Usb Vs Pci Wifi

I want to know whether it is better for me to get a pci wifi card or usb wifi adapter i.e. Internal vs. External. If anyone can share their experiences that would be great, the card/adapter i am looking at are as follow:

Pci wifi
Usb wifi

I need a wifi card/adapter so i can communicate with my pda and wireless use internet/sync files from it with its pcmcia card.

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Pci Cards That Provide Usb Ports Or Usb Cards That Provide Pci Slots

So, there's pci cards that provide usb ports, any usb cards that provide pci slots? I need a cobranet connection on a laptop, and for that i cannot find a usb or pc card adapter for it; and of course the laptop doesn't have any pci slots. Is it possible for a usb card to host a pci device?

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Pci Usb Versus Onboard Usb

I've always assumed that onboard would have higher performance. But since i have vista, and vista has readyboost, i would like to be sure of this. Being that i have a pci card with internal usb 2. 0 ports, it'd be much more attractive to have the pci card inside my case rather than outside. Thus the relevance of this question. Does anybody know? I've tried the google, but so far i haven't gotten any great results.

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Where To Get Usb Wifi Connector For Nintendo Ds ?

Where can i get a usb wifi connector for my nintendo ds? Nintendo has discontinued theirs, where can i get a reasonably priced wifi usb connector for my ds?

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Does Nintendo Wifi Usb Connector Work With Dsi ?

Does the nintendo wi-fi usb connector work with dsi and dsixl?

Answer:- yes. It is advertised as working for ds products and what not, but in actuality it is just a cheap, generic usb wifi transmitter/receiver (i use it on my xbox 360 and laptop constantly)

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Dongle Attached To Usb Hdd For Turning Into Wifi Fileserver

I'm told that dongles exist for connecting to usb hdd's. I'm just looking for a backup solution for my server that would do mirroring, and throttle bandwidth transfers to prevent clogging the lan / wifi bandwidth. Do these magical devices really exist? What are they called? How much do they cost and where can i get them?

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Transfer Internet On Usb Wireless Lan Adaptor To Wifi Router

How do i transfer the internet from a usb wireless lan adaptor to a wifi router? I have internet from usb wifi lan adaptor and i will like to transfer via the cable to a d-link router (air plus g+) in order to connect others computers on internet, so any idea how to do it?

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Laptop With Wireless Usb Doesn't Connect To Wifi Connection

Why doesn't my laptop with a wireless usb drive connect to my wifi connection? Since my laptop doesn't have a wireless card, i got a wireless usb for it. The problem is that when it tries to find connections, mine doesn't show up. Even when i place my laptop next to my router, it still wont pick it up. At times it does show up, claims to have a low connection, and tries to connect but it then disappears again and doesn't connect after all. What should i do in this situation? Nothings wrong with the usb and it is compatible with my wifi so whats wrong?

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Connect Ipod Touch To Verizon Wireless Usb Modem Wifi

How do i connect my ipod touch to verizon wireless usb modem wifi? I recently purchased an ipod touch 8 gb 2nd generation. And my internet service is verizon wireless' usb modem. We were told in the beginning that we got wifi, but i'm not sure how to set it up so it will be compatible with my ipod. How do i set it up?

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Which Is Better Pci Or Usb Wireless ?

Which is better pci or usb wireless? I play games and i lag alot (i have netgear ma101 wireless b usb) and i was thinking about gettting pci wireless, should i?

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Usb Tv Tuners Or A Pci Tv Tuner

Would it be good to get the usb tv tuners, or a pci tv tuner? I'm open to everyones thoughts on this matter, as i am thinking of getting a hauppauge wintv-pvr-150 1062 and my father has a old amd compaq, i'm all ready on it for upgrading.

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Pci Card To Usb Port

Is it possible to attach pci card to usb port, of course with some kind of adapter or something like that?

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Usb 2.0 Pci Cards With Internal Connectors

I have more uses for internal usb connectors than i do actual connectors. I am talking about the ones with the small pins, not the standard external turned inwards. I have a flash reader with 2 usb ports, my case has 2 and i have a rear pci slot usb connectors which leaves me short 3 internal connectors. I was wondering if anyone made a usb card that had internal connectors on it like you find on motherboards for connection the case usb ports, i have seen a couple that had a standard usb port on the inside however this wont work.

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Pci Video Capture Devices Over Usb A Must ?

Using a pci over a usb capture device for capture, edit, and burn vhs-c tapes to dvd is the way to go?

Yesterday i purchased the siig usb 2. 0 video capture device (ju-av0012-s1). This has two audio-right and left, s-video, and one video rca connectors. I proceeded to do the install. First it prompted me to plug the usb device in the slot, new hardware found popped up, inserted the install cd, during this process, a window popped up, "the file tridvid.sys" was needed and not found". I went back into the cd folder

32 bit/drivers and found that file and it installed it. Fine. Then another message came up asking for a needed file named "acpinfo. Ax". (Which is an analog copy protection notifier file) i went to microsoft, searched, but could not find. This "acpinfo. Ax". File was not on the list of drivers or apps. On this install cd. I went to device manager/sound, video, game controllers, and noticed a yellow tag next to "trident analog video". Under properties of this folder, "windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)"

Also, at some time during install another message came up telling "this product can not be used with this platform"? What?

Package says, system requirements:

Windows7 (32-/64-bit)
Vista (32-/64-bit)
Xp (32-/64-bit) i have the 32bit xp

I contacted siig support and he told me that i should install from the website, which i did after the third attempt off the cd, but still get the error messages. All i want to do is capture some vhs tapes to my computer, edit, and burn to dvd. Never thought i would have this many problems. Prior to buying this generic, basic looking, editing software device, i almost bought a haupaugh 1600 pci card for $80. 00 @ best buy or frys. Msi p-35 platinum mobo/3. 3gb ddr memory/intel core2 q6600 cpu/ nvidia geforce 8600gt with 512mb/500gb internal wd hdd/500gb ext, wd hdd/winxp sp2-32 bit/ directx v. 9

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Pci Card W/ 10-pin Usb Header

I have purchased an internal card reader to be installed in a 3. 5" bay (this). However, i do not have a 10-pin usb header on my motherboard. I've been searching around google for a pci card or something similar which has such a header (and, perhaps, some rear usb inputs). I have found pci cards with rear usb inputs and one internal usb-a (female) connection, but it is not a 10-pin male header as i need. My question can be answered in one of two ways:

1) is there a pci card which has a 10-pin internal usb header (male)?

2) can i convert the 10-pin female connector on the card reader to a usb male connector and connect it to the pci card i've found which has an internal usb female connector?

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Pci / Usb Mobile Phone Cards

Are there any pci/usb mobile phone cards out there on the market? In theory it doesn't seem to be a big deal. There should be something like this: a card that you plug into your pc (internal or external) with a slot for a simcard and a antenna that will act as a mobile phone hosted by the pc. Is there anything out there that at least resembles this idea?

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Usb 2.0 Pci Card To Increase Speed Of External Hard Drive

I have purchased 80 gb baracuda internal hard disk with usb casing. The usb casing supports usb 2. 0 interface. Now, after fitting the hard disk inside casing and connecting to the pc, the real write speed i get is 0. 98 mb/sec. My question is, purchasing an usb pci card(supporting usb 2. 0) would help to increase the speed.system info:-
P-iii 700 mz, intel 810 chipset, usb 1. 1, ram 128 mb , 40 gb baracuda internal hard disk.

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Will 64 Bit Pci Cards Work In Normal Pci Slots ?

Will 64 bit pci cards work in normal pci slots, or do you need a server class board with 64 bit slots? Cannot remember right now, hence why i'm asking.

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Install A Pci Card To A Pci Express Slot

Can i put(install) a pci card to a pci express slot ?

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Connecting Scanner Having Pci Slot To Pc That Has Only Pci Express

My scanner connects through a pci slot. The desktop pc has only pci express. How to make them work?

Answer:- scanners can only work with usb cable, scsi, and parallel port etc. I thought the color-flex software took care of the scsi dos drivers which is needed for any window applications. Did you lose it?

You need a standard scsi interface card no doubt about this. The adaptec 2930 scsi card and cable is what works for your model. This scsi card will help you scan at top speed. That fits in the pci sloth no problem. Easy to install as well.

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Pci Expansion ( Female Pci Slot )

Is there a cable you can buy that on one side it has the input to go into a pci slot and on the other its a female pci slot. Or another words an expansion that i can move around?

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Pci-e And Pci And Graphics Cards On K8neo4-f

• one pci express x16 slot (supports pci express bus specification v1. 0a compliant)
• one pci express x4 slots (support pci express x2 only)
• one pci express x1 slots (support pci express bus specification v1. 0a compliant)
• four 32-bit v2. 3 master pci bus slots (support 3. 3v/5v pci bus interface). It says. The last point there in the list, is that the normal old kind of pci-slots? i.e. If i buy an old pci-graphics card, that's where i should put it?

If i but another pci-e will it work in the other pci-e slots? i.e 4x and 1x?

I'm also curious. There's not really a need for two graphics cards, is it? I mean, one runs the monitor, and the other one is just taking power?

I'm thinking about buying an old pci graphics card to run my computer while i'm waiting to have the 6600gt fixed. Just curious if there's anything i can do with the old card when i get the 6600gt back, except using it when i'm not playing games and want things quieter.

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Pci Express To Pci Adapter

Why does this pci express to pci adapter cost so much?

Seems to be only one kind and they all cost $139. 95.

My motherboard has two pci slots and i have two pci cards. Problem is, there seems to not be enough bandwidth (or something) for both to run at the same time. One is a sound card and other is a capture card, when both are actively recording, sound starts to get static/popping/distorted and pc ends up freezing if i keep it going too long. So seems like the only fix would be move one of the cards to different bandwidth lane.

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Connect Pci Express 2.1 Graphics Card To Pci Express 2.0 Motherboard

Can i connect a pci express 2. 1 graphics card to a pci express 2. 0 motherboard? If not, then what is the cheapest pci express 2. 1 ddr2 and intel core e8500 compatible motherboard?

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How To Know If Somebody Is Using My Wifi Connection ?

Ok i was using somebodies wifi connection for the last 3 weeks, then all of a sudden they set up a password. Is it possible to see on a wifi box if people are using your wifi connection?

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Wifi Network Down The Pan

My wireless network has suddenly gone! I've tried rebuilding the the small office network but it continually sees the network card as disconnected. I've uninstalled - reinstalled the card but still have the same problems. How do you remove a connection in network connections? I think i need to remove my wirless connection and start again. By the way, it's a linksys wireless-g pci card

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Wifi Connection Very Weak

We share a wifi connection but its very weak? We live on a static home park and have access to the sites router, the problem we have is that the signal is weak and sometimes we cant connect to router. Without connecting a wifi booster to the router is there a product or an antenna that i can connect to my pc that can capture a weak signal or an antenna that will capture a signal from a router that is a little to far away to give me a reasonable signal to prevent connection drop out.

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Connecting Two Computers Via Wifi

I need to connect two computers (later on more comps) via wifi to play counter strike amd stuff like that. How can i do that? Currently the comps are connecting via same wifi network(hotspot). Can that be of any use?

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Wifi Not Working At Starbucks

Wifi not working at starbucks, is my laptop too old, toshiba 2430? Can i adjust my laptop so i can use the wifi at starbucks, or is it too old toshiba 2430.

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How To Know Which Sp You Are Connected To Using Public Wifi ?

When you connect public wifi how can you tell which sp you're connected to? How can you tell which service provider (isp i mean) you're connected to when you do public wifi? For instance, i know starbucks & mcdonalds in the us use at&t. But how about when you're at some other location? Short of asking the workers who the isp is. They probably wouldn't know anyway.

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