Hp Laptop Stopped Working, Hard Drive Error

It was working fine and when i turned it on the screen wouldn't come up. I was finally able to get an error message that said the hard drive needs to be replaced. My hp laptop is only a year old. I want to know how much it would cost also if i could just buy a portable external hard drive for it, if that would help.

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Laptop Hard Drive / Hp Pavilion Laptop Ze1110

I have an hp pavilion laptop ze1110 that has a hard drive that is about to die. The drive is accessible through a bay in the front of the laptop so it shouldn't be too difficult to change (i hope). My question is, where should i/can i get the replacement hard drive? Hp? Newegg? What sort of things should i look out for when purchasing and swapping out a laptop hard drive.

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Hard Drive I/o Error

I recently started to do some upgrades to my dell 1720 laptop. Last year i got the latest 320 laptop hard drive available and it was working out pretty good. This year i decided to upgrade a little more. I got an intel 40 gb ssd and upgraded to 4gb of ram. I also got a second hard drive cage so i could run my os and programs off the ssd and keep the 320 for storing media and stuff. Everything on the ssd works perfectly and even the 320 works good wen it does work. But ever since i moved it to the second drive bay, reformatted it and everything and put all my data back onto it, i keep getting error messages every once in a while. It says it has encountered an i/o device error. Im not too sure what this means and i don't know how to fix it. The problem does temporarily fix itself wen i reboot but it only lasts for so long and ive found the second hard drive to be pretty unstable wen working with large files and such. Any help would be greatly appreciated so i can finally get my machine working fully again. Ive been stuck using an external hard drive for most of my files for now so i need to get this fixed.

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Hard Drive Smart Error

I just got the smart error when booting 2 days ago on my wd800bb-22jhco 80gb ide drive. I have 2 other 120gb drives but no room to save all my music and movies that are on the failing drive. I am going to be getting a 500gb in a few weeks. What is the best thing i can do to prolong my files till i get a new drive? Would unplugging it help or wouild that cause it to fail faster?

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External Hard Drive Error

Pc: dell dimension 4400
Os: win xp home
External hard drive: maxtor one touch 250

Bought in march, worked fine until two weeks ago. I turned off my computer for the night, turned it on in the morning and received these messages:

**Not accessible, the parameter is incorrect**
**The request could not be performed because of an i/o device error. **

The drive icon does show, the drivers , etc are all there and windows tells me they are operating fine. I have already spoken with maxtor and they were absolutely of no help. Other than wanting to reformat the hard drive . Which is out of the question. (I have 5 years of work stored in that hd, personal, legal and business) and must find a way to retrieve it. (Will not make personal comments about their support or policies. ) Grrrrrrrr. I have spoken to teckie types and tried several suggestions. None helped so far. I'm desperate, and would appreciate any expertise. And, if someone knows of an inexpensive recovery program. The data is all there, it was not deleted. I simply can not unlock the door.

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Hard Drive Failure - Unknown Error

When vista loads, it gives me a message telling me one of my hard drives need to be checked for consistency. If i let it run, it either freezes, or aborts with some kind of unknown error at some point (happens at different points in the process, randomly). When i finish booting into vista, the hard drive is there, but it needs to be formatted before it can be used. If i keep letting chkdsk run is there a chance it may be able to repair whatever the issue is? It seems to get progressively further, but how far away from completing chkdsk it is, i have no idea. Edit: actually, i'm going download wd lifeguard tools, and see if i can scan the drive first, and see what it tell me. Will update when done.

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Hard Drive Booting Problem - Unexpected I/o Error

First i installed my liquid cooling system for the first time and things went well, then later about 6+ months i decided to do a double radiator system (working pretty good with temps) but when i put everything back together, including a new sata 1 tb seagate harddrive. Now i can't boot up at all. It says there is an error coming from the hard drive and now it says there is another error saying it can't boot up because of an unexpected i/o error. Btw my primary harddrive is on a ide cable while i have 2 other hardrives (including my 1 tb) installed. I tried alternating the ports. But nothing is working. Also the error is included when i try to reinstall windows vista.

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Hard Drive Enclosure That Supports A 2.5" Drive From Hp Cq70 Laptop

I need a a hard drive enclosure that supports a 2. 5" drive from my hp cq70 laptop; will any do?

Answer:- although the majority of pc end users buy 3. 5" based enclosures there are some excellent 2. 5" caddys around and the good thing about these is they don't require additional power. Mostly they can run with just the power from the usb port. I have bought a few 2. 5" enclosures and they are all pretty basic in both construction and build and heres a few i can recommend to you. The cit 25m2s 2. 5" sata external usb hard drive enclosure / black costs under 8 and is a great little enclosure. It takes around 5 minutes to put together and then its just a case of plugging into a spare usb port ( 2. 0 recommended ) and your good to go . It also comes with a leather carry case and all cables not bad for the price

Next theres the "icy box 2. 5 sata hdd case with usb 2. 0 interface and smart ap software, this is a awesome looking enclosure and its probably one of the best you can buy. The enclosure looks good and well made. And the software supplied will alert you if the drive gets too hot.

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Dell Error Code 0142 - Hard Drive Faulty

Dell error code 0142 (2000-0142) hard drive faulty - how much will it cost to get this fixed? I ran diagnostics on my computer after it froze on the first screen when you switch the computer on (dell xps 430 vista (32 bit)) and i got the error code 2000-0142. From my search on the forums this says your hard drive is faulty and needs fixing. How much will this cost to get fixed? I'm thinking of taking it to the tech guys at pc world.

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Hard Drive Error After Using Chkdsk - Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device

Pentium 4 3. 0 ghz
512mb ram
80 gig hitachi hdd
Windows xp home

I get this error- reboot and select proper boot device
Or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key. Last night i was working on this other error where it told me something went wrong run chk disc. So i was doing that last night and i thought i let it finish over night since i was tired but when i woke i got this error and have no clue on what to do. Also i tried to just put the xp cd and i says no hdd found!

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Laptop Hard Drive

I need to get some data off of a laptop hard drive. Can i just connect the laptop hard drive to a 3. 5" external hdd case and get the data onto my pc? I mean are the connectors the same specs for a laptop hdd as a pc hdd?

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Use Laptop Hard Drive With Desktop

I'm working at trying to retrieve data off of a laptop hard drive that has windows xp installed. Windows has some strange issue occuring and the desktop apparently cannot be reached by any means. I'm not trying to fix the windows issue. I'm currently trying to retrieve the files by using a linux live cd. I'm sure i will have success in doing so, however i'm curious as to what hardware i would need (if any exists, i'm sure it does) to connect the laptop's hard drive to one of my desktops. Is that even possible? If so, what do i need, how does it work, and where might i find such a device?

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Laptop Hard Drive Install

I'm trying to install a hard drive for my laptop. The bad one has some type of black sticky tab on the back and the new one i got didn't come with that. I have no clue what this black sheet is or does. It's a compaq nx9010 laptop. Anyone know what that thing is or can point me in the right direction?

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Laptop Hard Drive Upgrade

I have a laptop with a 40gb hard drive and i want to put a bigger one in but how do i transfer the operating system & files ?

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Laptop Hard Drive Not Detected

About 6 months ago my laptop stopped detecting the hard disk. So thinking that the disk was faulty i brought a new disk, but not from the same brand or size. The laptop is an ibm thinkpad 310ed and the disk was 2. 1 gb in size. The disk i brought was a western digital 10 gb disk. The guy in the store said it didn't matter and that all disks were compatible. However my laptops disk came in a cover with a connector that was connected to the pins, and the guy at the store adapted the cover and the connector to the new disk. I put the new disk in the laptop and tried to fdisk and i got a message saying that there was no fixed disk. I also went to the bios and the disk was not detected. So i thought that the disk might have not been adapted correctly to the cover and to the connector so is there a link were i can see pictures of how to to properly install the hard disk?

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Laptop Hard Drive Not Found

My two-year old dell dimension 2400 died three days ago in the middle of computing - the notorious blue screen appeared and saying physical memory is dumped. When i tried to reboot, it says 'primary hard drive disk 0 not found'. In bios it says 'hard drive (device unknown)'. I did not do any thing to the hardware recently. It seems quite a lot of people experienced similar problem , but i just could not find a good solution (or maybe i should have spent days garner the information from the internet).

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How To Prepare For Hard Drive Failure On Laptop ?

I am about to order a new laptop, i have an option between 2 120gb (7200rpm) hard drives, or 1 250gb (5400rpm) hard drive. Right now i'm planning to go for the single hard drive. One thing that i am concerned about before hitting the final buy button, is hard drive failure. I've replaced my desktop hard drives (2 of them) on a few occasions (i go ahead and change em when i think their making noise). I usually just plug in the hard drive i want to swap out, and the new one i buy, then run a program that boots off a cd to clone the hard drive. With a laptop, i don't know how simple this might be. I'm thinking if i buy just a single hard drive, there won't be a 2nd sata cable for me to clone the hard drive with. And even if there is a 2nd cable, i don't know if i can run my laptop while the hard drives are out etc. (Assuming i purchase the single hard drive, perhaps there isn't physical room to put in a temporary 2nd hard drive)

I'm not really wanting to purchase the dual hard drive option for the laptop because its just extra money wasted, and higher battery consumption as i see it. Being mostly a desktop user and only a very rare occasions opening up the bottom panels of a laptop, i'm not sure what to expect. I just dont want to get stuck in a situation where i have to buy a replacement hard drive and lose everything and do a base install etc.

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Using Laptop Hard Drive As External Hdd

Can i use a hitachi hard drive from my old laptop, in a external hard drive? So i recently took apart my old compaq laptop and took out the hard drive, cd drive, speakers, etc. I broke my old external hard drive and was able to swap the hard drive with another external hard drive, and it works. But can i use my old computer hard drive on my old external hard drive. Answer:-
Yes, you always can turn a internal hard drive to be an external like everybody else here is describing it to you just buy a small shell case if is a laptop hard drive, and as suggestion i do not know how much stuff do you store but if you are going to build it why not use a bigger capacity hard drive, my sources to buy them will be:, and Do your search for external hard drive shell/case.googd luck with it.

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Laptop Hard Drive Upgrade Question

I recently purchased a lenovo y560 ideapad laptop with an i7-720qm, 8gb ddr3, ati radeon 5730 with 1gb gddr3, and a 500gb 7200 rpm sata hard drive. So far, this laptop has been wonderfully fast. However, when doing some 3d renders, it seemed a little slower than i expected. The windows experience index gives the hdd a 5. 9 and every other component gets 6. 7+. I was wondering if i should upgrade to an ssd as my hard drive. This laptop can accept a hard drive upgrade and i believe there is also a mini pcie slot next to hard drive (if anyone could confirm this that'd be nice). I would like to keep a good amount of space for data as well. So it looks like i can either

A) install a 64gb mini pcie ssd drive like this one alongside my hard drive:

B) install a much larger (~250gb) ssd in place of my hard drive (which i'm not sure i want to do as it seems outrageously expensive). C) install a smaller (100gb-160gb) ssd in place of my hard drive and buy an external hard drive, i am also not entirely sure if the laptop can accept a mini pcie laptop or how i'd go about setting it up but i could probably figure it out. Any thoughts on which option i should take (if any)? Money should be a consideration but i also want better performance than my hdd currently provides.

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How To Replace Hard Drive In A Sony Vaio Laptop ?

I need to replace the hard drive on a sony vaio laptop. I am unsure how to get to it. Once i get there i will have no problem.

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How To Pull Data Off Dead Laptop Hard Drive?

I've done it multiple times in the past, but this time i fear the drive itself may be damaged. My laptop just died and i used a sata-to-usb converter to connected the pulled hard drive to an old power mac g4. It shows up in disk utility but doesn't mount. Any help is appreciated, as i foolishly don't have a backup. All i want to is to mount the drive one last time in order to perform a feel backup.

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Laptop Hard Drive Formatting Through Cd-rom On Boot

So i just sold a my laptop but i wanna wipe it clean before i ship it out. Problem is. Nothing i do will wipe it for me! When i try to start boot into windows, i'll see my wallpaper but nothing else and when i control+alt+delete to try and start explorer, it doesn't work and it tells me something about how it can't start because it there's no link to another application or something. To make matters worse, i can't boot into dos and run programs from there because the laptop is newer and doesn't have a floppy drive so programs like killdisk won't work. I tried sticking in my windows xp disk but it locks up while preparing for the setup and i also tried booting into knoppix and trying to delete the files from there, but it won't let me do that either. Somebody please help! I'd be extremely grateful if someone could show me a program that boots from a cd-rom that formats your hard drive or some other utility that will help me solve my problem.

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Transferring Hard Drive Data From Broken Laptop

Transferring hard drive data from broken laptop? Connect two hard drives for transfer? I have a laptop with a completely bust power socket and monitor that isn't working. Since i have bought a new laptop. How can i transfer the data saved on the broken laptops hard drive to my new pc when the power won't work in it? (Also battery doesn't work). Is there any way to remove that hard drive and connect it to my new laptop to transfer all the data that way?

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Wiping The Hard Drive Of A Compaq Presario 1655 Laptop

One of my co-workers sons is going to college this fall and he was given an old laptop.comp presario 1655 is the type. I was wondering if i can just format c: the harddrive and then install windows after that is done. Or do you need a special compaq disc to "activate" the laptop before you put the software on it. When he was given the laptop, it had no manuals or discs with it so i am hesitant to erase the os and programs it has on it, if there is an issue with doing a complete wipe of the system.

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Recover Files From Laptop Hard Drive With Windows 2000

Boss at work has managed to crash his laptop and of course has not done a backup in 3 years, now he wants me to try and recover some of his files. This is a windows 2000 system and what it is doing is coming up with the following message on boot up. A disk read error occurred
Press ctrl+alt+del to restart

Now i thought maybe the system files where corrupted, we got one of these fix your disk programs and tried running it, it says that both the partition table and boot sector are ok so no joy there, had a look on this forum and found a thread with link to ntfs4dos and ran that, it says the nt ntfs partition is not initialized. Finally tried coping on the system files again using the windows 2000 repair option still no joy. Does anyone have any other ideas i can try, can i some how link the hard drive via a converter cable to my desk top (maybe a stupid question, but hay i'm clutching at straws), or do i just send it back and tell him that it will cost 350 to get the files and here is an essay on the virtues of keeping backups. (Probably won't do last bit as end up getting fired).

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Toshiba A75-s1253 Laptop Hard Drive Replacement

Toshiba laptop a75-s1253 hard drive replacement using norton ghost. Laptop works good, but when it starts to warm up, it shuts down and get error msgs until nothing will reboot, until it cools down then it is fine again. I am certain there is no virus. I have kept the cooling vents cleaned out. And i suspect an aging hard drive going on 5 yrs old. What do i have to do to use something like norton ghost to create the exact same old hard drive on a new drive? If i can keep the old drive cool enough, i think i will be able to complete the process. Any thoughts?

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Use Laptop Hard Drives In Raid 5 Array For Whs System Drive

One thing i don't like about whs is the lack of failure protection for the system drive. If the system drive dies the whs is toast. I have an adaptec 3805 hardware raid card ( 8 x internal sas/sata ), and am considering putting the os on a raid 5 array. Doesn't need to be be particularly big in capacity, but small in physical volume occupied by the drives and low power consumption. To this end i am considering a super-micro 8 2. 5inch drives into 2 5. 25inch bay module, and a set of seagate 7200. 3 laptop hard-drives, probably 4 500gb in a raid 5. The 7200 drives don't use much more power than the 5400 drives. I checked the data sheets. Data is currently on 3. 5inch seagate drives

How crazy is the idea of using laptop hard-drives ( 7200rpm or otherwise ) in a raid array?

The raid array would be transparent to whs as it would be done in hardware.

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Hp Laptop "hard Drive Has Been Removed"

I have an hp laptop that i have dropped, when i start it up, it now says "hard drive has been removed". Does anyone know how i can fix this without spending little or no money?

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Is Usb Hard Drive Safer Than Normal Hard Drive ?

At the moment i have about 2t of data over 5hard drives, most of then films i have converted to avi from home as i live in uni halls the rooms are small, i am worried that leaving my pc on all the time will lower the life of my hard drives with data on, do you think it would be a good choice to put them into a usb drive and that way i only use them when i need? Is usb hard drive safer than normal hard drive ? Or am i just being silly?

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Hard Disk Error At Start Up

When i start my computer it goes throught bios then through the raid thing that started happing not long ago but its been working with that. I dont have raid but it gives me a screen and says press tab for raid. But after that it says hard disk error press controll alt delete to restart. I do. Same thing happens again. I go to bios reload defaults. Nothing. Reset cmos. Nothing. I did however last night rearange my bios settings but it was working fine. I raised a few volteges, not that much but it was fine last night and now its reset to default. What do i do?!?!?!

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