Drivers For Emachine C3060

I did a fresh windows xp install on my friends computer. This is my first time working on an emachine computer. Do you guys know where i can get the drivers for this computer? After i did a fresh install i noticed that this had a recover partition (pc angel). I am not sure i can the drivers from this partion or if they are avaialble online.

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Emachine - No Boot Disk

I've been working on this old emachine for a woman down the street and i finally got it running but it's acting a bit strange. She called me up today and said it tells her she has "no boot disk". Now, i know i was just there and had windows xp boot up. So i go there, turn it on. And boot up normally. So i make sure everything else is working. I turned it off and on a few times, everything was normal. I left and an hour later she calls me back. "It's a black screen that says "no boot disk" on it". She says she didn't turn it of/restart or anything. I'm trying to get a handle on what's wrong here. I can't get a handle on it because i'm never there when something goes wrong. It's a 3100+ sempron with 256 mb ram and a 100gb ide hdd. Integrated sound, network, and graphics (chrome s3 i think). Any ideas? Is it possible that her psu is shutting down and resetting her boot settings? I'm sure the hard drive has a recovery partition (but that should also be bootable). Maybe her psu and the motherboard batter are both hosed. I don't know anymore lol. Any ideas are appreciated.

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Emachine - Power Led Only Flashes

Alright, i have an emachine here that will not power on. When power is hooked up to the psu the light around the button just sits and flashes. The psu fan will run but no beeps, hard drive spin up or cpu fan spinning. I have tried multiple psus and i'm guessing that the mobo is dead but what are some of your thoughts?

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Emachine 400i3 Dvd Issue

I just received my 2 disc drives. One is a dvd|toshiba 16x sd-m2012, and the other is an cdrw/dvd asus| cb-5216a. To tell the truth, i only bought the toshiba for the dvd capabilities, and the asus for burning, and know little of the two. I know both play dvd's though. The problem i have is this, i have an old e-machine 400i3 and i am keeping the drives in it until i can get my other computer built. I wanted to check out the whole 52x speed and all, but all i can run is 16x on a cdrw, when the specs show that 32x is capable. Is it because of my old computer? Or may there be something wrong, otherwise? Oh, and the sound does not work when i play a dvd, yet, if i play music, its fine.

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Connect Emachine Desktop To Flat Screen Tv

How do i connect my emachine desktop to my flat screen tv? I am connecting the cable from the emachine's tower to the vga port behind the tv, but am getting an error on the tv saying that it is not a supported format. How do i fix this problem? If you need more information let me know.

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Sapphire Radeon Hd 4850 - Emachine Et1331-02

My computer only has one visible power slot for a graphics card with two connectors? My computer model is an emachine et1331-02. As i've already had enough trouble breaking open the back of the case's metal slots (problem described here:, now another problem arises. I'm only 14, and i don't know too much about computers themselves. I recently got this new graphics card to enhance my computer, a sapphire radeon hd 4850, and its power connector has two individual slots, and in my machine, i can only see one visible slot to plug it in. Do i need both to power the card? If not, which one do i use (one has 3 wires connected and the other has 5)? And if i do need both. I only have one slot.

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Emachine C1904 Cpu Fan Stops Working After 10 Seconds

I have a friends emachine c1904. I found the problem to the computer, it was the power supply and memory that werent working. I bought a new power supply and i used my memory stick and the computer booted right up. I scanned the computer for adware and viruses and i found a couple of minor things in there that i already erased. I went to check on the computer once again and now when i turn it on the computer the fan to the cpu goes on for like 10 seconds and stops working after that. Has anyone accured to this problem before.

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Updating Current Chipset Drivers Over Already Installed Drivers

I generally believe in the saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". So i generally only installed missing drivers from xp/vista/win7, with exception to probably video. So i built a new i7 x58 system last night and wondered, win7 has installed all the drivers i need, this is sweet! But this just doesn't seem right it's windows i should be installing tons of drivers especially for fairly new hardware. Is there any substantial benefit from updating current chipset drivers etc over those win7 already has installed? Is is still important to keep all the drivers (chipset specifically) up to date like in the old 98/2000 days. With my old core2 system i don't think i noticed any performance issues by only installing vid drivers but i never have done any different. Just wondering what others thoughts are. I also build the universal xp image at work, and only install required sata drivers to boot. Maybe i am significantly hindering performance or stability?

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Drivers, Where Can I Find All Drivers ?

Is there a website that i can find just about any drivers. Especially sound, modem, ethernet & video drivers. Legacy drivers too. Is there any that are free?

Is there any that are better than others. I find that some driver websites have no drivers at all but just want to throw advertising at you. I am not talking about the manufacturer but a generic driver website.

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Amd Ahci Drivers For Vista Ahci Drivers

Just reinstalled my vista 64 system, just wondering if i should leave the included vista ahci drivers in place, or install the amd/ati ones?

I have a gigabyte ga-ma790xt-ud4p am3 system, with the wd caviar black 1tb as my main drive.

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Sata Drivers

I went and bought a new sata 160gb hard drive for my computer. Im trying to set it up on my dell dimension 8400(or my xps). I know i need to have the drivers on a floppy and i know i need to press f6. But where are these drivers? Do these dells have host adapters or are they built in to the mother board? Also, i've tried on both the 8400 and the xps and still no luck.

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Midi Drivers

I'm trying to play some really old pc games i played when i was a kid, and it's telling me that there are no midi drivers for my card. I have a creative soundblaster audigy ls. I'm having a hard time finding anything on google that fixes the problem. If it matters, i'm trying to play super solvers: gizmos & gadgets.

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Drivers Keep Going Wrong

My mate's computer keeps going wrong. Slowly his peripherals are all stopping working with his computer failing to recognise them, regardless of various driver reinstallations. First it was his sound card, so i suggested a system restore. It was then fine. Then the next day his printer had done the same thing.system restore again. Didn't work this time. The the webcam, and then his graphic tablet, then his mobile (usb connected).system restore and safe-mode-resinstallations of the drivers don't work. Are his drivers somehow becoming corrupt oine after another? The sound still works. We have tried attaching the peripherals in other computers and they work fine.

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Update Drivers Or Not

I wanted to know if you guys put the new drivers in the computer when the old drivers are still doing the job? Why also companies like asus throw out so much drivers update when the older one are doing the job? I seen that my old bios, old drivers that came with the installation cd for the motherboard all do the job well.

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Best Logitech G5 Drivers

What are the best g5 drivers? I dont have the special edition but want good gaming drivers. I have the issue of once im in game it's fine but if i alt+tab or something it changes around where the mouse speeds are fast or slow. I am using the logitech drivers.

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Uninstalling Old Drivers

My gtx 275 arrived this morning. It's replacing a 9800gt. My question is this: i'm using driver sweeper, and i've just cleaned out the driver settings. I see that there's another box with the option to clean out the nvidia chipset - should i clean the chipset as well? What is this anyhow? Am i supposed to uninstall that also?

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How To Remove Old Drivers ?

I'm looking to remove my old vid card drivers. How would i go about removing my old video card drivers? Is there a program i might need (one that i wont have to buy), or is there a way i can do it using some sort of windows xp function?

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8.66 Rc6 Drivers

I tried the new drivers on my crossfire and they hosed it. 2nd gpu not reading right just like the rc7 did. Rc6 was the only driver that read the gpu correctly. Does anyone have a link to a download for rc6? I can't seem to locate them.

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Drivers For The 5850

I've ordered parts for a new computer which should arrive next week, and i was wondering what's the latest driver and catalyst for the 5850? I haven't upgraded anything in years, so i'm well behind in the technology department. To give you an idea, i still thought the nvidia 8 series were top of the line. I've got a free installation for my new pc, but i'd want to make sure that the drivers et cetera are the latest (and the best working ones).

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What Drivers Are You Using With 5970 ?

I just want to get a consensus with what drivers 5970 owners are using. I tried the beta 4 and beta 5 drivers from the amd site and not even 5 minutes on desktop my mouse begins to slow down and then everything freezes forcing a reboot. I even made sure msi afterburner and gpu-z were not loaded. Anyone else experience problems with these drivers?

I used the driver on the cd and had no issues whatsoever. I just thought the beta's would squeeze out a few more fps. I also noticed that there was no fan speed control with any of the drivers. I downloaded and flashed with a sapphire bios that fixed that issue. So far its been kind of a headache to get this video card going, but the same thing happened when i had the 4870x2 as drivers still needed to mature.

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9.12 Drivers Problem

So i tried to install the 9. 12 drivers and it has totally *** up my system. About half way through the install my screens went blank and remained that way for a half hour. The hard drive was accessing, but i had no visuals. I reset my computer, but now i have no catalyst control center, i have tried to install other drivers but that has been a nightmare too. I get half way through installing and it just sits there forever and ever and ever with the overall progress bar doing nothing and the other bar saying its installing, but nothing happens no matter how long i leave the system. Basically it will not let me install drivers and it will not let me uninstall what is left on there! I did a complete system restore and it came back on with all three monitors working as one sls, but it still did not give me any catalyst control center. When i right click the mouse on desktop it shows the ccc but when i click it nothing happens!

I actually had success installing the beta hemlock drivers from amds site, but that only let me use one screen and the ccc had very limited features. I mean extremely limited features, as in i did not even have the display tab to adjust my monitors and no overrides tab either. I am running a sapphire 5970 and i have tried sapphires recommended drivers but those install in 10 seconds and give me no ccc, no nothing!

I have just tried to use sapphires latest drivers to uninstall ccc from my cpu and it has just sat here the last ten minutes as i type this doing nothing. The overall progress bar is blank and so is the currently uninstalling bar. I got nothing, and whats worse microsoft will not give me a new code for my vista 64 ultimate because its an oem version, *** bastards, otherwise i would do a complete system reinstall. I cannot believe how bad atis drivers are here, this is a nightmare, what can i do? What should i do?

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Longhorn Drivers

Any one know where to get ati drivers for longhorn?

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Drivers For Processor E8400

The processor e8400 driver, i cant seem to find one other then 64 bit? Ga-ep35-ds3l mobo, i found some drivers and bios updates on the gigabyte webstie but if anyone could please tell me wich ones i need to get so im not getting the wrong ones. I found my gpu drivers, network drivers sound card etc etc, just need help with the last 2 and bios updates.

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Sata Drivers Problem

I'm trying ti install xp pro on aspire e500 with 250 gb sata hd but without lucky till now. I'd dowloaded the drivers from acer site, and when xp ask me the drivers i put they on pc, the installation start, xp format the partition like i want and after start to copy files, at the end reboot. Well after reboot the installation don't continue but i have a blue screen with errore 0000078 or 000007b and the write on the screen that say me to use "chkdsk / f on my hd". So i thought that is a driver problem. In this section i read about a sata ii, maybe is this the problem? What is exacly sata ii ?

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Drivers For Presario V5000

I had xp, and upgraded to vista. When that happend, i seem to use my old drivers for 2 things. Im missing:

1) ethernet controller driver
2) pci modem driver

I searched hps website and downloaded every single one, and nothing works! What can i do, its a compaq presario v5000, on the back it says its a v5210us.

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Nvidia Raid Drivers

My new mother board and raid is not working its nvidia3 raid wont load drivers from floppy at win setup any ideas ?

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Nvidia Drivers For Vista

*** is up with nvidia and their lack of official vista chipset/platform drivers? The only vista platform drivers listed in their dl section is for the nforce 3, and those have been there since beta/rc times. Sure they have official vista graphics drivers and their ntune, but the come on nvidia! The other camp has both 32bit and 64bit vista drivers for all of their products.

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How Do You Update Nforce Drivers ?

I have a copy of driver cleaner platinum edition but i have no idea how to update my nforce chipset drivers. Can someone please tell me how?

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X58 Ahci Drivers

I have wd 1tb black, and i noticed it is using udma5 and it should support udma6, in the bios, the sata is set to [ide] by default, i changed it to [ahci], windows booted fine, but there is 2 question mark in device manager "standard ide controller" appeared and windows can't find driver for it and also still hdd working @ udm5, i'm not able to find driver for the ahci, i tried the intel matrix manager, but it says can't be installed. Any ideas?

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Smbus Drivers Not Installed

In my device manager its showing ati smbus has no drivers installed, also the same for the direct memory access controller. Also an unknown pci device is showing for pci slot 1. Help me sort this please as i have no experience with this sort of thing.

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