Must work with my 360 *edit* i found an adapter that lets me connect any pc headset to my xbox 360. Must work with my computer. I will be listening to movies, music and games. So a good all-around set would be nice.

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3 / 4 Computers On One Set Of Headphones

I have 3 computers and would like them all to share the same headphones. Not too sure what i would need. A mixer? I want to be able to hear them all at the same time. A few extra inputs would be nice.

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Looking For Good Set Of Bluetooth, Rechargeable Stereo Headphones / Headset

I want:
- Wireless stereo headphones (with mic would be better)
- Good sound quality (not audiophile, but enough to prove that 192kbps sounds better than 128kbps). - Rechargeable (base to place them on or can use rechargeable batteries)
- Bluetooth connectivity so i don't need a goddam dongle. Does such a thing exist?

I/my clumsy friends/pets have ruined computers and stereos of mine with casual walking and inattentiveness. If i could use this for a home stereo and a computer, that would be better, but computer is priority.

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Configure Pc To Auto Open

Since my stupid mother board don't support this function i thought there is a way to make windows auto-starts the computer when it's off? Any way to do that?

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How To Open Compaq Laptop ?

I finally have to open my laptop to extremely high temperatures and dirt. My laptop's exact model is presario 1500, but i guess opening method will be similar for same chassises'

I removed all the screws on the bottom and the front (side where it opens) opens at least, but the back part does not seem to open easily.

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Open Programs On External Hd

What happens if person tries open programs that are on external usb 2 hd. I assume if you can do this probably create temp file / folder somewhere. If did creat temp on new hd person would have to assume these temp would be completely deleted(hope)

Here is deal. I use win xp pro i started having issues with corrupt files or something do with os. One of biggest issues - i could no longer adjust resolution on dell 24" monitor and i tried everything included hours / hours talk with tech people. Dell – ibm - nvidia

I tried clone this c:/ drive 500gb sata to another sata 500gb drive but it will not boot up, all programs and files are there on new cloned drive. I bought new 500gb sata drive and did system recovery with two disk that came with ibm 6223 machine. No problem took 2+ hours but ended up perfect set up win xp pro and i have installed couple programs and very satisfied. Now question how get programs and files from original hd to new hd ? I have researched and after much looking into other people problems doing this i don't have much faith in any programs they have for doing this. Suggestions appreciated. Original hd has os and boots up ok. What will happen if i hook up original hd by way of external usb 2 then try opening program(s) that are on external drive? I would like avoid if possible mess up newly installed hd that is working very well. I would like to get programs from original hd to new hd and save time it takes install 15 + programs and settings.

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How To Open Up Hp Laserjet Printer ?

How do i open up an hp laserjet 4000 to repair a broken on off button? How to remove panel? My hp laserjet 4000 power button is stuck in the off position, i think the spring is jammed. How do i remove the side panel to inspect or repair? I am not a computer expert.

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Control Panel Crashes When I Try To Open It

I have xp installed (from new). Every time i try to open control panel it crashes. I have tried to fix it with the restore cd but it doesn't seem to work.

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Computer Takes 6, 7 Minutes To Open

My monitor that came with my win98 dell computer, takes now about 6 or 7 minutes to open. I upgraded to winxp, it now takes about about 4 or 5 minutes. Someone suggested to test and find out if it's the monitor or the computer. I borrowed a laptop but didn't know how to do it. A kind person suggested the following:

"Right click on the screen, choose properties/settings/advanced, look for your graphic card or video card then you should see the 2 icons for the 2 monitors. Switch over to the main monitor from there by clicking on the monitor icon at the rear of the two and dragging it to the front. " I followed the above but didn't see any "graphic card or video card" so i'm stuck now.

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Hp Printer Cover Open Error

My hp printer wont print. It says cover open. But its closed. Answer:- it could be a bad door sensor, broken or bent sensor or sensor activator part, or even a bad logic board. Some printers have small electrical contact points and strips that get bent out of shape and no longer make proper contact. Hard to be of any more help without knowing the model of your printer.

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How Do I Open A Macbook Pro Port?

How do i view/open ports. I recently got media link and everything was working just fine until i updated software on my os and had to restart. Upon reboot i tried to connect to media link and it gave me an error that said "media link will not start because port 1900 or 9386 is in use. " I didn't change anything before the update and i don't know what;s going on because i don't have anything else but that application open and it's telling me to close any application that might be using those ports. Please help so i can get my media streaming back to my ps3!

P. S. Despite the name this is a legit question i only made this yahoo account so i could get an answer because my searching and trying to find what i need is getting me nowhere.

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How To Open Ports On Netgear Router?

Answer:- as for opening ports that information is going to be usually for gaming or p2p at least most times and for details like that need to know what model you are using. Because the firmware will be different from model to model and i do not know if you are using an old or new model. Maybe it's old and you have updated the firmware in it. If you are not doing a wireless network then just run the ethernet cables to each computer.netgear will provide you with a cd or manual to help you setup things. Since you did not state if it's a wireless netgear router what i will is mainly give you information on that. Are you trying to setup a wired and wireless connection?

Wireless protected access is a lot more secure than wep and most internet service providers (isp) are only giving support for that. Wep has already been hacked about three years ago and it really is interesting the answers you get if you ask them to support or help with configuring a wpa or wpa-2 wifi connection. Back from eating dinner. Btw. You don't want to open all ports that would be a security issue its a lot better to know what ports to open and only open them. You do not need to tell anyone what ports you are opening, because anyone seeing your question with that info could take advantage of your netgear and computer.

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Open Source Firmware For Wired Routers

I was interested in putting an open-source firmware into my router, but it seems all the major projects like openwrt and dd-wrt are for wireless routers whereas my router is wired-only. Does anyone know of an open source firmware for wired routers, or if these other projects can do wired-only? My router is a linkskey lkr-604.

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Open Browser Window In Maximum Size

When i connect to the internet, the browser window does not go to the maximum size, how can i get it to open to the max?

Answer:- just go to the top of your window (where it says what website you are on) and double click it. Or click on the middle button on top right of the window.

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Volume Mixer Won't Open

At the bottom right of the computer screen is the the speaker icon. It remains with a small red x on the speaker icon if your speakers are muted or not plugged in. My speakers work fine with any other devise such as a mp3 but not with my computer. I click the mixer and nothing happens. But get this, when i right click the volume icon and chose "open volume mixer" the volume control pops up but with no bars to adjust the volume levels. In the top left of the bar it says "no audio devise installed". I went to control panel, then hardware & sound, then sound, and found under playback tab i found "realtek high definition audio" with a green small check on the icon next to it. I know i have the right playback device selected because realtek is the only one there and it is what my computer uses. Do i need to re download realtek? I really have no idea whats goeing on with my computer and its depressing i cant hear my friends or my music over the internet because my computers volume thingy is messed up :(.

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Excel File Cannot Be Open From Network Share Drive

The scenario that i have is following: *. Xls file( 2003) is placed on network share drive( nt environment). Many users can access it with no problems, but some users cannot view the file even though they have the same permisssions. What do you think might be the problem? Is it possible that file is locked? Is there a limit of people to acces the file over the network?

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Computer Restarts As It Attempts To Open Up Windows Page

My computer won't start up. It started shortly after we reset internet explorer and/or after we shut down to have our power turned off for about 5 minutes. Both happened before the problem started. When starting computer, it takes me to page asking how i want to start: safe mode; last working time; or start normally. I've tried all the options with none of them working. It always restarts as it attempts to open up windows page. One time i was able to "catch" the warning message and it mentioned an unmountable_boot_volume error. How can i get my computer up and running without having to call someone and pay the big bucks.

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How To Open Case On A Western Digital 1tb Drive ?

Does anyone know how to open the case on a western digital 1tb elements drive model wdbaau0010hbk-netg?

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Norton Security Is Corrupt And Won't Open

When i click norton security it says it is corrupt and wont open. What does this mean and what can i do? "The file or directory c: is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the chkdsk utility. " Oh crap. Do i have a virus? On my security system!?

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Does Lots Of Windows Open, Slow Down Internet Connection?

Does having lots of windows open that all use internet slow my connection? And does having windows that use internet up when im in a game slow down my connection as well?

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How To Open Back Cover Of Dell E177fpc Monitor ?

How can i open the back cover for a dell monitor model e177fpc?

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Windows Vista Won't Open Programs

My laptop had been working fine, i went out and left it on standby as i usually do, when i got home it couldn't find the internet connection, so i restarted it. But after i restarted it, it loaded up and got to my desktop and then froze. After it did this a couple of times i went into safe mode (which i am using now) and tried deleting some things that i didn't use in-case it was just too full to do anything. When i started it up after that it didn't freeze right away, but it wont open any programs. It usually opens norton, msn and hp total care advisor on start up, but now its only opening norton, and not the other two. Also my desktop items (my clock and calendar etc) aren't coming up anymore either. Iv tried a system rest twice and it doesn't seem to have done anything. I really don't want to have to wipe it as i have alot of stuff on here that i don't want to lose, and i don't have a portable hard drive to keep it on. Because its an hp laptop it didn't come with an installation disk, its all saved on the laptop. I don't know what i can do to make it work again short of wiping it, which i really don't want to do. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Slow Hard Drive - Takes A Minute To Open A Folder

I recently built my i7 rig, and installed w7 on my c drive, with my d drive for storage. I decided to do some cable management but i left the drives plugged in, and now when i reconnected everything, my c drives runs normal but my d drive is very slow taking more then a minute to open a folder.

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Usb Flash Drive Error When Double Click To Open

I have a kingston usb flash drive and formatted it to ntfs on vista. Now my question is related to xp. Every time i plug it into a xp machine it will run the auto-play but whenever i go into my computer and try to double click it, it gives me an error saying windows cannot find g:m.exe. But if i right click and select open it will open up. I am wondering why it would be giving me an error with the double click method and not with the other one. I don't even know why it would be looking for an executable file on a usb flash drive. If anyone can give some insight please let me know.

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Ntldr:couldnt Open Drive Multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)

I have a compaq desktop and i am trying to reformat the hdd but i have encounter this problem: couldnt open drive multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1), ntldr:couldnt open drive multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1), but the hardisk is okey in the other pc?

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Ide Drive Through Usb - Vista Won't Open Files

So i have a hard drive out of an old laptop that crapped out. When plugged in, it powers up fine, the disk is spinning and my computer will see that the drive is there. Pop up says device is working properly, and allows me to "safely remove" it. Device manager shows it is there, giving the proper model name and such. All of this, but my computer won't let me open the drive to get the files. It doesn't show up in the my computer window. I have tried a couple of different external plug in setups, and they all do the same thing, even the ones with a dedicated power cord and two usb plugs to give the device more power.

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Sony Reader Library Won't Open On Macbook Pro

I click on the reader library application and it will not show up, it's on my dock with the light under registering that i have opened it, but the actual window (application) will not open. The same thing happens when i plug in my reader. Does anyone else have that problem or had that problem, and how did you fix it?

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How To Set Up My Hard Drives?

Im not sure what to do, i was thinking of doing this and im not sure if it will work and if it will be faster. Is it better to just get the: western digital raptor 36. 7 g 10, 000 rpm drive and just using that or putting the western digital raptor 36. 7 g 10, 000 rpm in a hardware raid with my old maxtor? Im just not sure if they have to have the same rpm and size for the raid to be effective?

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How Should I Set Up My Hard Drive(s)?

Alright. I'm building a new computer system and i'm trying to decide how i want my storage to be set up. Currently, i have 2 ide drives in my system. Actually, i started out with one and added another one after. On my hard drive, i have partitioned it as c:, d:, and e:. C: - windows install only
D: - programs. Basically, i have a list of folders with the names of the programs i have installed. E: - miscellaneous. This has things i've downloaded, my music, artwork, video work, temporary installation files, videos, etc. I added another drive when i ran out of e: space. I have no experience with raid or anything so maybe that's something i should do for my next system. I dunno. I want to say what i want to do and you can tell me if it needs its own separate drive or just a partition. I dunno. Here's what i'd like to do:

C: - windows - i'd like to continue to keep this windows separate from everything else so, like now, if windows gets infected or if something screws up and i can't boot up windows, i can just delete c: (either partition or drive, w/e you suggest i get) and reinstall without losing all my programs file saves, preferences, etc. Yah, sure, the programs won't be "connected" to the reinstalled windows anymore, but i will still have any logs or saved games (that weren't auto saved in c and preferences/settings and stuff. This happened to me twice before and i just killed the partition and reinstalled windows and moved the entire d: contents to an "old d" folder and started reinstalling my programs, using the files for any programs i was reinstalling from the "old d" folder and referencing them to set up my reinstalled programs. *Phew*, get it?

D: - programs - should this just be a separate drive from windows? I mean, sure, my programs partition is currently protected from viruses screwing up windows or windows becoming unbootable for some other reason, but what if my windows hdd crashes? Then all partitions are screwed. I would like to solve this possibility before it become a reality. I was thinking either having this partition or drive (you decide which is better) be backed up to a separate hdd as things get added/changed/modified. Isn't that a raid thing?

E: - misc. - Same as d:. I'd like it to be backed up to its own seperate drive in case of drive failure. I'll say it again without all the words:
C: - windows - separate from everything else. Doesn't have to have a backup. D: - programs - separate from windows installation and constantly backed up to separate drive. E: - misc. - Same as programs.could be apart of the same drive as programs is in, but i wouldn't mind it being a totally separate drive either. So that's what i want. I dunno why. Is this stupid to do it this way? Is the way i'm doing it now stupid? I kinda know how raid works, but i don't know if it affects any read times or speeds or performance in games or anything. So please help me figure out how many hard drives i need and how i should set up my storage system. Your advice is welcome. Btw, i was thinking of having about 1tb for c and e each cuz i have a huge backlog of games and i'm always too lazy to go in and backup game saves and player configs and stuff and then uninstall the games to free up space. And i download a lot of stuff and edit lots too so i'll need lots of space for my misc. Stuff too. 1tb should be enuff for that.

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