Nvidia Windows Kernel Mode Driver Stopped Responding

I just built this computer on monday, but i'm receiving numerous freeze-ups with the message "display driver nvidia windows kernel mode driver, version 191. 07 stopped responding. "

I'm also getting a few bsod's referencing nvlddmkm and sometimes the computer simply freezes up and i have to reboot. I googled these problems and found a lot of people are having the same/similar problems. However, there does not seem to be any real fix to it. In fact, ms blames nvidia and nvidia blames ms. Now, i can rule out the following "usual suspects":
- I have the latest nvidia drivers (although some people believe they are the problem)
- I have enough power
- I have enough ram
- It's cool enough (although i don't know what the exact gpu temp is)

I thought maybe the problem was with the video card because it is the only "old" hardware i used and i had had some problems with it in my old computer. At first i didn't have a powerful enough psu, and after i upgraded i still had problems (it would freeze up when i used any graphics intensive software (games, quicktime, etc)). So i thought maybe it was either a bad card or it got damaged in my last computer. But so many other people have the same/similar problems that maybe it isn't the card. So before i "solve" this problem by buying a radeon, does anyone now what the problem is or how to fix it?

My computer:
Antec nine hundred two case
Corsair hx750 psu
Msi p5-gd80 mobo
8 gb corsair dominator ram
Geforce 9600gt (with current drivers - 191. 07)
Windows 7 64-bit

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Update The Nvidia Driver On Windows 7 Installed Driver

I just loaded windows 7 rc1. The nvidia driver is working fine, but if i wanted to update the driver; would i have to worry about removing the driver that came with windows 7 or can i just install the new driver?

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Nvidia Driver Disappearing In Windows 7

After a few hours of installing any set of drivers, they simply disappear. Using windows 7 beta 7057.

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Windows 7, Xp Bsod Kernel - Power

Alright, so i upgraded my cpu a few weeks ago and as soon as it was installed i began getting these bsod screens, and its making it almost agonizing to even use my computer. I have done a clean install of both xp and 7 multiple times, and it does it on both os. I am currently on windows 7. Here are a few of the reports





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Display Driver Nvlddmkm Stopped Responding

I recently upgraded both the motherboard and my video card and have been experiencing ongoing issues of the same symptoms with 3 of my most played games, which are bioshock, counter-strike source and crysis. Issue will occur at random, which results in game play pausing for a few seconds then screen goes black. Only way to get out of it is to perform a ctrl+alt+del then terminate affected game via task manager, in which a vista bubble notification appears in the bottom right stating "display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding, but has successfully recovered"

It seems that many people have been experiencing this issue for quite sometime (over a year) based on the searches i've done any have not been able to find any solutions. Any thoughts and/or suggestions guys?

I'm also running the latest version of forceware drivers, which is 182. 08, which was released last week.

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Driver Stopped Responding - All Unreal Engine 3 Games

I was having issues with mirror's edge a few months ago where the drivers would stop responding. I figured it was the game and forgot about it. Now, i have borderlands and it is doing the same thing. It appears that all unreal engine 3 games are causing the drivers to stop responding for some reason. Temps are always below 65 on average, but right before the crash they go up to 70-72 degrees (and the gpu usage goes from 50% to 80-100% in borderlands). I just can't figure out why the drivers would stop responding. Tried catalyst 9. 6, 9. 8, 9. 10, vista, and windows 7. All result in the same thing. Anyone have any tips or fixes that might work? Getting kind of annoyed :/

These crashes don't happen on a computer with an ati 3650 in it.

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Error - Display Driver Stopped Responding And Successfully Recovered

I am getting an error message which says "display driver stopped responding and successfully recovered" after a blank screen (for 2-4 seconds). The computer is this one. I am using vista 64bit on this. The error report created by vista is this:


Video hardware error

7/9/2009 11:15 am

Not reported

A problem with your video hardware caused windows to stop working correctly. Problem signature
Problem event name:livekernelevent
Os version:6. 0. 6002. 2. 2. 0. 256. 4
Locale id:1033

Files that help describe the problem

Extra information about the problem
Os version:6_0_6002
Service pack:2_0

The computer has all the updates, latest drivers (from intel), and latest bios. Note: tweaking "hardware acceleration" is not possible (menu doesn't allow it). In bios, memory allocations cannot be changed. Any ideas?

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Use Eyefinity Driver For 2 Monitor Span Mode With 4850 ?

Any ideas if this will work with current tech to emulate the span mode from windows xp? Set 2 22's to 3360x1050?

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Nvidia Physx Driver

Just noticed the nvidia physx driver installed on my current rig. Can't remember if this was left over from my last nvidia card or not. Any reason i should be keeping this driver?

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Best Nvidia To Ati Driver Install Practice

I've been an nvidia user for years, and i just recently bought a pair of 5870's. I'm currently running vista 64 with a single gtx 260 (was sli, but a card died. ) The 5870's are arriving thursday, and i've got a large lan to attend on friday, so i need some advice. What is the current preferred method for wiping the nvidia drivers and installing the catalyst drivers?

I do realize that a format might be the only way to ensure no issues, but time is not on my side, and i was holding off for ssd's before a new install anyway. Any thoughts on the best approach? Will driver sweeper be enough for the job?

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Cannot Install Nvidia Driver On Win 7 X86

I'm fixing my uncle machine today, i decide to format and install win7 for him. Everything went through fine. After win7 boot up i tried to install nvidia drive for his agp 6800gs but it refused to installed

The window pop up and say

"The nvidia could not located driver that compatible with you current hardware"

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Which Has Better Hdtv Driver Support ? Nvidia Or Ati

I was wondering which company has better controls and options for hdtv's? Nvidia or ati/amd? Any help would be appreciated.

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Windows 98 Only Boots In Safe Mode

Windows 98 only boots in safe mode. When try to boot in regular mode it just sits at the clouds and the bottom progress bar keeps scrolling forever. No changes were made in either hardware or software. Just one day it stopped booting. It's driving me pretty crazy.

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Can You Run Two Video Cards In Sli Mode With Windows Xp ?

Can you run two video cards in sli mode with windows xp? Or does it need vista? Somewhere i read you need vista. Is this true?

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Windows 7 Computer Wont Boot In Normal Mode

I was running 64bit vista for a while until i encountered some problems. I tried to fix these problems, but my copy of vista can't be validated by microsoft (it was fine when i installed it, authenticated and worked fine). My computer won't boot in normal mode, only in safe mode. I've decided to upgrade to windows 7, but i'm not sure if i should buy the upgrade or clean install disks. I figure if vista doesn't work properly (crashing whenever it tries to boot in normal mode), then an upgrade won't work. Also, if authentication fails, for whatever reason, then i would be in trouble. I'm not sure what the best solution is. I don't have a problem backing up files i don't want to lose. I just don't want to buy the wrong type of windows 7 installation disk. I've already decided on buying windows 7 home premium (64 bit version), but should i get upgrade package or the clean install disks?

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Kernel Stack Page Error

Kernel stack page error on dell vista. So i have a laptop windows dell inspiron 1525, and ten minutes after i log in to my user, a blue screen comes up with kernel_stack_page_error + restarts? Whats the easiest way to solve this problem?

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Error: Kernel Panic Killed Init - Cable Issues

I was sitting here today trying to build a small cluster out of old 300-400 mhz comps when i noticed i couldn't install linux on one because both the cd and floppy drives were broken. So i went out and bought a new cd drive. Well i was messing around with the cables , both the ide and power supply cables, and now it cannot detect my hard drive. I re arranged the cables and actually got it to recognize my hard drive but now linux will not start correctly. Says something like "kernel panic killed init".

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Windows 7 + Nvidia Forceware = No Adapter Scaling

I use 2 displays on my computer: a dell monitor @ 1024x1280 + a wide-screen hdtv @ 1080p (not usually at the same time). Sometimes i like to play games on my monitor and sometimes on my hdtv. Problem is many resolution modes on my monitor won't display at all on the hdtv since the hdtv doesn't support many of the resolutions. So whenever switch to the hdtv to play games, all i see is a black screen. Normally in xp, i have the video card set to do display adapter scaling to solve all these resolution problems. Adapter scaling basically upconverts the video signal to the native resolution of your display so that virtually any resolution can be used on it. But with windows 7 when i choose nvidia scaling (aka adapter scaling), it reverts back to display scaling every time. This problem also occurs in xp for all forceware versions in the last 2 years, but can be fixed with a simple little run command line:

Rundll32.exe nvcpl.dll, dtcfg setscaling 1 da 2

However, this method does not seem to work anymore in windows 7. Secondly, if i have an hdtv attached to the card, it will automatically treat it as an hdtv in windows 7 and will not let you treat it as a pc display, which means it it will only let you resize the picture but won't give you any scaling options. So, to summarize:

1) scaling options are missing for hdtv displays
2) when scaling option is changed to "use nvidia scaling", it always reverts back to "use my display's builtin scaling"

Anyone know how to get nvidia scaling (adapter scaling) working on an hdtv?

Other important missing features i thought i'd mention and could use help with too:

Nvtray- no longer works to enable all the classic features that were available before the they made the new nvidia control panel. When i try it on windows 7, it just crashes explorer.exe whenever i enter "advance settings" for the video settings

No more nview - means features like having seperate wallpapers for each display is gone.goodbye to multiple desktops. No more hotkey functions. I normally use a hotkey two switch between the two displays, which i activate with a logitech harmony remote.

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Driver Sweeper For Windows 7

I'm about to install a new video card and i need to uninstall my current drivers/software. Does anyone know how to do a clean sweep? I don't think driver sweeper works for windows 7 yet

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Windows Vista Driver Signing

I want to install rivatuner, but vista driver signing is stopping me from doing so. Is there any way to bypass this in vista 64 bit sp1?

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Ati Driver On Windows Update

I currently have the catalyst 9. 9 drivers installed and running on windows 7 ultimate x64. However, i keep seeing drivers on windows update with a date of 9/30/2009. Are these some kind of incremental update after 9. 9? The dates are later, but i see no mention of them on ati's site. Has anyone installed these after 9. 9?

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Hp Photosmart C4280 Driver Windows 7

Hp photosmart c4280 all in one printer/scanner/copier question. I have windows 7 on my macbook and i would like to use hp photosmart c4280 all in one printer/scanner/copier. The cd that came with the printer does not work with windows 7. Is there any way i could download a free driver so i can use it with my computer?

Use this web link for hp photosmart c4280 software & driver downloads:
http://bit. Ly/5lxtiu

This is hp web link for drivers for your model printer and includes windows 7 32 & 64 bit. Choose and select the one you need and download the driver.

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Driver For Hp Psc 1200 Windows 7

I have an all in 1 copier/printer/scanner hp psc 1200 series but the scanner no longer works when i upgraded to windows 7 (printer is fine). Hp site doesn't have the driver on their site. Any idea what i can do?

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Ati 4870x2 Driver Update For Windows 7

I'm using the windows 7 release candidate and i have the amd catylist 9. 9 drivers installed. Windows update notified me yesterday that there was a new driver from amd for the ati 4870x2, and it is 18megs. Should i grab this or just continue using the 9. 9 drivers? Or both?

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Auzentech X-fi Prelude And Windows 7 Driver Issues

I've had the auzentech x-fi prelude for a couple of years now under vista and i've really loved it, never gave me issue 1. I recently moved to windows 7, and ever since i'll get a random loud ass *pop screeching white noise. Pop

Its not constant but annoying as *** and it will scare the crap out of you. Ive seen some widespread reports on their user forums but they havnt released any kind of fix or driver update. I'm sick of it and thinking of moving on. What would you suggest to replace it and get the same quality without the damn problem?

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Hp Business Inkjet 2800 Driver For Windows Xp 64

Where can i download hp business inkjet 2800 for my windows xp professional +64 edition?

The driver from hp website is not working

My processor is intel xeon w3565 3. 2 ghz. Intel xeon w3565 3. 2ghz

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Hp Photosmart Printer C3100 Driver Windows 7

Hp photosmart printer c3100 windows 7 upgrade. I recently upgraded my computer to a windows 7 and now my printer that is for windows xp i cant get it on my computer. It is not a old printer is there any way i can find the driver to transfer it to my windows 7. Hp photosmart c3100 series.

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Lexmark X8350 Printer Driver Windows 7

Where can i find a driver for a lexmark x8350 printer that works on windows 7?

Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any official windows 7 driver available for your lexmark x8350 multi-function device. It does say, on the lexmark (usa) website:

"Upgrading to windows 7?

Disconnect usb and uninstall printer driver first

Windows 7 information
Use vista driver in windows 7"

The second url below explains how to uninstall your printer driver. http://bit. Ly/9mk9h3
http://bit. Ly/ags5b2

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Hp Photosmart C3180 Printer Driver Windows 7

Where can i find the driver for my printer hp photosmart c3180? I need the driver for windows 7. Answer:-
Check the following link for hp c3180 printer software & driver downloads for windows 7 32 bit:
http://bit. Ly/agaauf

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Hp Deskjet 3744 Printer Driver Windows 7

I have hp deskjet 3744 printer. Its driver is not working in windows 7. Therefore printer is not working. What to do. Answer:-
Download windows 7 drivers for hp deskjet 3744 printer from the following hp site link:
http://bit. Ly/cgquj8
http://bit. Ly/ai4zap

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