No Beep, High Pitch Sound, No Keyboard Light

My win xp sp2 system was working (for years, unchanged) one day, next day (after normal system shutdown via start button for night) it won't start. During cold start, the ps seems to hesitate (~10-20 seconds) and make a bit of a high pitch sound, then the power 'comes on. '

- Video, memory out = no beeps. - Video out, memory in = no beeps. - Video in, memory out = no beeps. - Video in, memory in = no beeps. When system has power:
- No keyboard light. - No mouse light. - Can hear hd spinning
- Case fans come on
- Cpu fan comes on
- Dvd has power (tray in/out). I even tried unplugging the cpu fan for a brief moment. It heated up, so i thought this indicated the cpu isn't dead. I've replaced (with new), the video card and the mobo, thinking it was one and then the other during my attempt at diagnosing. I'm venturing to guess that my ps is failing (although not total failure yet). Sound like a reasonable explanation?

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High Pitch Noise / Screech

I just recently noticed that my old comp will make these high pitch sounds for like 3 seconds. Dunno where it is coming from (somewhere in the case i think ) but i have the sides of the case off so maybe that is why i can hear them? I hear it like once a day at most.

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High Pitch / Whining Noise

So, it worked fine for a couple days and i even overclocked the 7750 for a bit and it was running fine. So i shut it off, when to families house for christmas and when i got back i noticed it was making a god awful noise. Very high pitched, but not very audible. Still enough that gave me a headache

Now, it only happens when vista loads up about half way through the scroll bar thing. In the bios or the first half of loading vista, it doesn't do it but it. Also, it is only there at idle. If i put a load on the cpu it goes away instantly

I've tried it with cool and quite both enabled and disabled and neither helped. It's not the 260gtx because i took it out and it was still there, and it's not the hard drive (i thought it was originally) so if anybody has any ideas, im all ears.

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Samsung Monitor Has High Pitch Noises

I live in a very poor and crappy electrical neighborhood, though i have a high quality apc ups. I have a samsung 753df 17" flat, been with me for about 6 months or less. I thought the ups would regulate the current, but it seems this monitor also occasionally likes to do high-pitch noises. They are temporary though. I am just concerned though that i will again find myself with electrical problems wearing the monitor out. Any ideas?

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Computer Generating Low Pitch Sound

It's been almost two months that my computer generates low pitch sounds. This problem is resolved most of the time when i turn off and on the computer. For example when i play dvd movies on my computer the voices of actors are very thick and women sound like men! I doubt if it's a cd driver problem since there is nothing wrong with the image and also same problem exists with the sound files from internet.could this be also a spyware or something?

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High Pitched Beep And Non Recoverable Freeze

Basically, when i'm in the middle of a game (coh, tf2) suddenly the game will freeze and i will hear a persistent high pitched beep (i'm not sure if it's from the speakers or from inside the case) that doesn't stop until i press the reset button on my pc. What's weird is that it was happening quite regularly for a while a few months ago, then it stopped, and just now it's started all over again! Any ideas what the problem is?

Cpu temps are pretty crappy, but not bad enough to cause crashes, ~45c idle, max~60c load. Gpu temps aren't too outrageous either (at least for the 9800gx2), ~55c. I have vcore set @ 1. 3 in bios, fsb also 1. 3, ram 2. 1v (rated speeds). I should add that it doesn't do this every time. Last night a played tf2 and coh for a few hours and it was fine. This morning i started up coh and it crashed about 15min into a game.

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Hard Drive Making Load High Pitched Sound

This means ts dieing right? This is a 40gb ide hdd thats about 5 years old

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Alcatel Speed Touch Usb Cause High Pitched Sound From Mobo

When i plug in my usb alcatel speedtouch usb modem, a very high pitched sound comes from the mobo, it is then and only then when this sound is produced. As long as the modem is plugged in and operating the sound is alive. It dies as soon as i plug out the modem. There is nothing else wrong, only this really annoying sound. I have two theories. 1)my psu is of low quality and that causes the problem (i own 400watt psu kinda no name, it's called pegasus) 2)the mobo is faulty. I dont want to go and rma the mombo if something else is wrong. Ps1:the usb alcatel speedtouch is known for it's power problems cause it drains 500ma, but with my previous motherboard and supply (a7n8x deluxe revision 1. 04 and psu 350) nothing bad ever happened. Ps2:i have connected one sata 120gb hdd (western digital. Jd model), 1 nec 3500a dvd-rw and asus 9600xt graphics card. Ps3:i have tried bioses 1005 and 1006, o/c and non-o/c cpu and mem, nothing works.

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Light On Keyboard Turns Off And Everything Stops Working

I took my computer out to clean it and air the dust out of it with an air-can the other day, and i went to plug everything back in and everything is working fine besides the keyboard & mouse, and seemingly everything that uses the usb port. I'd think that the usb ports are fried, but this is the strange part. I am able to use the keyboard to enter the bios screen, and when windows xp is booting up, about mid-way on the boot splash screen, the light on the keyboard turns off and everything stops working. What is causing this? I think i've tried everything, restoring factory defaults on bios, trying completely new mouses and keyboards, etc.

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Wireless Keyboard Caps Lock Light Not Working

Got home today and realized that the caps lock led don't light up anymore. Has anyone else had similar problems? If so, how was your situation rectified? The keyboard still works fine, don't think its a bad enough problem to have it replaced or be without it for ages.could see if apple will allow a straight swap at the shop. Just a bump to say this is still a problem with the newest hardware (apple wireless keyboard firmware 68) and software (10. 6. 2 with all patches and bluetooth updates). Requiring the user to do anything with the caps lock button for it to work and indicate other than press it is an unacceptable, apple. Very embarrassing. You'd think a status light was something that could be made to be reliable in this day and age.

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Keysonic Neon Light Keyboard Drivers Cause Windows Freeze

I bought the keysonic neon light keyboard (dont know the model) anyway, when the drivers were installed they caused windows to freeze at shut down and during other stuff. Ive deleted the drivers and now theres no freezing however my computer sometimes doesnt detect the keyboard it makes that /2do-dum" sound and then redetects after 3 seconds or so, any ideas on what to do?

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When Pc Shut Down, Keyboard Num Lock & Mouse Light Stays On

When i shut down my pc the keyboard num lock light and my optical mouse light are both still stays on. Note both are on ps2 ports. How do i fix that?

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Computer Beep When Press Ctrl Or Windows Button On Keyboard

I have this really irritating problem with my keyboard. Whenever i press the windows button, or ctrl, it makes the computer 'beep', i tried with a different keyboard - that one works fine but its too old and heavy. What could the problem be?

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Keyboard Input Creates A Clicking Sound

Does anyone know of a way to disable the small "clicks" that windows (i assume) makes when receiving input from the keyboard? Although i can only hear them at very high volumes, i would still like to know how to get rid of them.

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Mouse And Keyboard Problems, Windows Is Making The Sound

For some reason all the sudden tonight my mouse and keyboard are turning off and on and the windows is making the sound like it would if you unplugged the keyboard and mouse from the usb and plug it back in it shuts up ill hit the mouse button a couple times itll make a sound and come back on, any explanations why its doing this while i play games and everything else?

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High Speed Device Is Attached To Non High Speed Usb Adapter

I have a usb port that i use for reading my digital camera xd card. It was working ok. Then, i installed a cable modem with a usb connection (to a different usb port). Now, whenever i plug in the xd card reader, i get a popup screen message that says something like "your high-speed device is attached to a non-high speed usb adapter". I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the usb driver, but with no results.

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Medusa 5.1 Surround Sound Headsets With Onboard Sound

Im considering buying a set of the medusa 5. 1 surround sound headsets, but i was wondering if they were worth the cost due to my lack of an expensive sound card. The headset: medusa 5. 1 surround sound headset

My motherboard: dfi lanparty nfii ultra

I do currently use the onboard sound, which i understand is the nforce2 chipset used for audio. Will this audio chipset be sufficient enough to warrant me purchasing this headset or should i wait until i upgrade my motherboard? I do plan on purchasing a new motherboard before the year's end, to upgrade to amd 64, but until then, will i get the same clarity that these sets boast? Any and all help is welcome! Thanks for taking the time to check out my post.

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Sound Card Or Onboard Sound

Do you have a a sound card or do you just use onboard? I have had issues with both and i can't figure out if i want to buy one or just use onboard. Some people claim onboard slows down the processor, is that true and if it is will you really notice it? I always hear about issues with sound cards not working with certain games and i had my own issues so i've stayed away from them. Any other pc gamers out there use a sound card?

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Beeps 3 High 2 Low

Pc out of order giving 3 higher pitch 2 lower pitch beeps. With help from a colleague, display card certified. But after inserting another displaying card, same beeps. What else can goes wrong? Monitor is ok. Pc bought in 2000. P3. Problem surface not long after upgrading from win98 to winxp and replacement of cdrw and new tablet. Problem remain the same even if i switch to another hard disk to start up.

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Why Would A Very High Fsb Become Less Reliable ?

1. Why would a very high fsb become less reliable?

2. Also what core do you suggest the prescott or the lga775?

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How Can You Tell If Ram Is High Density ?

I'm looking at buying a stick of of ebay, but the seller doesn't know if it is high density or not. It's a 512 stick of centon pc133. Is there a way he can tell?

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Monitor Light Keeps Flashing

We have purchased a new hp tower today (ex - display), which we have plugged into the monitor, keyboard etc. The monitor light keeps flashing and nothing is coming up on the screen. It works perfectly well if i plug my laptop and old tower into the monitor. There is power going to the tower and it is all plugged in properly. What could the problem be?

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High Pitched Squealing Noise

My motherboard is an asrock p4vm890 and is "supposed" to be able to run at an 200mhz bus speed. It's a socket 478 motherboard and is compatible with williamette, northwood & prescott up to 3. 4ghz. The motherboard is based around an via northbridge: via® p4m890 & southbridge: via® vt8237r plus, but that's another story . So anyway, i decided to swap out my old p4 2. 8ghz, 533mhz bus processor for an old p4 3. 2ghz, 800mhz bus processor. I also replaced my 2 sticks of 512mb ddr333 with 2 sticks of 1024mb ddr400 memory. Sound simple so far? Well it should be. After installing that lot and switching my computer on, i was greeted by an high pitched "squealing noise". Not pleasent by any means. I went straight to the bios and noticed that while my processor was recognised as an 200mhz bus, the memory was set to 166mhz (or ddr333). Ubuntu could boot fine and there were no stability issues except for some reason the inbuilt nic would not work correctly. It would not obtain an ip address and the minute i clicked on networkmanager the computer would freeze. I thought i might have been sold the wrong memory so i went back to the shop and replaced those two sticks with some more ddr400 memory of a different brand. However the exact same thing happened! At this point i realised it would be very unlikely (or unlucky?) To have been sold two more sticks of the incorrent memory twice. In the bios i forced the memory speed from the "auto" setting to ddr400. I rebooted my computer but the high pitched squeel remained. Ubuntu launched and again everything fine except the nic. I decided to go back into the bios and i slowly underclocked my processor (but leaving the memory set as ddr400), from 200mhz bus, down to 195mhz and finally to 193mhz where it is at now. At 193mhz the squeeling goes away and the nic functions correctly. The memory clearly is ddr400 because my computer would not run stable at 193mhz if it wasn't

I have even flashed my bios to the latest version but this solved nothing. So this leaves me puzzled! If my motherboard can support a 200mhz bus and the processor and memory run over 200mhz, what on earth is the problem! Why can i only achieve 193mhz? Can i blame this on via ?

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High Capacity Usb Drives

I need a high capacity usb drive and i know tpu has reviewed a bunch so do you guys recommend any?

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Cpu 2.66ghz High Temperature

The reason why im posting this is because about 15 mins ago the cpu temp got so high, that the machine switched off automatically. Now i don't know about anyone here, but me thinks 112 degrees for a cpu doesn't sound too healthy -in fact this all started yesterday, when suddenly i booted up my machine, and suddenly whenever i tried to start internet explorer, the mouse began to hang and stop and start an the cpu usage shot up to 100% and stayed there permanently. At first i though it was something to do with the board, as i had a previous gigabyte board before this (same model), and suddenly one day i came to the machine and the mobo didn't even boot up as a component on the board blew and therefore wouldnt power up. They repaired the board for me for 15 uk pounds (about 24 usd). So, the question is can someone please informe me of the following:

1) is this cpu definately fried?
2) does it sound like the mobo might be at fault?
3) what about the heatsink? Could it be at fault?
4) is this normal, as i've only had this processor for literally 2-3months brand new?
5) does anyone know whether intel have any warranties out on their chips -like hard drive manufacturers?
6) recommendations?

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Pc Making High Pitched Noise

Theres a really anoying high pitched noise coming from my pc, i think its from my psu, i recently got a new case and psu exactly the same as my old one, and my old one didnt make this type of noise!

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High Performance Reliable Psu

I am building a high-uptime xeon server, which requires a minimum of 300w to run, however i would be looking for a psu rating of around 350w. The psu is to be installed in a 4u rackmount chassis and needs maximum airflow, so i will want a psu with dual fan's. However, at the moment i will only need the single psu, but later on i will be buying a quad redundant psu (around 460w), but in the mean-time, i will be using the single psu, so i need a high quality psu which will work well under light load and the less likely to damage the motherboard. Are there any out there which you can recommend ? Btw, it would be good to have temperature controlled fans on the psu also.

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Green Light Flashing On My Motherboard

Earlier on, before i actually turned on the power on my case, i noticed the power light on the motherboard flashing for a while, is this a major problem? Has anyone had this?

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How Much Are Old High End Computers Worth?

I thought since this was a general question and not a specific for sell ad it would be nice to hear what others find as a good price when selling their older systems. Of course i realize it depends on the type of build and parts, but i was wondering a kind of general rule to go by. Mainly, i only custom build high-end computers that are at the top end at the time created. So, say i have a computer from 2004 that has most high-end parts at that point but i have maintained it and still is in excellent condition. Also, what about custom high-end paint jobs from folks like smooth creations? I have a couple of cases and parts that were hand air brushed by their master artist. Most cost at least $1, 000 or more for just the art work done and one of a kind. Is this good to sell alone on auction sites or should they be sold with the parts as well at time of sell?

I know you can browse ads all day long, but the problem i find is most are not selling high-end type used computers or they are not in that good of condition. It is hard to post ads at much higher prices when generic ones are cheaper but vastly inferior in quality. My systems are all fantastic, i just need to keep them rotating and refreshed for my work. Thanks for any thoughts on prices, selling, etc.

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Portable High Capacity Storage

I'm leaving in 30 days for the us air force and i'm most likely going to be moving overseas, or around a bunch. There will be many times where i will be waiting 2 or so weeks to get all of my stuff shipped to a new place, so i'm looking for something that i can take on a plane with me or keep close to me so that i always have it whenever i move. I was thinking of getting a 500gb archos mp3 player but am looking for more options. I already have multiple external hard drives but i'll not be taking them with me, so i'm not looking for an external hard drive. Can anyone point me in the direction of some other or better options for me?

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