Lg Flatron Power Saving Mode

My toshiba laptop screen is smashed so i've been using an lg flatron l1511s screen but it all of a sudden stopped working and went into power save mode, it'll work in safe mode but not normally. How can i get it to work?

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Lg Monitor Power Saving Mode

I just bought a new computer yesterday. Everything seems fine with it but whenever i try to restart, the monitor always go on "power saving" mode. And it is why i'm having difficulty to install windows xp sp2 on it. Where is the source of the problem?

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Can't Exit Power Saving Mode

I've just got myself a brandnew dell desktop xps420 with vista on it. Everything seemed to work fine, but my computer enters power saving mode at completely random times while im actually on the pc. For example: i'm writing a document then suddenly my screen goes blank and it says "entering power saving mode" after which the green power-light on the monitor changes orange-ish. When i try to wake it up again, by either pressing keys on the keyboard or move the mouse, nothing happens. Pressing any power-button (or monitor button) doesn't help either and the only thing i can do is hold the power-button to shut my computer down and reboot it. This happens alot, no matter what i'm doing and i don't know how to solve it. I've changed all of the power save mode-settings into 'off', also in bios. This didn't help. All windows updates are installed and running and i didn't install any other programs yet whatsoever. Can someone explain how i prevent my computer entering power saving mode? And how i exit that mode, since that doesn't work either.

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Pc Wont Boot And Monitor Switches Into Power Saving Mode

My problem is that my pc wonít start up. First, the monitor sets on (green light) but then immediately switches into power saving mode (no view at all), and meanwhile the pc boots up, runs for about 10 seconds, and then the internal speaker recites a beep code (once only). Iíve recorded it, so it can be heard at http://media. The pc wonít show any image on the monitor when starting up, not at any point, the monitor just goes straight to power saving mode. My motherboard is asus a8n-sli deluxe, bios rev. 1016. Ok, here's what i've got so far:

I have booted the pc with only the motherboard, the video card, the processor and the power supply unit on. The beep code still persists, listen here: http://media. Then i took off the video card, and the beep didn't change.could this mean that the card is responsible since the monitor doesn't show any image, and because the card isn't registering at all, and thus producing the beep whether it is onboard or not? Or should i look at the power supply unit, the motherboard or the processor, all unlikely?

I've ruled out the ram as the cause of the problem, i've got 4 sticks of it and i've tested each stick individually. Also, the psu does generate power to the pc as it does go on, the power light is on, the gpu led is on as is the motherboard led. The fans are all working as well. I've also re-set the cmos, replaced the cmos battery and double checked all the wirings in the pc. I've left the psu and the monitor cables detached from anything for more than an hour to clear any static charges as well. All the dusty parts have been cleaned. Well, as i have an award bios, the beep code suggests that it's the video card that's the problem here. The problem is, that i haven't got another card to test, and no compatible pc to test the current card in. Should i buy a new card? It'll be an expensive step, and i dare not go there if i'm not sure. I've recorded the whole start-up process with all the loading clicks in case of anything unusual, you can listen to it here: http://media. Tell me if you hear anything out of place other than the beep code. What i'd like to know now, is that what is the most likely culprit? I can and will replace it, but i'm not keen on having to replace the video card, the psu, the motherboard and the processor before the set-up finally works.

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Dell Inspiron Goes Into Power Saving Mode Every Time When Start

My vista dell inspiron desktop goes into power saving mode everytime i start it!? My desktop screen says entering power save mode when i turn it on! This has happened a few times! I tried un plugging things and cleaning the dust out. But nothing works! I am able to get into safe mode (which is what im on now) but when i click start windows normally it goes into power save mode. If there is something wrong with the video care please tell me where that is!

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Low Power Mode While Downloading

Going from no computer to a computer raised my electric bill from $18/month to $40/month. Granted, some of that is due to me being in my apartment more often, and i don't play with no lights on either. But anyways, i'm trying to save money and have been afraid to leave my computer on for long periods of time while large files download. Going into sleep mode of course stops the downloads. My asus motherboard has a power-saving feature, and of course i turn off my monitor. Any other, relatively simple, steps i could take?

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Parallel Switch Mode Power Supplies

I need 12vdc at 15amps. Can i parallel a 10amp and a 5amp switching power supplies to get 15amp? Or will the 10amp try to force current into the 5amp? The dc voltages are within 100 millivolts of each other.

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Monitor Stuck In Power Save Mode After Coming Back From Long Idle

Not sure if this is os, display or graphics card trouble; i have my displays set to turn off after 15 minutes of inactivity in windows 7 with a nvidia gtx 260. If i come back to the computer, after it has been idle for a long time (especially when logged out) the secondary display will turn on but the primary display will be stuck in power save mode. When i move the mouse or hit a key, the secondary display (dell 2407wfp) shows the wallpaper image or blank screen if logged out but effectively turns back "on".

The primary display (dell 2408, much newer) flickers for a sec, shows the dvi icon, then goes back to power save mode and turns off as if its not getting a signal from the graphics card. Turning the monitor on or off again does not solve the problem. Restarting the computer (holding down the power button) does solve the problem, but i'd rather not hard-restart it like that every time i come back to my computer. Sometimes by bringing a window to the foreground on the primary display, such as pressing ctrl alt del then opening task manager blind, or right clicking on the secondary display and opening the nvidia control panel, i can get the display to turn back on.

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Lg Lcd Flatron Monitor Problem

I've recently purchased a lg lcd flatron w1943ss monitor. Problem with it is that when it's plugged into pc the monitor goes straight into sleep mode. The motherboard in the computer is new and all specs are compatible with the monitor on paper. There's no obvious explanation for it. I've even check the monitor works by connecting it to my laptop. Anyone know how to rectify this?

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Lg Flatron L192ws Monitor Problem

My father picked up an monitor from someone and he's trying to attach it to his laptop. When we hook up the monitor, it'll show the screen for a second or two then goes black. We've tried changing the resolution and changing the data cord running from the laptop to the screen, but nothing worked. Are we missing drivers or could something else be wrong with the monitor? Like i said, it'll work for a second or two and then it (the monitor) goes black.

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Lg Flatron W2234s Monitor Resolution

What is the best screen resolution for my 22. 5" lg flatron w2234s computer monitor? I was doing something and it just got messed it zoomed in a lot i know how to fix it but i don't now how to set it like it was before ( default resolution)

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Lg Flatron Monitor Check Signal Cable

I have an lg flatron w2043t monitor, only a few months old, and i'm getting this error. What does this mean and how can i fix it?

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Lg Flatron L1750s Monitor Stopped Working

I have a lg flatron l1750s-sn, for my monitor on my computer. I don't know what happened but all of a sudden it went out and stopped working, i do believe it is the inverter because i can see the screen a little bit but it is black. I can;t seem to open the monitor screen though on the back is says "no user serviceable parts inside" and says to refer to a service personnel. I don't want to have to pay some guy to fix it!

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Saving A Corrupt Usb Drive

I got a 512mb drive a while ago and it was working nicely until i screwed up yesterday and pulled it from my desktop without clicking the "safely remove this drive" button. I inserted it earlier to get some pictures off of it and shuttle some music to my ps3, but everything was corrupted. Kudos to "recuva" for saving some files for me. So i tried to delete the corrupted data and it says "disk is write-protected". So i figure: "i have all of the data i want, screw the rest, i'll reformat it. ". It gave me the same [disk is write-protected] error. I tried "killdisk" only to find the drive will not allow access. I boot to my xp install disk to delete the partition and create a new one, but i get another error to the same effect as the earlier one "disk is write-protected". I downloaded ubuntu 8. 04 bootable iso(so far i am liking the os and now plan to install it on my ps3). I was following some more instructions i got off google which didn't pan out. I was trying to access it to prepare to format it and i get an "unable to open" error. Nothing i have tried works. Anyone have any idea about how to fix this drive? It's a "no-name" generic usb 2. 0 drive.

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Saving Files At Specific Sectors On Hdd

I suspect some bad sectors were formed on one of my partitions. I think that they are formed in the 1st part (out of three parts). Now how can i avoid this part and save files only on the other 2 parts?

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Computer Freeze When Saving Large Size Files

I have problems with my computer, when i save a large item it freezes. (Large size files / items noramly take 3+ hours to save. Have been doing alot of video editing recently and when it comes it save the overall work (render it), the whole computer freezes, managed to copy the file though the home network and do it on my bro's pc, but i can't save to dvd as it's doing the same. Thought it could be power supply, or processor over heating but if i shut down and restart it, it still has the same problems but it will freeze in a different point, getting to be a very annoying problem.

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Computer Do Not Come Out Of Stand By Mode

I just started using stand by instead of leaving the computer active all night. Half the time when i went to activate the computer it would just shut off and or restart. I got better results oi got this computer about 3 years ago. Came with 120gb harddrive, 512mb ram, 250watt power supply. Since then i have added a second harddrive, and a firewire card, no problem [so long ago i did that].

Well lately theres been issues. I just started using stand by instead of leaving the computer active all night. Half the time when i went to activate the computer it would just shut off and or restart. I got better results of it not doing that by moving the mouse and hitting keys vigorously until my desktop came up, it not doing that by moving the mouse and hitting keys vigorously until my desktop came up.

But the last few days have been the worst. The green power light on the front is blinking, as usual on stand by, and i go start moving the mouse around, and eventually figure out, it wont come out of stand by. Eventually i figured out if i unplugged my dlink router, and then plugged it in again, it would reboot itself. Sometimes i couldn't turn the computer on without plugging in the router. It use to involve a lot of playing around with the router to get the computer out of standby and back on.

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Dual Mode Ram

I have 3 512mb ram : 1 with 320 mhz and 2 with 400 mhz. Currently i am using at 400mhz. Is it possible to set them up from single mode to dual mode channel?

Motherboard : intel 865perl

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No Boot From Safe Mode, Etc.

Computer turns on, screen shows bios screen, then options for safe mode, last known good config, etc. I've tried them all - best i've gotten so far is the winxp load screen, then screen goes to black and system hangs there. Anyone heard of this? I know it's not video card, because i get the initial winxp graphic w/blue bars running left to right and the flag. I'm not sure about the harddrive - in safe mode it shows all the dos stuff running down the screen, but then hangs. My plan is to burn a boot cd (no floppy drive installed in system) and try to troubleshoot from there. Either the startup routine in windows went bad, or it's a bad harddrive, or ?. I'll likely get to working on this over the weekend, but any input is appreciated.

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What Causes Pc To Boot In Safe Mode ?

Ok i just switched my pc on this morning and got the post screen for the 1st time ever. For the past couple of times , when i push the power on button, it would flash the led on the front and power back off. Then press it again and it fires right up. And today it boots in safe mode . I went into the bios and re loaded optimized defaults, and it is no longer in safe mode but it hangs a little longer right before going to the xp loading screen. At the bottom of the screen it says verifying dmi pool data, then it goes to xp loading screen. What could have caused it to boot this way in the first place. I have a new motherboard i am about to use anyway, but i just want to be sure i don't have some other problem.

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Monitor Keeps Going Off - Dpms Going To Off Mode

When i switch my computer on my monitor comes on and goes off again, before it goes off a box comes up saying dpms going to off mode, anyone tell me what this could be.

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Monitor Mode Not Supported

I have a samsung monitor and when i connect it to pc it says "mode not supported" with black background?

Answer:- your video adapter is currently set to a mode that the monitor cannot display. If it does not adjust itself automatically (many drivers will sense the mismatch and correct the problem automatically in a few seconds) set the display resolution to something that it can handle (1024 x 768 is almost always safe) and 60 hz refresh and connect it. Reboot and then go in and adjust the resolution to the monitor's native display resolution for the best performance.

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Sleep Mode Issue

So if i put my computer into sleep mode or it goes to sleep after an hour of idle time, when i hit enter to wake it the screen stays blank. The only way to wake it is to hit the power button. However if i do this the computer will intermittently turn on, as in the howl system lights up and then it turns off. It will continually complete this process until i flip the power switch on the back of the psu. Then when i hit the power switch once more, it will turn on and off and then finally boots. It sounds like a bios issue to me. I have sufficient power, even overclocked, otherwise i wouldn't be able to turn my computer on at all. Here are some relevant specs: mobo: gigabyte: ga-ep45-ud3p with award bios the most recent version and a 650 watt psu. This also seemed to happen after i had network adapter issues last night which also happened to be a bios issue, i fixed it by resetting to fail safe defaults. So it may have reset the option to allow sleep mode or something along those lines. Any suggestions?

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Computer In Standby Mode Never Came Back

I accidentally pressed the little moon key on the dynex keyboard connected to my desktop pc which although normally causes the pc to enter stand-by apparently means "commit suicide"! I saw a message that said the system was entering stand-by and i have as of yet been unable to get the machine to wake from it's slumber. I've completely powered off the system and disconnected the power cord and i've tried the cmos jumper trick as well. I can't even get a post screen with no thing plugged in but the video card and monitor!

I've removed the cmos battery and will let the system discharge over night so i'll post back in the morning, but any other suggestions would be appreciated! I have never encountered a case of a computer being this difficult to get out of standby, so i'm afraid the problem must run deeper than that.

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Any Way To Use Serial Port In Safe Mode ?

I have an older ibm (thinkpad 500?) Using windows 2000 that crashes randomly. I only use this computer to run an automatic key machine in my truck that uses the serial com port. The computer runs fine in safe mode, but i can't link it to the key machine because the serial port is disabled in safe mode. Is there any way to enable the serial com port in safe mode?

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Monitor Stuck In Standby Mode

My pc has run perfect for about 2 months now. But the other day i was on it and it suddenly crashed. I waited for a while but it still remained frozen. So i restarted it but there was no display on my mointor, it's like stuck in standby mode it's just stays on the orange light not the green. At first i thought it may of been the video card so i swapped it with a gforce 4 and still it stays in standby mode. It's not the monitor cause it's working fine with this pile of junk for a pc im having to use now. Anyone have any ideas whats causing this problem.

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Dual Channel Memory Mode

I was wondering if anyone could help me with this issue. I have an (asus p5gd2x motherboard) with 4 memory dimm slots, i want to fill all slots with 1gb moduals = 4gb of ram, all of the same size and speed. In doing this, will all memory moduals then be running in dual channel mode? I'm doing the research but am new to the world of memory, any tips.

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Windows 98 Only Boots In Safe Mode

Windows 98 only boots in safe mode. When try to boot in regular mode it just sits at the clouds and the bottom progress bar keeps scrolling forever. No changes were made in either hardware or software. Just one day it stopped booting. It's driving me pretty crazy.

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Display Working Only In Safe Mode

I have an older pc, intel ca810e board with onboard video. I just wiped the hard drive, and imaged it back with a known good image (win 2k), but now as soon as i enter the password to log on to windows, the video freaks out, like a hundred horizontal lines, i can see multiple mouse pointers all on same horizontal plane, basically i can't see enough to even tell it to shut down. When i boot into safe mode, all is well. I've flashed the bios, tried deleting the display adapter and rebooting, tried deleting the display adapter and reinstalling it from mobo driver cd (and from downloaded driver from web). All signs point to the onboard video being bad, but wanted to check with all of you to see if anyone had any other ideas. ?

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Screen Shaking In Window Mode

Brand new xfx 5770 running at stock settings runs fine in games, but when a game is in windowed mode it will shake the top of the screen unless i minimize everything but one window. If i play any game - such as warcraft 3, shattered horizon, tf2 - in windowed mode with a browser in the background or something then the screen will start shaking randomly. If anyone has a solution, let me know before i call up xfx.

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